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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 14075

Chapter 14075 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Suwa, M.; Katul, G.G.; Oren, R.; Andrews, J.; Pippen, J.; Mace, A.; Schlesinger, W.H., 2004:
Impact of elevated atmospheric CO2 on forest floor respiration in a temperate pine forest

Singh, A.; Jaiswal, R.S.; Chauhan, S.S.; Thakur, T.C.; Singh, V.; Joshi, Y.P., 2007:
Impact of feeding urea ammoniated paddy straw on utilization of nutrients, blood metabolites and cost effectiveness on crossbred lactating cows

Shah, Z.A.i; Fatima, Z., 2007:
Impact of flesh age, trap color and decomposition stage on the population dynamics and species composition of Calliphoridae and Sarcophagidae

Lone, H., A.; Pandit, A., K., 2007:
Impact of grazing on community features and biomass of herbaceous species in Langate Forest Division of Kashmir

Thomson, B.M.; Turner, N.J.; Hudson, J.A., 2005:
Impact of gut microflora on the bioavailability of soy isoflavones

Berry, S.S.aull, V.; Cadet, P., 2007:
Impact of harvesting practices on nematode communities and yield of sugarcane

Scognamiglio, P.; Galati, V.; Navarra, A.; Longo, M.Antonella.; Aloisi, M.Stella.; Antonini, M.Giulia.; Puoti, M.; Almasio, P.Luigi.; Ippolito, G.; Girardi, E., 2007:
Impact of hepatitis C virus infection on lifestyle

Papazoglou, E., G.; Serelis, K., G.; Bouranis, D., L., 2007:
Impact of high cadmium and nickel soil concentration on selected physiological parameters of Arundo donax L

Lal, O.P.; Sinha, S.R., 2005:
Impact of imidacloprid seed treatment along with some insecticidal sprayings against insect pests of okra

Lefebvre, O.; Quentin, S.; Torrijos, M.; Godon, J.J.; Delgenès, J.P.; Moletta, R., 2007:
Impact of increasing NaCl concentrations on the performance and community composition of two anaerobic reactors

Najineem, B.; Khadi, P.B.; Gaonkar, V., 2004:
Impact of integrated child development services on cognitive abilities of rural pre-school children

Munir, M.A.; Malik, M.A.; Saleem, M.F., 2007:
Impact of integration of crop manuring and nitrogen application on growth, yield and quality of spring planted sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)

Dalley, D.E.; Collis, S.J.; Clough, J.W., 2005:
Impact of intensive maize silage supplementation on milksolids production, mastitis and profit

van Geen, A.; Zheng, Y.; Cheng, Z.; He, Y.; Dhar, R.K.; Garnier, J.M.; Rose, J.; Seddique, A.; Hoque, M.A.; Ahmed, K.M., 2006:
Impact of irrigating rice paddies with groundwater containing arsenic in Bangladesh

Lee, G.H.; Benner, D.; Regidor, D.L.; Kalantar-Zadeh, K., 2007:
Impact of kidney bone disease and its management on survival of patients on dialysis

Merrien, A.; Pouzet, A.; Krouti, M.; Dechambre, J.; Garnon, V., 2005:
Impact of low temperatures on fatty acids profiles for sunflower oil (classical and oleic)

Imrichova, Z., 2006:
Impact of management practices on diversity of grasslands in agricultural region of middle Slovakia

Tanveer Ahmad; Bilal, M.Q.; Uallah, S.; Zia ur Rahman ; Muhammad, G., 2007:
Impact of mastitis severity on mineral contents of buffalo milk

Faulkner, J.D.; Taylor, D.W.; Schlafman, I.H., 1962:
Impact of milk shipment trends on State and local programs

Sarinová, M.; Tichá, E.; Obernauerová, M.; Gbelská, Y., 2007:
Impact of mitochondrial function on yeast susceptibility to antifungal compounds

Bissonnais, Y. le; Andrieux, P., 2007:
Impact of modes of maintenance of vines on run-off, erosion and soil structure

Menoyo, D.; Lopez Bote, C.J.; Diez, A.; Obach, A.; Bautista, J.M., 2007:
Impact of n-3 fatty acid chain length and n-3/n-6 ratio in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) diets

Crameri, R.; Rhyner, C., 2007:
Impact of native, recombinant, and cross-reactive allergens on humoral and T-cell-mediated immune responses

Page, R.H., 1963:
Impact of naval stores on utilization of Longleaf and Slash Pine timber

Evans, S.; Daly, A.; MacDonald, A.; Davies, P.; Booth, I.W., 2007:
Impact of nutrient density of nocturnal enteral feeds on appetite: a prospective, randomised crossover study

Meininger, D.; Zwissler, B.; Byhahn, C.; Probst, M.; Westphal, K.; Bremerich, D.H., 2006:
Impact of overweight and pneumoperitoneum on hemodynamics and oxygenation during prolonged laparoscopic surgery

Ali, T.; Ahmad, M.; Shahbaz, B.; Suleri, A., 2007:
Impact of participatory forest management on financial assets of rural communities in Northwest Pakistan

Zvikelsky, O.W.isbrod, N., 2006:
Impact of particle size on colloid transport in discrete fractures

Skuodiene, R.; Nekrosiene, R., 2007:
Impact of perennial legumes and timothy as green manure on productivity of Secale cereale L. and x Triticosecale Wittm and on occurrence of cereal diseases

Harrington, G.A.; Hendry, M.J.; Robinson, N.I., 2007:
Impact of permeable conduits on solute transport in aquitards: Mathematical models and their application

Agarwal, V.; Rastogi, N.R.ju, S., 2007:
Impact of predatory ants on two lepidopteran insect pests in Indian cauliflower agroecosystems

Dixon, N.; Brook, E., 2007:
Impact of predicted climate change on landslide reactivation: case study of Mam Tor, UK

Dantwala, M.L., 1959:
Impact of redistribution and pooling of land on agrarian structure and efficiency of resource use

Lagrain, B.; Thewissen, B.G.; Brijs, K.; Delcour, J.A., 2007:
Impact of redox agents on the extractability of gluten proteins during bread making

Juanes, R.S.iteri, E.; Orr, F.J.; Blunt, M., 2006:
Impact of relative permeability hysteresis on geological CO2 storage

Wheeler, E.J., 1959:
Impact of research on potato cultivation in India

Jayaramaiah, R.; Thimmegowda, S.; Chalapathi, M.V.; Devakumar, N.; Rangaswamy, B.T.; Basavarajappa, H.R.; Phanikumar, P.R., 2005:
Impact of residual organic manure, irrigation and fertilizer levels on growth and yield of sunflower

Yenagi, B.S.; Meli, S.S.; Angadi, S.S., 2004:
Impact of row spacing, planting dates and nitrogen levels on moisture loss of potato tubers

Bressler, R.G.; Jr., 1958:
Impact of science on agriculture

Fitzpatrick, J.M., 1963:
Impact of seasonally of milk supplies on labor costs and efficiency in dairy manufacturing plants

Lopez Caballero, A., 1963:
Impact of shifting cultivation in the forest area of Campeche State.

Endler, Z.; Gozdziejewska, A.; Jaworska, B.; Grzybowski, M., 2006:
Impact of small hydropower station on plankton organisms in river water

Ramos, Mília., 2007:
Impact of socioeconomic status on Brazilian elderly health

Karegoudar, A.V.; Veeranna, V.S.; Kalibavi, C.M., 2004:
Impact of soil and water conservation measures in Kudligi watershed of Karnataka

Solomon, Darwin, 1960:
Impact of technological change on farm income

Vidal, R.A.; Kalsing, A.; Goulart, I.C.G.R.; Lamego, F.P.; Christoffoleti, P.J., 2007:
Impact of temperature, light and seed depth on emergence and germination of Conyza bonariensis and Conyza canadensis resistant to glyphosate

Summa, C., A.; De-La-Calle, B.; Brohee, M.; Stadler, R., H.; Anklam, E., 2007:
Impact of the roasting degree of coffee on the in vitro radical scavenging capacity and content of acrylamide

Russo, G.; Greco, N.; D'errico, F.P.; Brandonisio, A., 2007:
Impact of the root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne incognita, on potato during two different growing seasons

Rasschaert, G.; Houf, K.; De Zutter, L., 2007:
Impact of the slaughter line contamination on the presence of Salmonella on broiler carcasses

Dupare, B.U.; Vinayagam, S.S., 2006:
Impact of training intervention on knowledge and domestic utilization of soy-based food preparations for health benefits and nutritional security

Camargo, R.Pauperio.Soares.de.; Simões, Jé.Antonio.; Cecatti, Jé.Guilherme.; Alves, Véria.Moraes.Nader.; Faro, S., 2005:
Impact of treatment for bacterial vaginosis on prematurity among Brazilian pregnant women: a retrospective cohort study

Asrey, R.; Pal, R.K.; Sagar, V.R.; Patel, V.B., 2007:
Impact of tree age and canopy position on fruit quality of guava

Fernandez Garcia, D.; Gomez Hernandez, J.J., 2007:
Impact of upscaling on solute transport: traveltimes, scale dependence of dispersivity, and propagation of uncertainty

Das, Moses., 1962:
Impact of variations in rural-urban distribution and age structure of population upon agricultural land

Soler, C.M.T.; Hoogenboom, G.; Sentelhas, P.C.; Duarte, A.P., 2007:
Impact of water stress on maize grown off-season in a subtropical environment

Skodowski, J.; Sater, J.; Strzyzewski, T., 2006:
Impact of water tourism activity in forest/waterside ecotones on the example of the Bedany Lake

Lima, A.C.V.M.S.; Lima, Mília.C.; Guerra, M.Q.F.; Romani, S.A.M.; Eickmann, S.H.; Lira, P.I.C., 2006:
Impact of weekly treatment with ferrous sulfate on hemoglobin level, morbidity and nutritional status of anemic infants

Yang HongPing; Y.J.ngZhong, 2006:
Impact study of globalization technology on rural communities

Durant, A.J., 1956:
Impaction and pressure necrosis in Canada geese due to eating dry hulled soybeans

Fredriksson, G.M.; Danielsen, L.S.; Swenson, J.E., 2007:
Impacts of El Nino related drought and forest fires on sun bear fruit resources in lowland dipterocarp forest of East Borneo

Li, J.H.; Powell, T.L.; Seiler, T.J.; Johnson, D.P.; Anderson, H.P.; Bracho, R.; Hungate, B.A.; Hinkle, C.R.; Drake, B.G., 2007:
Impacts of Hurricane Frances on Florida scrub-oak ecosystem processes: defoliation, net CO2 exchange and interactions with elevated CO2

