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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 14057

Chapter 14057 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Lubatti, O.F.; Bunday, G., 1958:
Fumigation of agricultural Products. XVI. Some Aspects of the Fumigation of imported Potatoes in Boxes with Methyl Bromide for the Control of Tuber Moth Gnorimoschema operculella (Zell.)

Lubatti, O.F.; Blackith, R.E., 1956:
Fumigation of agricultural products. 14. Treatment of peas and beans with methyl bromide

Lubatti, O.F.; Blackith, R.E., 1957:
Fumigation of agricultural products. 15. Germination and growth of cereals fumigated with methyl bromide

Hague, N.G.M., 1963:
Fumigation of agricultural products. 18. Effect of methyl bromide on the bent grass nematode Anguina agrostis (Steinbuch 1799) Filipjev 1936, and on the germination of bent grass, Agrostis tenuis

Lubatti, O.F.; Blackith, R.E., 1956:
Fumigation of agricultural products. XIII. Trials of onion seed treated with methyl bromide, and an improved method for its analysis

Kennedy, Juliet, 1961:
Fumigation of agricultural products. XVII. Control of Ascochyta blight of Peas by fumigation

Hague, N.G.M., 1963:
Fumigation of agricultural products. XVIII. Effect of methylbromide on the bent grass nematode, Anguina agrostis (Steinbuch 1799) Filipjev 1936, and on the germination of bent grass, Agrostis tenuis

Sanford, K.H., 1962:
Fumigation of apples to control the apple maggot, Rhagolelis pomonella

Sanford, K.H., 1962:
Fumigation of apples to control the apple maggot, Rhagoletis pomonella

Gopp, K.; Zaake, S., 1963:
Fumigation of brewing barley with Cartox.

Bess, H.A.; Ota, A.K., 1960:
Fumigation of buildings to control the dry-wood termite, Cryptotermes brevis

Junaid, A.H.M.; Nasir, M.M., 1956:
Fumigation of cut-flowers, rose cuttings and preserved dates with methyl bromide

Harrison, Martin, B., 1957:
Fumigation of encysted golden nematode eggs and larvae under controlled environmental conditions

Harrison, M.B.; Mai, W.F., 1956:
Fumigation of encysted golden nematode larvae under controlled environmental conditions

Pingale, S.V.; Rai, L.; Sarid, J.N.; Kapoor, I.P., 1963:
Fumigation of food grains in India with hydrogen phosphide. Series II. Rail-wagons fumigated in transit

Foster, A.A., 1956:
Fumigation of forest nurseries in the southeast

Maximos, S.E.; Mahmoud, S.E.M.; Kotob, M.A., 1963:
Fumigation of grapes by sulphur dioxide

Nezer, D., 1963:
Fumigation of greenhouses indispensable for success.

Pradhan, S.; Bhambhani, H.J.; Wadhi, S.R., 1960:
Fumigation of infested potatoes

Page, A.B.P.; Hague, N.G.M.; Jakabsons, V.; Goldsmith, R.E., 1959:
Fumigation of lucerne seed with methyl bromide for the control of the stem eelworm Ditylenchus (Anguillulina) dipsaci

Graham, W.M., 1959:
Fumigation of maize in a large shell-concrete building

Kerr, A., 1963:
Fumigation of nursery soil

Munro, H.A.U.; Kirby, C.S., 1963:
Fumigation of nursery stock as a possible means of retarding the spread of the European Pine sawfly

Halliday, D.; Prevett, P.F., 1963:
Fumigation of pyramidal stacks of bagged decorticated groundnuts with methyl bromide

Grunberg, A.; Polac'ek, K.; Peleg, J., 1956:
Fumigation trials with ethylene dibromide for the control of eggs and larvae of Ceratitis capitata (Wied.) in citrus fruit

Miller, P.M., 1958:
Fumigation when transplanting nursery stock

Hague, N.G.M.; Clark, W.C., 1959:
Fumigation with methyl bromide and chloropicrin to control seed-borne infestations of the stem eelworm (Ditylenchus dipsaci) on lucerne (Medicago sativa)

Brown, W.Burns., 1959:
Fumigation with methyl bromide under gas-proof sheets

Kawashima, L.M.; Vieira, A.P.; Soares, L.M.V., 2007:
Fumonisin B1 and ochratoxin A in beers made in Brazil

