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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 14060

Chapter 14060 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Person, C., 1959:
Gene-for-gene relationships in host : parasite systems

Gilmore, L.O.; Fechheimer, N.S., 1963:
Gene-hormone interactions on hair pigmentation in cattle

Mintz, B.; Russell, E.S., 1957:
Gene-induced embryological modifications of primordial germ cells in the mouse

Piel, H., 1956:
Genealogical studies on the incidence of tuberculosis from meat inspection reports on stud cattle

Jones, C.M.; Rick, C.M.; Adams, D.; Jernstedt, J.; Chetelat, R.T., 2007:
Genealogy and fine mapping of obscuravenosa, a gene affecting the distribution of chloroplasts in leaf veins, and evidence of selection during breeding of tomatoes (Lycopersicon esculentum; Solanaceae)

Nagamatsu, T., 1961:
Genecological studies on the varietal differentiation of crop plants. I. Experiments on the mode of differentiation of the strains of the Asahi variety of rice.

Nagamatsu, T., 1962:
Genecological studies on the varietal differentiation of crop plants. II. Experiments on the mode of differentiation of the rices Rikuu 132 and North 1.

Nagamatsu, T., 1962:
Genecological studies on the varietal differentiation of crop plants. III. Experiments on several wheat varieties.

Nagamatsu, T., 1962:
Genecological studies on the varietal differentiation, of crop plants. IV. Experiments on several rape varieties.

Anonymous, 1958:
General Meetings at Marine Biological Laboratory, Wood Hole, Mass., August 1958

Anonymous, 1959:
General Meetings at Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, Mass, August 1959

Delucchi, V., 1956:
General Notes on the Predators of Chermes piceae and their Parasites

Anonymous, 1961:
General Report 1961. State Experimental Station for the Improvement of Fruit and Market-garden Crops

Anonymous, 1962:
General Report 1962. State Experimental Station for the Improvement of Fruit and Market-garden Crops

Anonymous, 1963:
General Report 1963. State Experimental Station for the Improvement of Fruit and Market-garden Crops.

Anonymous, 1956:
General Report of the Chinese-American Joint Commission on Rural Reconstruction for the year ending June 30, 1956, Taipei, Taiwan

Anonymous, 1958:
General Report of the State Research Station for the Improvement of Fruit and Market Garden Crops, Gembloux, 1958

Gembloux., 1960:
General Report of the State Research Station for the Improvement of Fruit and Market Garden Crops, Gembloux, 1959

Gembloux., 1961:
General Report of the State Research Station for the Improvement of Fruit and Market Garden Crops, Gembloux, 1960

Gembloux., 1962:
General Report of the State Research Station for the Improvement of Fruit and Market Garden Crops, Gembloux, 1961

Anonymous, 1963:
General Report of the State Research Station for the Improvement of Fruit and Market Garden Crops, Gembloux, 1962

Peat, J.E.; Brown, K.J., 1956:
General account of the work for the season

Peat, J.E.; Brown, K.J., 1957:
General account of the work for the season. Progress report for the season 1955-56. Tanganyika Territory, Lake Province

Dornik, Otto, 1961:
General advisory work in farm management

Otremba, Erich., 1960:
General agricultural and industrial geography. (Erde u. Weltwirtschaft. 3)

Crescini, F., 1959:
General agronomy

King, A.S.; Biggs, P.M., 1957:
General anaesthesia in G. domesticus for non-survival laboratory experiments

Johari, M.P.; Sharma, S.P., 1962:
General anaesthesia in buffaloes by intravenous use of chloral-thiopentone sodium mixture

Bolz, W., 1961:
General anaesthesia in domesticated, wild, zoo and laboratory animals

Wintzer, H.J., 1958:
General anaesthesia in pigs.

Morettini, A., 1963:
General and Specialized Fruit Growing

Bandini, Mario, 1963:
General and agricultural economics

Lucenko, A.I.; M.G.N.zarov., 1962:
General and agricultural statistics

Olsansky, C., 1958:
General and dairy microbiology.