Yonekura, T.; Kim, A.; Shimada, T.; Miwa, M.; Aruzate, A.; Izuta, T.; Ogawa, K., 2005:
Impacts of O3 and CO2 enrichment on growth of komatsuna (Brassica campestris) and radish (Raphanus sativus)

Fox, S.-Jane, C.; Hockey, P., A.R., 2007:
Impacts of a South African coastal golf estate on shrubland bird communities

Rosenström, U.; Kyllönen, S., 2006:
Impacts of a participatory approach to developing national level sustainable development indicators in Finland

Zhang YuXing; Song, C.H., 2006:
Impacts of afforestation, deforestation, and reforestation on forest cover in China from 1949 to 2003

Chen SuPing; Lin YiHua; Lin ChiehShin, 2006:
Impacts of food preparation on vegetable acceptance and aggregate plate waste among elementary school students

Chey Vun Khen,, 2006:
Impacts of forest conversion on biodiversity as indicated by moths

Simbolon, H.; Siregar, M.; Wakiyama, S.; Sukigara, N.; Abe, Y.; Shimizu, H., 2005:
Impacts of forest fires on tree diversity in tropical rain forest of East Kalimantan, Indonesia

Bei, N.F.; Zhang, F.Q., 2007:
Impacts of initial condition errors on mesoscale predictability of heavy precipitation along the Mei-Yu front of China

Leon, W.B.; Misra, R., 2006:
Impacts of integrated nutrient management on sustainable rice production with particular reference to Latin American countries

Roach, C.G.; Morton, J.D., 2005:
Impacts of intensive dairying on soil and pasture sustainability in Taranaki

Koh, L.P., 2007:
Impacts of land use change on South-east Asian forest butterflies: a review

Bai, W.; Hao, J.; Zhang, Q.; Guo, W., 2007:
Impacts of policy related to structural adjustment of agriculture on grain supply in China

French, C.E.; Walz, T.C., 1959:
Impacts of techological develop-ments on the United States dairy inustry

Donnelly, C.A.; Wei, G.; Johnston, W.Thomas.; Cox, D.R.; Woodroffe, R.; Bourne, F.John.; Cheeseman, C.L.; Clifton-Hadley, R.S.; Gettinby, G.; Gilks, P.; Jenkins, H.E.; L.F.vre, A.M.; McInerney, J.P.; Morrison, W.Ivan., 2007:
Impacts of widespread badger culling on cattle tuberculosis: concluding analyses from a large-scale field trial

Panda, B.; Combs, G.F., 1963:
Impaired antibody production in chicks fed diets low in vitamin A, pantothenic acid or riboflavin

Zetterstrom, R.; Arnhold, R.G., 1958:
Impaired calcium-phosphate homeostasis in newborn infants of diabetic mothers

Billimoria, F.R.; Shetty, H.B.; Rindani, T.H., 1963:
Impaired glucose tolerance: the basis for dislike for sweets

Haugaard, S.B.; Andersen, O.; Halsall, I.; Iversen, J.; Hales, C.Nicholas.; Madsbad, S., 2007:
Impaired proinsulin secretion before and during oral glucose stimulation in HIV-infected patients who display fat redistribution

Hoffstedt, J.; Förster, D.; Löfgren, P., 2007:
Impaired subcutaneous adipocyte lipogenesis is associated with systemic insulin resistance and increased apolipoprotein B/AI ratio in men and women

Thiede, H., 1963:
Impairment of Beet development in the year 1963 in Westphalia-Lippe

Mistry, S.P.; Dakshinamurti, K.; Modi, V.V., 1962:
Impairment of glucose utilization in biotin deficiency

Edwards, J.; Pascoe, I.G.; Salib, S., 2007:
Impairment of grapevine xylem function by Phaeomoniella chlamydospora infection is due to more than physical blockage of vessels with 'goo'

Arroyave, G.; Viteri, F.; Behar, M.; Scrimshaw, N.S., 1959:
Impairment of intestinal absorption of vitamin A palmitate in severe protein malnutrition (kwashiorkor)

Schultz, G., 1958:
Impairment of photosynthetic assimilation following infection of Sugar Beets by yellows virus

Dugal, L.P.; Saucier, G.; Desmarais, A., 1962:
Impairment of testicular function in the white rat chronically exposed to a low ambient temperature

Karvinen, E.; Lin, T.M.; Ivy, A.C., 1957:
Impairment of triglyceride absorption by the exclusion of pancreatic juice in the rat

Buckland, F.E., 1959:
Impairment of viral haemagglutination of red cells after treatment with formalin

El'bert, A.A., 1963:
Imparting water repellency to particle boards by dry spraying of

Gardner, W.R.; Ehlig, C.F., 1962:
Impedance to Water Movement in Soil and Plant

Gardner, W.R.; Ehlig, C.F., 1962:
Impedance to winter movement in soil & plant

Chhatrapati, A.C., 1960:
Impediments to agricultural progress

Cooke, F.C., 1960:
Imperata cylindrica. A curse of tropical agriculture

Duncan, R., 1963:
Imperial preference: the case of Australian beef in the 1930's

Cavazza, L.; Benedictis, G.D., 1959:
Impermeability of seed-coats induced by warm-water treatment.

Cavazza, L.; D.B.nedictis, G., 1959:
Impermeability of the seed coat obtained with hot-water treatment

Battelli, C.; Giannubilo, M., 1958:
Impiego del tetracloruro di carbonio per via sottocutanea in prove pratiche di terapia contro la bronchite verminosa dei suini

Chapot, H., 1961:
Impietratura in Mediterranean countries

Schenk, R., 1957:
Implantation and decidual reaction in the embryonic development of the golden hamster (Mesocricetus auratu. )

Eaton, G.J.; Green, M.M., 1962:
Implantation and lethality of the yellow mouse

Goodchild, C.G., 1958:
Implantation of Schistosomatium douthitti into the eyes of rats

Jones, P.J., 1961:
Implantation of cattle for beef with hexoestrol

Everitt, G.C., 1963:
Implantation of oestrogenic hormones in beef cattle, III. A comparison of autumn-versus spring-implantation of oestradiol benzoate plus progesterone

Everitt, G.C., 1962:
Implantation of oestrogenic hormones in beef cattle. 1. Effects of winter nutri-tional depression following autumn implantation of hexoestrol, and of re-implantation in spring

Everitt, G.C., 1962:
Implantation of oestrogenic hormones in beef cattle. 2. Effects of restricted summer grazing after implantation of hexoestrol in spring

Alden, R.H.; Smith, M.J., 1959:
Implantation of the rat egg. IV. Some effects of artificial ova on the rat uterus

Haritova, A.M.; Hubenov, H.D., 2007:
Implantation of tissue chambers in turkeys: a pilot study

Beesley, W.N.; Davies, S.F.M., 1958:
Implantation of warble-fly larvae into experimental animals

Ginter, A.; Kauza, H.; Soczewka, I., 2007:
Implantation packet: sustainable agriculture in chosen districts

O'mary, C.C.; Cullison, A.E.; Carmon, J.L., 1959:
Implanted and oral stilbestrol for fattening steers

Dias, G.R.W., 1956:
Implemental and mechanized methods of rice production in Ceylon

Belfort, B.; Carrayrou, J.; Lehmann, F., 2007:
Implementation of Richardson extrapolation in an efficient adaptive time stepping method: applications to reactive transport and unsaturated flow in porous media

Shaw, A.E.; Reid, S.M.; Ebert, K.; Hutchings, G.H.; Ferris, N.P.; King, D.P., 2007:
Implementation of a one-step real-time RT-PCR protocol for diagnosis of foot-and-mouth disease

Anonymous, 1963:
Implementation of agrarian reform in Peru.

Hutchison, M.L.; Thomas, D.John.I.; Small, A.H.; Buncic, S.; Howell, M., 2007:
Implementation of compulsory hazard analysis critical control point system and its effect on concentrations of carcass and environmental surface bacterial indicators in United Kingdom red meat slaughterhouses

Tinland, B.; Janssens, J.; Lecoq, E.; Legris, G.; Matzk, A.; Pleysier, A.; Wandelt, C.; Willekens, H., 2006:
Implementation of general surveillance in Europe: the industry perspective

Ostengo, S.; Chavanne, E.; Costilla, D.; Cuenya, M.I.; Romero, E.R., 2006:
Implementation of integrated green harvest with a sample weighing wagon for evaluation of experimental studies on sugarcane in EEAOC

Szymanska, J., 2007:
Implementation of investment projects in the scope of environmental protection and water management in the Dolnoslaskie Province with particular emphasis put on rural areas

Aqeel, A.M.; Hameed, K.M., 2007:
Implementation of olive mill byproducts in agriculture

Hernan Ramirez, J.; Palacios, M.; Gutierrez, O., 2007:
Implementation of the isolated vascular tissue model as a device for the validation of medicinal plants: study of the vasodilator activity of Salvia scutellarioides

Boutten, B., 2007:
Implementation of vision-based quality control sorting for 4D ham and '5D' pre-butchered pork

Milovanov, V.K.; Sokolovskaja, I.I.; Korotkov, A.I.; Gobohov, L.N.; Ma-Senko, I.A.; Rymabj, M.A.; Bahman Ali, N.; E.D.A., 1963:
Implementors for increasing conception and fertility in cows and pigs.

Utermark, H., 1959:
Implements for grubbing trees and drilling plant holes

Cook, D.A.; Armitage, D.M., 2007:
Implications for integrated storage strategies of food contaminants legislation

Mitra, S.N.; Sengupta, P.N.; Roy, B.R.; Mathew, T.V.; Malik, A.K.; Roy, S.C.; Sengupta, B.N., 1960:
Implications in the analysis of curd (Dahi)

Fischer, L.A., 1961:
Implications of European integration for Canadian agriculture exports

Baker, G.A.; Roessler, E.B., 1957:
Implications of a uniformity trial with small plots of wheat

Macgregor, M.A., 1958:
Implications of changing technology for prices and incomes in agriculture

Upchurch, M.L., 1961:
Implications of economies of scale to national agricultural adjustments

Robinson, H.F.; Moll, R.H., 1959:
Implications of environmental effects on genotypes in relation to breeding

Cockerham, C.Clark, 1961:
Implications of genetic variances in a hybrid breeding program

Dickerson, G.E., 1962:
Implications of genetic-environmental interaction in animal breeding

Provenza, F.D., 2007:
Implications of linking herbivore experience, varied diets, and plant biochemical diversity for affecting ingestion of plants with toxins by herbivores

Implications of longitudinal research in fitness programs

Puma, M.J.; Rodriguez Iturbe, I.; Celia, M.A.; Guswa, A.J., 2007:
Implications of rainfall temporal resolution for soil-moisture and transpiration modeling

Pearson, A.M., 1963:
Implications Of Research On Body Composition For Animal Biology: An Introductory Statement

Kish, George., 1962:
Implications of rice field mechanization in Italy

Oldfield, J.E.; Schubert, J.R.; Muth, O.H., 1963:
Implications of selenium in large animal nutrition

Lazenby, A.; Rogers, H.H., 1963:
Implications of variety x environment interactions in grasses

Boerckel, Werner, 1959:
Import and storage agencies as means of agricultural policy. Objectives, methods, and criticism

Anon., 1959:
Import interceptions

Anon., 1958:
Import interceptions of interest

Anon., 1962 :
Import interceptions of interest-nematodes

Anonymous, 1963:
Import markets for rice outside the Far East

Bischoff, J., 1961:
Import of kangaroo meat: the danger of salmonella infection

Hume, L.J., 1961:
Import saving and the balance of payments

Stepan, M., 1963:
Importance and application of business accounting methods on agricultural production co-operatives

Ferone, A., 1956:
Importance and application of pesticides in agriculture

Gleria, J.Di., 1963:
Importance and application of trace elements in agriculture.

