Factors influencing the secretion of nitrogen in sheep saliva. 3. Factors affecting the nitrogen fractions in the parotid saliva of sheep with special reference to the influence of ammonia production in the rumen and fluctuations in level of blood urea

Somers, M.

Australian Jour Exptl Biol And Med Sci 39(2): 133-143


Accession: 014045816

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Significant correlations between the total N and urea N secreted in the parotid saliva of sheep daily, and the N intake, were found when the N intake from a basal ration, containing 10.7 g N, was increased stepwise by infusions of urea into the rumen to give N intakes of 13.0, 15.4, and 20.0 g per day. Between the highest and lowest levels of N intake, the total N in the saliva rose from 235 to 458 mg per day, while the salivary urea N increased from 160 to 316 mg/day. Increasing the N intake also increased the concentration of blood urea N, the blood urea N levels being significantly correlated with the levels of urea N in the saliva. This offered only a partial explanation, however, of the higher concentrations of salivary urea resulting from increasing N intake.