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Entomology applied to agriculture. Tome I. Coleoptera. Second volume .

Entomology applied to agriculture. Tome I. Coleoptera. Second volume .

Entomologie appliquee a l'agriculture. Tome I. Coleopteres. Second volume , Paris, Masson et Cie, 93/4 x 61/2 in., viii + 567-1391. Price: Fr. 162. 711/2 pp

This second volume of Tome I of a comprehensive work on the insect and other invertebrate pests of cultivated plants in Europe, western Asia and neighbouring areas completes the survey of the Coleoptera; 11 authors contribute to it.

Accession: 014034932

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Original article KOREAN JOURNAL OF APPLIED ENTOMOLOGY 한국응용곤충학회지 ⓒThe Korean Society of Applied Entomology Korean J. Appl. Entomol. 55(4): 517-521 (2016) pISSN 1225-0171, eISSN 2287-545X DOI: Korean Journal of Applied Entomology 55(4): 517-521, 2016