Raulin, J.; Lefort, D.; The, N.; Purchez, A.; Dauvillier, P., 1960:
Importance and characteristics of the phospholipid complex in the

Petrova, M., 1963:
Importance and d ates of application of ammonium nitrate to soil under winter wheat.

Anonymous, 1956:
Importance and distribution of Potato viruses in Denmark

Dufournet, R., E.Al., 1959:
Importance and future of forage species introduced into Madagascar

Haendler, H., 1958:
Importance and possibility of adding fat to poultry feeds

Liptak, J., 1963:
Importance and special features of international socialist division of work in agriculture

Gilles, G.; Dormal, S.; Dardenne, G., 1962:
Importance and subsequent fate of thiram. residues on Strawberries

Doring, Heinz Richard Mieth Fritz Judefeind., 1962:
Importance and tasks of inter-co-operative establishments, enterprises and organizations

Simitch, T., 1961:
Importance de l'echinococcose hydatidose. Sa frequence dans certains pays mediterraneens

Cayrol, J.C., 1962:
Importance des maladies vermiculaires dans les champignon-nieres francaises

Brande, J.Van Den Gillard, A., 1957:
Importance et repartition en Belgique des nematodes de la sous-famille des Heteroderinae

Zhukov, M.S., 1963:
Importance for plants of cation ratios in soil.

Schaal, E., 1956:
Importance for sero-logical diagnosis of Coombs' test and incomplete antibodies inBr. abortusinfection in cattle

Lubis, D.A., 1960:
Importance of environmental physiology in animal husbandry.

Gillard, A., 1958:
Importance of scum on water and its control

Prakash, M., 1959:
Importance of ' shelter-belts' to check wind-erosion

Willer, S., 1961:
Importance of 17-ketosteroid concentration in blood for evaluating constitution in Black Pied Lowland cattle.

Stark, V.N., 1960:
Importance of Alder stands as a source of stem pests of plantations in the forest-steppe zone.

Jaro, Z.; Horvath, E., 1960:
Importance of Ca in litter.

Sazonov, A.A., 1961:
Importance of I and Mn in prevention of mineral deficiency in highly productive cows in the subalpine zone of Ala-Tau.

Haracsi, L., 1956:
Importance of Juniperus communis.

Bidarte Iturbi, A., 1957:
Importance of Lacho sheep for nutrition in Vizcaya

Hariras Navkal.; Rajaraman, S., 1957:
Importance of Pressley strength index as a measure of tensile strength of cotton fibres

Cacioppo, F.; Pandolfo, L., 1956:
Importance of SH groups for the activity of the thiaminase extractedfrom Venerupis decussata

Biryukov, I.P., 1956 :
Importance of Salmonella pullorum phage in controlling carrier infection.

Seffner, W., 1960:
Importance of Vibrio fetus as a cause of abortion in cows in the Halle district

Ollivier-Gros, J., 1960:
Importance of a combination of fat-soluble vitamins A and D3 for the prevention of rickets and for the marasmic child

Burkhardt, H.; Kink, R.; Murrmann, I., 1962:
Importance of a diet rich in polyenoic acids in treatment of diabetes.

Dotsenko, L.S., 1960:
Importance of a dry layer in evaporation of moisture from sand.

Pflecer, K.; Jacobi, H.; Rummel, W., 1958:
Importance of accumulation of lactate for absorption of glucose

Milovanov, L.V., 1963:
Importance of amino acids in rations for young mink.

Rui, D., 1961:
Importance of an exact discrimination between symptomatological features common to infectious degeneration and boron deficiency

Majumdar, R., 1963:
Importance of anatomy in the classification of the grasses

Jancarik, A., 1957:
Importance of animal food of carp for digestion of starch

Jancaaik, A., 1959:
Importance of animal food of carp for fat digestion

Jancarik, A., 1962:
Importance of animal foods for digestion of energy by the carp

Lyford, Walter, H., 1963:
Importance of ants to brown podzolic soil genesis in New England

Gel'tser, F.Yu., 1962:
Importance of bacteria and fungi in humus formation.

Brammanis, L., 1963:
Importance of bark heaps for the development of Hylobius abietis.

Schindler, R.; Dennig, H.K., 1958:
Importance of bats in the spread of rabies in Germany

Růzicka, F.; Holá, V.; Votava, M.; Tejkalová, R., 2007:
Importance of biofilm in Candida parapsilosis and evaluation of its susceptibility to antifungal agents by colorimetric method

Gel'tser F.Yu., 1961:
Importance of biological nitrogen fixation in forming the organic substances of soil.

Shkol'nik, M.Y.; Maevskaya, A.N., 1962:
Importance of boron in nucleic-acid metabolism.

Lazdinya, A.A., 1959:
Importance of bovine type bacilli in extra-pulmonary tuberculosis of human beings in Latvia.

Pawelska, K., 1963:
Importance of breeding for resistance in the protection of plants against nematodes

Zurgilgen, H.; Ruther, M.J., 1961:
Importance of calcium and phosphorus in the dynamic equilibrium in metabolic disorders

Solun, A.S., 1961:
Importance of carbohydrates in complete nutrition of pigs and poultry

Leclercq, J., 1957:
Importance of carnitine in the nutrition of Gnathocerus cornutus, F. (Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae)

Ewerbeck, H.; Wiznerowicz, E., 1959:
Importance of carrot soup for potassium replacement in infants with acute digestive disturbances

Danilin, B.F., 1957:
Importance of cattle yards in.the prevention of fascioliasis.

Wilson, K.M.; Clayton, B.E., 1962:
Importance of choline during growth, with particular reference to synthetic diets in phenylketonuria

Furer, O.J.; Schurch, A.; Crasemann, E., 1959:
Importance of choline in fattening chickens

Weiland, G.; Klose, J., 1962:
Importance of colostrum in the fight against calf losses. Intake of colostrum by calves in 6 meals during the first 3 days of life.

Schon, L., 1959:
Importance of commercial grade and feeding with regard to quality of meat and meat products

Ivanov, D.P., 1957:
Importance of complete rations for pregnant sows

Venter, J.J., 1958:
Importance of crimp and fibre diameter

Scheper, J., 1963:
Importance of daily total, meat and fat gains for the meat : fat ratio in the pig. 1. Range of variation and causes of variation of characters.

Scheper, J., 1963:
Importance of daily total, meat and fat gains for the meat : fat ratio in the pig. 2. Interrelations of and influence on characters.

Bratlie, O., 1958:
Importance of degree of vacuum in the milking machine for milking technique and udder hygiene.

Kovacs, L., 1963:
Importance of determining the protein content of milk, with special reference to the evaluation of milk yield in cows.

Steiner, A.; Howard, E.J.; Kgun, S., 1962:
Importance of dietary cholesterol in man

Kazakova, Z.A., 1957:
Importance of dietary protein for production and course of experimental hypertension in dogs

Caruso, A.; Thor, G., 2007:
Importance of different tree fractions for epiphytic lichen diversity on Picea abies and Populus tremula in mature managed boreonemoral Swedish forests

Juhasz, B., 1961:
Importance of digestive processes in rumen with particular reference to milk yield.

Stucki, W.P.; Harper, A.E., 1961:
Importance of dispensable amino acids for normal growth of chicks

Venkayya, D., 1957:
Importance of early sexual maturity in dairy cattle

Soenen, A.; Aerts, R., 1960:
Importance of early treatments against scab

Gel'tser, F.Yu., 1963:
Importance of endotrophic mycorrhiza in controlling degeneration of potatoes.

Shands, W.A.; Simpson, G.; Hall, I.M., 1963:
Importance of entomogenous fungi in controlling aphids on potatoes in northeastern Maine

Quilici, V., 1960:
Importance of environmental and genetic factors on the alkaloid content of A. belladonna

Udalov, J. F.; Elnokova, N.A., 1962:
Importance of estimating excretion of 4-pyridoxic acid in urine in the study of vitamin B6 metabolism

Vermesanu, N., 1962:
Importance of estimating protein in milk

Francetc, M.; Tunkl, B.; Medanic, B.; Hadzihalilovic, F., 1958:
Importance of examination of lymph nodes during meat inspection with reference to tuberculosis in pigs.

Guzev, J.L., 1962:
Importance of factors of temperature and light in the dormancy period of woody species.

Mann, H., 1961:
Importance of fish breeding in Germany

Sen, K.; Lye, D., 2007:
Importance of flagella and enterotoxins for Aeromonas virulence in a mouse model

Wilmanns, W.; Jaenicke, L., 1963:
Importance of folic acid metabolism for normal and pathological maturation of blood cells.

Tutusin, M.I., 1961:
Importance of fungi in the etiology of white muscle disease.

Amann, W.; Brunschwig, A., 1956:
Importance of gastric mucosal patch in continuity with alimentary canal following total gastrectomy; an experimental study

Cordiez, E.; Bienfait, J.M.; Mignon, J., 1963:
Importance of glycaemia in the study of carbohydrate utilization in young cattle.

Krejakovic-Miljkovic, V.; Milojevic, Z., 1962:
Importance of hyaluronidase in the identification of pathogenic staphylococci isolated from milk.

Vacha, Vladimir., 1963:
Importance of improving the competence of farm workers and trends of increasing it

Zucker, H., 1962:
Importance of inhibitors and antagonists of natural origin.

Bhoj, R.L.; Nath, A., 1963:
Importance of insecticides and Agallol in late planting of sugarcane

Svejcar, J.; Hnatek, J., 1957:
Importance of intake of protein for treatment and prophylaxis of malnutrition in childhood

Pape, J., 1963:
Importance of intra-cellular K and Mg ions in etiology of myocardial infarction.