Ortega, N. j. M.; Ortega, N., 1958:
Function and form in the pruning of olives

Moseman, J.G.; Powers, H.R., 1957:
Function and longevity of cleistothecia of Erysiphe graminis f. sp. hordei

Otsuka, J.; Omori, S., 1963:
Function morphological study on the adrenal cortex of ruminants in various nutritional status. 2. Influence of starvation on the adrenal cortex of goats

Anonymous, 1963:
Function morphological study on the adrenal cortex of ruminants in various nutritional status. 3. Influence of low protein diets on the adrenal cortex of goats

Rinsler, M.G.; Rigby, B., 1957:
Function of aldosterone in the metabolism of sodium and water in pregnancy

Yakovlev, V.G.; Ozerova, G.N.; Mishchenko, I.K., 1959:
Function of insulin and adrenaline in the amino acid exchange of the mammary gland.

Udris, G.A., 1962:
Function of micro-elements in raising the productivity of dairy cattle.

Karvinen, E.; Lin, T.M.; Ivy, A.C., 1957:
Function of pancreatic juice in fat utilization in the rat

Deng, Q.; Zhou, T.; Gao, W., 2006:
Function of primary cavity-nesting birds on bird community structure in deciduous broad-leaved forest

Vaissman, I.; Alves, A.C.L.; Granato, P.O., 1962:
Function of the adrenal cortex in constitutional obesity

Kazahov, S.D., 1958:
Function of the adrenal cortex in obese patients on a reducing diet

Stevens, C.E.; Sellers, A.F.; Spurrell, F.A., 1960:
Function of the bovine omasum in ingesta transfer

Ruckebusch, Y.; Bost, J., 1962:
Function of the cardia in ruminants

Nakayama, K.; Yanagisawa, F., 1959:
Function of the digestive tract after operation

Koefoed-Johnsen, H.H., 1961:
Function of the epididymis. 1. Bate of epididymal passage of spermatozoa. (Preliminary report.).

Gzgzjan, D.M., 1963:
Function of the gastric glands in puppies less than a month old.

Bearn, J.G.; Koerselman, H.B.; Pilkington, T.R., 1961:
Function of the hypophysis-thyroid system in the rabbit foetus with regard to cholesterol metabolism

Hvul, A.M., 1956:
Function of the lungs in experimental rickets

Meyen, J., 1958:
Function of the preputial sac of the pig

Hawkins, D.F.; Labrum, A.H., 1956 :
Function of the prostate

Pelikan, V.; Kalab, M.; Kovar, M., 1961:
Function of the small intestine in infectious hepatitis in relation to diet treatment.

Tiecken, G.W., 1956:
Function of the thyroid gland of the dog

Pradhan, B.; Thapa, N., 2006:
Functional Endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS)

Li, J.; Harper, L.C.; Golubovskaya, I.; Wang, C.Rachel.; Weber, D.; Meeley, R.B.; McElver, J.; Bowen, B.; Cande, W.Zacheus.; Schnable, P.S., 2007:
Functional analysis of maize RAD51 in meiosis and double-strand break repair

Sack, M.; Paetz, A.; Kunert, R.; Bomble, M.; Hesse, F.; Stiegler, G.; Fischer, R.; Katinger, H.; Stoeger, E.; Rademacher, T., 2007:
Functional analysis of the broadly neutralizing human anti-HIV-1 antibody 2F5 produced in transgenic BY-2 suspension cultures

Kummer, B., 1959:
Functional anatomy of the mammalian skeleton

Gerber, H., 1961:
Functional anatomy of the prostate gland in dogs at various ages

Cohn, Z.A.; Morse, S.I., 1960:
Functional and metabolic properties of polymorphonuclear leucocytes. I. Observations on the requirements and consequences of particle ingestion

Cohn, Z.A.; Morse, S.I., 1960:
Functional and metabolic properties of polymorphonuclear leucocytes. II. The influence of a lipopolysaccharide endotoxin

Shibanai, D., 1961:
Functional and morphological studies on salivary glands of horses and cattle with nutritional disorders.

