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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 14088

Chapter 14088 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Investigation of the physiological reasons for the effect of boron, iron, and potassium in the presence of high levels of lime
, Trudy bot. Inst. Komarova Akad. Nauk. 13, 329-359 (1959)

Investigation of the physiologically different glycogen fractions in newborn rabbits
, Experientia 13(3): 113-114 (1957)

Investigation of the phytotoxic action of Cu-containing and other fungicides on leaves of Plum var. Kyustendilska and their effectiveness against wildfire (P. rubrum)
, Izv. Tsentr. n.-i. in.-t. Ovoshch. gam Kostinbrod 1961. 1, 219-238 (1961)

Investigation of the pollen germination and self fertility of the more important quince varieties grown in Yugoslavia
, Arh. poljopr. Nauk 16: 106-10 (1963)

Investigation of the possibility of determining the amount of large Spruce branchwood.
, Lesn. Cas., Praha. 9(10): 897-920 (1963)

Investigation of the possibility of transmission of Kyasanur forest disease virus from mother to child by milk or across the placenta
, Acta Viral, Prague 4(6): 329-34 (1960)

Investigation of the pressure and speed of relaxation and swelling of compressed wood.
, Derev. Prom 12(7): 14-5 (1963)

Investigation of the problem of antibiosis with azotobacter.
, Debr. mezog. Akad. Evk, 41-47 (1960)

Investigation of the problem of the real self-intolerance of flax (Linum usitatissimum L.).
, Z. PflErnahr. Dung 76: 123-132 (1957)

Investigation of the process of alkalinization (szik formation) by means of model experiments.
, Agrokem. Talajt 5: 297-306 (1956)

Investigation of the process of cutting wood into thick chips with a simple cutter.
, Lesn. Z., Arhangel'sk 6(3): 122-33 (1963)

Investigation of the process of formation of soil structure and its relation to crop yields.
, Sborn. esl. Akad. zemed. Ved (Rostl. Vyroba), 32: 225-256 (1959)

Investigation of the process of heating wooden workpieces by a contact heater.
, Derev. Prom 12(7): 9-12 (1963)

Investigation of the process of sanding parts circular in cross-section.
, Derev. Prom 8(10): 14-6 (1959)

Investigation of the process of sawing frozen and thawed wood with PC-15m chain saws.
, Lesn. Z., Arhangel'sk 3(5): 50-6 (1960)

Investigation of the processes in making furniture parts of bentwood with kerfs.
, Derev. Prom 7(5): 4-5 (1958)

Investigation of the processes involved in a tree falling on two supports.
, Lesn. Prom, 2, 19-20 (1960)

Investigation of the proteolytic action of juice of the potato tuber
, Hoppe-Seykr's Ztschr 305: 196-202 (1956)

Investigation of the quality of blanks of wooden pallets
, Annals of Warsaw Agricultural University, Forestry and Wood Technology (57): 209-213 (2005)

Investigation of the ratio between strontium-90 and calcium in the soil and in plants.
, Izv. timiryazev. s.-kh. Akad, 5, 29-46 (1959)

Investigation of the reducing effect of peat fulvic acids on ferric ions. I.
, Agrokem. Talajt 7: 151-162 (1958)

Investigation of the relationship between the specific gravity (oren dry) and the maximum compression stress (pounds per square inch) of Satin (compression parallel to grain)
, Ceylon For 5(4): 203-7 (1962)

Investigation of the relationships of plant parasitic nematodes to the stunting of Pines in outplantings
, Dissert. Abstr 22(1): 22-3 (1961)

Investigation of the revenue from taxation of agricultural real estate in the countryside and general taxation of real estate 1957. (Statens Offentliga Utredningar 1963: 14)
, Undersokning av taxeringsutfallet betraffande jordbruksfastighet pa lands-bygden vid ars allmanna fastighetstaxering, Stockholm, 155 (1963)

Investigation of the ripening disease of Wheat
, Meded. phytopath. Lab. Scholten. 87-95 (1957)

Investigation of the root system of vine in eastern Sicily.
, Ann. Sper. agr 11: 423-447 (1957)

Investigation of the root systems of Phellodendron amurense in mixed and pure plantations.
, Bot. Z 48(2): 258-62 (1963)

