Section 15
Chapter 14,043

Experiments in crossing domestic cattle with the eland

Treus, V.D.; Steklenev, E.P.

Nauc. Trud. ukr. nauc. -issled. Inst. Zivotn. stepn. Raion. (Askanija-Nova), 8: 73-83


Accession: 014042728

In 1955-57 experiments were carried out with 20 domestic cattle of various breeds and 12 elands of the herd at Askaniya Nova; the 3 elands were reared with domestic cows to facilitate natural mating. At 35 oestruses eland served each domestic 1-6 times; all came on heat in 16-54 days. Ovarian examination of 2 led to the conclusion that silent heat occurred in those not showing signs of the 1st oestrus after service. Similar results were obtained with A.

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