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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 14084

Chapter 14084 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Richou, R.; Jensen, R.; Belin, C.; Schuster, G., 1963:
Inhibitory action of human and animal sera on the haemolytic property of saponin.

Manunta, G.; Marongiu, A., 1961:
Inhibitory action of progesterone on lactation

Hlnglais, H.; Hlnglais, M.; Langlade, M., 1956:
Inhibitory action of rat blood on the growth of Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Gorokhov, V.V., 1962:
Inhibitory action of some chemical compounds upon eggs of Galba truncatula, with special reference to alkylpyridine bromides.

Maral, R.; Ciaccio, G., 1958:
Inhibitory action of spiramycin on psittacosis infection of mice and chick embryos

Nishi, Y., 1958:
Inhibitory action of the pressed juice from some plants on which aphids were fed against the infectivity of Tobacco mosaic virus.

Choay, J.; Dhennin, L.; Thely, M., 1960:
Inhibitory action of viral ribonucleotide on foot and mouth disease in guinea-pigs

Staudinger, W.L.; Buchholtz, W.F., 1962:
Inhibitory and lethal effects of three protectants against Pythium debaryanum

Dostal, R., 1957 :
Inhibitory atavisms and the prospects of their use in breeding

Best, M.M.; Duncan, C.H., 1957:
Inhibitory effect of isocholesterol on the absorption of cholesterol

Tieri, O.; Tocco, G., 1958:
Inhibitory effect of isocholesterol on absorption of cholesterol

Suva, J.; Cerhova, M.; Habermannova, S.; Habermann, V., 1961:
Inhibitory effect of 6-azauracil on the induction of fatty liver by dietary orotic acid in young rats

Katrandzhiev, K., 1959:
Inhibitory effect of Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus on Brucella bovis and Erysipelo-thrix rhusiopathiae.

Wang, Y.C.; Hsu, H.W., 2007:
Inhibitory effect of Melastoma candidum D. Don acetone extract on foodborne pathogenic bacteria survival in food products

Lubke, A., 1962:
Inhibitory effect of acute pneumonia on development of foot and mouth disease myocarditis in mice.

Aschkenasy-Lelu, P., 1960:
Inhibitory effect of an oestrogenic hormone on spontaneous consumption of alcohol by the rat

Yamada, K.; Sawaki, S.; Hayami, S., 1957:
Inhibitory effect of cycloserine on some enzymic activities related to vitamin B6

Oser, B.L.; Oser, M., 1956:
Inhibitory effect of feed grade diphenyl-p-phenylenediamine (DPPD) on parturition in rats

Lubke, A., 1962 :
Inhibitory effect of inflammation resulting from subcutaneous injection of turpentine on production of foot and mouth disease myocarditis in mice

Moreno Calvo, J.; Santos Ruiz, A., 1956:
Inhibitory effect of ions (F- and Ca++) and of ascorbic acid on the amylase activity of the potato

Singh, A.; Chak, I.M., 1956:
Inhibitory effect of kamala (Mallotus philippinensis) on succinic dehydrogenase of tape worm (Moniezia expansa)

Sugiura, M., 1963:
Inhibitory effect of kinetin on respiration of tobacco leaf disks

Minesita, T.; Yamaguchi, K.; Yamamoto, K., 1959:
Inhibitory effect of lycorine on the ascorbic acid biosynthesis

Shahani, Khem, M., 1962:
Inhibitory effect of nisin upon various organisms

Akiba, T.; Takeshi, Y., 1957:
Inhibitory effect of sodium nitroprusside on the development of resistance of E. coli to streptomycin

Meghal, S.K.; Nath, M.C., 1962:
Inhibitory effect of sulfaguanidine on the biosynthesis of thiamine in rats and the beneficial role of penicillin and hydrolyzed glucose cycloacetoacetate

Yaoi, H.; Sano, H., 1960:
Inhibitory effect of thiamine on attack of Japanese B encephalitis in the mouse

Ohmura, T.; Howell, R.W., 1960:
Inhibitory Effect of Water on Oxygen Consumption by Plant Materials

Toygarli, S.A., 1957:
Inhibitory effect ofthe pineal gland on malignant tumours

Kosikov, K.V.; Raevskaja, O.G., 1959:
Inhibitory effect on directed muta-tional variability of enzymic properties.

