Section 15
Chapter 14,059

Gas plasma irradiation of rice. 3. Influence on brown rice and rice bran

Roseman, A.S.; Hogan, J.T.; Stone, R.B.; Webb, J.C.

Cereal Chemistry 40: 568-575


ISSN/ISBN: 0009-0352
Accession: 014058682

Parts 1 and 2 not abstracted. 3. At a pressure of 2 mm Hg, whole grain hulled brown rice had 50mA ionized gas discharge irradiation for 15 min, cold-stored dried rice bran had it for 7 min, and fresh rice bran had 100 mA for 5 min. The respective samples were stored for up to 6 weeks, 10 days, 27 days, at 23 degrees C and relative humidity 50, 92, 75%; the second was kept at -22o for 8 months before the storage test. Controls had the low-pressure treatment alone, or none, and for the third sample another control had low-pressure treatment at 40o. For all, the free fatty acid content after storage was least in irradiated material and most, nearly twice as much, in untreated. In the third, irradiated bran had 15.3% oil almost solid, extractable with petroleum ether and non-irradiated and untreated brans had 24.9 to 27 1% liquid oil. Iodine numbers were 70 and 101 and average molecular weight 1243 and 765 or 761. Conclusions were that the irradiation allowed polymerization and increased saturation of the oils.

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