Walzem, R.L.; Baillie, R.A.; Wiest, M.; Davis, R.; Watkins, S.M.; Porter, T.E.; Simon, J.; Cogburn, L.A., 2007:
Functional annotation of genomic data with metabolic inference

Ravindran, G., 2005:
Functional anti-diabetic foods of the future: traditional plants and health claims

Sanderson, P.H., 1959:
Functional aspects of renal calcification in rats

Ebner, K.E.; Hageman, E.C.; Larson, B.L., 1961:
Functional biochemical changes in bovine mammary cell cultures

Inskeep, E.K.; Oloufa, M.M.; Pope, A.L.; Casida, L.E., 1963:
Functional capabilities of experimentally induced corpora lutea in ewes

Kotter, Herbert., 1960:
Functional changes in rural areas in the industrial society

Bryukhanova, L.V., 1960:
Functional changes in the Malpighian tubes in the mosquito Anopheles maculipennis sacharovi Favr, in connection with the differing physiological age of the females.

Nagasawa, H., 1962:
Functional changes of the mammary glands of the guinea pig in vitro during late pregnancy and lactation

Beritognolo, I.; Piazzai, M.; Benucci, S.; Kuzminsky, E.; Sabatti, M.; Mugnozza, G.S.; Muleo, R., 2007:
Functional characterisation of three Italian Populus alba L. genotypes under salinity stress

Anonymous, 1958:
Functional characteristics of some inbred lines of corn

Dhar, A.K.; Lakshman, D.K.; Natarajan, S.; Allnutt, F.C.Thomas.; van Beek, N.A.M., 2007:
Functional characterization of putative promoter elements from infectious hypodermal and hematopoietic necrosis virus (IHHNV) in shrimp and in insect and fish cell lines

Davis, C.A.; Brown, M.P.S.; Singh, U., 2007:
Functional characterization of spliceosomal introns and identification of U2, U4, and U5 snRNAs in the deep-branching eukaryote Entamoeba histolytica

Seuter, S.; Väisänen, S.; Rådmark, O.; Carlberg, C.; Steinhilber, D., 2007:
Functional characterization of vitamin D responding regions in the human 5-Lipoxygenase gene

Gross, S.R., 1959:
Functional complementarity of leucine mutants of Neurospora

Shaver, G.R.; Street, L.E.; Rastetter, E.B.; Van-Wijk, M.T.; Williams, M., 2007:
Functional convergence in regulation of net CO2 flux in heterogeneous tundra landscapes in Alaska and Sweden

Myllyluoma, E.; Kajander, K.; Saxelin, M., 2007:
Functional dairy products for gastrointestinal infections and dysfunction

Lin, C-Wen.; Huang, H-Da.; Shiu, S-Yi.; Chen, W-June.; Tsai, M-Hong.; Huang, S-Hua.; Wan, L.; Lin, Y-Ju., 2007:
Functional determinants of NS2B for activation of Japanese encephalitis virus NS3 protease

Sutton, J.D.; Mcgilliard, A.D.; Jacobson, N.L., 1963:
Functional development of rumen mucosa. 1. Absorptive ability

Sutton, J.D.; Mcgilliard, A.D.; Richard, M.; Jacobson, N.L., 1963:
Functional development of rumen mucosa. 2. Metabolic activity

Melitskii, L.V.; Tsekhomskaya, M.V.M., 1958:
Functional disorders of Apples during storage and their control

Lichtwitz, A.; D.S.ze, S.; Hioco, D.; Bordier, P.; Fergola-Miravet, L., 1958:
Functional examination of the skeleton

Lichtwitz, A.; D.S.ze, S.; Parlier, R.; Hioco, D.; Bordier, P.; Strauss, M.; Fergola-Miravet, L., 1958:
Functional examination of the skeleton in subjects with kidney disease who have no apparent bone lesions

Lichtwitz, A.; D.S.ze, S.; Hioco, D.; Bordier, P.; Welfling, J., 1960:
Functional exploration of the skeleton in osteomalacia of the adult with low blood phosphorus and vitamin resistance

Jha, J.K.; Sinha, S.; Maiti, M.K.; Basu, A.; Mukhopadhyay, U.K.; Sen, S.K., 2007:
Functional expression of an acyl carrier protein (ACP) from Azospirillum brasilense alters fatty acid profiles in Escherichia coli and Brassica juncea

Jones, P.J.; Jew, S., 2007:
Functional food development: concept to reality

Kelly, S.; Reed, J.; Kramer, S.; Ellis, L.; Webb, H.; Sunter, J.; Salje, J.; Marinsek, N.; Gull, K.; Wickstead, B.; Carrington, M., 2007:
Functional genomics in Trypanosoma brucei: a collection of vectors for the expression of tagged proteins from endogenous and ectopic gene loci

