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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 14118

Chapter 14118 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Robak, H., 1962:
New nursery studies on the relation between summer daylength and termination of the first year's growth in Norway Spruce and Douglas Fir.

Boyd, B., 2004:
New nutrition: novel foods in nutrition and clinical practice, regulating health claims in Australia and New Zealand

Adrian, J.; Petit, L.; Godon, B., 1962:
New nutritional effects of the Maillard reaction

Sims, H.J., 1956:
New oat Alpha provides more early grazing

Anonymous, 1962:
New oat produces excellent yields

Anonymous, 1958:
New oat varieties

Anonymous, 1962:
New oat varieties

Knott, O.A.; Frey, K.J.; Browning, J.A., 1963:
New oat varieties for 1964-Bonkee and Neal

Anonymous, 1957:
New oat variety

Schmidt, J.; Dreier, A.F., 1959:
New oat variety for Nebraska

Anonymous, 1956:
New oat variety is highest yielder

Rodiek, D., 1961:
New objectives for rural pedagogy

Dessiatoff, M., 1959:
New observa- tions on sweet-corn cultivation

Szumkowski, W., 1962:
New observations on Alabama argillacea (Hbn.), Lepidoptera Noctuidae, in Venezuela.

Gohier, M., 1963:
New observations on Aleurites fordii in Madagascar

Toth, I., 1958:
New observations on Poplar canker.

Alexandri, A.V.; David, Z., 1961:
New observations on a mosaic of Vine in the Minis, vineyards

Robak, H., 1961:
New observations on aphid attack on larch

Eifrig, H., 1957:
New observations on germination tests with various agricultural and vegetable seeds

Nordby, A., 1956:
New observations on low-volume spraying

Loue, A., 1960:
New observations on minor elements in robusta coffee nutrition

Loue, A., 1960:
New observations on minor elements in the nutrition of Coffee (C. canephora)

Rodger, F.C., 1957:
New observations on ocular onchocerciasis; related pathological methods and the pathogenesis of the various eye lesions

Crossa-Raynaud, P., 1957:
New observations on self compatibility in the apricot

Lounsky, J., 1963:
New observations on summer treatment as a method of protection against miner injury to witloof chicory

Vuittenez, A., 1960:
New observations on the action of soil chemical treatments used for the eradication of the virus causing infectious degeneration of the vine

Gersdorf, E., 1961:
New observations on the beet fly, P. hyoscyami, its parasites and accompanying fauna in Lower Saxony

Forattini, Oswaldo P., 1960:
New observations on the biology of Phlebotomus under natural conditions

Rack, K., 1961:
New observations on the development of needle-cast in Scots Pine.

Branas, J.; Vergnes, A., 1963:
New observations on the effects of gibberellins on the vine

Nicander, L.; Bane, A., 1962:
New observations on the fine structure of spermatozoa

Racovitza, A., 1959:
New observations on the germination of O. ramosa seeds

Racovitza, A., 1959:
New observations on the germination of seeds of Orobanche ramosa L.

Brachet, J.; Six, N., 1959:
New observations on the mode of action of ribonuclease on living root-tips

Delaporte, B., 1959:
New observations on the nuclear structure of bacteria

Monastero, S., 1960:
New observations on the olive fly (Dacus oleae Gmel.).

Crossa-Raynaud, P., 1957:
New observations on the self-fertility of apricots

Phan-Chon-Ton., 1960:
New observations on the substances capable of stimulating the production of ethylene by P. digitatum

Denward, T., 1956:
New observations regarding the effect of sterility alleles in red clover

Negroni, P.; Daglio, C.A.N., 1962:
New observations with our polysaccharide medium for the rapid diagnosis of ' C.'

Heinze, K., 1959:
New occasional vectors for Cucumber mosaic virus, Potato virus Y, and dwarfing of Tomato, and a new vector for Beet yellows virus

Herpka, I., 1960:
New occurrence of bark necrosis on Poplars.