Rusmini, B., 1961:
General and present importance of breeding hard wheat by means of interspecific and intergeneric crossing

Magee, W.T.; Hazel, L.N., 1959:
General and specific combining ability for 154-day weight among three-line crosses in swine

Carnahan, H.L.; Carlson, G.E., 1963:
General and specific combining ability for creeping-roots in alfalfa, Medicago sativa L

Kehr, W.R., 1961:
General and specific combining ability for four agronomic traits in a diallel series among six alfalfa clones

Carnahan, H.L.; E.A., 1959:
General and specific combining ability for seedling vigor and fall growth habit in diallel crosses of 14 alfalfa clones

Daday, H., 1963:
General and specific combining ability in Medicago sativa L

Buker, R.J.; Davis, R.L., 1961:
General and specific combining ability in alfalfa

Rinke, E.H.; Hayes, H.K., 1962:
General and specific combining ability in diallel crosses of 15 inbred lines of corn

Ballesteros, O.Q., 1958:
General and specific combining ability of S2 College White Flint and S3 Bicol White Flint inbred lines

Bingham, E.T.; Pedersen, M.W., 1961:
General and specific combining ability of five alfalfa clones for seedling vigor and seed yield

Bingham, E.T., 1962:
General and specific combining ability of five alfalfa clones including reciprocal effects for seedling vigor and seed yield

Das, S.K.; Das, A.; Goswami, S., 2007:
General and specific combining ability of rabbit for different productive traits

Sanger, V.L.; Smith, H.R., 1957:
General anesthesia in birds

Dokuzoguz, M., 1962:
General aspects of apricot culture in Turkey with special emphasis on growing districts, varieties and rootstocks

Pfeiffer, R.K., 1957:
General aspects of chemical weed control in tropical and sub-tropical countries

Hudson, J.P., 1957:
General aspects of environmental control

Edwards, H.M.; Townsend, D.L., 1961:
General aspects of haul road construction

Langen, C.D.De, 1963:
General aspects of health and food in developing countries

D.C.ombrugghe, B.; Beckers, C.; D.V.sscher, M., 1963:
General aspects of iodine metabolism in sporadic goitre

McKee, L., 2007:
General attributes of fresh and frozen poultry meat

Zdanov, L.A., 1959:
General biological theory and the breeding of oil plants.

Czerniewski, Konstanty, 1959:
General census of agriculture in 1960 in the light of the agricultural statistics

Warren, J.; Cutchins, E.C., 1957:
General characteristics and viral susceptibility of bovine embryonic tissue cultures

Anonymous, 1962:
General characteristics of Brazilian rural conditions and the structure of the Rural Social Service

Menon, P.K.R.; Sankaranarayanan, M.P., 1957:
General characteristics of Indian black soils- black soils of the Tinnes tract

Henriksen, J.B., 1962:
General characteristics of birdsfoot trefoil (Lotus sp.).

Severac, Georges., 1961:
General characteristics of information and cybernetics

Sik, K., 1959:
General classification of local soil varieties in detailed soil maps.

Amdjadi, H., 1958:
General climate and forest types of Iran.

Mello, A., 1960:
General clinical aspects of epidermal mycoses Considerations on the use of a new fungistatic agent, w-ethylmercurithioundecanoic acid

Oprisor, N.; Dumitrescu, O., 1960:
General combining ability of maize lines inbred in the years 1955-59

Eubel, J., 1956:
General composition and amino acids of the proteins of hazelnuts and walnuts

Reitz, H.J.V., 1958:
General conclusions regarding the best lemon for Florida. (Finding the best lemon for Florida - a report of progress.)

Ciaffi, Bruno, 1962:
General conditions and structure of agriculture in the E.E.C. countries

Kreyger, J., 1963:
General considerations concerning the drying of seeds

Mesa Bernal, D., 1956 :
General considerations on maize cultivation

Verona, O.-., 1960:
General considerations on seed-borne fungus infections

Veloso, H.P., 1959:
General considerations on the biotopes and habitats of Anophelines of the subgenus Kerteszia

Manil, G., 1959:
General considerations on the problem of soil classification

Kuenen, D.J., 1962:
General considerations on the significance of predators and parasites in orchards

Scheys, G., 1957:
General considerations on the suitability of soil for fruit cultivation.