Fedotova, T.I., 1963:
Importance of intra-specific variability of plant pathogens in practical breeding.

Pulay, G.; Toth, S.N.; Bakos, A.R., 1959:
Importance of iron in the metaboplism of some micro-organisms of importance to the dairy industry.

Singh, H.; Lal, K., 1959:
Importance of irrigation for sugarcane crop for Bangar Tract of Ambala District, Punjab

Vieira, J.R.; Batista, A.C., 1962:
Importance of laboratory research into skin lesions of Children

Anonymous, 1958:
Importance of laboratory studies in the development of the wood industry.

Lauvergne, J.J.; Vissac, B.; Poly, J.; Delage, J., 1958:
Importance of length of dry period in the production cycle of a dairy cow

Srinivasan, K.V., 1961:
Importance of lesion width in assessing resistance of Sugarcane varieties to red rot (Glomerella tucumanensis (Speg.) Arx and Mueller)

L.W.iCheng; Sheng HaiYan; Zhong ZheKe, 2006:
Importance of long-term location investigation for bamboo ecosystem

Artemov, B.T., 1963:
Importance of low titres in the agglutination test for the diagnosis of bovine brucellosis.

Simon, M.; Roussel, N., 1963:
Importance of magnesium in the mineral fertilizing of sugar beet.

Everson, G.J.; Hurley, L.S., 1958:
Importance of manganese for normal embryonic development of guinea pigs

Chernyavskii, V.P., 1957:
Importance of mass immunization of dogs in the prophylaxis of rabies.

Simic, B.S., 1960:
Importance of measuring skinfold thickness in assessment of nutritional state

Schatz, A., 1963:
Importance of metal-binding phenomena in the chemistry and microbiology of the soil. I. Chelating properties of lichens and lichen acids

Zahor, Z., 1962:
Importance of methylthiouracil in experimental atherosclerosis in rats.

Mlinsek, D., 1961:
Importance of micro-relief in forestry.

Fflldebrand, E.M., 1959:
Importance of microscopic openings in vector transmission of plant viruses and bacteria

Peiper, A., 1957:
Importance of milk for infant nutrition.

Ziegler, E., 1960:
Importance of milk saccharides in nutritional physiology

Major, W.C.T., 1962 :
Importance of milking machine rubberware as a source of bacterial contamination

Maymone, B., 1960:
Importance of mineral minor elements in animal nutrition

Slovikovskij, V.I., 1960:
Importance of mineralization and leaching of tree and shrub litter for plant nutrition.

Lourau, M., 1959:
Importance of modifications of the blood sugar in the regulation of the speed of absorption of glucose solutions of different strengths in the intact animal

Ziedin's, I.O., 1963:
Importance of moisture content and of its determination during the manufacture of particle boards.

Ratner, E.I.; Smirnov, A.M.; Khuan, K., 1962:
Importance of molybdenum for growth of isolated roots of lucerne depending on the acidity of the medium and its content of aluminium

Abbott, E.V., 1959:
Importance of mosaic in present commercial varieties of Sugarcane in Louisiana

Hrsta, V.; Hronec, L., 1961:
Importance of mucinous substances in dietetics

Dimitrov, P., 1959:
Importance of mycorrhizae in raising nursery stock.

Wright, Ernest, 1957:
Importance of mycorrhizae to ponderosa pine seedlings

Forenbacher, S., 1956:
Importance of neuro-hormonal regulation in the pathogenesis of paralytic myohaemoglobinaemia in the horse

Petkov, K., 1962:
Importance of numbers of spermatozoa in samples for semen evaluation.

Ferrarini, B., 1963:
Importance of nutrition in the control of sterility in cattle.

Diddle, A.W.; Davis, M.; O'connor, K.A.; Brown, B., 1956:
Importance of nutrition in the irradiation treatment of cervical carcinoma

Jerebzoff, S., 1962:
Importance of nutritional balance for the manifestation of the endogenous rhythm of zonation in A. tenuis

Sipos, C.; Sipos, G., 1959:
Importance of obtaining winter-barley seed by sowing in summer

Bolanos Castellanos, E., 1957:
Importance of organic matter for soil fertility

Boekel, P., 1962:
Importance of organic matter for the moisture and air conditions of sandy soils.

Zhukov, M.D.; Yukuimchuk, F.F., 1961:
Importance of peat in cultivating sandy soils.

Dotti, F.; Cobianchi, D., 1960:
Importance of phosphatic manuring for productivity of tomatoes

Campos, T., A., 1960:
Importance of physiologic races of P. graminis in the production, of rust resistant wheat vars

Lokesh, S.; Bharath, B.G.; Raghavendra, V.B.; Govindappa, M., 2007:
Importance of plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria in enhancing the seed germination and growth of watermelon attacked by fungal pathogens

Pausheva, Z.P., 1963:
Importance of pollination for the process of absorption of phosphorus by buckwheat.

Fangauf, R.; Vogt, H.; Penner, W., 1961:
Importance of potato flakes as a poultry feed: potato flakes in the fattening feed

Polteva, Ju. K., 1960:
Importance of protein in the nutrition of children

Coj, K.M., 1963:
Importance of protein of full quality in the rations of lactating cows.

Kozlov, V.I., 1962:
Importance of quantitative ratios of components in pollinations with pollen mixtures.

Noury, M., 1963:
Importance of rabies in Morocco.

Goossen, H., 1958:
Importance of rain-resistant property of fungicides to the control of Phytophthora infestans de Bary

Hedrick, T.I.; Ommodt, B.J., 1956:
Importance of rapid cooling of nonfat dry milk

Becze, J., 1962:
Importance of reduced production in pig breeding because of foetal mortality

Ezhov, Yu. I., 1962:
Importance of reducing processes in soils during rice cultivation.

Lownsbery, B.F.; Viglierchio, D.R., 1961:
Importance of response of Meloidogyne hapla to an agent from germinating tomato seeds

Bykova, L.N.; Zyrin, N.G., 1960:
Importance of roots of herbaceous vegetation in the nitrogen and mineral-element cycle.

Ranby, P.D., 1957:
Importance of roundworm in poultry

Demirbas, A.H.; Demirbas, I., 2007:
Importance of rural bioenergy for developing countries

Hassan, S.F.; Hafiz, A., 1961:
Importance of rust studies in wheat breeding programmes

Fangauf, R.; Vogt, H.; Barlowen, G.V., 1959:
Importance of rye as a poultry feed

Leroux, E.J., 1958:
Importance of second-generation larvae of the codling moth, Carpocapsa pomonella (L.) (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae), on apple in Quebec

Fedorov, A.I., 1956:
Importance of seed and root mixtures in constituting sugar-beet varieties.

Pedreira, D.Freitas, J.L., 1963:
Importance of selective treatment of houses and outbuildings in the prevention of Chagas' disease by the control of Triatomines

Kovacova, D.; Zubricky, P.; Babincakova, M.; Travnicek, M., 2007:
Importance of serological diagnostics in ovine epididymitis caused by Brucella ovis

Prusik, B.; Hrabane, J.; Mestan, J., 1957:
Importance of serum protein composition in the aged

Maggioni, G., 1960:
Importance of serum protein fractions in dystrophy from protein deficiency

Koller, R., 1958:
Importance of sexual psychology in reproduction of domestic animals

Van Schaik, T.F.S.M., 1962:
Importance of size of family and birth number for the nutrition and nutritional status and health of schoolchildren

During, C., 1956:
Importance of soil acidity in maintenance of fine turf

Lochhead, A.G.; Burton, M.O., 1956:
Importance of soil extract for the enumeration and study of soil bacteria

Talati, N.R.; Mehta, K.M.; Mathur, C.M., 1959:
Importance of soil tests in developing canal irrigation with special reference to Chambal commanded area of Rajasthan

Gehu, J.M., 1963:
Importance of some factors in the microbiology of sand dunes. Speed of analysis, depth of sampling, temperature of incubator.

Naegeli, T.; Matis, P., 1957:
Importance of some vitamins in the treatment of thrombo-embolism

Schmidt-Burbach, A., 1956:
Importance of sour milk for intestinal symbiosis

Caille, J.; Philibert, H., 1959:
Importance of spasmophilia in every-day medical practice at Antananarivo

Geller, L., 1960:
Importance of spices in nutrition

Zeleny, V., 1956:
Importance of stands along banks for water management.

Collier, D.; Gachon, L.; Robelin, M., 1959:
Importance of subsoil conditions in the assessment of the cultural properties of soils.

Vtncek, C., 1956:
Importance of sunflower cake in stock feeding

Gukova, M.M., 1963:
Importance of temperature for P adaptation in plants.

Gukova, M.M., 1962:
Importance of temperature for utilization of nitrogen by plants.

Bohac, V.; Knez, V.; Rehak, J., 1959:
Importance of testing milk and dairy products for acidity.

Londero, A.T.; Fischman, O Lga Ramos, C.D., 1961:
Importance of the Cat in the transmission of M. canis in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Krop, H., 1962:
Importance of the German advanced herdbook for the improvement of Black Pied cattle.

Springer, U., 1961:
Importance of the ammonia-tion of peat for its utilization in horticulture and agriculture.

Aragones Beltran, P.; Garcia Melon, M.; Contreras Miranda, W.; Owen de C.M.E., 2004:
Importance of the application of the techniques of decision multicriterio (MCDM), in the industry forest mechanics of Venezuela

Pavlova, A.M., 1959:
Importance of the asparagus bean for breeding.

Zosimovic, V.P., 1957:
Importance of the characteristics of the biological groups of varietal populations for improving sugar beet in the main beet-growing zone of the USSR.

Masoni, S.; Zuliani, F.; Bella, A.D.S.rozzi, M., 1956:
Importance of the contamination of pasteurized milk in Tetra-Pak cartons or glass bottles, according to method of opening the containers.

Delmas, J.; Dartigues, A., 1956:
Importance of the determination of coarse silt (20-50 micro ) and semi-coarse sand (0.2-0.5 mm) for characterizing soils rich in sand.

Cox, A.G., 1963:
Importance of the dosing procedure in the radiotriolein test for steatorrhea

Hansen, M.F.; Terhaar, C.J.; Turner, D.S., 1956:
Importance of the egg shell of Ascaridia galli to the infectivity of its larva

Noccioli, G.; Rugani, G., 1958:
Importance of the environment and mode of feeding on the psychological development of the child

Noccioli, G.; Rugani, G., 1957:
Importance of the environment and mode of feeding on the psychological development of the infant

Frimmel, G., 1958:
Importance of the fat content for evaluation of oat crops

Sepp, R., 1960:
Importance of the forest ground vegetation in the classification of alvar forests into types, and in the development of alvar soils.

