Section 15
Chapter 14,084

Insect pests of Theobroma cacao in the Territory of Papua and New Guinea

Szent-Ivany, J.J.H.

Papua New Guinea agric. J 13: 127-47


Accession: 014083555

The most important pests are the stem borer weevils Pantorhytes plutus, P. proximus and P. szentivanyi, all difficult to control chemically; the mirids Helopeltis clavifer, Pseudodoniella pacifica, P. laensis and Parabryocoropsis typicus, which are susceptible to the chlorinated hydrocarbons; the cerambycids Glenea aluensis and G. lefebueri, controlled by proper plantation hygiene; and the coreid Ambly-pelta theobromae, which may be kept in check with BHC and dieldrin.

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