Investigations on the feeding of all-concentrate rations to beef cattle

Wise, M.B.; Blumer, T.N.; Matrone, G.; Barrick, E.R.

Jour Animal Sci 20(3): 561-565


DOI: 10.2527/jas1961.203561x
Accession: 014088837

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A basal diet containing 1.5% fiber and composed of ground shelled corn, urea, cottonseed oil, minerals and vitamins was fed to 34 Hereford calves in 2 experiments to determine the feasibility of feeding all-concentrate rations to beef cattle. Body weight gains averaged 1.9 lb. per day over a 91-day experimental period in Experiment I and 2.5 lb. per day over a 119-day experimental period in Experiment II when the unsupplemented basal diet was fed. Addition of 7% KHCO3 plus 4% NaHCO3 to the basal diet resulted in depressed performance in Experiment I. No significant difference in performance resulted from the addition of either 5% sodium acetate, 2.5 lb. per day of ground hay or 2.5 lb. per day of long hay to the ad libitum fed basal ration in Experiment II. Feed/gain ratios averaging 5:1 were obtained in Experiment II when the unsupplemented basal was fed. Addition of bicarbonates or acetate resulted in a decrease in the fatty tissue in the carcass. Rumen buffering capacity of the NH4+ ions resulting from urea degradation was suggested.