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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 14082

Chapter 14082 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Vorob'eva, L.I., 1961:
Influence of some trace elements on formation of vitamin B12 by propionic acid bacteria

Brailski, H.; Mao, H.; Kuk, H., 1960:
Influence of some tropical fruits on gastric function

Taufel, K.; Franzke, C.; Vogel, J., 1959:
Influence of sorbic acid on the autoxi-dation of fats.

Bell, T.A.; Etchells, J.L.; Borg, A.F., 1959:
Influence of sorbic acid on the growth of certain species of bacteria, yeasts, and filamentous fungi

Nabet, P.; Wolff, R., 1961:
Influence of sorbitol on the fixation of vitamin B12 in different organs

Mahata, K.C.; Singh, S.M., 1960:
Influence of source and time of planting on the performance of hardwood cuttings of Carissa carandas Linn

Stewart, I.J., 1958:
Influence of source of protein on growth rate of chickens

Godoy, O.P., 1961:
Influence of sowing date on the yield of rice varieties

Mogle, T.R.; Gadhave, R.N.; Suryawanshi, A.P.; Dhoke, P.K.; Pensalwar, S.N., 2006:
Influence of sowing dates on incidence of Alternaria blight of sunflower

Boguslawski, W., 1960:
Influence of sowing period on the rust M. lini infection in Flax

Hendrickx, H., 1960:
Influence of soya oil as an antifoam agent in the biosynthesis of riboflavin by Eremothecium ashbyii

Tabin, S.; Pawlowski, F., 1956:
Influence of spacing and ridging on the yield of Helianthus tuberosus L

Fernandez, A.E., 1961:
Influence of spacing in the cultivation of Pinus elliottii in the Parana Delta.

Vachhani, M.V.; Upadhyaya, S.R.; Rao, M.V., 1961:
Influence of spacing on plant characters and yield of transplanted rice

Paponov, A.N., 1959:
Influence of spacing on plant development in soils of different fertility.

Shivanna, J.; Ravi, C.S.; Sreeramu, B.S., 2007:
Influence of spacing, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium on growth herbage yield and nutrient uptake in makoi (Solanum nigrum L.)

Morozova, V.A., 1958:
Influence of special diets on the blood cholesterol in patients with coronary atherosclerosis

Hoover, E.F.; Xander, P.A., 1963:
Influence of specific compositional factors of potatoes on chipping color

Kellog, R.M.; Ifju, G., 1962:
Influence of specific gravity and certain other factors on the tensile properties of wood

Larmore, F.D., 1959:
Influence of specific gravity and resin content on properties of particle board

Whitten, W.K.; Dagg, C.P., 1961:
Influence of spermatozoa on the cleavage rate of mouse eggs

Dubovyi, S.Z.; D'yakonov, L.P.; Grobov, O.F., 1961:
Influence of splenec-tomy on Anaplasma and Theileria sergenti infections in cattle.

Foy, C.L., 1962:
Influence of spray additives and environment on foliar penetration of dalapon-Cl36 in Tradescantia

Sakamoto, H.; Tsuchiya, T., 2007:
Influence of spraying ethephon on the flowering of non-branching type chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum morifolium Ramat.) cultivars

Minamikawa, J.; Ueda, K.; Osakabe, M., 1957:
Influence of sprays and dusts of insecticides on the tea plant as well as on the qualities of tea. Part 3.

Saito, T.; Minamikawa, J.; Osakabe, M., 1957:
Influence of sprays and dusts of insecticides on the tea plant as well as on the qualities of tea. Part 4. Investigation into residual parathion on tea leaves.

Romney, E.M., E.Al., 1959:
Influence of stable Sr on plant uptake of 90Sr from soils

Romney, E.M.; Alexander, G.V.; Leroy, G.M.; Larson, K.H., 1959:
Influence of stable Sr on plant uptake of Sr90 from soils

Mccullough, M.E.; Sisk, L.R.; Sell, O.E., 1958:
Influence of stage of maturity and of ground snap corn or sodium metabisulfite as preservatives on the feeding value of oat silage

Mccullough, M.E., E.Al., 1958:
Influence of stage of maturity of ground snap corn or sodium metabisulfite as preservatives on the feeding value of oat silage

Nehring, K.; Hoffmann, M., 1960:
Influence of stage of vegetation on fermentation losses in ensiling maize

D.A.ba, J.; Yamamoto, A.; Murillo, R., 1963:
Influence of stall feeding on milk production of cows pastured on pangola grass.

Kaspar, F., 1963:
Influence of starch equivalent and digestible protein in the ration and use of PMS on reproductive function of sows.

Sreckovic, A.; Nikolic, M., 1962:
Influence of starting weight of fattening piglets on growth, feed utilisation and quality of bacon

Nakamura, T.; Katakura, Y.; Nakamura, S.; Sugawara, K., 1957:
Influence of starvation on fatty liver

Slepneva, A.S., 1958:
Influence of steaming buckwheat on the phytin phosphorus content of the grain

Anglade, P., 1961:
Influence of stem infestation by the second generation of S. nonagrioides Lef. (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae) on maize yields. Methods of comparing hybrids by artificial infestation

Raulin, J.; Dauvillier, P., 1960:
Influence of stereochemical configuration of fatty acids on the nutritive value of food fats

Hendrickx, H., 1960:
Influence of sterilisation on the biosynthesis of riboflavin by Eremothecium ashbyii. 2

Bedouet, G., 1958:
Influence of sterilization on the lactose content in milk.

Ritter, P., 1962:
Influence of stimulating micrococci from milk on the acidification by thermo-philic lactic acid bacteria in Emmental cheese.

Timariu, S.; Paunescu, J.; Vescu, E., 1962:
Influence of stimulative feeding of young sheep on wool production and bodyweight

Ginoulhiac, E.; Tenconi, L.T., 1963:
Influence of stimuli giving rise to tryptophan pyrrolase on 3-OH-anthranilic oxidase activity of liver and kidney in the rat.

Dhillon, B.S., 1963:
Influence of stock plants treated with various levels of nitrogen in combination with day-length on rooting of black currant stem cuttings

Hull, J.L.; Meyer, J.H.; Kromann, R., 1961:
Influence of stocking rate on animal and forage production from irrigated pasture

Major, W.C.T., 1962:
Influence of stone-like deposits on the sterilizability of farm dairy equipment

Heltay, I.; Barber, J., 1960:
Influence of storage at the temperature of 2 degrees C. below zero on productivity of the spawn (manure spawn)

Flaczyk, E.; Rudzinska, M.; Kobus, J.; Gorecka, D., 2006:
Influence of storage conditions of extra virgin olive oils on polyphenols, sterols and squalene content and oxidative stability

Scheffer, F.; Rotzoll, H., 1961:
Influence of storage conditions on soluble sugars in the potato tuber

Rashmireddy, P.; Basavegowda ; Shekharagouda, M.; Malligawad, L.H., 2006:
Influence of storage containers and locations on storability of rabi/summer groundnut seeds

Fields, R.W.; King, T.H., 1962:
Influence of storage fungi on deterioration of stored pea seed