Sokolov, V.E.; Sokolova, S.M., 1960:
Importance of the fruit of Calligonum spp. in the winter feeding of Spermophilopsis leptodactylus Licht

Cruz, B.P.B.; Figueiredo, M.B., 1961:
Importance of the fungus G. in Eucalyptus growing

Rostovtseva, I.A.; Salazhov, E.L., 1963:
Importance of the identity in antigenic properties of field and vaccine strains of foot and mouth disease virus.

Cremer, H.D.; Hotzel, D., 1958:
Importance of the intestinal flora for the supply of vitamins

Weinschenck, G., 1962:
Importance of the mathematical approach for utilizing natural scientific knowledge in farm economics

Shih, C.S., 1960:
Importance of the method of soil preparation for plantations of Pinus nigra var. caramanica in the mountain conditions of the S. Crimea.

Andjelkovski, N., 1961:
Importance of the micro-flora in some soil types.

Haraszti, E.; Tolgyesi, G., 1961:
Importance of the mineral content of sedges and rushes for feeding

Greciskina, A.P.; Skljarov, J. P., 1959:
Importance of the nervous system in the mechanism of inhibition of gastric secretion by fat

Ziegler, E., 1956:
Importance of the phosphoserine, citric acid and galactose contents of milk in the physiology of nutrition

Bourdel, G.; Jacquot, R., 1956:
Importance of the placenta in protein anabolisrn during gestation. Case of diets low in nitrogen

Wyszynska-Smierzchalska, K., 1961:
Importance of the radiometric method in the interpretation of phosphate-fertilizer trials. I.

Kondratovic, E.Ja., 1963:
Importance of the rainbow trout for increasing fishpond culture in Latvia.

Bonnet, J.A., 1957:
Importance of the relationship between soil and plant in the interpretation of foliar analysis

Berezova, E.F., 1960:
Importance of the sod layer in soil and in plant nutrition.

Boguth, W.; Sari, O., 1962:
Importance of the thyroid gland for conversion of beta -carotene to vitamin A in the white rat

Castro Rodriguez, Leandro., 1961:
Importance of the trade in agricultural products

Rodriguez, N.F.; Sanchez, D.B.stamante, C.A., 1963:
Importance of the type of cutting for the production of cassava in Misiones.

Ivanov, M.M.; Romanov, A.M., 1957:
Importance of the type-specificity of brucella for the allergic diagnosis of brucella.

Kusov, V.N., 1962:
Importance of the various stages of metamorphosis of Ornithodoros lahorensis in the aetiology of tick paralysis.

Kick, H., 1962:
Importance of the water-soluble phosphorus portion in granular NPK fertilizers.

Palo, V.; Bacikova, D., 1962:
Importance of trace elements for the ripening of Romadour cheese

Abutalybov, M.G., 1959:
Importance of trace elements in increasing the yield of agricultural crops under the conditions of Azerbaiidzhan.

Hoyman, W.G., 1962:
Importance of tuber eye position when indexing for the leafroll virus

Geissler, A., 1959:
Importance of urease activity in brucella

Keegan, S.N., 2007:
Importance of visual images in lectures: case study on tourism management students

Swanson, E.W.; Carpenter, L.M.; Thomas, R.O., 1962:
Importance of vitamin A and D supplement for young calves fed skimmilk

Klimes, I., 1957:
Importance of vitamin A and carotene in milk.

Hennaux, L.; Antoine, A., 1956:
Importance of vitamin A in cattle rearing

Anonymous, 1956:
IMPORTANCE of vitamin C in the diet; food standards

Sevkovic, N.; Pribicevic, S., 1959:
Importance of vitamin supplementation in rearing chickens and pigs

Hammeel, H.; Pichlee, O., 1960:
Importance of vitamins A, E and B6 for the occurrence and treatment of arteriosclerotic changes in blood vessels

Tefertiller, K.R.; R.J.H.ldreth., 1961:
Importance of weather variability on management decisions

Ciampolini, M., 1957:
Importance of white oils for controlling Metatetranychus ulmi

Gusev, P.P., 1959:
Importance of winter and early spring sowings in breeding of biennial vegetable crops and fodder root crops in the far north.

Klitsch, R., 1957:
Importance of, cultivation of, and valuable nutrients in, new types of fodder plants grown as a second crop and as a stubble crop, especially green sunflower, in the dry area of Central Germany

Coudert, J., 1956:
Importance oflyophiuzed antigens in parasitology

Reshetnyak, V.Z.; Pakhomova, N.G.; Skripkina, N.A., 1960:
Importance, aetiology and treatment of trichomoniasis in poultry.

Klitsch, R., 1957:
Importance, culture technique and composition of new second crop and stubble fodder crops, especially green sunflower, in the mid-German dry area

Gurtner, O., 1962:
Importance, problems and methods of the labour budget in farm management

Vogt, B., 1962:
Importanceof fluid diet for diet treatment of medical and surgical disorders

Tagle, I., 1962:
Importancia del genero Toxocara en la produccion del sindrome 'larva migrans visceral'

Cole, J.R., 1958:
Important Pecan diseases and their control

Anon., 1962:
Important advances in virus control. Sugar beet, carrots and potatoes

Baldovinos-D.L.P.na, G.; Garza-Czapa, R., 1963:
Important aspects of the diseases of Sorghum grown in Mexico and proper quarantine measures

Edelman, C.H.; Voorde, P.K.J.V.n Der., 1963:
Important characteristics of alluvial soils in the tropics

Garcia, A.C.; Asico, P.M., 1957:
Important characters of kenaf stalk associated with fiber yield

Lykken, Louis, 1963:
Important considerations in collecting and preparing crop samples for residue analysis

Pieper, J., 1959:
Important defects of paper electrophoresis and possibilities of overcoming them

Summers, T.E., 1958:
Important diseases affecting kenaf in Florida

Patel, G.L.; Rao, K.S.N., 1958:
Important diseases and pests of arecanut and their control

Ganguly, D.; Pandotra, V.R., 1962:
Important diseases of the Mints and their control

Goor, C.P.Van Jager, K., 1961:
Important factors in the chemical control of hardwoods.

Krasheninin, P.F., 1958:
Important factors in the manufacture of preserved cheese.

Pavlov, A.; Savatti, M., 1960:
Important measures for increasing the yield of red clover in Transylvania

Philip, A., 1957:
Important pests of tobacco and their control, with a field key for their identification

Mathur, R.N., 1962:
Important problems in forest entomolgy of India

Pejic, O.M., 1959:
Important problems of dairy sheep farming.

Parker, M.W., 1960:
Important problems that plant breeders need to solve

Schelling, P., 1962:
Important results in spring-barley breeding on the C.B. farm.

Bomeke, H., 1963:
Important results of apple mildew research with particular reference to the lower Elbe fruit growing region during 1961 and 1962 and their practical consequences

Larson, W.E., 1963:
Important soil parameters for evaluating tillage practices in the United States

Anonymous, 1961:
Important tasks and problems of agricultural co-operation in carrying through economic development plans

Ferretti, G.; Cortini, M., 1960:
Importanza die metodi di indagine per lo studio dell'incidenza delle elmintiasi intestinali e considerazioni sulla loro diffusione nelle comunita ebraiche dell'Iran

Brookson, C.W., 1956:
Importation and development of new strains of Hevea brasiliensis by the Rubber Research Institute of Malaya

Lacal Garcia, M., 1960:
Importation and storage of eggs

Anonymous, 1961:
Importation of forest products within the free-trade zone

Schlinger, E.I.; Hagen, K.S.; Van Den Bosch, R., 1960:
Imported French parasite of walnut aphid established in California

Hagen, K.S.; Schlinger, E.I., 1960:
Imported Indian parasite of pea aphid established in California

Wood, B.J., 1963:
Imported and indigenous natural enemies of Citrus Coccids and aphids in Cyprus, and an assessment of their potential value in integrated control programmes

Green, H.B., 1959:
Imported fire ant mortality due to cold

Lofgren, C.S.; Stringer, C.E.; Bartlett, F.J., 1962:
Imported fire ant toxic bait studies: GC-1283, a promising toxicant

Lofgren, C.S.; Bartlett, F.J.; Stringer, C.E., 1963:
Imported fire ant toxic bait studies: evaluation of carriers for oil baits

Lofgren, C.S.; Bartlett, F.J.; Stringer, C.E., 1961:
Imported fire ant toxic bait studies: the evaluation of various food materials

Maclean, R.D., 1958:
Imported intestinal parasites

Huffaker, C.B.; Kennett, C.E., 1960:
Imported parasitic wasps show control of olive scale with increasing effectiveness

Morris, J.J., 1957:
Imported plant becomes national problem: its days numbered

Hemming, M.F.W.; Ray, G.F., 1959:
Imports and expansion

Rustemeyer, F.C., 1963:
Imports of Danish and Dutch farm products to West Germany 1950-1961

Anonymous, 1963:
Imports of coffee into the Soviet bloc and China

Knox, F., 1962:
Imports of primary products into industrial areas

Hupka, E., 1959:
Impotence in young boars caused by separation of epiphyses of the femur

Dozza, G., 1956:
Impotentia coeundi of congenital and mechanical origin in Chiana bulls

Wierzbowski, S., 1959:
Impotentia of a hereditary nature in boars

Sergutin, V.E., 1961:
Impounding water by freezing in order to regulate the flow of rivers with a small catchment area.

Lambert, Denis, 1962:
Impoverishment of the traditional sector and growth alternatives for the Algerian economy. (Collection: Etudes 'Tiers Monde')

Myers, R.F.; Dropkin, V.H., 1959:
Impracticability of control of plant parasitic nematodes with ionizing radiations

Justo, A.D., 1960:
Impregnated wooden fence posts. A practical and effective use for Aspidosperna quebracho-blanco and A. vargasii.

Gohre, K., 1958 :
Impregnating Pine heartwood with creosote.

Rubes, V., 1958:
Impregnating wood by diffusion-osmosis.

Sanchez Capuchino, A., 1960:
Impregnation and purification of water and foodstuffs contaminated by war gases

Mulvey, R.H., 1958:
Impregnation of Heterodera trifolii by males of H. schachtii (Nematoda: Heteroderidae)

Koukal, M.; Kubinsky, E.; Paserin, V., 1962:
Impregnation of green Beech sleepers.

Carvalho, A.De, 1963:
Impregnation of green poles.

Kowalska, E., 1958:
Impregnation of wood by the formation of Na2SiF6 inside the wood cells.