Seeliger, H.P.R., 1958:
Inhibitory effect on fungi of a new benzimidazole derivative

Stenlid, Goran, 1959:
Inhibitory effects of 2-desoxy-D-galactose upon plant roots

Kim HongTae; Kim JuWan; Lim MeeKyoung; Yeo SangGeon; Jang KwangHo; O.T.eHo; Lee KeunWoo, 2007:
Inhibitory effects of Artemisia capillaris extract on the pathogenic bacteria in mice

Clayton, C.C.; Abbott, L.D., 1958:
Inhibitory effects of certain benzimidazole derivatives on the production of azo dye liver tumors

Kamat, D.N., 1956:
Inhibitory effects of certain halogen salts on milk coagulation by trypsin

Zhong, J-Yi.; Cong, H-Qun.; Zhang, L-Hua., 2007:
Inhibitory effects of grape procyanidins on free radical-induced cell damage in rat hepatocytes in vitro

Kobayashi, S.; Ohishi, I.; Kume, S., 1959:
Inhibitory effects of promazine hydrochloride and chlorpromazine hydrochloride on reactions of dogs to arsenic compounds.

Roy, D.; Ghosh, S.; Guha, B.C., 1958:
Inhibitory effects of some 2-aryl-guanidino-4-amino-6-oxy-pyrimidines on the growth of Streptococcus faecalis, Lactobacillus arabinosus and Escherichia coli

Chen YuTing; Hsieh ChiehYi; Lii ChongKuei; Liu SinYie; Wang TsuShing, 2006:
Inhibitory effects of the water yam (Dioscorea alata L.) on glucose-induced protein glycation: a comparative study with four Chinese medicines for treating diabetes

Gillies, Ailsa, 1957:
Inhibitory factors in cheese milk

Krsttc, M., 1956:
Inhibitory property of two antibiotics against certain fungi

Kecskes, M.; Manninger, E.; Totos, R.; E.A., 1963:
Inhibitve effect of antibiotics on microorganisms on the root surface of grape vines.

Hofman, T., 1958:
Inhomogeneity of alpha -casein from goat milk

Freitas, M.G.; Costa, H.M.A., 1961:
Iniluencia do sistema de manejo sobre a infostacao por nematoides em bovinos

Tanner, C.E., 1963:
Inimunochemical study of the antigens of Trichinella spiralis larvae. III. Knzymatic degradation of the major precipitating antigen

Doll, E.C.; Miller, H.F.; Freeman, J.F., 1960:
Initial and residual effects of rock phosphate and superphosphate

Ike, S.O.; Anisiuba, B.C.; Onwubere, B.J.C.; Ikeh, V.O., 2006:
Initial antihypertensive therapy: prescription pattern at the out-patient cardiology clinic of University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, Enugu

Destrez, J., 1960:
Initial cacao research in Madagascar

Hoyte, H.M.D., 1961:
Initial development of infections with Babesia bigemina

Ramos, K.M.O.; Felfili, J.M.; Sousa Silva, J.C.; Fagg, C.W.; Franco, A.C., 2003:
Initial development of seedlings of Hymenaea stigonocarpa Mart. ex. Hayne, under different shading conditions

Maric, B., 1961:
Initial development of some exotic conifers on Mt. Zlatibor.

