Section 15
Chapter 14,046

Factors influencing the vitamin content of milk fat. 5. Changes in vitamin A and carotenoid content of the blood plasma of cows and heifers near parturition in relation to secretion of these substances in the milk fat

Thompson, S.Y.; Micgillivray, W.A.

J. Dairy Res 24: 108-114


Accession: 014045842

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For part 1 see Abst. 331, Vol. 22. 5. A group of 4 Jersey cows and another of 6 heifers were selected as due to calve about the same time. Before and after calving all grazed on similar pasture, mainly ryegrass, which provided a carotene intake of from 4 to 7 g. daily. Samples of blood were taken every second day for 3 weeks before the expected calving date and 3 weeks after, and vitamin A ester, alcohol and carotene were estimated.

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