Anonymous, 2007:
Functional genomics: building the bridge between the genome and phenome. Proceedings of the 2006 Ancillary Scientist Symposium

Niu, Q.; Huang, X.; Zhang, L.; Lian, L.; Li, Y.; Li, J.; Yang, J.; Zhang, K., 2007:
Functional identification of the gene bace16 from nematophagous bacterium Bacillus nematocida

Mannar, M.C.; Venkayya, D.; Narayan, D.; Rangaswami, M.C., 1956:
Functional individuality of the quarters of the udder of the dairy cow

Schmidt, D., 1956:
Functional injury of the heart in foot and mouth disease

Baisset, A.; Montastruc, P., 1957:
Functional interrelations between the posterior pituitary and the adrenal cortex

Samraj, E.F.; Fetisova, T.V., 1960:
Functional interrelations of vitamins C, P and B1

Hensz, R.A.; Mohr, H.C., 1959:
Functional male sterility in watermelon induced by chemical treatment

Das, K.; Chowdhury, J.B., 1963:
Functional male-sterility in Brassica campestris var. brown sarson

Yigit, N.; Bayram, A.; Dansman, T., 2007:
Functional morphology of venom apparatus of Euscorpius mingrelicus (Scorpiones: Euscorpiidae)

Gordon, R.N., 1957:
Functional ovarian inactivity in six related heifers

Lyman, R.L.; Wilcox, S.S.ewart, 1960:
Functional pancreatic damage produced by ethionine, and its relations to methionine deficiency

Smyth, J.R., Jr., 1963:
Functional persistency of turkey semen following different reinsemination intervals

Lauck, R.M.; Tucker, J.W., 1962:
Functional properties of calcium and protein in nonfat dry milk used in food products

Naerland, G.; Helle, O., 1962:
Functional pyloric stenosis in sheep

Matthews, R.H.; Kirkpatrick, M.E.; Eisen, J.N.; Dawson, E.H., 1962:
Functional qualities of different forms of milk

Saldi, T.; Wilusz, C.; MacMorris, M.; Blumenthal, T., 2007:
Functional redundancy of worm spliceosomal proteins U1A and U2B''

Matscher, R.; Beghelli, V.; D.F.nte, L.; Borgatti, G., 1958:
Functional relations between reticulum and rumen. Studies in the sheep

Klepac, D., 1956:
Functional relationship between the annual volume increment and d.b.h. for Silver Fir in selection forests.

Calef, E., 1956:
Functional relationships between three adenineless mutants in Aspergillus nidulans

Makanya, A.N.; Tschanz, S.A.; Haenni, B.; Burri, P.H., 2007:
Functional respiratory morphology in the newborn quokka wallaby (Setonix brachyurus)

Zhang AnSheng; L.L.Li; Y.Y.; Men XingYuan, 2007:
Functional response and searching rate of Chrysopa sinica larvae on Frankliniella occidentalis nymphs

Geri, G., 1956:
Functional selection of beef cattle

Hukuhara, T.; Heye, D.; Hildebrandt, H.J.; Schwabe, U., 1962:
Functional significance of storage in fatty tissue of the insecticide DDT given to rats

Kazakov, I.F., 1959:
Functional state of the brain of horses with piroplasmosis.

Gromova, E.G., 1963:
Functional state of the pituitary-adrenal system in the process of digestion.

Natscheff, B.; Kamburoff, C.; Doneff, I., 1963:
Functional state of the thyroid gland in hens with alopecia loss of feathers from the back.

Jaskowski, L.; Walkowski, L.; Dobrowolska, D.; Domanski, E., 1956:
Functional sterility in cattle. I. Vitamin A deficiency.