Investigation of the roots of hedgerow plants.
, Z. Acker-u. PflBau. 110: 332-341 (1960)

Investigation of the salt tolerance of rice
, Jaarversl. LandbProefst. Suriname, 1961. 20-2 (1961)

Investigation of the salt tolerance of rice.
, Agrokem. Talajt 9: 89-102 (1960)

Investigation of the sandy desert and Gobi in Sinkiang province.
, Sci. Silvae, Peking 8(1): 56-68 (1963)

Investigation of the silvicultural merits of the existing self-sown Pinus sylvestris stands.
, Sylwan. 100A: 1, 75-84 (1956)

Investigation of the socio-economic structure of the Polish village.
, Za socialisticeskuju sel'skochozjaistvennuju Nauku. Prague 8(1): 77-84 (1959)

Investigation of the soil condition and growth of conifer plantations in the province of Bokrijk.
, Agricultura Louvain 7: 85-106 (1959)

Investigation of the strength of compressed Scots Pine wood in compression at an angle to the grain.
, Derev. Prom 9(7): 11-3 (1960)

Investigation of the stunting disease of N:Co.310.
, Rep. Taiwan Sugar Exp. Stat, 14, 83-92. bibl. 11 (1956)

Investigation of the sugar content of urine from normal subjects and patients with renal and hepatic disease by paper chromatography
, Journal of Clinical Pathology 10(1): 84-87 (1957)

Investigation of the suitability of a wall-paint, type BSW, as a mould preventer; manufactured by Nederlandse Muurverf Industrie N.V. (NEMI) at Mijdrecht
, Rapp. Ned. Inst. Zuivelonderz, 43: 9 (1963)

Investigation of the suitability of the wall-paints Albolit and Albofix as mould preventers; manufactured by Ste Sergent & Randon, Paris.
, Rapp. Ned. Inst. Zuivelonderz, 46: 8 (1963)

Investigation of the suppression by myco-statin of the growth of moulds in cultures made from milk for the isolation of brucel-lae.
, Z. Hyg. InfektKr 142(5): 429-31 (1956)

Investigation of the survival of Brucella melitensis in cheese made from naturally infected ewes' milk.
, Ankara Univ. vet. Fak. Derg 8(1): 105-12 (1961)

Investigation of the susceptibility of various apple varieties to powdery mildew (P. leucotricha Salm.) in Metohija
, Zaetita Bilja, 60, 59-74 (1960)

Investigation of the thermal properties of wood and particle board in relation to moisture content and temperature in the hygroscopic range.
, Holz Roh- u. Werkstoff 20(7): 259-70 (1962)

Investigation of the thickness of glue lines in 3-layer beech plywood
, Annals of Warsaw Agricultural University, Forestry and Wood Technology (57): 317-320 (2005)

Investigation of the transpiration coefficient of rice.
, Novenytermeles 6: 203-208 (1957)

Investigation of the uptake of radioactive phosphorus applied to the foliage of maize.
, Agrokem. Talajt 10: 479-492 (1961)

Investigation of the use of different methods of intra-varietal crossing and mass selection in winter wheat
, Anal. Inst. Cerc. Cereal. Pl. teh. Fundulea : Ser. C 30: 189-96 (1962)

Investigation of the variation in and minimization of factors affecting milk yield in milking parlours.
, Allattenyesztes 11(1): 11-17 (1962)

Investigation of the variation in carotenoids and sugar content of carrots due to application of trace elements (Mg, B, Zn, Cu, Mo) to differently fertilized plots.
, Inst. agron. "Dr. Petru Groza" Cluj Luc. stiint 17: 75-84 (1961)

Investigation of the variation in the intensity of the special flavour of goats' whey cheese F.G. 33.
, Meieriposten 52(33): 715-26 (1963)

Investigation of the variation in udder and teat shape in cattle.
, Z. Tierz. ZuchtBiol 70(3): 233-70 (1957)

Investigation of the virulence of different populations of P. infestans in Potatoes
, Ves. Akad. Nav. Minsk. 4: 31-36 (1959)

Investigation of the volatile aroma compounds of strawberries by column and paper chromatography
, Riechstoffe u. Aromen. 8: 252-3; 282-4. bibl. 18 (1958)

