Section 15
Chapter 14,069

Heterosis in poultry. 4. Estimation of combining ability variance from diallel crosses of inbred lines in the fowl

Goto, E.; Nordskog, A.W.

Poult. Sci 38: 1381-1388


DOI: 10.3382/ps.0381381
Accession: 014068337

The purpose of the present investigation was to estimate variances of general and specific combining ability, maternal effects and reciprocal effects for inbred line crosses. The data were provided by a commercial poultry breeding farm. Percent hatch of all eggs, percent brooder house mortality, age at 50% egg production, 165-, 269-and 300-day hen-housed percent egg production, hen-day total egg production, egg weight and percent laying house mortality were studied.

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