Kosar, W.F.; Thompson, R.C., 1957:
Influence of storage humidity on dormancy and longevity of lettuce seed

Neeraj Gupta; Patel, S.; Yadu, Y.K.; Bakane, P.H., 2006:
Influence of storage structures on seed properties of paddy during storage

Nordfelt, S.; Olsson, N.; Anstrand, G., 1962:
Influence of storage upon total tocopherols in wheat germs. Effect of germination upon total tocopherols in wheat

Bowland, J.P.; Berg, R.T., 1959:
Influence of strain and sex on the relationship of protein to energy in the rations of growing and finishing bacon pigs

Thiery, G., 1956:
Influence of strain of virus and of species of host on the lesions of rinderpest

Bronson, F.H.; Eleftheriou, B.E., 1963:
Influence Of Strange Males On Implantation In The Deermouse

Moody, J.E.; Jones, J.N.; Lillard, J.H., 1963:
Influence of straw mulch on soil moisture, soil temperature and the growth of corn

Kocot, M.; Zawadzki, Z.; Hejlasz, Z., 1958:
Influence of streptomycin administration before slaughter on keeping quality of meat.

Allan, R.E.; Vogel, O.A.; Purdy, L.H., 1963:
Influence of stripe rust upon yields and test weights of closely related lines of wheat

Norstadt, F.A.; Mccalla, T.M., 1960:
Influence of stubble mulching on organic matter and nitrogen content of the soil

Schultze Dewitz, G., 1963:
Influence of sub-threshold concentrations of preservatives on wood-destroying fungi.

Semprini, P., 1958:
Influence of subcutaneous implantation of testosterone propionate on the growth and carcase yield of immature gilts

Kuenen, D.J., 1958:
Influence of sublethal Doses of DDT upon the Multiplication Rate of Sitophilus granarius (Coleopt. Curculionidae).

Oteifa, D.A.; Elgindi, D.M., 1962:
Influence of subsequent infections with root knot nematode, Meloidogyne javanica, on P32 absorption and translation in tomato plants

Rangaswami, G.; Sambandam, C.N., 1960:
Influence of substrate on spore size of Alternaria melongenae

Wagner Junior, A.; Neres, C.R.L.; Negreiros, J.R. da S.; Alexandre, R.S.; Diniz, E.R.; Pimentel, L.D.; Bruckner, C.H., 2006:
Influence of substrate on the production of custard apple seedlings (Annona squamosa L.)

Sumakov, V.S., 1958:
Influence of succession on soil fertility.

Gorb, T.V.; Maksakov, V.J., 1962:
Influence of sugar beet tops on animals

Oteifa, B.; Rushdi, M.; Salem, A., 1963:
Influence of sugar-cane varieties on nematodes population density

Rose, Dyson, 1956:
Influence of sugars and glycerol on casein precipitation in frozen milk

Yamauchi, K., 1961:
Influence of sugars on the electro-phoretic change of whole whey protein caused by heating.

Watanabe, S., 1959:
Influence of sugars, vitamin B6 and vitamin K on the phosphorylation process of riboflavin

Rubin, L.L.; Ribeiro, A.M.L.; Canal, C.W.; Silva, I.C.; Trevizan, L.; Vogt, L.K.; Pereira, R.A.; Lacerda, L., 2007:
Influence of sulfur amino acid levels in diets of broiler chickens submitted to immune stress

Tuszynska, S.; Myszkowska, K.; Wozniak, W.; Tautt, J.; Lewandowska, K., 1957:
Influence of sulphaguanidine on the degree and order of inhibition of intestinal synthesis of vitamin B1, riboflavin and nicotinamide in rats

Fil'cagin, N.M., 1958:
Influence of sulphur amino acids on the excretion in urine of nicotinic acid derivatives in animals with normal and disturbed liver

Fruhstorfer, A., 1956:
Influence of sulphur contained in superphosphate on plant growth

Tokunaga, Y.; Tokuoka, M., 1957:
Influence of sulphur on growth of the rice plant. 2.

Busanskaja, N.B., 1958:
Influence of summer health measures on the health and physical development of children from Leningrad kindergartens and its evaluation

Furr, J.R.; Armstrong, W.W.; Jr., 1960:
Influence of summer or fall drought on hard end and immature shatter of Halawy dates

Winkler, E.M., 1956:
Influence of sun heat on clays

Cosper, H.R.; Thomas, J.R., 1961:
Influence of supplemental run-off water and fertilizer on production and chemical composition of native forage

Aumaitre, A.; Salmon-Legagneur, E.; With Rettagliati, J., 1961:
Influence of supplementary feed on the growth of pigs before weaning

Alehnovic, V.S., 1959:
Influence of supplementary pollination of barley on the yielding capacity of the seed progeny.

Jacuk, M.N., 1957:
Influence of supplementary sulphur on the quality of skin in Karakul sheep in Southern Kazakhstan

Shivakumar, M.C.; Javed Mulla; Pugashetti, B.K.; Sarah Nidgundi, 2005:
Influence of supplementation of herbal growth promoter on growth and performance of broilers

De-Graaf, S.; Peake, K.M.xwell, W.; O'-Brien, J.; Evans, G., 2007:
Influence of supplementing diet with Oleic and Linoleic acid on the freezing ability and sex-sorting parameters of ram semen

Kolcev, N.A., 1962:
Influence of supplements of liquid and crystalline terramycin on laying capacity of ducks

Braunstejn, A.E.; Azarh, R.M., 1957:
Influence of suppression of transamination on the synthesis of amino acids in liver slices and homogenates

Flood, E.A., 1958:
Influence of surface forces on flow of fluids through capillary systems

Suchsland, K., 1957:
Influence of surface roughness on the strength of glue bonds as exemplified in wood.

Lebduska, J.; Plhon, M., 1959:
Influence of swine erysipelas serum on the effect of procaine penicillin G.

Romanskaya, N.N., 1959:
Influence of synthetic antioxidants on the stability of butterfat and butter.

Ramacharlu, P.T., 1956:
Influence of synthetic soil conditioners on the evaporation of water from soil

Westin, B., 1956:
Influence of synthetic vitamin K on capillary resistance of the newborn

Yasukawa, M.; Nagano, K., 1960:
Influence of tantalum on the plasma proteins in fowls.

Venkatesan, S.; Murugesan, S., 2006:
Influence of tea cultivation on soil characteristics with special reference to potassium

Fabianek, J., 1961:
Influence of tea tannoids (vitamin P) on the course of experimental scurvy and on the rate of disappearance of ascorbic acid from the organs of the guineapig

Loppnow, H., 1959:
Influence of teat structure on milkability.

Ljubimova, V.F., 1958:
Influence of temperature and air humidity on the development of fertile pollen, anther dehiscence, and grain set in hybrids of low fertility.