Investigation of the winter egg laying rate. I. Coefficient of correlation between the yearly egg laying rate and the egg laying rate in each part of the year.
, Ann. Univ. M. Curie-Sklodowska, E. 14: 1959, 283-295 (1961)

Investigation of the work of the mouldboard in a forest plough.
, Sborn. Rabot Lesn. Hoz. Vsesojuz. Nauc. Issled. Inst. Lesovod, 41, 132-51 (1960)

Investigation of thermophilic microflora of the Yangan-Tau mountain in the southern Urals.
, Mikrobiologiya 31: 1082-1086 (1962)

Investigation of tobacco varieties with few side shoots.
, Agrobiologija. 3, 345-9 (1960)

Investigation of toluene and Gastin for effectiveness in ascaridosis
, Acta Veterinaria. Budapest 6(4): 419-427 (1956)

Investigation of two methods for assessing thyroid-lobe asymmetry during pertechnetate scintigraphy in suspected hyperthyroid cats
, Veterinary Radiology and Ultrasound 48(4): 383-387 (2007)

Investigation of various cultural systems at Cheraia
, C.R. Acad. Agric. Fr 49(6): 422-8. bibl. 12 (1963)

Investigation of virus diseases of Brassica crops
, -Agric. Res. Coun. Rep. Ser, 14: vii + 94 (1957)

Investigation of water movement in soil by means of vacuum lysimeters.
, Z. PflErnahr. Dung 87: 223-229 (1959)

Investigation of waterhyacinth as fodder
, Agriculture Pakistan 10: 513-518 (1959)

Investigation of wheat plants obtained from irradiated seeds under the conditions of the Ararad valley and the Kamo district.
, Deghekakir Haykakan SSR Kidutyunneri Akad : Biol. Kidutyunner (News Acad. Sci. Armen. SSR : Biol. Sci.) 15(9): 75-82 (1962)

Investigation of wood structure by X-rays.
, Lesn. Z., Arhangel'sk 2(3): 146-50 (1959)

Investigation of wood structure in relation to growth conditions
, Rep. Dir. For. Qd. 57. 1957. 30-2 (1957)

Investigation of works canteens from the point of view of nutritional physiology
, Nahrung 4: 324-331 (1960)

Investigation of zheltozera-podzolic soils in Bulgaria.
, Izv. Inst. Pochvoznan. Agrotekh. "Pushkarov", 6: 33-36 (1963)

Investigation on Scots Pine woody by resonance vibrations.
, Lesn. Z., Arhangel'sk 5(6): 106-13 (1962)

Investigation on Sugar Beet diseases. 3. Effects of fungicides on the control of Sugar Beet root diseases
, Rep. Taiwan Sug. Exp. Sta 21: 27-38 (1960)

Investigation on a direct serological estimation of E. coli-type 0111-in milk.
, Arch. Lebensmitt-Hyg 12(8): 176-80 (1961)

Investigation on a new bacterial disease of Rice-brown spot. III. Some aspects of plant hosts of the causal agent
, Acta phytopath. sinica 6(2): 119-126 (1963)

Investigation on body measurements and production characters in RL cows (Register of Merit) and in comparable non RL cows of the Osnabruck Herdbook Society (German Friesians).
, Zuchtungskunde 32(4): 146-53 (1960)

Investigation on buffalo calf mortality
, Indian Veterinary Journal 84(5): 537-539 (2007)

Investigation on chip formation by open-profile saw chains.
, Lesn. Z., Arhangel'sk 3(5): 86-92 (1960)

Investigation on co-sorption and desorption of fluoride and phosphate in a red soil of China
, Water Air and Soil Pollution 183(1-4): 455-465 (2007)

Investigation on different methods of protein determination in milk.
, Maelkeritidende 70: 49, 1015-22 (1957)

Investigation on different types of resistance to Colorado beetle (L. decemlineata Say) in interspecific hybrids of potato
, Hodowla Roslin Aklimatyz. Nasiennic-two 2: 351-70 (1958)

Investigation on drying of peas at De Best .
, Versl. Meerjarenplan Onderz. Akkerbouwpeulvruchten, 1962. 4: 43-8 (1962)