Macedo, R.L.G.; Barros, G.P.; Venturin, N.; Salgado, B.G., 2004:
Initial development of three forest species in grazing degraded areas in Ijaci-MG-Brazil

O'-Brien, G.-M.C.ow, E.-Pl; Price, R., K., 2007:
Initial evaluation of a field-friendly extraction procedure for the enzymatic assay of cassava cyanogens

Evans, G.; Watson, D.P.; Davidson, H., 1961:
Initial evaluation of grafting some species of the Rosaceae

Escudie, E.; Sales, P., 1963:
Initial experiments in Upper Volta with residual dichlorvos. 4. Malariological study

Bosch, R.V.n Den Schilinger, E.I.; Hagen, K.S., 1962:
Initial field observations in California on Trioxys pallidus (Haliday) a recently introduced parasite of the Walnut aphid

Beaumont, J.H.; Lange, A.H.; Fukunaga, E.T., 1956:
Initial growth and yield response of coffee trees to a new system of pruning

Destrez, J., 1960:
Initial investigations on cacao in Madagascar

Raoul, Y.; Gounelle, J.C., 1958:
Initial localisation of vitamin D3 in the adrenal glands after intravenous injection in the rat

Lizgunova, T.V., 1962:
Initial material and methods for breeding early and good keeping cabbage varieties.

Smaraev, G.E., 1959:
Initial material and methods of growing tomatoes in the lower valley of the Amu-Dar'ja.

Lazareva, A.G., 1961:
Initial material and the methods of breeding new strawberry varieties in the south of the USSR.

Ivanov, N.R., 1962:
Initial material for breeding broad beans.

Gizatova, A.F., 1963:
Initial material for breeding early cabbage varieties.

Ivanov, A.P.; Belozerova, N.A., 1962:
Initial material for breeding early soft spring wheats for the virgin lands.

Klockov, V.N.; Voronova, V.G., 1961:
Initial material for breeding fibre-flax.

Kondakov, N.A., 1957:
Initial material for breeding flax derived from the Cainskii land race.

Ivanov, N.R., 1962:
Initial material for breeding fodder beans.

Trofimovskaja, A.E.; Miloradova, N.L., 1960:
Initial material for breeding hard wheat in the Volga territory.

Hoffmann, W.; Nover, I., 1959:
Initial material for breeding mildew-resistant barleys

Lysov, V.N.; Artem'eva, N.N., 1962:
Initial material for breeding millet for resistance to loose smut.

Mordvinkina, A.I., 1960:
Initial material for breeding oats in the USSR.

Vasjakin, N., 1963:
Initial material for breeding peas in Siberia.

Jakubciner, M.M.; Ceremisov, B.M., 1962:
Initial material for breeding strong spring wheats for the virgin lands.

Russi, N., 1959:
Initial material for breeding sweet clover (Melilotus alba Desr.)

Udaoin, R.A., 1962:
Initial material for breeding wheat.

Strucovskaja, E.S., 1961:
Initial material for breeding winter wheat for resistance to lodging.

Klochkov, V.N.; Voronova, M.V.G., 1961:
Initial material for long-staple Flax selection

Bukasov, S.M., 1958:
Initial material for potato breeding, especially for varieties resistant to the Colorado beetle

Bukasov, S.M., 1959:
Initial material for the breeding of potato varieties resistant to the Colorado beetle.

Mirosnicenko, I.I., 1962:
Initial material of French beans.

Grosse, F., 1962:
Initial performance of young boars from birth to day of licensing.

Schoenaers, F.; Kaeckenbeeck, A., 1963:
Initial phase of intestinal absorption of antibodies in new-born calves.

Stearner, S.P.; Sanderson, M.; Christian, E.J.; Brues, A.M., 1956:
Initial radiation syndrome in the adult chicken

Ritter, C.M., 1956:
Initial report on nutritional studies with the Elberta peach

Wittmer, G., 1963:
Initial results from a plan of transferring the character resistance to P. tabacina to the Italian tobacco cultivars

Stefanescu, C.; Ciolca, N.; Marin, L.; Dancu, D., 1961:
Initial results in developing a local type of grey Karakul

Dornelles, C.M., 1963:
Initial results of an experiment on the manuring of orange trees

Houser, A.; Gaylor, J.Y., 1961:
Initial results of silvex used in seven Oklahoma ponds

Leali, L., 1959 :
Initial results of the recovery from tuberculosis in the rearing of dairy cattle in Lombardy.