Kowalska, Eugenia, 1958:
Impregnation of wood by the formation of sodium fluorosilicate inside the wood cells

Solechnik, N.Y.; Novosel'skaya, A.I., 1959:
Impregnation of wood with condensation products of phenol and formaldehyde.

Manzur, L.; Jogaratnam, G., 2006:
Impression management and the hospitality service encounter: cross-cultural differences

Bennett, S.H.; Furmidge, C.G.L., 1956:
Impression methods for the study oi the distribution of deposits and organisms on plant surfaces

Hruska, L., 1957:
Impressions from a study tour to the German Democratic Republic

Alfonsus, H., 1958:
Impressions from a trip to Sweden.

Straub, O.C., 1963:
Impressions of Indonesia.

Alfonsus, H., 1962:
Impressions of a trip to Denmark.

Cochin, F., 1956:
Impressions of forestry in Bolivia.

Meyer, Walter, H., 1960:
Impressions of industrial forestry in southeastern United States

Neale, P.E., 1961:
Impressions of sheep breeding in the mountains of Peru and suggestions for its development.

Lang, F.; Lang, A., 1962:
Impressions of the Belgian dairy industry

Cipro, F., 1958:
Impressions of the Finnish dairy industry.

Letsky, B.M., 1960:
Impressions of the Soviet furniture industry

Funaioli, U., 1961:
Impressions of the agriculture in the region of Meshhed (Khorasan, Iran)

Hackbarth, J., 1959:
Impressions of the breeding of fodder plants in Poland

Gemmell, M.A., 1958:
Impressions of the cestode problems of domestic animals in New Zealand, with special reference to the control of hydatid disease

Kruijt, J.P., 1962:
Imprinting in relation to drive interactions in Burmese red junglefowl

James, H., 1962:
Imprinting with visual flicker: effects of testosterone cyclopentyl-propionate

Hess, E.H., 1959:
Imprinting, an effect of early experience, imprinting determines later social behavior in animals

Mackinnon, J.D.; Pearce, M.C., 2007:
ImprovacTM (Pfizer Animal Health): an immunological product for the control of boar taint in male pigs (I). I. Boar taint and its control and the mode of action, safety and efficacy of ImprovacTM

MacKinnon, J.D.; Pearce, M.C., 2007:
ImprovacTM (Pfizer Animal Health): an immunological product for the control of boar taint in male pigs (II). II. Practical application in pig production and potential production benefits

Filippov, D., 1961:
Improve Micurinist methods in breeding and seed production work.

Puskarev, I., 1956:
Improve potato breeding and nursery practices.

Anonymous, 1961:
Improve the utilization of the collection of the Institute of Plant Industry.

Klimovickij, G.I.; Sikut', V.A., 1962:
Improve the work on breeding monecious hemp.

Budjuk, V.P., 1957:
Improve the work on varietal testing.

Krecetov, I.V., 1957:
Improve timber drying.

Mchenry, W.B., 1961:
Improve your field bindweed control

Pal, B.P.; Sikka, S.M.; Singh, H.B., 1956:
Improved Pusa vegetables

Bach, Hans., 1963:
Improved agrarian structure and labour rationalization do not suffice

Dalal, J.L.; Lobana, K.S.; Singh, A., 1962:
Improved agricultural practices and manuring for higher yields of Brassica oilseeds in the Punjab

Patel, G.C., 1962:
Improved agricultural practices for promotion of yield and quality of flue-cured tobacco

Lin, W-Chao.; Hsieh, C-Yuan.; Chang, H-Yuan., 2007:
Improved analysis of dialkylphosphates in urine using strong anion exchange disk extraction and in-vial derivatization

Dyson, J.E.; Slack, J.M., 1963:
Improved antigens for skin testing in nocardiosis. I. Alcohol precipitates of culture supernatcs

Rodin, I.I., 1961 :
Improved apparatus for collecting bull semen.

Antonacopoulos, N., 1960:
Improved apparatus for the quantitative distillation of steam-volatile substances

Kepner, R.A., 1957:
Improved asparagus harvester

Steiner, H.; Neuffer, G., 1959:
Improved attractiveness of the Stuttgart light-trap. A postscript

Finch, C.G., 1961:
Improved brassels sprouts

Fercej, J., 1957:
Improved breeding of Brown cattle in Slovenia

Kumar, K.S.V.S.; Sundararajan, T.A.; Sarma, P.S., 1958:
Improved chemical method for the preparation of dephosphorized casein

Christie, M., 1958:
Improved collection of Anopheline eggs and analysis of oviposition behaviour in A. gambiae

Rybnikov, M., 1963:
Improved credit operations for state and collective farms

Anonymous, 1961:
Improved crop varieties

Singh, K.K.; Grewal, K.S.; Jawanda, J.S., 1961:
Improved cultural practices for citrus and mango

Nezamuddin, S.; Sinma, T.D., 1962:
Improved cultural practices for rice crop

Hejzlar, M.; Duniewicz, M., 1961:
Improved culture medium for isolating brucella from body fluids and tissues

Ford, D.H.; Rawlins, T.E., 1956:
Improved cytochemical methods for differentiating Cronartium ribicola from Cronartium occidentale on Ribes

Koniger, M.; Obermayer, G., 1957:
Improved demonstration of copper spray residues on plants

Schollenberger, C.J.; Whittaker, C.W., 1958:
Improved determination of carbonates in soils

Kimura, F.T.; Miller, V.L., 1957:
Improved determination of chromic oxide in cow feed and feces

Mcgowan, W.M.; Yelf, J.T., 1958:
Improved device for measuring deformation of wood specimens in compression parallel to thegrain

Safa, A.R., 1962:
Improved diet treatment of diabetes

Pathak, G.N.; Singh, D.N., 1961:
Improved early varieties of rai and yellow sarson in Uttar Pradesh

Porcelli, S., 1960:
Improved endive

Waldern, D.E.; Frost, O.L.; Harsch, J.A.; Blosser, T.H., 1963 :
Improved equipment for catheterization of blood vessels of the portal system of cattle

Muller, L.L.; Hayes, J.F., 1962:
Improved equipment for continuous precipitation of acid casein

Bylterud, A.; Hoie, K.L., 1957:
Improved equipment for controlling weeds

Muller, L.L.; Hayes, J.F., 1960:
Improved equipment for the manufacture of casein

Achard, F.; Eva, H.D.; Mayaux, P.; Stibig, H.J.; Belward, A., 2004:
Improved estimates of net carbon emissions from land cover change in the tropics for the 1990s

Peters, A.; Durner, W., 2006:
Improved estimation of soil water retention characteristics from hydrostatic column experiments

Djjackov, I.N., 1956:
Improved evaluation of Karakul lambs by the preservation of curl and fur quality

Gutenmann, W.H.; Lisk, D.J., 1960:
Improved extraction procedure for the determination of EPTC residues in potatoes

Stern, E.G., 1962:
Improved fasteners for better utilization of wood

Lebedev, L., 1960:
Improved fattening characters in cattle by commercial crossing

Reszler, G., 2006:
Improved feeding management in dairy herds. Part 2

Indan, R.J.; Jazon, A.J.; Briedis, V.J., 1958:
Improved forest tools.

Panasenkov, N.; Artem'ev, A.; Kozhanov, G., 1962:
Improved formula for the estimation of total solids in milk

Macfadyen, A., 1961:
Improved funnel-type extractors for soil arthropods

Wang, S.J.Y.; Cornick, C.; O'Dowd, J.; Cawthorne, M.A.; Arch, J.R.S., 2007:
Improved glucose tolerance in acyl CoA:diacylglycerol acyltransferase 1-null mice is dependent on diet

Szekacs, J., 1959:
Improved grass varieties

Lotter, J.D.V., 1962:
Improved handling of fruit ensures better quality

Allavena, D., 1962:
Improved hemp-growing in Italy. Achievements and objects.

Burgh, G.R.; Eshenour, R.E.; Napier, R., 1958:
Improved hookworm treatment with new Vermiplex

Bebak, J.A.; Welch, T.J.; Starliper, C.E.; Baya, A.M.; Garner, M.M., 2007:
Improved husbandry to control an outbreak of rainbow trout fry syndrome caused by infection with Flavobacterium psychrophilum

Linde, N.B.nley, A.T.yggvason, A.P.dersen, L.; Revil, A., 2006:
Improved hydrogeophysical characterization using joint inversion of cross-hole electrical resistance and ground-penetrating radar traveltime data

Pietro, T., 1959:
Improved hygienic conditions in vehicles used for the conveyance of butcher's meat

Naegele, John, 1960:
Improved insect control

Heaton, F.W.; Uri, N., 1958:
Improved iodometric methods for the determination of lipid peroxides

Kulkarni, V.K.; Tirumalacharya, D.K., 1957:
Improved kharif jowar for Tungabhadra project area

Picardi, M.; Camera, A.; Pane, F.; Rotoli, B., 2007:
Improved management of neutropenic enterocolitis using early ultrasound scan and vigorous medical treatment

Nielson, James, 1961:
Improved managerial processes for farmers

Tiongson, Fabian Aramil, 1962:
Improved merchandising of selected farm products in the Philippines

Carr, M.H.; Frank, H.A., 1956:
Improved method for determination of calcium and magnesium in biologic fluids by EDTA titration

Kleeman, C.R.; Taborsky, E.; Epstein, F.H., 1956:
Improved method for determination of inorganic sulfate in biologic fluids

Pons, W.A., Jr.; Mltcham, D.; O'connor, R.T.; Stansbury, M.F., 1956:
Improved method for determining gossypol in crude cottonseed oils

Benson, M.K., 1962:
Improved method for nursery production of Quaking Aspen

Aschaffenburg, R.; Drewry, J., 1957:
Improved method for the preparation of crystalline beta -lactoglobulin and alpha -lactalbumin from cow's milk

Schmidt, B.; Modde, H., 1961:
Improved method for the quantitative investigation of the antibiotic activity of penicillin in human milk with special regard to the V-preparations.

Mollison, P.L.; Robinson, M.A.; Hunter, D.A., 1958:
Improved method of labelling red cells with radioactive phosphorus

Nakai, S.; Tsuchiya, F., 1961:
Improved method of nitrogen determination by indophenol reaction.

Stepanova, N.I.; Malakhov, A.G., 1963:
Improved method of preparing anaplasmosis antigen.

Horber, E., 1959:
Improved method of rearing and maintaining larvae of M. melolontha in the laboratory

Hiam, N.J., 1959:
Improved method of using nursery tree wrencher

Reinart, A.; Nesbitt, J.M., 1959:
Improved methods for making winter and summer butter

Roberts, R.J., 1963:
Improved methods for obtaining and rearing first-instar Cyclocephala immaculata larvae for experimentation

Merkal, R.S.; Larsen, A.B., 1962:
Improved methods for primary cultivation of Mycobacterium paratuberculosis

Wight, W., 1961:
Improved methods of clonal selection

Rimkus, A., 1959:
Improved methods of controlling Lophodermium pinastri.

