Section 15
Chapter 14,116

Neue Nematoden-Arten aus Ungarn. I. Zehn neue Arten der Unterklasse Secernentea (Phasmidia)

Andrassy, I.

Acta Zoologica, Budapest 8(1/2): 1-23


Accession: 014115287

Andrassy describes and figures Pelodera (P.) operosa n.sp. which differs from P. (P.) typica and P. (P.) plicata by the offset head, longer spicules and the narrower bursa. Pelodera (Coarctadera) par n.sp. differs from P. (C.) tretzeli in that the head shows no sexual dimorphism and the papillae on the bursa form a different pattern. Eudiplogaster flagellicaudatus n.sp. has a smaller body, longer procorpus and differently shaped gubernaculum.

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