Lamprecht, H., 1956:
New occurrence of mutation in the interspecific gene Lac of Pisum

Shumilo, R.P.; Borgarenko, L.F., 1963:
New occurrences of nematodes of the genus Geopetitia Chabaud, 1951.

Frolov, A.V., 1962:
New on the mechanization of felling operations.

Kaminsky, G., 1958:
New one-man power saws.

Anonymous, 1961:
New one-sucker tobacco varieties now available

Anonymous, 1956:
New onion variety for south

Parodi, L.R., 1961:
New or critical grasses of Argentina

Parodi, L.R., 1962:
New or critical grasses of Argentina. 4.

Anonymous, 1963:
New or improved device for controlling fluid flow in milking apparatus

Joly, P., 1961:
New or interesting species of the Banana flora

Parodi, L.R., 1962:
New or problematical Argentine Gramineae

Vappula, N.A., 1959:
New or rare pests of fruit trees in Finland

Anonymous, 1956:
New or re-designed tools and machines of 1955

Anonymous, 1957:
New or uncommon plant diseases

Anonymous, 1956:
New or uncommon plant diseases and pests

Anonymous, 1960:
New or uncommon plant diseases and pests

Anonymous, 1961:
New or uncommon plant diseases and pests

Pawsey, R.G., 1962:
New or uncommon plant diseases and pests

Anonymous, 1963:
New or uncommon plant diseases and pests

Colhoun, J.; Park, D., 1963:
New or uncommon plant diseases and pests. Damage to stored Apples caused by Thuja wood

Brown, E.B., 1959:
New or uncommon plant diseases and pests. Eelworms on strawberries

Brown, E.B., 1959:
New or uncommon plant diseases and pests. New host plants of Aphelen-choides ritzema-bosi

Batko, S., 1962:
New or uncommon plant diseases and pests. Perithecia of Oak mildew in Britain

Gray, Elizabeth G., 1963:
New or uncommon plant diseases and pests. Snow moulds in North Scotland

Roane, C.W., 1960:
New or unusual diseases of cereal crops in Virginia

Plakidas, A.G., 1957:
New or unusual plant diseases in Louisiana

Fribourg, H.A.; Burns, J.D., 1961:
New orchardgrass from old strains ?

Yam, T.W.; Thame, A., 2005:
New orchid hybrids of the Singapore Botanic Gardens

Davidson, O.W., 1956:
New orchid potting medium lowers cost of production

Gallagher, J.E.; Otten, R.J., 1961:
New organic arsenical materials for pre-emergence crabgrass control

Umnov, M.P., 1960:
New organic fungicides

Studenka, J., 1962:
New organic fungicides against Plasmopara

Pokrovskij, E.A.; Sedyh, A.S., 1957:
New organic phosphorus preparations-insecticides with systemic action

Erdei, F., 1963:
New organizational experiences in large-scale socialist farming units

O'brien, R.D.; Thorn, G.D.; Fisher, R.W., 1958:
New organophosphate insecticides developed on rational principles

Gajo, Paolo, 1959:
New orientations in managing animal production in the Ferrara region

Nllsson-Leissner, G., 1959:
New original and national varieties of agricultural crops and vegetables

Anonymous, 1956:
New original varieties

L.; G.N., 1959:
New original varieties

Morton, J.F., 1960:
New outlook for the cashew (Anacardium occidentale) in tropical America.

Paris, R., 1956:
New outlook of herbal therapy

Kriegler, P.J., 1960:
New outstanding chemicals against pear bud mite

Nlkolic-Vlg Nlkolic-Vlg, V., 1960:
New outstanding sunflower varieties in the USSR

Nikolic-Vig, Vida., 1960:
New outstanding varieties of sunflower in the USSR

Sulimov, A.D., 1961:
New oxyurid from Citellus undulatus.

Boles, E.D., 1957:
New pack for ripe fruit

Anonymous, 1963:
New pack revolutionizes home delivery

Schmidl, M., 1960:
New packaging techniques in the dairy industry.