Bailey, L.L.; Sauer, J.R.; Nichols, J.D.; Geissler, P.H., 2005:
General constraints on sampling wildlife on FIA plots

Anonymous, 1961:
General discussion

Matzinger, Nora., 1961:
General domestic advisory work in the frame of general farm management advisory work

Rey, P., 1956:
General ecology of the hilly region of Gascony (France)

Hanrath, J.J., 1961:
General economic and psychological aspects of joint venture in agriculture

Obst, Erich, 1959:
General economics and commercial geography. (Lehrbuch der Allgemeinen Geographie, 7)

Hudson, J.P., 1959:
General effects of potash on the water economy of plants

Blohm, Georg., 1959:
General farm management

Bandini, Mario, 1962:
General feature of the EEC agricultural policy

Leal Montes, Alejo., 1960:
General features of the law concerning compulsory changes in the structure of rural holdings

Gavina Mugica, M., 1960:
General forest chemistry laboratory. Cork chemistry. Relationship between chemical composition and quality.

Gabler, H., 1963:
General forest protection.

Schwarz, Gabriele, 1959:
General geography of settlement. (Lehrbuch d. allg. Geographie. 6.)

Rao, B.R.H.; Rao, P.S.S.; Klontz, C.E., 1959:
General health and nutrition status survey of the rural population in Pennathur. 5. Vitamin nutrition

Rao, B.R.H.; Rao, P.S.S., 1958:
General health and nutrition survey of the rural population in Pennathur. 1. The nutrition status survey

Rao, B.R.H.; Rao, P.S.S., 1958 :
General health and nutrition survey of the rural population in Pennathur. 2. A qualitative study on family meals

Rao, B.R.H.; Rao, P.S.S., 1958:
General health and nutrition survey of the rural population in Pennathur. 3. The quantitative dietary survey

Rao, B.R.H.; Rao, P.S.S.; Klontz, C.E., 1959:
General health and nutrition survey of the rural population in Pennathur. 4. Protein nutrition

Rao, B.R.H.; Rao, P.S.S.; Klontz, C.E., 1960:
General health and nutrition survey of the rural population in Pennathur. 7. The health status survey

Rao, B.R.H.; Rao, P.S.S.; Baker, S.J., 1959:
General health and nutritional survey of the rural population in Pennathur. 6. Iron intake and iron deficiency anemia

Daams, J.; Barnsley, G.E., 1961:
General herbicidal properties of 2,6-dichlorobenzonitrile

Schutzler, G., 1961:
General index to Archiv fur wissenschaftliche und praktische Tierheilkunde 1875-1944, volumes 1 to 79

Bojanowski, J.S.; Jakacki, A.H., 1962:
General information on corn breeding in Poland

Baakowska, H., 1963:
General knowledge on heterosis

Anonymous, 1956:
General laboratory of forest chemistry. Tanning materials.

Anonymous, 1956:
General laboratory of forest chemistry. Vegetable pigments.

Anonymous, 1956:
General laboratory of forest chemistry. Wood chemistry.

Pampaloni, Enzo., 1963:
General land reclamation plans in global development planning

Anonymous, 1959:
General line of progress in Soviet biology.

Anonymous, 1957:
General meeting of the Veterinary Association, October 1957

Anonymous, 1956:
General meeting of the Veterinary Association. October 1956.

Imaeneckij, A.A., 1961:
General microbiology in the USA.

Robinson, J.B.; D., 1959:
General nitrogen fertilizer recommendations for mature coffee

Enercan, S., 1963:
General notes on Peronospora

Leon Tang, J., 1958:
General notes on nematodes carrying bacteria as a means of biological control

Galindo, L.D., 1960:
General notes on resin tapping in the State of Michoacan.

Delucchi, V., 1956:
General notes on the predators of Dreyfusia

Kunkel, G., 1959:
General notes on the shrub and forest type of Ocoa (Chile).

Costa, T.G.Martins, 1961:
General notes on the use of Eucalypts for sleepers.

D.C.margo, R.; Leme, J.; Jr.; Martinelli, A.; Filho., 1963:
General observations on the microflora of fermenting cocoa beans (Theobroma cacao) in Bahia (Brazil)

Deckert, T., 1958:
General oedema after diabetic precoma treated with vitamin B1

Wittwer, F., 1960:
General performance characteristics of Simmental cattle of mountain and lowland societies.