Atwal, A.S., 1960:
Influence of temperature and duration of conditioning on oxygen consumption and specific gravity of the haemolymph of Anagasta (Ephestia) Mhniella (Zell.) (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)

Rivard, I., 1961:
Influence of temperature and humidity on longevity, fecundity, and rate of increase of the mite Tyrophagus putrescentiae (Schrank) (Acarina: Acaridae) reared on mold cultures

Isaak, A.; Sorensen, E.L.; Ortman, E.E., 1963:
Influence of temperature and humidity on resistance in alfalfa to the spotted alfalfa aphid and pea aphid

Appathurai, R., 1957:
Influence of temperature and humidity on the growth of sorghums

Mack, A.R.; Barber, S.A., 1960:
Influence of temperature and moisture on soil phosphorus. I. Effect on soil phosphorus fractions

Mack, A.R.; Barber, S.A., 1960:
Influence of temperature and moisture on soil phosphorus: II. Effect prior to and during cropping on soil phosphorus availability for millet

Hadley, Elmer Burton, 1961 :
Influence of temperature and other factors on Ceanothus megacarpus seed germination

Bonnemaison, L., 1962:
Influence of temperature and photoperiod applied to the pupae, larvae, eggs and adults of M. brassicae on growth and diapause

Mateescu, N., 1960:
Influence of temperature conditions on the growth and development of the fungus Agaricus bisporus cultivated for production

Nagasuga, K.; Yano, T.; Yamazaki, H.; Inamoto, K.; Yamasaki, A., 2007:
Influence of temperature during reproductive phase on flowering and floral morphology in summer-to-autumn flowering-type Iwa-no-hakusen and autumn flowering-type Jinba chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum morifolium Ramat.)

Syskova, M.V., 1957:
Influence of temperature during the development and ripening of tomato seeds on increasing cold resistance in the following generations.

Kosikov, K.V.; Kocarov, S.H., 1962:
Influence of temperature of culture on the process of adaptation of yeasts to fermenting maltose.

Brouwer, R., 1962:
Influence of temperature of the root medium on the growth of seedlings of various crop plants

Michajlova Mikhailova], P Araskeva]., 1962:
Influence of temperature on conidial germination in P. tabacina

Powell, J.B.; Milan, R.A., 1963:
Influence of temperature on crossing over in an inversion heterozygote in barley

Bianchi, A.; Contin, M., 1962:
Influence of temperature on frequency of somatic mutations induced by X rays in maize seedlings

Franco, C.M., 1958:
Influence of temperature on growth of coffee plant

Young, T.W., 1956:
Influence of temperature on growth of mango pollen

Sabey, B.R.; Bartholomew, W.V.; Shaw, R.H.; Pesek, J., 1956:
Influence of temperature on nitrification in soils

Endo, R.M., 1963:
Influence of temperature on rate of growth of five fungus pathogens of turfgrass and on rate of disease spread

Sadasivan, T.S.; Suryanarayanan, S.; Ramakrishnan, L., 1963:
Influence of temperature on rice blast disease

Davidson, J.M.; Nielsen, D.R.; Perrier, E.R., 1959:
Influence of temperature on soil moisture neutron probes

Majernik, O.; Stanova, M., 1959:
Influence of temperature on some fungus spp. in relation to the premature dying-off of Apricot trees

Zuschek, F.; Hanson, R.P.; Brandly, C.A., 1959:
Influence of temperature on the growth of Newcastle disease virus in chorioallantoic membranes suspended in Tyrode's solution

Ladigina, N.M., 1960:
Influence of temperature on the intensity of respiration of some plant-parasitic eelworms.

Lear, B.; Johnson, D.E., 1963:
Influence of temperature on the nematocidal activity of soil fumigants containing ethylene dibromide & dichloro-propenes

Murray, M.D., 1963:
Influence of temperature on the reproduction of Damalinia equi (Denny)

Ormrod, D.P.; Bunter, W.A., 1961:
Influence of temperature on the respiration of rice seedlings

Muzik, T.J.; Mauldin, W.G., 1963:
Influence of temperature on the response of plants to herbicides

Blum, H.; Kuhlmann, W., 1961:
Influence of temperature on the ring test

Oertli, J.J., 1960:
Influence of temperature on the salt-sensitivity of azaleas

Simpson, R.W.; Groupe, V., 1958:
Influence of temperature on virulence and growth of avian bronchitis virus ineggs

Hoshikawa, K., 1960:
Influence of temperature on wheat fertilization at various nitrogen levels

Sealander, J.A., 1956:
Influence of temperature stress on uptake of P32 in the rat

D.M.n, J.M.; Wood, F.W., 1959:
Influence of temperature treatment and season on the dilatometric behaviour of butterfat

Hoshikawa, Kiyochika, 1960:
Influence of temperature upon the fertilization of wheat, grown in various levels of nitrogen

Fischenich, K.A., 1959 :
Influence of temperature, humidity and different components of feed mixtures on the stability of carotene in dried green feeds during storage

Pochard, E.; Goujon, C.; Vergara, S., 1962:
Influence of temperature, light and growth stage on the expression of sensitivity of some French wheat varieties to a biotype of yellow rust

Hartsema, A.M., 1961:
Influence of temperatures on flower formation and flowering of bulbous and tuberous plants

Hubner, K.; Kienholz, M., 1961:
Influence of temporary ischaemia and hypoxaemia on the tuberculin reaction in guineapigs

Eleftheriou, B.E.; Stanley, W.C., 1963:
Influence of testosterone propionate and growth hormone on the os penis in the dog

D.S.lva, N.N.; Hughes, R.B., 1962:
Influence of tetracycline antibiotics on the spoilage of herring(C. harengus)

Bayarri, S.; Rivas, I.; Izquierdo, L.; Costell, E., 2007:
Influence of texture on the temporal perception of sweetness of gelled systems

Ferda, J., 1958:
Influence of th 1954-56 wet period on the changes in some soil properties on different sites.

Walzl, H.L., 1962:
Influence of the I strain of porcine infectious pneumonia agent on the nasal cavities of piglets.

Remesov , N., 1959:
Influence of the Oak forest on the chemical properties of the soil

Salamin, L.; Ghata, J.; Lewin, J.; Azerad, E., 1960:
Influence of the absorption of certain fats on blood lipids and lipoproteins

Simunek, J., 1958:
Influence of the addition of liquid paraffin on the effect of subcutaneously applied carbon tetrachloride in sheep.

Tsuneishi, M., 1959:
Influence of the administration of antibiotics on riboflavin contents in the digestive tract of rabbits. 1. Riboflavin contents in the digestive tract of healthy and riboflavin-deficient rabbits.

Tsuneishi, M., 1959:
Influence of the administration of antibiotics on riboflavin contents in the digestive tract of rabbits. 2. Riboflavin contents in the digestive tract of rabbits after the administration of antibiotics.

Hanssler, H., 1956:
Influence of the adrenal cortex on the growth of bone in rats deprived of vitamin D

P.Matthews., 1962:
Influence of the age of cherry wood on response to Pseudomonas mors-prunorum

Eghiazarjan, Ds., 1962:
Influence of the age of the pistil on selectivity of fertilization, formation of characters and vitality of the progeny in tobacco.

Janowski, T.M., 1962:
Influence of the air environment on animals. Investigations at an artificial insemination centre.