Anon., 1959:
New packing material tried on apples

Joglekar, R.G.; Dhodapkar, D.R., 1959:
New paddy selections for the drier regions of Vidarbha

Anonymous, 1963:
New paddy strains

Karimov, A.M., 1957:
New parasite of Lucerne-A. imperfecta in Central Asia

Ciccarone, A., 1959:
New parasites of Olive and Almond trees

Mikhailova, Paraskeva, 1960:
New parasitic fungi causing leaf spots on forage leguminous plants

Negru, A., 1962:
New parasitic fungi on the Rose.

Anonymous, 1956:
New parasitic weed threatens corn in Southeast

Anon., 1958:
New pascal celery developed in Florida

Anonymous, 1956:
New paste-type tomato

Generalov, G., 1961:
New pea varieties.

Martin, W.H., 1959:
New peach to be named Collins

Kovalev, N.V.; Sreder, A.R., 1960:
New peach varieties for northern districts of Uzbekistan.

Rudkovskij, G.P., 1960:
New peach varieties.

Anonymous, 1958:
New peach, Tejon

Anonymous, 1957:
New peaches named

Fischer, M., 2007:
New pear rootstocks from Dresden-Pillnitz

Anonymous, 1956:
New pear varieties

Brossier, J.; Thibault, B., 1961:
New pear varieties earlier than Dr. Jules Guyot

Cicin, N.V.; Ljubimova, V.F.; Kazakova, V.S., 1963:
New perennial wheats and their development.

Berge, S., 1959:
New performance tests for North Swedish horses at the State Agricultural Show at Jonkoping

Herregods, M., 1963:
New perspectives for storage.

Nowak-Wegrzyn, A., 2007:
New perspectives for use of native and engineered recombinant food proteins in treatment of food allergy

Meneses, N.C., 1961:
New perspectives in the culture of maize.

Reitsma, J., 1962:
New perspectives regarding the application of the dithiocarbamates Triscabol, Trifungol and Tricarbamix to sugar cane

Romanyk, N., 1960:
New pest in the Pine stands of Guadarrama.

Anonymous, 1963:
New pest threatens glasshouse crops

Mukerjea, T.D., 1959:
New pesticides

Anonymous, 1958:
New pesticides for 1959. Parts 1

Agafonova, Z.Ya., 1962:
New pests of brome grass-grass flies of the genus Dicraeus (Diptera, Chloropidae).

Makarov, M., 1963:
New pests of lucerne in north-eastern Bulgaria.

Csizmadia, E., 1962:
New phase in our agriculture

Hargreaves, J., 1960:
New phase opens in AI breeding : 200 bulls will serve Britain's dairy herd

Liao ShangGao; Zhang BangLe; W.Y.n; Yue JianMin, 2005:
New phenolic components from Daphne giraldii

Bocsa, I., 1958:
New phenomena in hemp inbreeding

Paikin, D.M.; Glahov, P.N., 1957:
New phosphor- and chloro-organic preparations

Ivanovskij, N.P., 1960:
New phosphorus fertilizers for tobacco and mahorka

Vasudeva, R.S.; Sethi, C.L.; Lele, V.C., 1956:
New physiologic race of Melampsora lini (Ehrenb.) Lev., in India

Quevedo Diaz, A., 1958:
New physiologic races of Phytophthora infestans in the country, resistance tests of varieties, hybrids, and seedlings, and verification of this in the field

Kendrick, E.; Holton, C.S., 1958:
New physiologic races of Tilletia caries in the Pacific Northwest

Crispin, A.; Dongo, S., 1962:
New physiologic races of bean rust, Uromyces phaseoli typica, from Mexico

S.F.Jenkins N.N.Winstead C.L.Mccombs., 1962:
New physiological races of Glomerella cingulata var. articulare (syn. C. lagenarium, C. orbiculare) based on cucurbit host differentials

Jenkins, S.F., J.; Winstead, N.N.; Mccombs, C.L., 1962:
New physiological races of Glomerella cingulata var. orbiculare (Syn. Colletotrichum lagenarium, C. orbiculare) based on cucurbit host differentials

