Section 15
Chapter 14,080

Influence of copulatory stimuli on uterine motility to transport the sperm into uterus of the rat. Pt. IV. On the sperm migration into uterine horn and the conception rate in the animals kept in various conditions

Ogawa, S.

Jap. J. Anim. Reprod, 4: Pt. IV, 137-140


Accession: 014079265

Pt. IV. When semen was deposited in the vagina of animals under ether anaesthesia, the injection of oxytocin resulted in the rapid migration of spermatozoa into the uterine horn. In anaesthetised animals not injected with oxytocin sperm migration was less rapid, but a considerable number of sperm cells were found in the uterine horn 15 mins. after the deposition of semen. Results similar to those obtained with anaesthetised rats were obtained in non-anaesthetised adrenalectomised animals.

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