Shipman, W.H.; Lai, J.R., 1956:
General photometric microdetermination of cobalt with nitroso-R-salt

Anonymous, 1961:
General picture of consumption in France from 1950 to 1960

Anonymous, 1959:
General policy as regards the Chestnut: economic and social problems and pilot experiments. Note of the Secretariat

Anonymous, 1961:
General policy on addition of specific nutrients to foods: a Council statement

Cerquiglini, S.; Capra, P.; Marchetti, M., 1959:
General premises on method for experimental study of compensatory renal hypertrophy

Roberty, Guy, 1962:
General principles and rules in biosystematical phanerogamy

Anonymous, 1957:
General principles governing the use of food additives. Report of first session of Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives. Rome, 3-10 December 1956. (Nutrition Meeting Report Series No. 15.)

Ma, Y.C., 1956:
General principles of geographical distribution of Chinese soils

Siegel, P.B.; Gross, W.B., 2007:
General principles of stress and well-being

Pavlovski, E.N., 1961:
General problems in parasitology and zoology.

Tinbergen, J., 1963:
General problems of assistance to developing countries

Wittwer, F., 1960:
General production characters of Simmental cattle in highland and lowland associations

Frank, Andrew Gunder., 1958:
General productivity in Soviet agriculture and industry: The Ukraine, 1928-55

Frank, Andrew Gunder., 1958:
General productivity in Soviet agriculture and industry: the Ukraine, 1928-1955

Jorgensen, R.N., 1960:
General programme for research in wood technology of the Instituto Forestal Latinoamericano.

Anonymous, 1963:
General programme of the National Centre of Viticultural Studies

Anonymous, 1961:
General programme of work 1961-65. Programme of work 1961-62.

Freudiger, U., 1962:
General reactions in dogs to combined vaccination against distemper and infectious hepatitis.

Heidrick, L., E.Al., 1958:
General recommendations for growing potatoes in the Savanna of Bogota (Colombia), according to observations made in Tibaitata

Villanovoa, N.; R., 1956:
General recommendations for the cultivation of the wheat Helvia

Willaman, J.J.; Li, H.L., 1963:
General relationships among plants and their alkaloids

Becker, G., 1962:
General remarks on laboratory testing of the durability of materials and the efficacy of preservatives against termites

Zuluaga, A., 1956:
General report (for South America)

Golfari, L., 1961:
General report - acclimatization and distribution.

Anonymous, 1958:
General report 1958. State Experimental Station for the Improvement of Fruit and Market-garden Crops

Anonymous, 1959 :
General report 1959. State Experimental Station for the Improvement of Fruit and Market-garden Crops

Castillo Velarde, J., 1959:
General report of activities, Interamerican Cooperative Service for Agriculture, August 1959

Anonymous, 1958:
General report of the Joint Commission on Rural Reconstruction (for year ending June 30, 1958)

Anonymous, 1961:
General report of the participants in the FAO Training Centre on the Improvement of Certified Seed in Denmark and Sweden, from 19 June to 29 July, 1961

Anonymous, 1960:
General report on the French agricultural situation special warning issued by the working party appointed to prepare the elements of an agricultural law

Horst., 1963:
General report on the activities of the Mushroom Experiment Station, Horst, during 1962

Giovannozzi, M., 1956:
General report on the biochemistry of tobacco

Story, R.; Galloway, R.W.; Van, D.G.aaff, R.H.M.; Tweedie, A.D., 1963:
General report on the lands of the Hunter Valley

Samarakis, B.A., 1956:
General report on the world viticultural situation and on the effects given to the resolutions of the committee of the O.I.V

Anonymous, 1960:
General report. The calling of a farmer should be profitable

Anonymous, 1962 :
General requirements for the production of impregnated wooden transmission poles.

Marchlewski, T., 1956:
General results obtained by the application of heterospermic methods. at the Zootechnical Institute

Lamer, M., 1961:
General review of economic aspects of dairy development in Latin America

Darby, L.A., 1959:
General review of research work. 1. Plant breeding

Watanabe, S., 1958:
General review on fascioliasis hepatica in Japan.