Investigation on drying of peas at De Eest.
, Versl. Meerjarenplan Onderz. Akkerbouwpeulvruchten 1963. 5: 32-8 (1963)

Investigation on fat digestion and fat metabolism in ruminants. I. Feeding un-saturated fats to dairy cows; fat digestion in rumen
, Cornell Vet 45(2): 254-61 (1956)

Investigation on fats of Australian mammals
, Austral. J. Sci 25: 453-456 (1963)

Investigation on feed utilization by dairy cows.
, Allattenyesztes 10(4): 309-15 (1961)

Investigation on forms of nitrogen ai peats. H. Changes in the nitrogen fractions of peat in relation to geobotanical & cultivation fectors.
, Roczn. Nauk. rol, 88A: 43-57 (1963)

Investigation on genetically modified soybean (RoundUp Ready) in goat nutrition: DNA detection in suckling kids
, Italian Journal of Animal Science 6(Suppl. 1): 380-382 (2007)

Investigation on grazing in woodland.
, Forskn. Fors. Landbr 14(2): 121-365. bibl. 90 (1963)

Investigation on herbicidal control of annual grasses in potatoes. Pre-emergence applications of soil herbicides.
, Beknopt Versl. Centr. Onkruidonderz, 28-9 (1961)

Investigation on human milk.
, Farm.Glasn 15(11): 450-57 (1959)

Investigation on improving the fertilizer procedure of paddy fields in the warm district of Japan.
, Bull. Kyushu agric. Exp. Sta 8: 435-532 (1963)

Investigation on induction of limited multiple ovulations in cattle
, Journal of Reproduction and Fertility 5: 283-286 (1963)

Investigation on infraspecific chemical differences in poppy. Contributions towards the characterization of hybrids of P. somniferum L. x P. orientale L
, Pharmazie 16: 426-33 (1961)

Investigation on intervarietal crossing of wheat by open pollination
, Arh. poljopr, Nauk. 10(28): 50-84 (1957)

Investigation on labour demand in agriculture as exemplified by the Cracow province
, Gospodarka planowa. Warszawa, 6, 49-54 (1962)

Investigation on liming trial plots in the Escherode demostration forest.
, Forstarchiv 33(2): 25-9 (1962)

Investigation on milk yield, fat and protein content in Black Pied cows during the first 20 days of lactation.
, Schr Reihe Max-Planck-Inst. Tierzucht, 117-29 (1962)

Investigation on molybdenum deficiency.
, Landbouwvoorlichting 14: 201-248 (1957)

Investigation on mycotrophism of a Scots Pine association in the Starzenina forestry area
, Prace Inst, badaw. Lesn 259: 61-69 (1963)

Investigation on new anthelmintics from the phenol series and of their derivatives
, Farmakologiia i Toksikologiia 21(3): 49-53 (1958)

Investigation on nitrate content in different Danish soils.
, Tidsskr. Planteavl 65: 206-234 (1961)

Investigation on optimum size of collective farms in the Banat region
, Probleme agr, Bucuresti, Feb 14(2): 50-61 (1962)

Investigation on oxidative and antioxidative status in subjects with pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes
, Acta Nutrimenta Sinica 29(3): 232-234, 238 (2007)

Investigation on pollen germination in native pear varieties grown in western Serbia
, Arh. poljopr. Auk 15(49): 132-38 (1962)

Investigation on possible control of helminth parasites by applying chemical fertilizers to pasture.
, Acta vet, Beogr. 13(3/4): 35-45 (1963)

Investigation on relationships between blood groups and production characters in cattle.
, Zuchtungskunde 32: Supplement, 291-305 (1960)

Investigation on resistance of gastrointestinal nematodes in sheep and goats to anthelmintics in Ningxia, China
, Veterinary Science in China 37(6): 491-495 (2007)

Investigation on resources of red deer in Karawushen Mountain, North Tianshan Mountains
, Endemic Diseases Bulletin 22(2): 6-8 (2007)

Investigation on saline and alkaline soils in Turkey
, Seminar on Land Classification and Soil Survey, Adana, Turkey, 1960. 61-70 (1960)

Investigation on salt tolerance in rice
, Jaarversl. LandbProefst. Suriname, 1959. 11-13 (1959)