Yui, S., 1959:
Improved methods of early culture of Upland cotton.

Longworth, J.F., 1963:
Improved methods of establishing cocoa on clear-felled land in Nigeria

Ruskov, D., 1960:
Improved methods of labour compensation in tobacco producing farm co-operatives

Christie, M.G.; Patterson, J.E., 1963:
Improved Methods Of Obtaining Clean Larvae Of Haemonchus Contortus

Kneitz, G., 1962:
Improved methods of protecting the nests of wood ants

Efremov, A.E., 1961:
Improved methods of selecting Sugar Beet for resistance to black leg

Butters, B.; Clegg, D.E.H., 1963:
Improved methods of weed control in robusta coflfee in Uganda

Pikkemaat, M.G.; Mulder, P.P.J.; Elferink, J.W.A.; de Cocq, A.; Nielen, M.W.F.; van Egmond, H.J., 2007 :
Improved microbial screening assay for the detection of quinolone residues in poultry and eggs

Hill, R.M.; Pivnick, H.; Engelhard, W.E.; Bogard, M., 1959:
Improved microbiological method for nitrate determination

Sominskii, M.S., 1958:
Improved microtome.

Sukany, Z., 1957:
Improved milk pasteurizer.

Shulyat' ev, V.N.; Konopel' tsev, I.G.; Rylov, A.A.; Surkov, S V., 2006:
Improved milking apparatus

Krexner, R.; Wenzl, H., 1958:
Improved outlook in the control of diseases of truck crops

Agarwal, D.P.; Sanwal, G.G.; Krishnan, P.S., 1963:
Improved paper-chromatographic separation of sugar phosphates by using borate-impregnated paper

Hickey, F., 1957:
Improved pasture and the grazing ruminant. Some metabolic aspects of the pasture/ animal association

Walker, R.B., 1961:
Improved pasture in New England in the nineteenth century

Smith, K.J., 1961:
Improved pastures in the development of Wagga Soil Conservation Research Station

Atkinson, F.J.B., 1963:
Improved pastures the key to meat production

Walsh, S.R., 1959:
Improved pastures will fatten cattle in far north

Vella, P.A.; Cleworth, M., 2005:
Improved performance by a new liquid permanganate product vs. chlorine dioxide: odour control at a sewage treatment works

Strohecker, R., Jr.; Pies, H., 1962:
Improved photometric estimation of vitamin C in presence of soluble carbohydrates in foods, by the dinitrophenylhydrazine method.

Eichelberger, L.; Miles, J.S., 1956:
Improved procedures for preparation of tissues for chemical analyses

Gibbs, C., 1957:
Improved production on an Atherton Tableland farm

Fromer, R., 1962:
Improved profit and loss accounting in forestry.

Riebl, A., 1962:
Improved propagation of Begonia rex.

Chowdhury, A.N.; Das Sarmas, B., 1960:
Improved rapid determination of nickel in soils and laterites

Beale, R.N.; Bostrom, J.O.; Taylor, R.F., 1962:
Improved rapid methods for the determination of iron content and binding capacity of serum

Kueneman, E.A., 2006:
Improved rice production in a changing environment: from concept to practice

Anon., 1961:
Improved sampling procedure for brucellosis testing

Ambe, K.S.; Tappel, A.L., 1961:
Improved separation of amino acids with a new solvent system for two-dimensional paper chromatography

Znojilova, V.; Zoufaly, V.; Patkova, V., 1959:
Improved shell thickness in breeding flocks of poultry

Bouyoucos, G.J., 1956:
Improved soil moisture meter

Dadhich, S.K.; Somani, L.L.; Verma, A., 2006:
Improved soybean yield, nutrient uptake and P enrichment in soil due to co-inoculation of phosphate solubilizing bacteria and VAM fungi in a clay loam soil

Burkhardt, G.J.; Ditman, L.P., 1956:
Improved spray boom for row crops

Frey, E.; Guyer, H., 1960:
Improved standard mixtures for fodder cultivation. Revised 1959

Mikaelsen, K.; Roer, L., 1956:
Improved storage ability of potatoes exposed to gamma radiation

Negi, L.S.; Singh, A., 1956:
Improved strains of Punjab American cotton

Negi, L.S.; Sehgal, S.L., 1957:
Improved strains of Punjab American cotton. 2.

Avtar Singh Negi, L.S., 1958 :
Improved strains of Punjab American cotton. 3. H.14

Crnko, J.; Cavia, C.E., 1956:
Improved strains of Valenciana onions

Majmudar, J.V.; Majmudar, V.F., 1959:
Improved strains of wheat for the Bhal tract of Gujarat

Burtch, L., 1957:
Improved sugar beet strains achieved by Spreckels research

Anonymous, 1963:
Improved sugarcane varieties released during 1963 from the Sugarcane Breeding Institute, Coimbatore and its Substation, Karnal (Punjab) to the State Sugar-cane Research Stations, for trial

Hamann, J.D.; Boston, K., 2006:
Improved supply chain management using spatial statistics

Fivelman, Q.L.; McRobert, L.; Sharp, S.; Taylor, C.J.; Saeed, M.; Swales, C.A.; Sutherland, C.J.; Baker, D.A., 2007:
Improved synchronous production of Plasmodium falciparum gametocytes in vitro

Relwani, L.L.; Ganguly, B.D., 1958:
Improved system of wheat culture in the Gangetic alluvium

Dempsey, A.H., 1961:
Improved technique for controlled pollinations of pepper

Mcmanus, W.R.; Arnold, G.W.; Hamilton, F.J., 1962:
Improved techniques in oesophageal fistulation of sheep

Sibbitt, L.D.; Classon, D.H.; Harris, R.H., 1960:
Improved tempering and modified milling techniques for small samples of wheat

Richards, D.B., 1963:
Improved tips for finger joints

Lamp, C.A., 1962:
Improved turnip crop establishment

Giuseppe, M., 1963:
Improved types of tomato under trial in the Piacenza area

Caraway, W.T.; Fanger, H., 1956:
Improved ultramicro procedure for determination of urea nitrogen in serum

Smith, H.H., 1956:
Improved utilization of Western hardwoods by modern drying

Collings-Wells, L.J., 1963:
Improved varieties and plant breeding

Aziz, M.A., 1960:
Improved varieties of cereals and pulses for the former Punjab

Pathak, G.N.; Singh, D.N., 1960:
Improved varieties of groundnut in Uttar Pradesh

Marzocca, A., 1956:
Improved varieties of kok-saghyz

Pathak, G.N.; Singh, D.N., 1962:
Improved varieties of toria for Uttar Pradesh

Dharampal Singh Singh, D.N., 1957:
Improved varieties of yellow sarson in Uttar Pradesh

Patil, J.A., E.Al., 1958:
Improved variety of niger for Bombay Deccan

Malinovskij, B.N., 1962:
Improved vigour in the first generation of sorghum hybrids.

Pieczarka, S.J.; Warren, G.F., 1958:
Improved weed seed control by proper sealing of soil fumigants

Anonymous, 1958:
Improved wheat varieties for cereal culture in Weipeikaoyuan.

Perello, R.M.; Asmus, H.E., 1956:
Improved- and sown-pastures in Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil)

Larin, I., 1962:
Improvement and better utilization of natural grasslands.

Haussmann, G., 1960:
Improvement and production of seeds of forage plants

Morettini, A., 1959:
Improvement and production of vegetable seed

D.Culis, U., 1960:
Improvement and production of wheat seed

Kokolios, B.F.; Ntourmas Dourmas, B.D., 1962:
Improvement and yield of potatoes in Vermion and Vitsi.

Anonymous, 1963 :
Improvement department. Trials in 1963-4.

Berky, R., 1959:
Improvement for large-scale grass seed production

Marlow, H.W., 1958:
Improvement in PBI method

Lipinsky, E.E., 1963:
Improvement in agrarian structure and land mobility

Mocquot, G., 1961:
Improvement in bacteriological quality of milk between production and processing.

Stracey, P.D., 1961:
Improvement in forestry training with particular reference to India

Jensen, L.S.; Mcginnis, J., 1957:
Improvement in hatchability of turkey eggs by injection with water soluble vitamin E

Anonymous, 1962:
Improvement in livestock production by veterinary and zootechnical measures in the technical processes of production.

El-Ridi, M.S.; Raafat, M.A.; Abouraya, A.K.; Hussein, L.A., 1962:
Improvement in making clover hay by using the tripod method with particular reference to carotene and chlorophyll

Boiko, A.A., 1963:
Improvement in measures for the eradication of foot and mouth disease in the Soviet Union.

Kienholz, E.W.; Jensen, L.S.; Mcginnis, J., 1959:
Improvement in nutritional value of peas by cooking

Zwankhuizen, M.T., 1962:
Improvement in processing and utilization of copra, cassava (gari), rice and cashew nuts suitable for adoption in rural industries

Van Vleck, L.D.; Henderson, C.R., 1961:
Improvement in production of New York Holsteins due to artificial insemination

Hamlyn, E.; Barrett, S.; Kelsey, J.; Lockyer, S.; Welz, T.; Poulton, M., 2007:
Improvement in screening for sexually transmitted infections in HIV-positive patients following implementation of a nurse-led clinic

Prevot, R.L.; D.S.rjas, P., 1961:
Improvement in the control of Celery 'rust' with maneb.

Prevot, R.L.; D.S.rjas, P., 1961:
Improvement in the control of celery leaf spot with maneb

Ciolca, N.; Pirvulescu, S.; Tafta, V.; Georgescu, D., 1960:
Improvement in the method of estimating milk production in ewes during the suckling period

Jensen, L.S.; Fry, R.E.; Allred, J.B.; Mcginnis, J., 1957:
Improvement in the nutritional value of barley for chicks by enzyme supplementation

Laruelle, R., 1959:
Improvement in the production of valerian in Belgium

Muganlikskaja, D.I., 1956:
Improvement in the reproduction of cattle by providing vitamins A and C

Melard, V., 1961:
Improvement in the resistance to Phytophthora of the Potato in Belgium

Turner, R., 1963:
Improvement in the turbidimetric estimation of whey protein nitrogen

Milic, L.; Popovic, S., 1962:
Improvement in the wool quality of the Sar Planina and Ovce Polje varieties of Pramenka.

Poole, C.F., 1956:
Improvement in tomato ascorbic acid content

D.Ruiter, J., 1960:
Improvement in working conditions

Poole, Charles, F., 1959:
Improvement in yield of sweet potato clones

Grigoriu, N.; Carp, N.; Jitaru, N.; Petrovszky, M.; Paduraru, V., 1962:
Improvement of Clostridium chauvoei vaccine.