Rotermel, Z.A., 1960:
Influence of the alternating type of feeding for replacement gilts on their reproductive capacity

Rotermel, Z.A., 1960:
Influence of the alternating type of feeding on increasing early maturity and the results of fattening purebred Large White pigs

Meyer, H.; Rustige, J., 1958:
Influence of the ammonia content of the rumen on the calcium and magnesium content of the blood of cattle

Lippoczy, B., 1959:
Influence of the amount of rainfall on Oak mast production.

Mathur, S.N., 1963:
Influence of the application of urea, sucrose and certain growth-substances on cotton plant. 3. Effect on formation and retention of flowers

Stojanovic, D., 1961:
Influence of the attack of Smicronyx jungermanniae Reich. upon the development of Cuscuta pentagona. (Preliminary communication.)

Mitropolitanskaya, R.L., 1960:
Influence of the autonomic system on heart function of Karakul lambs.

Sainclivier, M., 1962:
Influence of the bacteriological condition of the starter on the bacteriological quality of cream and butter and on the organoleptic quality of butter.

Dahl, O., 1958:
Influence of the basal diet on the quality of pig fat. 1

Dahl, O., 1960:
Influence of the basal diet on the quality of pig fat. 2. Feeding a diet very low in fat

Causeret, J.; Hugot, D., 1958:
Influence of the calcium content of the feed on the utilisation of calcium in different salts. 1. Comparison of calcium carbonate, sulphate and lactate

Causeret, J.; Hugot, D., 1958:
Influence of the calcium content of the feed on the utilisation of calcium in different salts. 2. Comparison of calcium carbonate and tricalcinm phosphate

Hohls, H.W., 1958:
Influence of the calorie to protein ratio on feed efficiency of growing chickens

Grana, E.; Cappelli, V.; Ceriani, T., 1960:
Influence of the carbohydrate constituents of the diet on carbohydrate utilisation

Stern, K., 1961:
Influence of the cardinal points on the distribution of density in the

Jurek, A.; Sobczak, T., 2007:
Influence of the change in the method of creating the list of agricultural enterprises according to the economic-financial situation for their position in the ranking

Gren, R.; A.W.s, 1960:
Influence of the change of prices and income on the consumption of food products on peasant farms in the south-eastern region

Komabov, F.I.; Ivanov, A.I.; Lebedev, N.F., 1963:
Influence of the character of the evening meal on nocturnal gastric secretion in healthy persons and patients with chronic gastritis.

Lacomann, H., 1958:
Influence of the chief nutrients on the blood pressure in acute experiment

Koopman, J.J.; Roele, P.N., 1962:
Influence of the climate on porcine virus pneumonia.

Durrieu, G., 1957:
Influence of the climate on the biology of P. gaeumannii, a parasite of Pseudotsuga.

Cravioto, J.; D.L.P.Na.C., 1959:
Influence of the clinical type of malnutrition on the absorption and retention of nitrogen

Grant, W.J.; Struchtemeyer, R.A., 1959:
Influence of the coarse fraction in two Maine potato soils on infiltration, runoff and erosion

Gol'dat, S.J.; Alihanjan, S.I., 1959:
Influence of the combined action of ultraviolet and X rays on the mutation process in Streptomyces aureo-faciens LS-B16.

Kraut, H.; Muller, E.A.; Muller-Wecker, H., 1958:
Influence of the composition of dietary protein on the nitrogen balance and muscle training

Patay, R.; Van Den Driessche, J.; Trebaul, L.; Cormier, M., 1958:
Influence of the composition of the diet on blood alcohol and psychomotor phenomena

Alghisi, P., 1960:
Influence of the composition of the substrate on the growth of S. minor

Bahadur, K.; Sinha, R.C., 1957:
Influence of the concentration of papain activated by hydrogen sulphide on the hydrolysis of casein at different temperatures and pH value 4.4

Cordier, D.; Maurice, A., 1959:
Influence of the concentration of solutions of glucose on the rate of absorption in the intestine of the eel (Anguilla vulgaris) living in sea water or in fresh water

Cordier, D.; Worbe, J.F.; Chanel, J., 1958:
Influence of the concentration of solutions of sugars on the rate of intestinal absorption in the rat. Comparison with absorption in poikilotherms

Ilinskaya, T.N.; Yosifova, M.G., 1956:
Influence of the conditions under which the poppy is grown on the alkaloid content of the opium obtained

Pfleger, I., 2007:
Influence of the contamination of irrigation water on the quality in particular of vegetables

Selva, D., 1956:
Influence of the cooking of fats on the growth of young rats.

Overby, A.J., 1959:
Influence of the cream rising in milk on the methylene blue test

Deberdeev, A.A., 1963:
Influence of the crown on the shock

Maetin, P., 1958:
Influence of the culture filtrates of micro-organisms on the release of scopoletin from the seedling roots of Oats (Avena sativa L.)

Matsumi, S.; Shoji, S.; Sawada, Y.; E.A., 1957:
Influence of the cutting of peat strata on ground-water level. II. The lowering of groundwater level and physical and chemical properties of peat soils.

Fujimori, N.; Miyazaki, N., 1956:
Influence of the cutting of peat strata on the groundwater level.

Rynska, A., 1962:
Influence of the day length on growth and development of di-and polyploid clovers

Knez, V., 1956:
Influence of the degree of acidity in rennet coagulation on the yield and quality of soft quarg.

Drezgic, P.; Jevtic, S., 1959 :
Influence of the depth of ploughing on the development of the root system, soil moisture and winter wheat yields on chernozem soil

Dorywalski, J., 1960:
Influence of the depth of sowing maize on seedling development and yield

Bunce, G.E.; Reeves, P.G.; Oba, T.S.; Sauberlich, H.E., 1963:
Influence of the dietary protein level on the magnesium requirement

Juhasz, B.; Kiraly, L., 1961:
Influence of the digestible protein content of the feed on the urea and cholesterol content of the blood in cattle

Perkitny, T.; Zenkteler, M.; Wnuk, M., 1957:
Influence of the duration of the conditioning of wood on the equalization of its moisture content.

Foley, C.W.; Heidenreich, C.J.; Lasley, J.F., 1960:
Influence of the dwarf gene on insulin sensitivity of beef cattle

Lefevre, P., 1956:
Influence of the environment and of cultural conditions on the development of adventitious plants. Particular effect of the pH and of the lime status (of the soil)

Chalupa, V., 1961:
Influence of the extent of forest stands on the amounts of transferred

Leblond, C.P.; Usher, D.; Vulpe, M., 1956:
Influence of the extirpation of male accessories on the occurrence of a soft calculus in the urinary bladder of the rat

Reis, C.; Netto, F.M., 2006:
Influence of the extraction method on the yield, protein profile and solubility of amaranth protein concentrates

Popper, R.; Niemz, P.; Torres, M., 2006:
Influence of the extractives of selected extraneous woods on the equilibrium moisture content

Aschkenasy, A.; Blanpin, O., 1959:
Influence of the fat content of the diet on anaemia and haemolysis and on serum proteins, cholesterol and phospholipids in rats deprived of protein

Rauch, W., 1963:
Influence of the feed on shell strength of hen's eggs. 1.

