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Chapter 14,080

Influence of feeding fractionated esters of autoxidized lard and cottonseed oil on growth, thirst, organ weights, and liver lipids on rats

Kaunitz, H.; Slanetz, C.A.; Johnson, R.E.; Knight, H.B.; Koos, R.E.; Swern, D.

J. Amer. Oil Chem. Soc 36: 611-615


Accession: 014079679

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Commercial cottonseed oil and lard were autooxidised in oxygen at 95 degrees to 100 degrees C. for 210 hr. and fractions were then obtained by molecular distillation. All the fractions were incorporated at 8 per cent. into diets with casein 30, Cerelose 56, salts 4, Vol. 30, No. 3 Alphacel 2 and a vitamin mixture containing choline. A control diet had 8 per cent. lard. The diets were given to rats 35 days of age for 3 weeks.

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