Castillo, Z.; J., 1957:
Improvement of Coffea arabica var. typica : utilization of the register of yields of mother trees

Pandya, P.S.; Patel, S.M.; Patel, P.K., 1958:
Improvement of Dholleras-Wagad cotton at Viramgam

Franclet, A., 1963:
Improvement of Eucalypt plantations by vegetative propagation.

Magyari, A., 1960:
Improvement of Hungarian Steppe and Hungarian Red Spotted cattle with Kostroma bulls

Kannan, R.; Reddy, V.R.K.; Thamayanthi, K., 2007 :
Improvement of Indian hexaploid wheat. I. Induced mutations

Ratnaswamy, M.C.; Dhanaraj, L., 1957:
Improvement of Italian millet (Setaria italica Beauv.)

Baljmont, V.A.; Petrov, A.I.; Ceder-Berg, V.V.; Bakanova, L.G., 1957:
Improvement of Kazakh Finewool sheep at the Mynbaev Experimental Base

Barclay, P.C., 1957:
Improvement of Lotus uliginosus

Joshi, N.V., 1963:
Improvement of Mathio cotton after the evolution of Sanjay

Dudic, M., 1960:
Improvement of Pinus nigra by grafting.

Eldrige, K.G., 1962:
Improvement of Pinus radiata for forestry in Gippsland

Carvalho, A., 1960:
Improvement of Robusta coffee

Ledda, G., 1960:
Improvement of Sardinian production of Pecorino romano cheese.

Iyengar, N.K., 1960:
Improvement of Sea Island cotton variety 'Andrews'

Kedharnath, S.; Matthews, J.D., 1962:
Improvement of Teak by selection and breeding

Lozovik, O.A.; Kolinjko. P.A., 1956:
Improvement of Ukrainian Grey cattle

Seshadri Ayyangar, G.; Nageswara Rao, P.; Rama Rao, M., 1958:
Improvement of White Northerns cotton in Andhra Pradesh

Ragonese, A.E.; Rial Albert, F., 1958:
Improvement of Willows in the Argentine Republic

Kruglov, A., 1960:
Improvement of Yaroslavl cattle

Dashevskii, L.I., 1960:
Improvement of a method for determining exchangeable ammonia in soil.

Petricevic, J., 1962:
Improvement of agrarian structure in Switzerland

Bohte, Hans-Gunther., 1961:
Improvement of agrarian structure in the EEC-countries

Ungureanu, C.; Grecianu, A., 1963:
Improvement of antigen for the rapid haemagglutination test for pullorum disease.

Larsen, L.M.; Oldfield, J.E., 1961:
Improvement of barley rations for swine. 3. Effect of fiber from barley hulls and purified cellulose in barley and corn rations

Nemec, A., 1956:
Improvement of beech and lime-tree fertility by manuring with basic rock meal.

Aziz, M.A.; Shah, S.D., 1961:
Improvement of black gram (mash) in the former Punjab

Stalder, G.; Schmid, R.; Held, U.; Rossier, R., 1962:
Improvement of blood chemistry and X-ray findings in deficiency rickets during treatment with vitamin D in spite of calcium-free diet

Scholl, J.M.; Hughes, H.D., 1957:
Improvement of brushland pastures

Ajmaletdinov, F., 1961:
Improvement of business accounting on state farms

Antunes Filho, H.; Carvalho, A., 1957:
Improvement of coffee. XII. Variability in pure lines of coffee

Carvalho, A.; E.A., 1957:
Improvement of coffee. XIII. Amarelo Bourbon coffee

Antunes Filho, H.; Alves, S., 1960:
Improvement of coffee. XIV. Comparative trial of commercial varieties in Monte Alegre do Sul

Antunes, C.S.N., 1960:
Improvement of coffee. XIX. Studies on semperflorens coffee

Antunes Filho, H.; Carvalho, A., 1957:
Improvement of coffee. XL Analysis of yield in progenies and hybrids of Bourbon Vermelho

Carvalho, A.; Monaco, L.C.; Antunes Filho, H., 1959:
Improvement of coffee. XV. The variability observed in coffee progenies

Carvalho, A.; Antunes Filho, H., 1959:
Improvement of coffee. XVI. The effect of successive selfing in Bourbon coffee

Monaco, L.C., 1960:
Improvement of coffee. XVII. Selection of the coffee Maragogipe AD

Carvalho, A., 1960:
Improvement of coffee. XVIII. The effect of the xanthocarpa allele on yield

Varenne, H., 1960:
Improvement of conditions of breeding and management of laboratory animals

Vlasyuk, P.A., 1959:
Improvement of conditions of nutrition of plants with waste brown coal

Govande, G.K.; Ramasubrahmanyam, K.V., 1959:
Improvement of cotton in Middle Gujarat (Bombay State)

Ajaib Singh Aujla Singh, T.H., 1963:
Improvement of cotton in south-eastern districts of the Punjab for the period 1945-46 to 1959-60 Part I Desi cotton

Parry, G., 1958:
Improvement of cotton on saline soils. Six years of trials : 1953-8

Romuald-Robert, C., 1963:
Improvement of cotton production in the Ivory Coast

Bouchet, R.J.; Parcevaux, S.D.A.noux, J., 1963:
Improvement of crop yields by decreasing potential evapotranspiration.

Laruelle, R., 1959:
Improvement of cultivation of Valeriana officinalis in Belgium

Foot, A.S., 1957 :
Improvement of dairy cattle

Andreev, N.G.; Filimonov, D.A., 1963:
Improvement of degenerated pastures.

Popescu, N., 1958:
Improvement of degraded Oak coppice destined for conversion to high forest.

Pirovano, A., 1959:
Improvement of dessert grapes

Sokolovskaya, I.L.; Drozdova, L.P.; Goluisheva, M.G.; Korotkov, A.I.; Maximov, Y.V.; Lebedeva, V.A., 1956:
Improvement of diluents for semen of farm animals.

Schreiner, E.J., 1963:
Improvement of disease resistance in Populus

Creuzot, C.; Passemard, M.; Viau, S.; Joffre, C.; Pouliquen, P.; Elena, P.P.; Bron, A.; Brignole, F., 2006:
Improvement of dry eye symptoms with polyunsaturated fatty acids

Wende, M., 1962:
Improvement of dystrophic children by feeding with Molico (Nestle)

Branca, F.; Argento, S.; Palmigiano, S., 2006:
Improvement of essential oil plants in Sicily

Camus, A.; Laniesse, P.; Burdin, J., 1956:
Improvement of farm creams for the manufacture of butter.

Komoda, K., 1960:
Improvement of farming practice with special reference to flexible rice culture method

Koriath, H., 1959:
Improvement of fen peat without ploughing

Krjuckov, A.M., 1961:
Improvement of fibrboards in Poland.

Murty, G.S.; Krishnamurthy, K.V., 1963:
Improvement of flue-cured tobacco by means of ionising radiation

Anonymous, 1956:
Improvement of forest statistics of India

Anonymous, 1956:
Improvement of forest trees in Czechoslovakia.

Cepljaev, V.P., 1960:
Improvement of forestry and shelterbelt management in Central Asia.

Honjoh, K.-Ichi; Machida, T.; Nishi, K.; Matsuura, K.; Soli, K.-Webby; Sakai, T.; Ishikawa, H.; Matsumoto, K.; Miyamoto, T.; Iio, M., 2007:
Improvement of freezing and oxidative stress tolerance in Saccharomyces cerevisiae by taurine

Daljit Singh., 1963:
Improvement of fruit crops in the hilly regions

Crossa-Raynaud, P., 1957:
Improvement of fruit in Tunis; new varieties of peach

Pal, N.L.; Gopalachari, N.C.; Bhat, N.R., 1959:
Improvement of germination of tobacco seeds by pre-treatment at low temperature

Murthy, K.S.; Rao, P.N., 1956 :
Improvement of ginning in Westerns cotton

Germing, G.H., 1961:
Improvement of glasshouse environment for heated tomatoes

Shibuya, T.; Nakashima, H.; Shimizu Maruo, K.; Kawara, T., 2007:
Improvement of graft development in tomato and eggplant grafted cuttings by supplying warmed water to graft union during low-air-temperature storage

Sulima, Ju. G., 1960:
Improvement of grain set in self-pollinated rye under the action of foreign mentor pollen.

Divakaran, K., 1962:
Improvement of grain sorghum (Sorghum subglabrescens Schweinf et. Ashers) through intraspecific hybridization

Heinz, D.J., 1962:
Improvement of grasses through induced chromosomal recombinations

Crafts, A.S., 1961:
Improvement of growth regulator formulation

Gopalkrishna, N.; Khanduja, S.D., 1960:
Improvement of guava by selection

Negi, S.S.; Shailendra Rajan, 2007:
Improvement of guava through breeding

Joranson, P.N., 1959:
Improvement of hardwoods through genetics

Sithamparanathan, J., 1958:
Improvement of highland crops in the dry zone. 1. Cereals and millets

Ellison, W., 1958:
Improvement of hill and upland pastures

Jones, Li. I., 1959:
Improvement of hill pastures

Hunter, R.F., 1961:
Improvement of hill pastures in Scotland

Murty, G.S.; Walunjkar, W.G.; Patel, G.C., 1963:
Improvement of hookah and chewing tobacco in West Bengal. 1. Isolation of superior strains of Motihari (N. rustica) tobacco

Jung, J., 1958:
Improvement of humus with urea.

Laxminarayana, H.; Iyengar, M.K.K.; Iya, K.K., 1959:
Improvement of hygienic quality of milk produced in India

Sommereyns ., 1956:
Improvement of identification of fruit-tree viruses by biochemical methods

Uddin, Q., 1962:
Improvement of indigenous fowls for eggs in eastern hot countries

Huber, E.G., 1960:
Improvement of intelligence by drugs

Surkov, V.D.; Schmidt, G.G., 1962:
Improvement of keeping quality of milk by bacterio-fugation

Hearn, C.J., 1963:
Improvement of klein-grass, Panicum coloratum L. complex, for seed holding ability, seed production potential and other agronomic characteristics

Altajskij, I., 1962:
Improvement of labour organization on collective farms

Togashi, K.L.n, C., 2007:
Improvement of lactation milk and persistency using the eigenvectors of the genetic covariance matrix between lactation stages

Ivaskin, G., 1961:
Improvement of livestock production accounting on collective and state farms

Movsovic, I.L., 1958:
Improvement of local zebu-type cattle by East Friesians

Finckh, Brigitte., 1960:
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