Stefanescu, C.; Palamaru, E.; Nicolicin, S.; Tasgenco, V., 1958:
Influence of the feeding of ewes during gestation on the quality of pelts of Karakul lambs

Wagner, H.; Martincic, T.; Wagner, O., 1963:
Influence of the food fat on body fat composition in the calf.

Duncan, D.P.; Hodson, A.C., 1958:
Influence of the forest tent caterpillar upon the aspen forests of Minnesota

Kizilova, E.G.; Smagina, M.A., 1960:
Influence of the form of pollination on germination and strength of initial growth of maize seeds.

Iwata, M., 1958:
Influence of the forms of nitrogen supplied on the growth of vegetable crops. (II.) Effects of varying concentrations of nitrogen in different forms on the growth of turnip.

Iwata, M., 1962:
Influence of the forms of nitrogen supplied on the growth of vegetable crops. III. Growth as influenced by variable cations and pH of the culture solution.

Lapina, A.A., 1958:
Influence of the frequency of administration of riboflavin on the requirement for it

Lapina, A.A., 1957:
Influence of the frequency of intake of vitamin B1 on requirement.

Lederer, J.; Meyer, R.D., 1959:
Influence of the functional state of the thyroid on the lactogenic action of reser-pine.

Kurtgel'dyev, K.N., 1963:
Influence of the growing conditions on segregation of cotton hybrids.

Alghisi, P., 1960:
Influence of the growth-substrate on the production of pectic enzymes by S. minor

Mraz, F., 1960:
Influence of the harmful effect of the fungus H. papaveris on Poppy yields in the region Karlovy Vary in the years 1957 and 1958

Szajko, L., 1959:
Influence of the hereditary value of Kostroma bulls on udder formation

Alers Alers, S.; Samuels, G., 1963:
Influence of the inclination of sugarcane stalks on their sucrose content

Jacobs, F.A.; Poston, J.M., 1961:
Influence of the individual B6-vitamin factors on the intestinal absorption of L-methionine

Heap, R.B.; Allen, D.M.; Lamming, G.E., 1963:
Influence of the induction of breeding activity in anoestrous sheep on the levels of some chemical constituents of uterine washings

Coccheri, S.; Loreti, A.; Gennari, P.; Beghelli, V., 1962:
Influence of the inhibitor of fibrinolysis in groundnuts on the process of atherogenesis by excess cholesterol

Konjajev, A., 1960:
Influence of the initial number of micro-organisms in milk on the rate of their growth.

Mudra, K., 1958:
Influence of the intensity of rearing and production on the milk yield and total productivity of cattle. 2. Growth in the second year up to calving on different rations

Stahl, W.; Mudra, K., 1961:
Influence of the intensity of rearing and production on the milk yield and total productivity of cattle. 3. Body development, yield and composition of milk and utilisation of feed during the first and second lactations

Konjajev, A., 1959:
Influence of the interruption of keeping quality tests on the results

Lanowska, Jadwiga, 1962:
Influence of the kind of fertilization on the occurrence of mycorrhiza in Pumpkin

Tsugo, T.; Koyama, S.; Yamauchi, K.; Taniguchi, K.; Koga, Y.; Sasago, K.; Iwaida, M., 1958:
Influence of the kind of salts and cream ripening on manufacture and keeping quality of butter.

Neville, P., 1961:
Influence of the leaves in their early stages upon growth and morphology in Gleditsia triacanthos.

Pyatetskii, G.E., 1959:
Influence of the level of ground waters and of temperature on the growth of young firs.

Menth, P., 1963:
Influence of the level of milk can contamination on the bacterial count of milk.

Klockova, A.Ja., 1961:
Influence of the light period on the thyroid of pigs

Faenzi, C., 1962:
Influence of the lipid content of the diet on toxicity and liverdamaging effect of sodium fluoride

Runov, E.V.; Sokolov, D.F., 1958:
Influence of the litter of broadleaved species on biochemical and microbiological processes in chernozems.

Biesiada, A.; Kutkowska, B.; Poudniak, A., 2004:
Influence of the long duration of production cycle and intensity of inputs on profitability of farm production

Gusejnova, M.G., 1963:
Influence of the main agronomic measures on the malting quality of winter barley.

Feher Feher, K., 1962:
Influence of the maize stem upon the quality of silage fodder and the economics of transport

Buysse, F., 1961:
Influence of the melting point of fats on their digestibility by fattening pigs.

Giebel, J., 1960:
Influence of the metabolites P. brevicompactum and P. terrestre on the hatch of larvae from the cysts of the Potato root eelworm H. rostochiensis

Aebi, H.; Trivelli, G.; Staehelin, M., 1956:
Influence of the method of application of fungicidal sprays on the control of Potato blight

Klimczak, Z., 1960:
Influence of the method of giving vitamin D and calcium on the course of ossification in rats

Bacvanski, S.; Cobic, T.; Maslovaric, B.; Kosanovic, M.; Vucetic, S., 1962:
Influence of the method of housing fattening cattle on weight gains and feed utilisation with the use of castration and hydroxy-zine.

Meyer, J.H.; Weir, W.C.; Dobie, J.B.; Hull, J.L., 1959:
Influence of the method of preparation on the feeding value of alfalfa hay

Romaniuk, J., 1959:
Influence of the method of semencollection on the incidence of Trichomonas foetus in ejaculates from infected bulls.

Accardi, F., 1963:
Influence of the method of supplying water to weaned growing calves.

Monnier, G., 1958:
Influence of the method of utilization of grasslands on the depth of their root systems. Influence on the improvement of the structure and structural stability of the soil

Genereux, H.; Lachance, R.O., 1960:
Influence of the methods of inoculation on the appearance of symptoms of ring rot (C. sepedonicum (Spieck & Kott.) Skaptason & Burkholder

Welker, W.V., 1962:
Influence of the micro-environment on the herbicidal activity of monuron

Guba, S.; Czako, J., 1960:
Influence of the milker on milk yield, percentage of fat and rate of milking

Semjan, S., 1961:
Influence of the milking interval on the milk yield of ewes.

Van Loen, A.; Scihoenmakers, A., 1961:
Influence of the mineral composition of pasture on the fertility of cattle

Mojovic, M.; Vasiljevic, B., 1961:
Influence of the mineral waters of Sijarinska Banja on gastric secretion

Castricini, A.; Coneglian, R.C.C.; Polidoro, J.C., 2004:
Influence of the modificated atmosphere and metilciclipropene (1-MCP) on the post-harvest respiratory rate of papaya

Kiermeier, F.; Capellari, K., 1957:
Influence of the molybdenum content of the feed on the xanthine dehydrase content of cow's milk

Glaser, T., 1960:
Influence of the most important fungus spp. isolated from coffee-brown stained Pine sapwood on the development of L. lepideus and C. puteana

Clement, J.; Boucrot, P.; Loriette, C.; Raulin, J., 1963:
Influence of the nature of the lipids in the diet on the composition and structure of depot triglycerides of the white rat.

Samuels, G.; Diaz, H.G.ndia, 1958:
Influence of the number of fertilizer applications on pineapple yields

Rognoni, G.; Vismara, E., 1962:
Influence of the number of milkings on the lactation curve and the persistency of lactation.

