Live weight loss and its components in Romney ewes subjected to L-thyroxine therapy and a low plane of nutrition. 1. Effects on live weight, carcass weight and carcass composition

Kirton, A.H.; Barton, R.A.

J. Agric. Sci 51: 265-281


Accession: 014097626

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In a trial of factorial design there were 10 groups of 5 Romney ewes 6 years old, initially of 132 lb. liveweight. The trial lasted 28 days. Thyroxine, 0, 180, 210 or 270 mg., was implanted subcutaneously in the shoulder. Some were on a low plane of nutrition, 1 hr. daily on pasture, and some on a high plane, 24 hr. One group were killed at the start, and one group on the low level of feeding were given a daily injection of 5 mg. thyroxine.