Investigation on setting time and firmness of rennet curd.
, Te jipari Kutat. Kozlem, 30-45 (1962)

Investigation on sex pheromones in Lasiocampidae: advance and prospect
, Scientia Silvae Sinicae 42(6): 115-123 (2006)

Investigation on soil type and growth of conifer stands at Bokrijk
, Agricultura, Louvain (Ser. 2) 7(1): 85-106 (1959)

Investigation on some trematodes of birds from the east Scotland
, Zeitschrift für Parasitenkunde 22: 186-195 (1962)

Investigation on stalk rot of Corn caused by Gibberella zeae : Part I A comparison of two methods of evaluating the severity of stalk rot in several Corn varieties. Part II. Aspects of the biochemical nature of stalk rot resistance
, Diss. Abstr 21(6): 1321-1322 (1960)

Investigation on the Biology of Piezolrachelus variurn (Wagner) and Apion (Conapion) chirindanum Wagner (Coleoptera: Apioninae)
, J. ent. Soc. S. Afr, Pretoria 86-99 (1956)

Investigation on the Brucella abortus agglutination titre of freshly taken blood samples from cattle.
, Schweiz. Arch. Tierheilk 99(9): 528-32 (1957)

Investigation on the N: P: K ratio in the nutrition of maize.
, Inst. agron. 'W. Balcescu" Luc. stiint, 5A: 135-140 (1961)

Investigation on the accuracy of evaluating fungicidal action of wood preservatives by the wood-block method
, Folia for. polon. Ser. B, 5, 95-118 (1963)

Investigation on the actual state of intimate connection of agriculture and forestry in farm management, especially in the newly developed land in Hokkaido. (VI). Colligation.
, Res. Bull. Exp. For. Hokkaido Univ 20(2): 471-509 (1959)

Investigation on the adsorption of Cs+ ions on clay minerals.
, Agrokem. Talajt 10: 539-546 (1961)

Investigation on the age of canopy closure in Pinus nigra plantations, with regard to the choice of optimum planting density.
, Izv. Inst. Gorata Balg. Akad. Nauk., Sofija. 12: 147-71 (1963)

Investigation on the agent of phloem necrosis of Liberia Coffee in Surinam
, Surinaam. Landb 10(4): 152-156 (1962)

Investigation on the annual ring of wood formation in European Silver Fir (Abies pectinata D.C.)
, Acta Soc. Bot. Polon 32(3): 609-18 (1963)

Investigation on the aphicidal effects of Systox applied to cotton seeds.
, Acta oecon.-ent. sin, Peking 1(2): 144-151 (1958)

Investigation on the biology and control of U. zeae (Beckm.) Unger
, Phytopath. Z 35: 301-32 (1959)

Investigation on the boron, copper and manganese optake from a trace-element-containing seed dressing.
, Landw. Forsch 13: 261-272 (1960)

Investigation on the cause of the lack of nitrification in a reclaimed soil.
, Agricultura Louvain 11: 225-244 (1963)

Investigation on the cause of the yellow-rust epidemics on wheat
, Agricultura. Louvain 6: 353-78 (1958)

Investigation on the chemical composition of sulla (Hedysarum coronarium L.) grown in Sicily. Contribution to the knowledge of mineral microelements
, Tecnica agric 13(6): 491-9. bibl. 6 (1961)

Investigation on the composition of human milk in Morocco.
, Pr. med, 69: 49, 2189-90 (1961)

Investigation on the control of banana leaf spot disease
, Agric. trop. Bogota 13: 509-14 (1957)

Investigation on the control of peach rust (Tranzschelia prunispinosae Pers)
, N.Z. J. agric. Res 1: 660-4. bibl. 4 (1958)

Investigation on the control of tobacco caterpillars(Prodenia litura F.) in nursery and field
, Indian J. Ent 21: 10-14 (1959)

Investigation on the course of deposition of skeletal tissue in the stalk of cereals, with special reference to resistance to lodging
, Z. Acker- u. Pflbau. 101: 3, 335-46. bibl. 27 (1956)

Investigation on the cultivation and processing of five broad-bean varieties in 1961
, Meded. Proefsta. Akker- en Weidebouw, Wageningen, 70, 66 (1962)

