Influence of temperature during reproductive phase on flowering and floral morphology in summer-to-autumn flowering-type Iwa-no-hakusen and autumn flowering-type Jinba chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum morifolium Ramat.)

Nagasuga, K.; Yano, T.; Yamazaki, H.; Inamoto, K.; Yamasaki, A.

Horticultural Research Japan 6(3): 479-485


Accession: 014081142

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Fluctuations in flowering time and cut flower quality due to changes in temperature in the Tohoku region (Japan) were investigated in a summer-to-autumn flowering-type cultivar (Iwa-no-hakusen) or an autumn flowering-type cultivar (Jinba) cultivar of chrysanthemum. After long day treatment, plants were grown under natural daylength, and high and low temperature conditions in a temperature gradient chamber (TGC), in which the air temperature was similar to that observed under field conditions. The experiments were carried out twice in different seasons. The dates of transfer to TGC were 8 July and 10 August for Iwa-no-hakusen, and 22 September and 13 October for Jinba. In Iwa-no-hakusen, the temperature markedly varied during transfer on 8 July, and the anthesis was delayed by the high temperature after flower budding. The number of days to anthesis following transfer on 10 August was reduced by the shorter photoperiod than that following transfer on 8 July. In Jinba, anthesis was delayed by low temperature in both experiments. The number of days to anthesis following transfer on 13 October was increased by the lower temperature before flower budding compared to that obtained following transfer on 22 September. The percentage of disc florets in Iwa-no-hakusen was increased by low temperature and short photoperiod, and the number of florets in Jinba was reduced by low temperature. The fluctuation in August flowering time in Iwa-no-hakusen was induced by fluctuation in temperature, and the low temperature induced the delay in flowering in Jinba in the Tohoku region.