Zonneveld, I.S., 1959:
Initial soil formation (ripening) in freshwater sediments.

Leijerstam, B., 1962:
Initial stages of the infection by Gloeosporium perennans on the Apple varieties Cox's Orange and Ribston

Fowler, D.P., 1962:
Initial studies indicate Pinus resinosa little affected by selfing

Taylor, R.L.; Zuschek, F., 1962:
Initial studies with hog cholera vaccine produced in tissue cultures

Stanek, M., E.Al., 1959:
Initial trials of the antifungal antibiotics Fungicidin and Actidione against hop downy mildew

Kuzelenko, V.G.; Makarova, T.A., 1957:
Initial variety trials on citrus and lemon breeding in MSSR.

Maurer, K.J., 1962:
Initial yields from 4 apple varieties on 3 vigorous rootstocks

Maurer, K.J., 1963:
Initial yields of 3 sour cherry varieties

Hodgson, L.M., 1963:
Initiating a breeding programme with Pinus patula in Southern Rhodesia

Gillett, J.D., 1956:
Initiation and Promotion of Ovarian Development in the Mosquito Aedes (Stegomyia) aegypti (Linnaeus)

Babenko, V.I., 1956:
Initiation and differentiation of fruit buds on lemons in trenches and lemon

Fujii, K.; Hoshino, K.; Shimizu, A.; Ichinomiya, K.; Uruta, Y., 1959:
Initiation of lactation in castrated women and sterile women with or without secondary amenorrhoea by priming with estrogen and luteoid and treating with prolactin

Haun, C.K.; Sawyer, C.H., 1960:
Initiation of lactation in rabbits following placement of hypothalamic lesions

Nicoll, C.S.; Talwalker, P.K.; Meites, J., 1960:
Initiation of lactation in rats by nonspecific stresses

Maqsood, M., 1961:
Initiation of mammary secretion in virgin rats by stimulation of nipples

Das, N.K.; Patau, K.; Skoog, F., 1956:
Initiation of mitosis and cell division by kinetin and indoleacetic acid in excised tobacco pith tissue

Guttes, E.; Guttes, S., 1963:
Initiation of mitosis in post-mitotic nuclei of Physarum polycephalum

Powelson, R.L., 1960:
Initiation of strawberry fruit rot caused by Botrytis cinerea

Rouatt, J.W.; Katznelson, H., 1958:
Initiation of the rhizosphere effect

Downey, N.E., 1962:
Injectable carbon tetrachloride in the treatment of Fasciola hepatica infestation in lambs

Zimmerman, D.R.; Speer, V.C.; Hays, V.W.; Catron, D.V., 1959:
Injectable iron-dextran and several oral iron treatments for the prevention of iron-deficiency anemia of baby pigs

Winterhalter, M., 1961:
Injectable mixture of carbon tetrachloride in oil and hyaluronidase for liver fluke in cattle.

Sundar, S.; Jha, T.K.; Thakur, C.P.; Sinha, P.K.; Bhattacharya, S.K., 2007:
Injectable paromomycin for Visceral leishmaniasis in India

Caldwell, J.L.; Kiplinger, D.C., 1960:
Injecting fertilizer in water line correlates to growth rate

Peevy, F.A., 1963:
Injecting undiluted 2,4-D amine to control woody plants

Peevy, F.A., 1962:
Injecting undiluted silvicides for control of woody plants

Winterhalter, M.; Rukavina, J.; Levi, I., 1957:
Injection of carbon tetrachloride into the rumen of cattle for the treatment of liver-fluke

Palmer, A.C., 1959:
Injection of drugs into the cerebral ventricle of sheep

Brown, G.B.; Hildreth, A.C., 1960:
Injections of reduced iron for control of lime-induced chlorosis of trees

Elwell, H.M., 1963:
Injector and basal-bark control methods

Elwell, H.M., 1956:
Injector method for tree and brush control

Little, S., 1963:
Injector treatments for killing New Jersey and eastern Maryland hardwoods

Kozarzevskaja, E.F., 1958:
Injuries by insects to fruit and seed of tree and shrub species in the region of the Derkul Experiment Station for shelterbelt forestry.

