Section 15
Chapter 14,068

Hematologic disturbances in infantile malnutrition. Values for copper, iron, paraphenylene diamine oxidase and iron-binding capacity in the serum

Monckeberg, F.; Vildosola, J.; Figueroa, M.; Oxman, S.; Meneghello, J.

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 11: 525-529


ISSN/ISBN: 0002-9165
PMID: 13935997
Accession: 014067102

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Estimations were made in 2 groups of 10 and 11 marasmic infants, whose weights were, respectively, 40 to 60% and 35% or less of their calculated ideal weights. All were under 1 year of age. Marasmus was defined as a condition arising from a diet deficient in both energy and protein; the findings were compared with those in 15 matched normal infants.

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