Quevedo Diaz, A., 1958:
New physiological races of Ph. infestans in Peru, tests for resistance in varieties, hybrids and seedlings and confirmation of resistance under field conditions

Quevedo Diaz, A., 1958:
New physiological races of Ph. infestans in our country, tests of resistance in varieties, hybrids and seedlings and its verification under field conditions

Anonymous, 2007:
New phytonutrients range from Chr. Hansen

Moriondo, F., 1963:
New phytopathological reports from Italian woodlands

Milburn, F., 1958:
New pine box costs less than carton

Anonymous, 1956:
New plant converts slabs to waferboard

Anonymous, 1956:
New plant diseases

Anonymous, 1957:
New plant diseases

Anon., 1959:
New plant diseases

Anon., 1960:
New plant diseases

Anonymous, 1961:
New plant diseases

Anonymous, 1962:
New plant diseases

Kaarep, E., 1957:
New plant diseases in the Estonian S.S.R

Savulescu, Olga, 1958:
New plant diseases in the Romanian People's Republic

Anonymous, 1963:
New plant diseases. Interceptions in quarantine

Bazilevskaya, N.A.; Bragina, K.K.; Grinev, A.N.; Terentev, A.P., 1960:
New plant growth regulators

Jordovic, M., 1961:
New plant indicators suitable for diagnosing the sarka disease of Plum

Thienpont, D.; Vandervelden, M., 1961 :
New plant poisonous to livestock in Ruanda-Urundi

Finkbein, R., 1962:
New plant protection ordinances

Mitchell, J.W.; Smale, B.C.; Preston, W.H., 1959:
New plant regulators that exude from roots

Anonymous, 1958:
New planter increases production in nursery

Anonymous, 1960:
New plants and new localities for the flora of Portugal. 6

Anonymous, 1961:
New plants and new localities for the flora of Portugal. 7.

Agronomia Lusitana., 1962:
New plants and new localities for the nora of Portugal.

Teles, A.N.; Rainha, B.V., 1958:
New plants and new locations for the flora of Portugal. 5

Smith, W.W., 1961:
New plants for New Hampshire's climate

Movcan, S.D., 1956:
New plants for fodder and suage

Anonymous, 1957:
New plants for possible oil production in Canada

Anonymous, 1963:
New plants for southern pastures

Langford, W.R.; Killinger, G.B., 1961:
New plants for the south. Ten years of progress in plant introduction and evaluation 1949-1959

Alain, H., 1959:
New plants in the flora of Cuba 11. 13

Zanotto, Maria., 1958:
New plants in the flora of the Pre-Alps of Treviso province (Italy)

Pires, J.Murca, 1960:
New plants of Amazonia (with descriptions of 14 new species).

Vigue, R.F., 1956:
New plastic needle for continuous intravenous therapy

Bazhanova, L.; Uvarova, V., 1958:
New plate milk coolers.

Kovalev, N.V., 1960:
New plum and sweet-cherry cultivars for Uzbekistan.

Anonymous, 1962:
New plum varieties

Gudzenko, A.A., 1957:
New plum varieties for Kazahstan.

Ven'jaminov, A.N.; Korneev, V.A., 1959:
New plum varieties.

D'yachenko, P., 1958:
New pneumatic drier for milk protein.

Solov'ev, B.A.; Senkman, S.I., 1957:
New points in floating technology.

Sevastjanov, V.A., 1958:
New points in making sea-going rafts.

Nikitin, I.N., 1958:
New points on the biology of some tree species and stands.

Zaharov, V.K., 1960:
New points on ways of determining bark volume.

Kilpatrick, J.W.; Miles, J.W.; Schoof, H.F., 1962:
New poison bait for housefly control

Ruperez, A., 1961:
New polyhedral virus disease of C. nymphagoga larvae.

Hartel, K., 1962:
New possibilities for chemical weed control in beans, potatoes and umbelliferous crops.

Hartel, K., 1962:
New possibilities for chemical weed control in haricot beans, potatoes and umbellifers.