Schmutterer, H., 1956:
Injuries caused by sucking lachnids on Oak and Beech in relation to ant trophobiosis.

Prota, R., 1963:
Injuries caused by the ant Tetramorium meridionale.

Lenoir, R., 1959:
Injuries caused by the winter of 1956 to the exotic trees and shurbs grown at Rendeux (Basse Ardenne).

Leischner, O., 1962:
Injuries caused to forest stands by tapping for water.

Gigante, R., 1958:
Injuries from carbolineum in tomato seed beds

Knorr, L.C.; Webster, B.N.; Malaguti, G., 1960:
Injuries in Citrus attributed to Brevipalpus mites, including Brevipalpus gall, a newly reported disorder in Sour-Orange seedlings

Bjerkas, E., 2006:
Injuries in dogs' eyes caused by cat claws

Bestagno, G., 1960:
Injuries to carnation crops from chromium in a mixed manure

Berge, H., 1959:
Injuries to fruit and forest trees by SO .

Prota, U., 1963:
Injuries to globe artichokes (Cynara scolymus)caused by treatments with 2,4-D.)

Schmidt, H.A., 1962:
Injuries to maize by Dipterous larvae

Moriondo, F., 1961:
Injuries to peach trees from low summer temperatures

Stille, B., 1957:
Injuries to plant roots by culture filtrates of micro-organisms

Oechslin, M., 1957:
Injuries to plantations at high altitudes.

Winner, C., 1959:
Injuries to sugar-beet by O. campatus

Tkacenko, V.I., 1960:
Injuries to trees and shrubs caused by a sharp drop in temperature during the growing season.

Gartel, W., 1959:
Injuries to vines resulting from the excessive uptake of boron from the enamel of Mitscherlich containers

Madziara Borusiewicz, K., 1963:
Injurious and parasitic insects of Spruce cones in Switzerland.

Bandt, H.J.; Nehring, D.; Schluter, M., 1962:
Injurious effect and use of herbicides in fisheries.

Desai, A.D.; Seshagiri Rao, T., 1957:
Injurious effect of green manure on rice under ill-drained conditions

Molberg, E.S., 1961:
Injurious effects of fertilizers applied with the seed on the emergence of flax

Radu, S., 1960:
Injurious effects of snow on Juniperus virginiana and other species.

Postner, M., 1961:
Injurious feeding by Lagria hirta L. (Lagriidae, Coleopt.) on young spruces.

Esterberg, L.K., 1960:
Injurious forest coleoptera of the Gor'ki region.

Schneider, I., 1963:
Injurious insects introduced into Germany with imported wood.

Gyorfi, J., 1956:
Injurious insects of Ash, Maple and Elm seeds.

Iwamura, M., 1960:
Injurious insects of the Japanese pine mushroom. VIII. The economic effects of insecticide applications.

Nikolova, V., 1962:
Injurious leafrollers (Lep. Tortricidae) and Gelechiids (Lep. Geleohiidae) on fruit trees and their parasites.

Eidmann, H., 1963 :
Injurious occurrences of Argyresthia laevigatella, and its control.

Damiano, A., 1963:
Injurious olive pests in Tripolitania and methods of control

Johansson, E., 1960:
Injurious species of Diptera on cereals and pasture grasses and possibilities of controlling them

Weidner, H., 1962:
Injurious termites in experimental agricultural fields in the Sudan and the description of a new species of Pseudacanthotermes

Cohen, M., 1957:
Injury and loss of Citrus trees due to tristeza disease in an Orange County grove

Cohen, M., 1957:
Injury and loss of citrus trees due to tristeza in an Orange County grove

Somermaa, K., 1956:
Injury by Pediculoides graminum in Wheat Fields

Day, W.R.; Barrett, D.K., 1962:
Injury by experimental freezing to various provenances of Black Pine (Pinus nigra Arnold)