Rosenfeld, George, 1958:
Functional studies of the calf adrenal cortex following total-body exposure to a single lethal dose of gama-radiation

Rudloff, C.-F.; Feucht, W., 1957:
Functional tendencies of the reproductive organs in apple. 1. The relationship between anthesis, morphology and fruiting ability

Rudloff, C.F.; Feucht, W., 1958:
Functional tendencies of the reproductive organs in apple. 2. Age and reproduction

Rudloff, C.-F.; Lucke, R., 1958:
Functional tendencies of the reproductive organs in apple. 3. Fruiting of long shoots and spurs in 2 apple varieties

Feucht, W., 1957:
Functional tendencies of the reproductive organs in medlar and quince

Shields, J.B.; Neff, C.F.; Kempf, C.A., 1958:
Functional use and effect of food additives in manufactured dairy products

Leite, C.A.C.; Succi, R.C. de M.; Patricio, F.R. da S.; Fagundes Neto, U., 2006:
Functional, microbiological and morphological intestinal findings among human immunodeficiency virus infected children

Toro, A.S., 1958:
Functionamiento del 'consultorio externo de enfermedades parasitarias' y estudio comparativo con los consultorios externos de los hospitales 'San Luis* y 'Salvador'

Jack, E.L., 1958:
Functions and effects of food additives in fluid milk and other fresh dairy products

Toth, A., 1962:
Functions and forms of co-operative funds (investment funds) of production co-operatives

Mchenry, Silas, L., 1960:
Functions and teaching methods utilized by extension specialists and county agents for the diffusion of poultry production information

Anonymous, 1956:
Functions of a world food reserve-scope and limitations. (Commodity Policy Studies No. 10.)

Hopkins, T.L., 1961:
Functions of the Madeira cockroach (Leucophaea maderae) alimentary tract in the absorption, metabolism, and excretion of ronnel

Firat, F.; Aytug, B., 1963:
Functions of the cambium in Eucalyptus rostrata in the ecological conditions of Tarsus-Karabucak.

Sergeeva, K.V., 1958:
Functions of the food centre

Robinson, J.R., 1957:
Functions of water in the body

Macko, J.K., 1960:
Fund eines Nema-toden mit diagnostischen Grundmerkmalen der Gattung Dispharynx Raill, Hen. et Sisoff, 1912, und der Gattung Synhimantus Raill., Hen. et Sisoff, 1912

Yuskovets, M.K., 1958:
Fundamental achievements of veterinary science in brucellosis.

Ostmann, O.W., 1963:
Fundamental anatomical and physiological studies on the feather release mechanism in the domestic fowl

Gallegly, M.E.; Alexander, L.J., 1959:
Fundamental aspects of disease resistance in tomato to Phytophthora, Fusarium, and tobacco mosaic virus

Augustin, R., 1957:
Fundamental aspects of single versus double diffusion methods for immunological assays

Mckenzie, W.M., 1960:
Fundamental aspects of the woodcutting process

Stamer, H., 1959:
Fundamental changes of agricultural policy in Poland since Oct. 1956

Pershina, M.N.; Dodolina, V.T., 1961:
Fundamental characteristics of the biological cycle of substances in the sub-zone of semi-arid steppes.

Muller, W., 1959:
Fundamental considerations for the systematic classification of marsch soils.

Fukumi, H., 1957:
Fundamental considerations of the variation in host-range of bacterial viruses

Mitchell, J.W., 1961:
Fundamental developments in the field of plant growth regulators

Rishell, C.A., 1957:
Fundamental economics of the particle board industry

Geortay, G., 1956:
Fundamental factors in the management of small holdings producing food crops in the equatorial forest region.

Pershina, M.N.; Pen'kov, O.G., 1961:
Fundamental features of the conditions of soil formation in the dry-steppe sub-tropical zone of the Karabakh steppe of the Kura-Araksin lowland.

Kuraoka, T., E.Al., 1957:
Fundamental investigations on the irrigation of citrus trees

Dolgov, S.I., 1957:
Fundamental laws of the behaviour of soil moisture and their importance in the life of plants.

Weber, W., 1963:
Fundamental observations on pathogenetics.

Suzuki, I.; Yonezawa, Y., 1962:
Fundamental physical and chemical research on raw materials for fibreboard (the third report). Effect of the chemical components in the raw material (III).

Gorshenin, K.P., 1962:
Fundamental principles of classification of soils of Siberia.

Andrabi, S.M.H., 2007:
Fundamental principles of cryopreservation of Bos taurus and Bos indicus bull spermatozoa

Alehin, N.V., 1962:
Fundamental principles underlying machine sorting for selecting the most valuable wheat seeds.

Boguslawski, E.V.; Limberg, P.; Schneider, B., 1963:
Fundamental problems & laws of yield formation.

Schmiel, Martin., 1960:
Fundamental problems and basic principles of specialized teaching in agricultural schools

Boguslawski, E.V.n Limberg, P.; Schneider, B., 1963:
Fundamental problems and laws of yield production.