Kuhn, A.O., 1956:
General session

Pogrebnjak, P.S., 1963:
General silviculture.

Missao, D.Pedologia, D.Angola., 1959:
General soil map of Angola. 1. The Huila District.

Missao, D.Pedologia, D.Angola., 1963:
General soil map of Angola. 3. Mocamedes district.

Seth, S.K.; Dabral, S.N., 1960:
General standard volume tables and commercial volume tables (based on Palamau Division, Bihar and Rajpipla Division, Saurashtra data only) for Boswellia serrata Roxb

Boddez, G.; G.P.venage, 1962:
General study of agricultural and horticultural markets. (Cahiers de l'I.E.A. 4/R-1.)

Wandelt, C., 2006:
General surveillance - cultivation of genetically modified starch potatoes in a closed-loop system

Breckling, B.; Reuter, H., 2006:
General surveillance of genetically modified organisms - the importance of expected and unexpected environmental effects

El-Helaly, A.F.; Ibrahim, I.A.; Assawah, M.W.; Elarosi, H.M.; Abou-El-Dahab, M.K.; Michail, S.H.; Abd-El-Rahim, M.A., 1963:
General survey of plant diseases and pathogenic organisms in the U.A.R. (Egypt) until 1962

Gala, Cesar, 1960:
General survey of social security in agriculture

Ginouves, J., E.Al., 1957:
General survey of trials with NPK on groundnuts in Senegal carried out in several localities in 1954-5

Bonnaire, F., 1961:
General survey on milk cans used in member countries of IDF.

Angladette, A., 1963:
General technical note

Fernandez, C.C., 1958:
General technique for the bacteriological examination of cheese.

Leal, Alejo, 1960:
General trends of the Law on compulsory exchange of farm plots

Spelina, M.; J.S.uhrada., 1963:
General valid development principles of agricultural technology

Mathauda, G.S.; Singh, M.M., 1956:
General volume and bark outturn tables for Babul (Acacia arabica, Willd.)

Dawkins, H.C., 1959:
General volume table for Eucalyptus saligna

Carnahan, H.L.; E.A., 1960:
General vs. specific combining ability in alfalfa for seedling vigor and fall growth habit in the year of establishment

Armasescu, S., 1959:
General yield tables for hybrid Black Poplars in Rumania.

Valez Boza, F.; Baumgartner, J., 1962:
General, clinical and nutritional study on native tribes of the Amazon Federal Territory of Venezuela.

Gracey, J.F.; Baxter, J.T., 1961:
General-ized Aspergillus fumigatus infection in a lamb

Gardiner, M.R.; Craig, J., 1961:
Generalised Pseudomonas infection in a cow

Maqsood, M., 1958:
Generalised buffalo-pox

Lindquist, B., 1957:
Generalised moniliasis

Rauchbach, K., 1960:
Generalisierte Cysticercosis beim Sumpfbiber (Nutria)

Tilemans, E.M., 1957:
Generalities on Belgian agriculture. The teaching of phyto-pharmacy

Sivori, E., 1959:
Generalities on weeds. Their geographical distribution in the pampas region.

Phytoma., 1962:
Generalization of necessary precautions against certain dangers of herbicidal and brush-killing hormones.

Jensen, D.; Pesek, J., 1959:
Generalization of yield equations in two or more variables : II. Application to yield data

Calton, W.E., 1959:
Generalizations on some Tanganyika soil data

Derivaux, J.; Schoenaers, F.; Bienfet, V., 1956:
Generalized Rockl's granuloma in a heifer. Experimental transmission

Beerwerth, W., 1960:
Generalized actinomycosis (nocardiosis) in cattle

Allan, G.W.; Andersen, D.H., 1961:
Generalized aspergillosis in an Infant 18 days of age

Mirande, L.M., 1957:
Generalized candidiasis of the newborn

Krejci, O.; Vysoka, M.B.; Hanzal, F.; Rehanek, L.; Manych, J., 1961:
Generalized cryptococcosis (torulosis)

Harlan, Jack, R., 1958:
Generalized curves for gain per head and gain per acre in rates of grazing studies

Benard, P.; Drouhet, E.; Nadal, C.; Rene-Corail, L., 1961:
Generalized cutaneous favus with dermo-hypodermic and lympho-ganglionary attacks treated with griseofulvin

Berglin, C.G., 1957:
Generalized formulae of the penetrance calculus

Gates, C.E.; Comstock, R.E.; Robinson, H.F., 1957:
Generalized Genetic Variance and Covariance Formulae for Self-Fertilized Crops Assuming Linkage

Beirana, L.; Novales, J., 1959:
Generalized granulomatous tinea caused by T. tonsurans.