Stejskal, V.; Kosina, P.; Holesovska, P., 2007:
Injury capability of pests to stored legumes in Namibia

Romano, Antonella, 1956:
Injury due to cold and fusariosis (caused by Gibberella baccata (Wallr.) Sacc.) in Citrus orchards in Sicily

Romano, A., 1956:
Injury from cold and fusariosis (caused by Gibberella baccata) in Sicilian citrus orchards

Lau, N.E.; Filmer, R.S., 1960:
Injury of clover root curculios to red clover in New Jersey

Miller, A.C., 1958:
Injury of dairy cattle by sodium arsenite spray

Ogo, T.; Tomiyama, T., 1961:
Injury of rice varieties resulting from root development under conditions of saline irrigation.

Negulescu, E.G.; Moldoveanu, G., 1962:
Injury to Beech seedlings caused by successive fellings in the Pojanil Valley, Brasov Forest Division.

Holevas, C.D.; Demetriades, S.D., 1963:
Injury to Citrus caused by chloride toxicity

Magnani, G., 1956:
Injury to Eucalypts

Halperin, J., 1963:
Injury to Eucalypts caused by Achradidius creticus Kies. and Opatroides punctulatus Bruelle

Traaen, A.E., 1958:
Injury to Norway Spruce along the roadside by CaCl2

Turnock, W.J., 1956:
Injury to Tamarack shoots caused by the Larch sawfly

Hollunder, W., 1956:
Injury to azaleas caused by Germisan

Simeone, J.B.; Engelken, J.H., 1959 :
Injury to coniferous tree seedlings by the oblique-banded leaf roller

Specht, A.W.; Mcclellan, W.D.; Marshall, B.H.; Jr., 1959:
Injury to forced narcissus from bulb treatment by certain mercurials: spectrochemical determination of mineral composition and residual mercury

Mulder, W.J.; Den Boer, W., 1961:
Injury to horticultural crops by factory fumes

Buttner, H., 1956:
Injury to larvae of some forest pests from treating the food plants with mineral fertilizers.

Krupskii, N.K.; Krasnopol'skaya, L.F., 1962:
Injury to legume nodules, & biological fixation of nitrogen.

Gould, C.J.; E.A., 1961:
Injury to narcissus from treatment of bulbs with certain mercury compounds

Sansavini, S., 1961:
Injury to peaches by noctuids

Tafradzijski, I Popov, S., 1958:
Injury to peaches caused by fungicidal sprays.

Anonymous, 1956:
Injury to plants by hormone herbicides

Daubenmire, R., 1957:
Injury to plants from rapidly dropping temperature in Washington and northern Idaho

Kloke, A., 1963:
Injury to sansevieria by illumination gas

Holz, W., 1957:
Injury to winter barley after spraying with mixtures of DNC and growth regulators.

Grente, J., 1961:
Ink disease of Chestnut. I. Etiology and biology

Grente, J., 1961:
Ink disease of Chestnut. II. The pathogenic agents: P. cambivora and P. cinnamomi

Grente, J., 1961:
Ink disease of chestnut trees. II The pathogens: Phytophthora cambivora and P. cinnamomi

Saurabh Chaudhuri, 2007:
Inland cultivation of Casuarina equisetifolia L. (Jhaw) in south West Bengal

Bmimachar, B.S., 1959:
Inland fisheries of India and their problems

Sharma, R.P.; He, Q.R.; Sharma, N.; Osuchowski, M.F., 2005:
Innate hepatic immune system and hepatotoxicity: lessons from genetically modified mice and fumonisin B1

Kauf, A.C.W.; Rosenbusch, R.F.; Paape, M.J.; Bannerman, D.D., 2007:
Innate immune response to intramammary Mycoplasma bovis infection

Mutwiri, G.; Gerdts, V.; Lopez, M.; Babiuk, L.A., 2007:
Innate immunity and new adjuvants