Arzumanjan, E.A., 1956:
Fundamental problems in the formation of cattle breeds

Elvert, N.E., 1960:
Fundamental problems in the working out of economics for agricultural branches of production

Kienitz, Karl Friedrich, 1960:
Fundamental problems of Greek peasantry

Schuoh, K., 1962:
Fundamental problems of plant protection in fruit growing

Balevska, R.K., 1958 :
Fundamental problems related to the method of developing breeds of fine-wooled sheep in South Bulgaria

Sato, Y.; Nakamura, R., 1961:
Fundamental properties of milk mixed with egg-white solution.

Gram, E., 1957:
Fundamental questions in international plant traffic

Chizhevskii, M.G., 1960:
Fundamental questions of soil tillage in natural zones of the USSR.

Hagberg, A., 1959:
Fundamental research in crop production

Mckenzie, W.M., 1961:
Fundamental research in wood cutting

Ido, K., 1958:
Fundamental research on tubular heater.

Stepanov, V.N.; Shatilov, I.S., 1959:
Fundamental results of investigations on maize by the Department of Plant Husbandry and the Field Experimental Station of the Timiryazev Agricultural Academy.

Bishop, E.A., 1961:
Fundamental results of observations on groundwater regime.

Beck, S.D., 1960:
Fundamental studies concerning resistance to the European corn borer

Wardrop, A.B., 1962:
Fundamental studies in wood and fibre structure relating to pulping processes

Hayashi, E.; Takamura, S.; Sugiyama, K.; Sugiyama, T., 1959:
Fundamental studies of anthel mintics. 8. Studies on the anthelmintic effect of 4-iodothymol against hookworm.

Ishii, Y., 1958:
Fundamental studies of the chemicals against ascarids

Tanabe, K., 1957:
Fundamental studies of water loss in rice fields.

Koshiyama, M.; Takeo, A.; Taka Mura, S., 1963:
Fundamental studies on anthelmintics. XIV. The influence of 4-iodothymol and some anthelmintics on the succinic dehydrogenase in the muscle of Ascaris lumbri coides var.suis.

Takamura, S., 1963:
Fundamental studies on anthelmintics. XV. The anthelmintic effect of 4-iodothymol against Ancylostoma duodenale and Necator americanus.

Adati Adachi, S., 1958:
Fundamental studies on breeding Miscanthus plants as forage crops.

Kondo, A.; Mizushima, U., 1963:
Fundamental studies on breeding rice by hybridization between Japanese and foreign rice. IX. Determination of genotypes for anthocyanin coloration from F2 segregation data.

Mizushima, U.; Kondo, A., 1959:
Fundamental studies on breeding rice by hybridization between Japanese and foreign rices. I. Anomalous segregation of anthocyanin pigmentation observed in a hybrid between a Japanese variety and an Indian variety.

Mizushima, U.; Kondo, A., 1960:
Fundamental studies on breeding rice by hybridization between Japanese and foreign rices. II. A structural difference between the investigated Japanese and Indian varieties inferred from the anomalous segregation of anthocyanin pigmentation.

Mizushima, U.; Kondo, A., 1962:
Fundamental studies on breeding rice by hybridization between Japanese and foreign rices. IV. Aberrant segregation of the glutinous v. nonglutinous character in the F2.

Kondo, A., 1961:
Fundamental studies on breeding rice by hybridization between Japanese and foreign rices. V. Discrimination between different types of testa colour.

Mizushima, U.; Kondo, A.; Konno, N., 1963:
Fundamental studies on breeding rice by hybridization between Japanese and foreign rices. VI. On the anthocyanin pigments of cultivated rices.

Kondo, A., 1963:
Fundamental studies on breeding rice by hybridization between Japanese and foreign rices. VII. Identification of the genes controlling anthocyanin pigmentation in Japanese and foreign rices.

Kondo, A., 1963:
Fundamental studies on breeding rice by hybridization between Japanese and foreign rices. VIII. On some anthocyanin-distributing genes and their inhibitors.

Mizushima, U.; Kondo, A., 1961:
Fundamental studies on breeding rice by hybridization between Japanese and foreign varieties. III. Anomalous segregation of the glutinous v. nonglutinous character in hybrids between remotely related varieties.

