Enzymic activities of sub-cellular particles from leaves. III. Centrifugal fractionation and characterization of particles in homogenates of green leaves

Smillie, R.M.

Australian Jour Biol Sci 9(3): 347-354


Accession: 014035423

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Homogenates of green pea leaves were fractionated by differential centrifugation. Six fractions so obtained were examined microscopically and assayed for total N, deoxyribo-, and ribonucleic acid, starch, and chlorophyll content, succinic dehydrogenase, succinoxidase, a-ketoglutarate oxidase, cytochrome reductase, cytochrome oxidase, and their oxidative phosphorylation activity, and photolytic capacity. These studies revealed the presence of highly significant numbers of biochemically active mitochondria and smaller, non-oxidative particles, containing cytochrome reductase. Both particle types were distinct from chloroplasts, or chloroplast fragments. The enzyme distributions were almost identical with those found for etiolated leaves, revealing a basic similarity between dark- and light-grown leaf cells.