Perisse, J.; Salmon-Legagneur, E., 1960:
Influence of the nutritional level during gestation and lactation on milk production in the rat.

Lassance, M.; Peeters, E.; Grailet, L., 1958:
Influence of the nutritional resources on body measurements

Zweens, J., 1963 :
Influence of the oestrous cycle and ovariectomy on the phospholipid content of the pineal gland in the rat

Mokronosov, A.T.; Logvina, M.G., 1962:
Influence of the ontogenetic state on the composition of photosynthetic products in the potato plant.

Linazasoro, J.M.; Jimenezdiaz, C.; Criadoortiz, M., 1963:
Influence Of The Oral Overloading Of Fat Upon The Unsaturated Fatty Acids Of The Plasma

Warteresiewicz, M., 1961:
Influence of the pH level and of the calcium ion content in the substrate on different species of lupin.

Kummerow, J.; Labarga, C., 1960:
Influence of the paleae on gas exchange and germination of D. glomerata

Neuenschwander, J.; Talmage, R.V., 1963:
Influence of the parathyroids on composition of rat milk

Bates, W.K.; Mcgowen, J.; Talmage, R.V., 1962:
Influence of the parathyroids on plasma hydroxyproline levels

Dobrzanski, B., 1960:
Influence of the parent rock and of utilisation of the land on the mobile aluminium content in the soil

Efimenko, T.M., 1963:
Influence of the parental forms on the grain quality of hybrids.

Vleeschauwer, A.D.Baere, A.Van Den., 1956:
Influence of the pasteurization before or after the milk-evaporating on the bacteriological quality of skim milk powder Spray.

Sidenko, I.H., 1962:
Influence of the paternal parent on inheritance of characters in repeated crosses of pear.

Kluijver, H.; Smilde, K.W., 1960:
Influence of the photoperiod on the oil percentage of sesame seeds (Sesamum indicum L.)

Bogorodickaja, V.P., 1957:
Influence of the phytin compounds of legumes on the balance of calcium and total and phytin phosphorus in human subjects

Inozemcev, A.A., 1961:
Influence of the pied flycatcher on the abundance of its prey.

Thatcher, Robert, C., 1960:
Influence of the pitch-eating weevil on pine regeneration in east Texas

Kunnah, G.S., 1962:
Influence of the place of reproduction on variability of characters and properties in tomatoes.

Kranz, J., 1959:
Influence of the pre-temperature on the pathogenicity of some fungi and their growth in vitro

Cerezova, V.M., 1959:
Influence of the pressing schedule on the

Bendahou, M.; Benyoucef, M.; Benkada, D.; Elisa, M.B.D.S.; Galvao, E.L.; Marques, M.M.O.; Muselli, A.; Desjobert, J.M.; Bernardini, A.F.; Costa, J., 2007:
Influence of the processes extraction on essential oil of Origanum glandulosum Desf

Nogueira, A.; Teixeira, S.H.; Demiate, I.M.; Wosiacki, G., 2007:
Influence of the processing of apple juice in mineral content

Brauer, H.O., 1963 :
Influence of the progenitors on the quality of F1 hybrids of chilli, C. annuum L

Becker, G., 1963:
Influence of the protein content of wood on the growth of larvae of Hylotrupes bajulus.

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Influence of the quality of ensilage

Vasil'eva, E.N., 1956:
Influence of the quantity and quality of dietary fat on the utilisation of calcium by the growing animal

Schneiwind, A.P.; Kersavage, P.C., 1962:
Influence of the rate of drying and rewetting on the dimensional changes of California Black Oak

Hohls, H.W., 1962:
Influence of the ratio of protein to total nutrients on the protein and fat metabolism of growing chickens.

Filho, O.C.B.; Frydman, R., 1958:
Influence of the relative humidity of the air on the biological value, coefficient of digestibility, growth value, and protein efficiency of whole milk powder

Heuver, M., 1960:
Influence of the removal of flower buds on the yield and the thousand kernel weight of peas

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Influence of the renal excretion of sodium chloride upon the renal excretion of magnesium and other ions by human subjects

Scott, G.R.; Rampton, C.S., 1962:
Influence of the route of exposure on the titre of rinderpest virus in rabbits

Haldi, J.; Wynn, W.; Shaw, J.H.; Sognnaes, R.F., 1958:
Influence of the salt mixture added to cariogenic diets of comparable sucrose content

Snyder, F.W., 1959:
Influence of the seedball on speed of germination of sugar beet seeds

Hejtmanek, J., 1960:
Influence of the site on certain properties of the wood of Pinus sylvestris.

Kakulas, B.A., 1963:
Influence of the size of enclosure on the development of myopathy in the captive Rottaest quokka

Tabin, S.; Pawlowski, F., 1956:
Influence of the size of seed tubers on the yield of Helianthus tuberosus L

Gold, L.W., 1963:
Influence of the snow cover on the average annual ground temperature at Ottawa, Canada

Grin, E.I.; Ozegovic, L., 1963:
Influence Of The Soil On Certain Dermatophytes And Their Evolutional Trend

Choiniere, L., 1962:
Influence of the soil on sterility of the dairy cow

Hulshof, H.J.; Van Lier, P.J., 1956:
Influence of the soil on the development of some apple varieties and rootstocks

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Influence of the stage of cutting of lucerne on the nature of the hay, the yield of nutrients and on productivity of cattle

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Influence of the stage of lactation and environmental temperatures on the salt balance of milk

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Influence of the stage of lactation and the food fat on the characteristics and composition of milk fat. III. Variation in the saponification value and in the product of the saponification value and the butter-fat content of the milk.

Bienfait, J.-M., 1957:
Influence of the stage of lactation and the food fat on the characteristics and composition of milk fat. IV. Technique of fatty acid separation into six groups of fatty acids. Changes in the percentage composition of the fatty acid groups.

Bienfait, J.-M., 1957:
Influence of the stage of lactation and the food fat on the characteristics and composition of milk fat. V. Evolution of the production of the six fatty acid groups during the experimental period.

Gibshman, M.R.; Klimovsky, I.I., 1959:
Influence of the starter cimposition on the microbiological and biochemical process during the ripening of cheese

Thomason, I.J.; Sher, S.A., 1957:
Influence of the stubby-root nematode on growth of alfalfa

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Influence of the sulfide content in lye on the preparation of cellulose from wood fibres of Ailanthus glandulosa (A. altissima) by the sulphate method.

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Influence of the supply of protein on some of the signs of resistance, on the clinical course and on specific immunity in chronic haemolytic streptococcal infection in the rabbit

Miller, E.E.helman; Bernfeld, P., 1959:
Influence of the supporting medium on the fractionation of proteins by zone electrophoresis

Meregalli, A., 1956:
Influence of the system of suckling and weaning on the digestive organs and micro-flora of the rumen of calves.

Meregalli, A., 1956:
Influence of the system of suckling and weaning on the digestive organs and on the ruminal microflora of calves

Sforzolini, G.S.; Rossini, G.; Mariotti, G., 1956:
Influence of the technique of manufacture of Mozzarella cheese on the bacteriological content of the finished product.

