Fattening trials with young female German Black Pied cattle. 1. Fattening performance and results of live judging, dressing percentage and carcase evaluation of heifers of different ages.

Richter, K.; Cranz, K.L.; Schmidt, K.H.

Zuchtungskunde 35: 12-23


ISSN/ISBN: 0044-5401
Accession: 014047230

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In 2 trials 13 heifers born in autumn or winter and 10 born in autumn were fattened from ages of 564 and 370 days, respectively, when liveweights were 347 and 279 kg. Rations were of mixed silage to appetite, hay 0.75 kg, and concentrate of dried beet pulp, cereal meal, soya bean oilmeal, vitamins and minerals. The heifers were judged suitable for marketing at 433 and 410 kg after 110 and 165 days. Ranges of liveweight gains were high, 486 to 1174 and 656 to 975 g.