Section 15
Chapter 14,095

Lamb production as affected by forage mixture and grazing management of perennial pastures

Jordan, R.M.; Wedin, W.F.

Jour Animal Sci 20(4): 898-902


DOI: 10.2527/jas1961.204898x
Accession: 014094086

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Early-weaned lambs were pastured on: (1) alfalfa-bromegrass pasture and rotationally grazed over either 2 or 3 paddocks, (2) pastured on fertilized bromegrass and rotationally grazed over 3 paddocks, or (3) self-fed grain and grazed over 3 alfalfa-bromegrass paddocks. Each treatment was replicated 3 times per year and the experiment was conducted over a 2-year period. Grain feeding significantly increased (P<0.01) average daily gain, carrying capacity and lamb production per acre over the other 3 treatments. Alfalfa-bromegrass rotationally grazed over 3 paddocks resulted in significantly (P < 0.05) greater lamb production per acre than bromegrass 3X or alfalfa-bromegrass 2X. Daily gain was not significantly affected by plant species or number of rotational paddocks. Bromegrass pasture produced more forage during the 2d than the 1st year.

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