Cheng, T.C.; Streisfeld, S.D., 1963:
Innate Phagocytosis In The Trematodes Megalodiscus Temperatus And Haematoloechus Sp

Ritterson, A.L., 1959:
Innate resistance of species of hamsters to Trichinella spiralis and its reversal by cortisone

Wegner, K.M.; Kalbe, M.; Reusch, T.B.H., 2007:
Innate versus adaptive immunity in sticklebacks: evidence for trade-offs from a selection experiment

Koketsu, R., 1960:
Inner stage of action and eso-ecology of plants

Leftheriotis, E.; Mackowiak, G.; Lang, R.; Goret, P., 1961:
Innocuity and efficacy of a tissue culture swine fever vaccine

Bognar, K., 1959:
Innocuity and efficacy of swine fever vaccine.

Thamm, H.; Ihlenburg, H.; Lange, H., 1963:
Innocuity of milk from cows fed urea.

Bruggemann, J.; Bronsch, K.; Niesar, K.-H.; Schole, J.; Barth, K., 1961:
Innocuity of nitrofurazone, nitrophenide and nicarbazin in mixed meals for poultry

Borcherdt, Christoph., 1961:
Innovation - a regular feature in the agro-geographical field

Jha, Satish Chandra., 1960:
Innovation and entrepreneurial decision in Indian paddy enterprise

Aylward, D., 2007:
Innovation and inertia: the emerging dislocation of imperatives within the Australian wine industry

Dasgupta, S., 1963:
Innovation and innovators in Indian villages

Sishkin, A.; Shishkina, N.; Fal' kovich, E., 2006:
Innovation and investment model of development taking an economic cycle phase into consideration

Khabardin, V.N.; Naidysh, A.F.; Petukhov, S.A.; Perfil' eva, T.P.; Khabardin, S V., 2006:
Innovative means and methods of diagnostics of engine fuel parts

Kuiper, K., 1959:
Inoculatieproeven met Hemicycliophora typica

Kavanagh, Thomas, 1961:
Inoculating barley seedlings with Ustilago nuda and wheat seedlings with U. tritici

Shivashankar, C.; Govindasamy, Y.; Earanna, N.; Farooqi, A.A.; Suresh, C.K., 2004:
Inoculation effect of AM fungus and plant growth promoting rhizosphere microorganisms on growth and biomass of Solanum viarum Dunal

John, K.P., 1958:
Inoculation experiment with Fomes lignosus, Klotzsch

Bergmann, L.; Melchers, G., 1959:
Inoculation experiments on submerged tissue cultures with Tobacco mosaic virus

Kohler, E., 1960:
Inoculation experiments with Potato virus A (str. 'Magna 556') on N. glutinosa and some other hosts

Karling, John, S., 1960:
Inoculation experiments with Synchytrium macrosporum

Minz, G.; Strich-Harari, D., 1959:
Inoculation experiments with a mixture of Meloidogyne spp. on tomato roots

Koet, J., 1956:
Inoculation experiments with anthracnose, Colletotrichum trifolii B. & E., on various papilionaceous crops

Minz, G.; Gerechter, Z.; Avizohar-Hershenson, Z., 1960:
Inoculation experiments with ergot on Wheat and wild grasses

Hiratsuka, N.; Sato, S., 1956:
Inoculation experiments with heteroecious species of the Japanese rust fungi (5)

Saho, H., 1963:
Inoculation experiments with sporidia of Coleosporium phellodendri

Urban, Z., 1961:
Inoculation experiments with the stem rust Puccinia graminis in Bohemia (Czechoslovakia)

Mocanu, Victoria, V., 1958:
Inoculation experiments with wood-destroying fungi on species of Populus, Quercus, and Picea

Costa, A.S.; Silva, D.M.; Carvalho, A.M.B., 1960:
Inoculation of Coffee plants with Tomato spotted wilt Virus

Houston, D.R., 1963:
Inoculation of Oaks with Urnula cratcrium (Schw.) Fr. produces cankers identical to Strumella cankers

Rishbeth, J., 1961:
Inoculation of Pine stumps against infection by Formes annosus

Takacs, E.A., 1961:
Inoculation of Pinus spp. with mycorrhiza-forming fungi.