Investigation on the daily and annual flowering rhythm in some Hungarian grass species
, Jubilee scientific conference of the Agricultural Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Martonvasar, 8-10 December, 1961. 259-78 (1961)

Investigation on the determination of available cobalt in soils of Kaira district in Gujarat
, Indian Jour Agric Sci 31(4): 261-265 (1961)

Investigation on the determination of the minimum temperature for germination of agricultural weeds.
, Z.Acker-u. PflBau 101: 395-430. bibl.26 (1956)

Investigation on the development of flowers with defective pistils in peach and Japanese plum.
, Engeibunjo Kenkyu Hokoku/Bull. hort. Br. Kanagawa agric. Exp. Sta, 9, 41-44 (1961)

Investigation on the development of the male cones in Fitzroya cupressoides (Mol.) Johnst. and Pilgerodendron uviferum (Dom.) Flor.
, Phytomorphology 12(2): 190-5 (1962)

Investigation on the distribution of labelled spores of A. fumigatus in the bodies of young Chickens
, Lucr. Inst. Cere. Vet. Bioprepar 1: 483-490 (1962)

Investigation on the dynamics of phosphoras compounds in some characteristic profiles of brown forest soil regions.
, Agrokem. Talajt 12: 407-426 (1963)

Investigation on the ecology and morphology of Festuca rubra L. ssp. rubra. (Temperature and sea-salt effect.).
, Beitr. Biol Pfl 39(2): 239-62. bibl. 27 (1963)

Investigation on the economic size of felling areas.
, Lesn. Cas 6(10): 24-31 (1960)

Investigation on the effect of condensing moisture before heating air on the performance of a batch tray dryer: application to the drying of vanilla
, Drying Technology 24(10/12): 1387-1396 (2006)

Investigation on the effect of enucleation of corpus luteum in dairy cattle
, Pap. 3rd int. Congr. Anim. Reprod, Camb, Sect 2, 54-55 (1956)

Investigation on the effect of fertilizing on the grain size and baking quality of wheat and rye flour.
, Prace Zakl. Upraw. Roll Plodoz 3: 59-80 (1960)

Investigation on the effect of heat sterilization on the resistance of wood to decay fungi.
, Drvna Ind 11(5/6): 77-8 (1960)

Investigation on the effect of selection on annual yield of Spotted Mountain cattle in Bavaria.
, Arb. Inst. Tierzucht, Vererb. u. Konstitutionsforsch. Univ. Munchen Heft 1: 31-47 (1959)

Investigation on the effect of some yellow mineral oils on the winter eggs of phylloxera
, Riv. Vitic. Enol. 9: 35-8. bibl. 102 (1956)

Investigation on the effect of supplementation of farm rations by a mixture of trace elements
, Indian Dairym 11(1): 12-14 (1959)

Investigation on the effects of different levels of irrigation and various levels of fertilization on the yields of wheat
, Indian J. Agron 4: 164-170 (1960)

Investigation on the efficiency of bacterial fertilizers applied to cotton.
, Cent. exp. Ingras. bact. Lucrari stiint 3: 203-214 (1961)

Investigation on the flour quality of Hungarian wheat varieties in the years 1953-55
, Novenytermeles 6: 289-302 (1957)

Investigation on the green leaf surface and total pigment content of winter cereals receiving subsurface manuring.
, Agrok em. Talajt 6: 69-78 (1957)

Investigation on the guides for frame saws.
, Lesn. Z., Arhangel'sk 2(4): 109-17 (1959)

Investigation on the health of flower seeds
, Jvsl. Rijksproefst. Zaadcontr, Wageningen, 81-82 (1958)

Investigation on the helminth parasites in the Japan Monkey Centre during 1959-1961
, Primates 4(1): 97-112 (1963)

Investigation on the heterosis effect in pea
, Debrecen. Mezogazd. Akad. Tudomany. Evk, 185-94 (1958)

Investigation on the influence of certain polymers and silicon-organic compounds on the preservation and water-repellency of wood.
, Latvijas Lauksaimniecibas Akademijas Raksti, Riga. 13, 237-44 (1963)