Minin, A.N., 1959:
Influence of the temperature of wood particles during pressing on the properties of the boards.

Smeets, L., 1956:
Influence of the temperature on runner production in five strawberry varieties

Bekhta, N., 2005:
Influence of the thermal treatment on the properties of wood and wood-composite materials

Dammrich, K., 1963:
Influence of the thyroid gland on the skeleton, in animals.

Kuhn, O.; Hammer, H.O., 1956:
Influence of the thyroid hormone on ossification

Taranenko, A.G., 1962:
Influence of the thyroid on the casein content of milk and its amino acids

Fletcher, K.; Myant, N.B., 1958:
Influence of the thyroid on the synthesis of cholesterol by liver and skin in vitro

Kadapa, S.N., 1961:
Influence of the time of flowering on some important characters of Laxmi cotton

Luddecke, F., 1960:
Influence of the time of sowing of maize for silage on the quality and nutrient content of the maize silage

Tanabe, K., 1958:
Influence of the transpiration of rice plants on the rate of percolation in rice fields.

Silina, A.A., 1958:
Influence of the transpiration of some tree species on that of others, when growing together in the forest-steppe zone.

Fujii, S.; Haniu, Y., 1959:
Influence of the treatment with maleic hydrazide on the seed stalk development in rape

Merkl, N.; Schultze Kraft, R., 2006:
Influence of the tropical grass Brachiaria brizantha (Hochst. ex A. Rich.) Stapf on bacterial community structure in petroleum contaminated soils

Monkam, D., 2007:
Influence of the two regimes of easterly waves on the water vapor flux in West Africa during the summer of 1981

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Influence of the type of pistillate flowers in melons on the set of fruit.

D.Alencar, J.E., 1963:
Influence of the use of DDT on the incidence of human visceral leishmaniasis in Ceara-new data

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Influence of the various parts of the photosynthetic organs of wheat and barley in producing grains during the ripening period. 2.

Ochs, R.; Wormer, T.M., 1959:
Influence of the water supply on the growth of groundnuts

Benc, S.; Laparm., 1961:
Influence of the wilting of Sugar Beet plants on the degree of attack by the fungus C. beticola

Nitto, M.; Tachibana, K., 1956:
Influence of the wind on the dispersion of the Chestnut gall wasp

Dzelieva, Z.N., 1957:
Influence of therapeutic diet on the secretion of pancreatic enzymes in obesity

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Influence of therapeutic drugs on the quality of alcohol-test positive cow milk.

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Influence of thiamin on growth and fat formation by Penicillium lilacinum Thom

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Influence of thiamine and tryptophan upon the tryptophan peroxidase-oxidase activity of rat liver

Ostrovskij, J. M.; Razumovi, A.N., 1962:
Influence of thiamine derivatives on oxidative phosphorylation

Murata, T., 1958:
Influence of thiamine on the amount of lactic acid in urine

Haberland, F.P.; Wilde, S.A., 1961:
Influence of thinning of Red Pine plantation on soil

Sumakov, V.S., 1958:
Influence of thinnings in pure Scots Pine thickets on the properties of podzolic soil.

Pagliaro, L., 1956:
Influence of thiocticacid on carbohydrate metabolism. 1. Modifications of the basic blood sugar value, of the blood sugar curve after administration of glucose, and of the insulin curve

Pagliaro, L., 1956:
Influence of thiocticacid on carbohydrate metabolism. 2. Preliminary investigation on the mechanism of the hypoglycaemic effect of thioctic acid

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Influence of thiouracil on chickens selected for high and low body weights

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Influence of three different feeding levels during growth and gestation on reproduction, weight gains and carcass quality in swine

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Influence of three sampling systems on the height-diameter relationship and volume estimates for trees in an Atlantic forest fragment

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Influence of three types of soil on damage caused by the cabbage maggot, Hylemya brassicae (Bouche)

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Influence of thyroactive compounds on serum and liver cholesterol in rats

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Influence of thyroid activity on the processes of transamination in the brain

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Influence of thyroid function on Co60 cyanocobalamin metabolism in various animals

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Influence of thyroid function upon vitamin B12 deficiency in carriers of the fish tapeworm

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Influence of thyroid hormone on nicotinamide metabolism in the rat

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Influence of thyroid hormone on some enzymes with pyridoxal as coenzyme

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Influence of thyroid hormones on growth in length of wool fibres.

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Influence of thyroid hormones on the desulphuration of cysteine by rat liver. Comparison of the course of desulphuration with that of other enzymic reactions requiring pyridoxal phosphate

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Influence of thyroid hormones on tissue transaminase activity

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Influence of thyrotropic hormone on milk production in goats.

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Influence of thyroxine in chronic experiments on carbohydrate metabolism in the brain

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Influence of thyroxine on magnesium and calcium metabolism in calves

Dev Narayan; Tiwari, A.K.; Lal, B.; Katiyar, V.S., 2007:
Influence of tillage and sunnhemp mulching on runoff, soil loss and sorghum (Sorghum bicolor) yield

Alexander, C.W.; Mccloud, D.E., 1962:
Influence of time and rate of nitrogen application on production and botanical composition of forage

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Influence of time measurement on growth response of turkey poults to unidentified factors

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Influence of time of application of 2, 4-D, 2, 4, 5-T and DDT on Kentucky bluegrass seed germination and pasture weed population

Sylwester, E.P.; Bass, L.N., 1957:
Influence of time of application of 2,4-D, 2,4,5-T and DDT on Kentucky bluegrass seed germination and pasture weed populations

Maoli, G., 1957:
Influence of time of calving on milk production of Brown Alpine cows reared in the Agro Romano region

Gjurasin, B., 1962:
Influence of time of cutting on the nature of hay, the yield of nutrients and the productivity of cattle

Koriath, H., 1960:
Influence of time of cutting on the quality of hay

Samuels, G.; Alers Alers, S.; Landrau, P., 1960:
Influence of time of harvest and age of sixteen sugarcane varieties on their sucrose content

Austenson, H.M., 1963:
Influence of time of harvest on yield of dry matter and predicted digestibility of four forage grasses

Buchli, M., 1959:
Influence of time of harvesting on yield and oil content of rape

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Influence of time of lifting gladiolus corms on corm, cormel and flower production

Braden, A.W.H., 1958:
Influence of time of mating on the segregation ratio of alieles at the T locus in the house mouse

Patil, J.A., 1959:
Influence of time of planting on seed yield of onion (Allium cepa L.)

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Influence of time of planting on the growth of sugarcane variety P.R. 980 at Rio Piedras

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Influence of time of soil sampling & of length of sample storage on the results of determinations by the Aspergillua niger method for available nitrogen, phosphorus & potassium in differently fertilized soils.