Bird, J., 1961:
Inoculation of Sugarcane plants with the mosaic virus using the airbrush

Vuittenez, A., 1959:
Inoculation of different Vitis species by viruses of the infectious degeneration group; application to disease diagnosis

Cabezas, D.H.S.; E., 1958:
Inoculation of different genera of legumes with a Rhizobium strain obtained from V. sativa

Lane, V.M.; Liu, I.K.M.; Casey, K.; vanLeeuwen, E.M.G.; Flanagan, D.R.; Murata, K.; Munro, C., 2007:
Inoculation of female American black bears (Ursus americanus) with partially purified porcine zona pellucidae limits cub production

Chowdhury, A.B.; Kean, B.H.; Browne, H.G., 1960:
Inoculation of helminth eggs into animal eyes

Wrobel, T.; Golebiowska, J., 1956:
Inoculation of leguminous plants grown on different soil types with nodule bacteria.

Maliszewska, W., 1961:
Inoculation of plants with Azotobacter

Hely, F.W., 1963:
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Inorganic nitrogen metabolism

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Inorganic nitrogen oxidations in relation to associated changes in free energy

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Inorganic nitrogen transformation in a black earth

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Inorganic phosphate in blood

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Inorganic phosphate in human erythrocytes

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Inorganic pyrophosphate in human blood?

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Inositol: an indispensable dietary requirement for the boll weeiil

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Input and output in Kibbutz settlements.

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Input and output relation in Austrian agriculture

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Input interactions in Florida orange production

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Input-output relations 1954-1966

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Inquiry regarding the United Kingdom

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Inquiryinto milk fever and grass tetany in cattle in France

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Insan ye veteriner hekimlerini mustereken ilgilendiren yeni bir paraziter hastakk Weingartien hastahgi veya Frimodt-Moller syndrom'u

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Insan, kopek ve kedi askaridleri arasinda immunolojik munasebetler

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Insect Transmission of Oak Wilt

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Insect and other lawn pests

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Insect attack on Aspen and Hypoxylon

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Insect control

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Insect control research

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Insect control vs. human nutrition

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Insect pests of P. contorta var. latifolia observed in Poland and some of their parasites

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Insect transmission of another virus

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Insect-resistant crops

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Insectary technique for testing the resistance of small grains to the greenbug

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Insectes nuisibles au riz dans le Nord Cameroun

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Insectes nuisibles aux fruits et aux graines

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Insecticidal Fogs against Tsetse Flies on Trains

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Insecticidal action and phytotoxicity of butyltin compounds.

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Insecticidal and acaricidal properties of Wepsyn

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Insecticidal control of Aegeriid borers attacking peach

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Insecticidal control of Perkinsiella saccharicida the vector of Fiji disease.

Sigwalt, B., 1960:
Insecticidal control of Perkinsiella saccharicida, the Fiji disease vector

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Insecticidal control of San Jose scale on stone fruits

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Insecticidal control of leaf-miner in tobacco

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Insecticidal control of paedogenetic cecid larvae in mushroom beds. II. Incorporation of insecticides in the casing layer

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Insecticidal control of paedogenetic cecid larvae in mushroom beds. III. Further experiments on control of Heteropeza pygmaea Winn

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Insecticidal control of paedogenetie Cecid larvae in mushroom beds. III. Further experiments on control of Heteropeza pygmaea Winn

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Insecticidal control of sorghum midge

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Insecticidal control of sorghum midge, Contarinia sorghicola (Coq.)

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Insecticidal control of the hessian fly

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Insecticidal control of the spread of plant viruses

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Insects not known to occur in the United States, (142-149 of series)

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Insects not known to occur in the United States, (150-161 of series)

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Insects not known to occur in the United States. (106-128 of series)

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