Section 15
Chapter 14,057

Fungi causing plant diseases at Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh) -V.-VI. Some Cercosporae.-VII

Agarwal, G.P.; Hasija, S.K.

J. Indian bot. Soc 40(4): 542-547


Accession: 014056404

Part V (Nos. 117, 118, and 119) gives Alternaria citri on lemon, Helmintho-sporium erythrinae on Erythrina indica, a new host record, and Cercoseptoria balsaminae on Impatiens balsamina; VI (124 and 127) Cercospora neriella on oleander and C. zinniae (new record for India) on Zinnia pauciflora; and VII (129 and 133) Alternaria gomphrenae on Gomphrena globosa and Ascochyta oleandri on oleander, both new records for India.

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