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Influence of time of sowing on the effect of 2,4-D on growth and maturity of wheat

Walker, J.T., 1961:
Influence of time, temperature and chemicals in the control of root knot on propagating stock, and the comparative effect of temperature on Meloidogyne species

Hartmann, F., 1957:
Influence of time-of-sowing on yield and quality of flax in elevated situations

Maxwell, N.P.; Shull, A., 1963:
Influence of timing of fertilizer applications on yield, quality, and cold hardiness of red grapefruit in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas

Spooner, A.E.; Caviness, C.E.; Spurgeon, W.I., 1958:
Influence of timing of irrigation on yield, quality and fruiting of upland cotton

Campbell, C.H., 1963:
Influence of Tissue Culture Passage on Virulence of Foot-And-Mouth Disease Virus for Mother Mice

Delmas, Liliane., 1960:
Influence of tissue reaction on the assimilation of silica by wheat

Mefferd, R.B.; Webster, W.W.; Nyman, M.A., 1960:
Influence of tissue transplants on lipid metabolism in mice and rats

Mutibaric, J., 1961:
Influence of topophysis on the raising of Poplar plants.

Sajnani, B.T., 1957:
Influence of topping and spacing on yield and quality of hookah and chewing tobacco (N. tabacum) in North Bihar

Jokelainen, P.; Makela, P., 1956:
Influence of total starvation on mortality and loss of weight in newborn rats

Bagolan, P.; Serpieri, L., 1956:
Influence of toxic and infective factors in the experimental production of arteriosclerosis with cholesterol

Roizman, P.S., 1956:
Influence of trace elements on growth and on fur production in rabbits and wool production in sheep

Trumic, P.; Panjevic, D., 1963:
Influence of trace elements on immunogenic response of guineapigs. 1. CuSO4.

Dobrolyubskii, O.K.; Slavvo, A.V., 1960:
Influence of trace elements on sugar accumulation in vine shoots of grapes

Chojer, T.N., 1959:
Influence of trace elements on the fixation of nitrogen in soils.

Kalous, J.; Loudil, L., 1960:
Influence of trace elements, cobalt, manganese, zinc and copper on growth of fattening pigs

Priputina, L.S., 1958:
Influence of traces of copper on the vitamin C content of canned fruits and vegetables

Sharma, H., C.; Arora, R.-; Pampapathy, G., 2007:
Influence of transgenic cottons with Bacillus thuringiensis cry1Ac gene on the natural enemies of Helicoverpa armigera

Campbell, J.S., 1958:
Influence of transplant type and starter solution on tomato yields in Trinidad

Wartenberg, L., 1960:
Influence of transport and of rest before slaughter on creatinine in urine and glycogen in muscle of pigs.

Bronstrup, K.H., 1957:
Influence of transport conditions on the quality of pig meat

Brighfwell, W.T., 1963:
Influence of treatment on germination of camellia seeds

Maggi, V.; Macaro, M.; Sensi, S.; Greco, A.V.; Gambassi, G., 1959:
Influence of treatment with 4-deoxypyridoxine on synthesis of cholesterol and phospholipids from acetate-1-14C by liver, aorta and adrenals of rats

Scossiroli, R.E.; Palenzona, D.; Rusmini, B., 1960:
Influence of treatments with X rays applied to the seeds on morphological characters in wheat

Torelli, N., 2006:
Influence of tree development, ageing and injury on wood properties and quality

Jachowski, L.A.; Bingham, G.A., 1961:
Influence of trichinosis on Schistosoma mansoni in mice

Schoop, G.; Lamina, J., 1962:
Influence of trichlorphon on trichinella. I. In mice.

Wallace, H.D.; Norris, C.E.; Combs, G.E.; Mccabe, G.E.; Palmer, A.Z., 1959:
Influence of triiodothyronine on feedlot performance and carcass characteristics of growing-finishing swine

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Influence of triparanol (M/E/R/29(r)) on growth, egg production, and cholesterol metabolism of chickens

Barth, K.; Karg, H., 1960:
Influence of triphenylbromethylene on egg production in hens

Lee, H.K., 1957:
Influence of tropical and subtropical climates on animal production

Ghildyal, B.P., 1963:
Influence of tropical seasons on carbon & nitrogen transformations; nitrite & nitrate formers & bacterial plate count

Kuzdzal-Savoie, S.; Kuzdzal, W., 1961 :
Influence of turning dairy cows out to pasture on the indices of the butterfat and the content of different polyunsaturated fatty acids

Sydow, B.V., 1961:
Influence of type of animal, maintenance and feeding on biological evaluation of protein with albino rats, and a contribution to the evaluation of milk.

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Influence of type of diet on loss of endogenous P in faeces of calves.

Franc, D.Ferriere, P.J.J., E.Al., 1958:
Influence of type of soil-clay and rainfall on the K nutrition of the potato

Bodurov, N.; Georgiev, G., 1961:
Influence of ultra-violet light on sperma-togenesis and fertility of bulls in winter and spring.

Kanauchi, T., 1961:
Influence of ultraviolet irradiation on mold development and flavor of cheese.

Dioguardi, N.; Secchi, G.C., 1960:
Influence of unbalanced diets on nitrogen content and enzymatic activities of hepatic mitochondria of rats

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Influence of undernutrition on the thyroid of rats

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Influence of various fertilizers on antibiotic-formation in the soil.

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Influence of various foods on fecundity and longevity of adults of Scambus buolianae (Htg.) (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae)

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Influence on pasteurized milk flavor of rancid milk in the raw supply

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Influence on plant growth of the breakdown of organic phosphorus compounds by micro-organisms

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Influence on the intestine of the rat of dietary or chemical vitamin B1deficiency. 1

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Influence ot vitamin A on antibody formation during the immunization of chicks with Ascaridia galliantigen.

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Influence through feeding with beer waste on the insoluble and soluble volatile acids in butter.

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Influence upon potato yield of preliminary storage, whether in clamp or air-cooled chamber, and of the time of sorting and sacking (15 Sept. or 15 Nov.) seed-potatoes

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Influenceof cobalt andcopper on metabolism in sheep.

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Influences of culture on man's diet

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Influences Of Uracil Upon Riboflavin Metabolism

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Influences of various drugs on larvae of hookworm in vitro and the prevention of its cutaneous infection with iodine tincture.

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Influences of warm temperature treatment on the dehardening and osmotic pressure of cortical cells of Birch twigs (Betula maximowicziana Regel).

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Influences on losses and on weight of baby pigs of supplements of iron and copper salts (Afarom) given to the sows before and after parturition

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Influencia da adubacao e da fumigacao do solo, na incidencia de nematoides em tuberculos de batatinha

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Influencia da dessecacao sobre o teor de glicogenio dos tccidos em Australorbis glabratus

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Influencia de alguns fatores na fumigado do solo

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Influencing the consistency of butter

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Information transfer from the genome

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Infrared spectroscopy as a quantative analytical method in general chemicals manufacture

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Ingen plass for soleiene i eng og beite

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Ingested fat in relation to serum lipids in coeliac disease

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Ingestion of sea water by Peromyscus manicalatus

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Ingredients of the bark of Exostemma caribaeum.

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Inguinal hernia in sheep

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Inh1bition of suckering of tobacco after topping. Practical results

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Inhalation anaesthesia with automatic artificial respiration during succinylcholine relaxation in large animals

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Inhalation of cow's milk by sensitized guinea pigs in the conscious and anaesthetized State

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Inherent and environment-respondent susceptibility to Piricularia oryzae in the Rice plant

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Inherent variations in the response of aspen to frost damage

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