Abildgaard, C.F.; Taylor, R.L., 1960:
Generalized histoplasmosis in a Pana manian Infant: case report

Mazaud, R.; Litauen, F.; Migeon, A.; Maydat, L.; Andre, L.J.; Nguyen Thi Oanh ., 1963:
Generalized histoplasmosis. First Vietnamese case

Schwartz, R.; Schafer, I.A.; Renold, A.E., 1960:
Generalized lipoatrophy, hepatic cirrhosis, disturbed carbohydrate metabolism and accelerated growth (lipoatrophic diabetes). Longitudinal observations and metabolic studies

Lamas, D.S.lva, J.M.; Machado, A.V., 1963:
Generalized mucormycosis in a calf.

Smith, L.M.; Garrett, H.D., 1956:
Generalized ringworm infections: report of a case due to Epidermophyton floccosum

Herrera, J.M.; Briceno, C.E.; Souza, O.E., 1956:
Generalized torulosis caused by Cryptococcus neoformans; first fatal case studied in Panama

Smith, M.D., 2007:
Generating value in habitat-dependent fisheries: the importance of fishery management institutions

Kipenvarlic, A.P., 1957:
Generation longevity and feeding of Agriotes lineatus, L. under the conditions of the Belorussian SSR

Muhammad Munir; Chowdhry, M.A.; Muhammad Ahsan, 2007:
Generation means studies in bread wheat under drought condition

Gunther, F.A., E.Al., 1959:
Generation of ammonia for in-package fumigation of foodstuffs

Sadik, K.; Rubaihayo, P.R.; Magambo, M.J.S.; Pillay, M., 2007:
Generation of cell suspensions of East African highland bananas through scalps

Bowman, S.; Higgins, B.; Stone, C.; Kozera, C.; Curtis, B.A.; Bussey, J.T.; Kimball, J.; Symonds, J.; Johnson, S.C., 2005:
Generation of genomics resources for Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua): progress and plans

Ernst, E.; Schönig, K.; Bugert, J.J.; Bläker, H.; Pfaff, E.; Stremmel, W.; Encke, J., 2007:
Generation of inducible hepatitis C virus transgenic mouse lines

Zhang JunLian; Wang Li; Wang Di; Zhang JinWen; Chen ZhengHua, 2007:
Generation of transgenic potato plants harboring AtNHX1 gene mediated by Agrobacterium tumefaciens

Bettini, T.M.; Matassino, D., 1962:
Generation statistics in a small population with overlapping generations. I. Population of 20 females. II. Population of 40 females.

Bettini, T.M.; Matassino, D., 1963 :
Generation statistics in small populations with overlapping generations and differential losses: 16, I. Population of 20 females.

Bettini, T.M.; Matassino, D., 1963:
Generation statistics in small populations with overlapping generations: 2, I. Population of 20 females.

Goni, M.A.; Woodworth, M.P.; Aceves, H.L.; Thunell, R.C.; Tappa, E.; Black, D.; Muller Karger, F.; Astor, Y.; Varela, R., 2004:
Generation, transport, and preservation of the alkenone-based U37K' sea surface temperature index in the water column and sediments of the Cariaco Basin (Venezuela)

Aruga, H.; Nagashima, E., 1962:
Generation-to-generation transmission of the cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus of Bombyx mori (Linnaeus)

Kvasnitsky, A.; Kvasnickii, A.V., 1956:
Generative function of ovary and productivity of farm animals

White, F.; Barnes, R.D., 1958:
Generic characters in the Ebenaceae

Hopping, G.R., 1963:
Generic characters in the tribe Ipini (Coleoptera: Scolytidae), with a new species, a new combination, and a new synonymy

Nooteboom, H.P., 1962:
Generic delimitation in Simaroubaceae tribus Simaroubeae and a conspectus of the genus Quassia L

Pasqualotto, A.Comarú.; Denning, D.W., 2007:
Generic substitution of itraconazole resulting in sub-therapeutic levels and resistance

Sobolev, A.S., 1959:
Generous standards of pure and iodised salt for young animals

Lederberg, J., 1959:
Genes and antibodies

Lederberg, J., 1959:
Genes and antibodies. Do antigens bear instructions for antibody specificity or do they select cell lines that arise by mutation ?

