Factors affecting the voluntary intake of food by cows. 1. Preliminary observations on the effect, on the voluntary intake of hay, of changes in the amount of the reticulo-ruminal contents

Campling, R.C.; Balch, C.C.

Brit. J. Nutrition. 15: 523-530


Accession: 014045409

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The voluntary intake of hay by 7 cows with rumen fistulae fed once daily was from 18 to 24 lb. When hay was prevented from entering the rumen after it had been swallowed intake increased by about 77%. The daily removal of 50 lb digesta from the rumen during or after the meal caused a maximum increase in intake of 6.2 lb, and the daily addition of 50 lb before or after the meal caused a maximum decrease of 5.8 lb.