Influence of spraying ethephon on the flowering of non-branching type chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum morifolium Ramat.) cultivars

Sakamoto, H.; Tsuchiya, T.

Horticultural Research Japan 6(3): 411-416


Accession: 014081027

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The effects of spraying ethephon on the flowering and cut flower quality of the non-branching type chrysanthemum (C. morifolium) cultivars with different flowering characteristics were studied. In almost all the cultivars that flowered in June-August, spraying with ethephon delayed flowering, and increased cut flower length and number of leaves. The longer the period between pinching and ethephon treatment, the more prominent the effects of ethephon became. Eight of the cultivars that usually flowered from 10 September to October and treated with ethephon at 2 weeks after pinching showed delayed flowering without an increase in the number of lateral buds. The delay in flowering in these cultivars was less pronounced than in the cultivars that usually flowered in June-August.