Beadle, G.W., 1959:
Genes and chemical reactions in Neurospora

Kramer, H.H., 1961:
Genes and gene combinations affecting corn endosperms

Waddington, C.H., 1963:
Genes and organization

Silvers, W.K., 1961:
Genes and the Pigment Cells of Mammals: Pigment cells provide unique material for studying the interactions of genetic determinants

Atanasoff, D., 1963:
Genes and viruses

Moseman, J.G., 1960:
Genes conditioning pathogenicity in Erysiphe graminis f. sp. hordei on Barley variety Atlas 46. Inheritance of 5 genes conditioning pathogenicity in Erysiphe graminis f. sp. hordei on Barley

Moseman, J.G., 1960:
Genes conditioning pathogenicity in Erysiphe graminis f. sp. hordei on barley variety Atlas 46

Boone, D.M.; Keitt, G.W., 1957:
Genes controlling pathogenicity of wild-type lines

Jacob, F.; Monod, J., 1959 :
Genes determining structure and regulatory genes in the biosynthesis of proteins

Hagai, T.; Cohen, M.; Bloch, G., 2007:
Genes encoding putative Takeout/juvenile hormone binding proteins in the honeybee (Apis mellifera) and modulation by age and juvenile hormone of the takeout-like gene GB19811

Altenbach, S., B.; Kothari, K., M.; Tanaka, C., K.; Hurkman, W., J., 2007:
Genes encoding the PR-4 protein wheatwin are developmentally regulated in wheat grains and respond to high temperatures during grainfill

Lamprecht, H., 1962:
Genes for colour distribution on the petals of Pisum

Gruneberg, H., 1957:
Genes in mammalian development. An inaugural lecture delivered at University College, London, 12 November 1956

Welsh, J.N.; Green, G.J., 1958:
Genes in oats for resistance to stem rust races and the genetics of host reaction

Swiezynski, K., 1963:
Genes in the light of the latest achievements of the science of heredity

Allard, R.W., 1956:
Genes modifying the Cc and Rr loci in lima beans

Porter, G.H., 1962:
Genes provide capability environment affords opportunity

Catcheside, D.G., 1956:
Genes their nature and function

Anders, F.; Anders, A.; Drawert, F.; Steitz, E., 1963 :
Genes, amino and nucleic acids, progressive tissues and cancer. Investigations on poeciliid fish, Nicotiana, Drosophila and Vitis

Tseng, C.S.; Chuang, C.P.; Li, M.P., 1963:
Genesis & classification of Paichiang soils.

Zakosek, H., 1962:
Genesis & classification of chernozems in Northern valley of Oberrhein.

Kanno, I., 1962:
Genesis & classification of humic allophane soil in Japan

Murthy, R.S.; Mathur, B.S.; Raychaudhuri, S.P., 1962:
Genesis & classification of some alluvial soils in the Ganga River plain of central Uttar Pradesh

Alexander, L.T.; Cady, J.G., 1962:
Genesis & hardening of lat erite in soils

Uehara, G.; Flach, K.W.; Sherman, G.D., 1962:
Genesis & micromorphology of certain soil structural types in Hawaiian latosol & their significance to agricultural practice

Kanno, I.; Honjo, Y.; Arimura, S.; E.A., 1963:
Genesis and characteristics of a red-yellow soil derived from gabbro, northern Kyushu

Kanno, I.; Honjo, Y.; Arimura, S.; E.A., 1963:
Genesis and characteristics of rice soils developed on polder lands of the Shiroishi area, Kyushu

Kolesov, N.A., 1957:
Genesis and classification of solods and solodic soils.

Webster, R., 1959 :
Genesis and classification of upland soils in Northern Rhodesia

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Genetic Recombination in Neurospora

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