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Chapter 14,078

Induction of mutations in barley. Relative effectiveness of gamma rays, ethyl sulphate, ethyl methanesulphonate and some other substances

Heslot, H.; Ferrary, R.; Levy, R.; Monard, C.

Oleagineux, 53(7-39)


ISSN/ISBN: 0030-2082
Accession: 014077952

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Data are provided on the frequency and spectrum of mutations induced in Rika barley by a 25, 000 r. gamma -ray dose and by various chemical agents. Ethyl methanesulphonate was the most effective mutagen . Differences were noted in the proportion of sterile ears and morphological and chlorophyll mutants in the M2 derived from Rika plants treated with gamma rays, ethyl sulfate and ethyl methanesulphonate. In particular, the ratio of morphological to chlorophyll variants was considerably higher in the mutants induced by chemical treatment.

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