Section 15
Chapter 14,085

Interaction effects of vitamin B12 and pantothenic acid in breeder hen diets on hatchability, chick growth and livability

Balloun, S.L.; Phillips, R.E.

Poultry Sci 36: 929-934


DOI: 10.3382/ps.0360929
Accession: 014084600

Both the vitamin B12 and pantothenic acid (PA) in the diet of chicken hens influenced PA storage in eggs produced. Vitamin B12 deficiency in the hen diet intensified PA deficiency as measured by (1) hatchability of eggs, (2) growth and viability of progeny and (3) PA storage in the eggs produced. For the breeder hen, the PA requirement was not over 3.0 mg/lb. of B12-a-dequate diet, but was over 4.5 mg/lb. in a B12-deficient diet. The PA requirement tended to be higher for chick viability than for hatchability or for growth of surviving chicks.

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