Investigation on the influence of different test conditions on the water absorption and swelling of insulation fibreboards.
, Holz Roh- u. Werkstoff 16(8): 297-306 (1958)

Investigation on the inheritance of an anatomical characteristic in crosses of Poplars from different sections.
, Zucher 28(5): 209-16 (1958)

Investigation on the introduction of Pinus nigra spp. pallasiana
, Godisn. Sum. Inst., Skopje. 1961 publ. 1962. 5: 17-36 (1960)

Investigation on the isolation and determination of fungi causing internal blue stain of Scots Pine wood.
, Sylwan 105(1): 107-9 (1961)

Investigation on the kind of Larix polonica Rac. wood formed under various photoperiodic conditions. I. Plants growing in natural conditions
, Acta Soc. Bot. Polon 29(4): 713-30 (1960)

Investigation on the kind of Larix polonica Rac. wood formed under various photoperiodic conditions. III. Effects of decapitation and ringing on the wood formation and cambial activity
, Acta Soc. Bot. Polon 30(2): 293-306 (1961)

Investigation on the measures and results of malaria control in 3 malaria counties of Guangxi, China
, China Tropical Medicine 7(4): 590-592 (2007)

Investigation on the nutrient utilization from farmyard manure.
, Agrokem. Talajt 7: 233-242 (1958)

Investigation on the nutritive value of farm manures. 1. The effect of farm manures on rice.
, Acta pedol. sin 7: 180-189 (1959)

Investigation on the occurrence of bunt, Tilletia tritici (Bjerk.) Wint. in winter Wheat
, Versl. PIZiekt. Dienst Wageningen, 129, 167-171 (1956)

Investigation on the occurrence of rust, Puccinia spp., on cereals in 1955
, First year book of the Netherlands Cereals Centre 1956. 32-37 (1956)

Investigation on the occurrence of rust, Puccinia spp., on cereals in 1956
, Jaarbje Sticht. Nederl. Graan-centr 2: 26-32 (1957)

Investigation on the occurrence of somatic mutations in the buds of sour and Morella cherries
, Agron. Glasnik. Zagreb 12: 1010-17 (1962)

Investigation on the occurrence of the noxious factor in different lines of rye
, Ten-year plan for cereal research. Report for the sixth year 1959. 69-71 (1959)

Investigation on the overall estimations of soil potentialities in the Limagne.
, Bull. Ass. franc. Et. Sol, 10, 504-525 (1958)

Investigation on the passage of Sr and Ca from the soil to plants and animals.
, Zurnal Obscej Biologii, Moskva 21(4): 297-300 (1960)

Investigation on the pathological lesions in pigs vaccinated with crystal violet swine fever vaccine
, Actavet. hung 6: 49-54 (1956)

Investigation on the penetration of P32-Iabelled superphosphate in a calcareous sandy sou.
, Agrokem. Talajt 10: 217-222 (1961)

Investigation on the phenomenon of scum formation in the paddy fields of Kerala State. J
, Indian Soc. Soil Sci 9: 253-255 (1961)

Investigation on the phosphatase reaction in H.T.S.T.-pasteurized milk and cream.
, Kieler Milchwirtschaft. ForschBerichte 8(3): 233-62 (1956)

Investigation on the physiology of germination of barley varieties originating from geographically different regions in solutions of sodium and potassium salts of varying concentration
, Agrobotanika, Tapio-szele 1963. 4: 125-34 (1963)

Investigation on the possibility of the use of lyophilisation in the preservation of some phytopathogenic viruses. Introduction
, Zast. Bilja. Plant Prot, Beograd. 14(76): 631-641 (1963)

Investigation on the productivity of vertical log bandsaws with carriages.
, Nauc. Trud. Lesoteh. Inst., Sofija. 11: 231-48 (1963)

Investigation on the prospects for sugar-beet breeding in irrigated regions
, Sborn. vysoke Skol. zemed. Brne : Rada A. 4: 509-16 (1963)

Investigation on the quality of the herbage on some Dutch dairy farms.
, Landbouwk. Tijdschr, Wageningen 73(16): 790-801 (1961)

Investigation on the rate of root penetration in sandy soil receiving sub-surface application of 32P.
, Agrokem. Talajt 6: 205-210 (1957)

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