Inheritance of leaf and flower characters in okra

Kalia, H.R.; Padda, D.S.

Indian J. Genet 22: 252-54


Accession: 014082236

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The results of two crosses involving varieties 77, 34 and B13 are enumerated as follows: "(1) Leaf shape was found to be monogenically controlled, the alleles for deep lobing and shallow lobing showing interaction; (2) Purple colour of calyx was found to be monogenically dominant over green; (3) The purple colour of calyx was associated with purple petal venation suggesting the pleiotropic nature of the gene controlling the calyx colour; (4) Purple colour on both sides of the petal base was monogenically dominant over purple colour on inside of the petal base. (5) Purple petal venation was found to be monogenically dominant over yellow petal venation.