Ogasawara, R., 1962:
Fundamental studies on cuttings of Pinus thunbergii (I). Cause of low rooting ability of cuttings.

Fiedler, J., 1956:
Fundamental studies on koksaghyz for obtaining basic breeding material

Goto, S.; Igaki, C.; Kobayashi, J.; E.A., 1962:
Fundamental studies on mechanization in the swampy rice field. 1. Contacting earth pressure & sinking of tractor wheels.

Miyake, N., 1962:
Fundamental studies on seed gardens of Japanese Pine. I. Some observations on cone-bearing of Kuromatsu (Pinus thunbergii Parl.).

Okada, K., 1959:
Fundamental studies on the anthelmintic effect on Ascaris. 2. Analysis by means of paper electrophoresis of the antigen and antibody of T.M. reaction.

Okada, K., 1959:
Fundamental studies on the anthelmintic effect on Ascaris. 3. Practical evidence of the rate of false negative case for ova by Komiya using the T.M. reaction of faeces.

Yuyama, A., 1963:
Fundamental studies on the contamination of milk by radioactive strontium. Specially, effects by internal exposure to beta -rays.

Takahashi, R.; Akaki, H., 1956:
Fundamental studies on the cultivation and breeding of barley varieties for straw plait. II.

Kitamura, F.; Ozawa, T., 1961:
Fundamental studies on the culture of American and European lawn grasses in Japan. 4. Effects of three nutrient elements on the growth of American and European lawn grasses

Kitamura, F.; Ozawa, T., 1959:
Fundamental studies on the culture of American and European lawn grasses in Japan. Part 1. On the germination of the Seels of American and European lawn grasses and the repression effects on their growth

Kltamura, F.; Ozawa, T., 1960:
Fundamental studies on the culture of American and European lawn grasses in Japan. Part 2. The effects of irrigation and sunlight on the growth of American and European lawn grasses.

Kitamura, F.; Ozawa, T., 1961:
Fundamental studies on the culture of American and European lawn grasses in Japan. Part 4. Effects of three nutrient elements on the growth of American and European lawn grasses

Gomi, K., 1957:
Fundamental studies on the drought resistance of Colocasia. II.

Yamazaki, T.; Takeoka, M., 1956:
Fundamental studies on the fossilization of pollen. (1) On the chemical composition of Himalayan Cedar pollen.

Yamaguchi, I., 1963:
Fundamental studies on the ground water flow phenomena at the water source zone.

Koyama, F., 1959:
Fundamental studies on the immunity of filaria. I. Arthus phenomenon in guineapigs sensitized with canine filaria.

Hijimoto, S., 1960:
Fundamental studies on the improvement of grassland vegetation. 2. Effects of high soil moisture on the growth of cultivated and wild grasses.

Tamai, T.; Takasuka, M., 1958:
Fundamental studies on the irrigation of upland fields. V. A newly devised automatic recorder for water-absorption rate of upland crops under community conditions and some results obtained.

Tamai, T.; Jodo, S.; Takasuka, T.; E.A., 1958:
Fundamental studies on the irrigation of upland fields. VI. Some water-absorption characteristics of paddy rice cultivated in upland fields in the early season.

Okada, K., 1959:
Fundamental studies on the result of anthelmintic effect of Ascaris 1. T.M. reaction.

Murai, N., 1958:
Fundamental studies on the slope soil erosion in source basins of Hokkaido.

Nozaki, M., E.Al., 1959:
Fundamental studies on yield-forecast in rice plant. 4. On the relationship between the increase of top-dry-weight and its related factors during the ripening period.

Yamaguchi, I., 1957:
Fundamental study on the measurement of discharge and analysis of hydrologic cycle phenomenon for watershed management.

Terazawa, S.; Kodama, M., 1957:
Fundamental study on the operation of wood drying (II). On the characteristic curve in wood drying (2).

Satonaka, S., 1963:
Fundamental study on wood carbonization.

Li, C.K.; Khe, V.Y., 1963:
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Fungi of the genus Phyllosticta collected in the Crimea

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Fungi of the genus Podosphaera parasitizing wild fruit trees in the Talysh forests of Azerbaijan

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Furaltadone Condemned

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Furrow irrigation of citrus can be efficient

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Furrow old fields to plant Longleaf in the Sandhills

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Furrow seeding in Alabama. Row seeding in Florida

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Further evidence to support a nutritional interpretation of sclerophylly