D.Boer, S., 1961:
New possibilities for controlling R. solani in potatoes

Bravenboer, L., 1957:
New possibilities for grafting glasshouse vegetable crops

Bravenboer, L., 1957:
New possibilities for grafting vegetable crops grown under glass

Toth, A.; Filep, G.; Klenczer, I., 1963:
New possibilities for large-scale amelioration of sandy soils with locally available materials in the Nyir region.

Vltanov, M.M., 1957:
New possibilities for the control of red leaf blotch of Plum trees

Nikolova, V.; Popova, V., 1957:
New possibilities for the control of the cabbage fly.

Voisin, J.-C., 1961:
New possibilities for the sunflower in France

Kuthe, K., 1961:
New possibilities for weed control in maize

Rozsnyay, Z., 1959:
New possibilities in chemical control of forest weeds.

Kirkov, K., 1958:
New possibilities in the control of the flax flea-beetle (Aphthona euphorbiae (Schr.)).

Ravensberg, K., 1957:
New possibilities in weed control at Boskoop

Oppenoorth, W.F.F., 1961:
New possibilities in yeast breeding

Poignant, P.; Bougle, B.; Richard, R., 1956:
New possibilities of chemical potato haulm destruction.

Hartel, K., 1962:
New possibilities of chemical weed control in dwarf beans, potatoes and umbelliferous crops.

Rozsnyay, Z., 1960:
New possibilities of chemical weed control in forestry.

Hoffmann, W., 1959:
New possibilities of mutation breeding

Fink, H., 1959:
New possibilities of preventing liver necrosis caused by dried skim-milk.

Fink, H., 1959:
New possibilities of preventing the property in dried skimmed milk of producing liver necrosis

M.S.Dunin., 1963:
New possibilities of the serodiagnosis of Potato viruses

Hubert, K., 1961:
New possibilities of using chemicals for weed control in maize

Somos, A.; Turi, I., 1962:
New possibilities of watering peppers with nutrient solutions on thin sands. (Preliminary communication).

D.Zoete, A., 1957:
New possibilities of weed control in bulb crops

Petillon, E., 1958:
New possibilities with Rochea coccinea

Bolsunov, I., 1963:
New possibility of obtaining blue mould-resistant F1 hybrid tobaccos

Parker, C., 1962:
New post-emergence herbicides in cereals. Part 1. Pot experiments

Holroyd, J., 1962:
New post-emergence herbicides in cereals. Part 2. Field experiments

Veselovskij, I.A., 1960:
New potato hybrids.

Constantinescu, E.; E.A., 1960:
New potato lines bred at the Magurele and Cluj stations

Fodor, I.; Constantinescu, E.; Muresan, S.; Gorea, T.; Marinescu, R., 1963:
New potato lines produced at Brasov experimental station

Novak, F., 1959:
New potato varieties

Komkova, M., 1961:
New potato varieties

Velican, V.; Felecan, V., 1957:
New potato varieties created by the Cluj Agricultural Research Station

Estrada, R.N., 1960:
New potato varieties for Colombia and production of inspected seed

Estrada Ramos, N., 1960:
New potato varieties for Colombia and the production of certified seed

Foister, C.E., 1963:
New potato varieties from the Scottish trials

Werner, H.O.; O'keefe, R.B., 1960:
New potato varieties help Nebraska growers

Thijn, G.A., 1956:
New potato varieties in East Germany

Anonymous, 1959:
New potato varieties in Poland

Bonde, R.; Stevenson, F.J.; Akeley, R.; Merriam, D., 1956:
New potato varieties may eliminate ring rot, late blight and other diseases

Popov, K.; Pavlov, P., 1963:
New potato varieties suitable for cultivation in Sofia and Mihajlovgrad districts.

Van Der Plank, J.E., 1958:
New potato variety BP. 1

Mallett, J.B., 1959:
New potato variety shows promise in Natal

Anonymous, 1957:
New potato variety, Tawa, is introduced

Anonymous, 1959:
New potatoes in trials at Jaeren

Tierzuchter., 1959:
New poultry breeds in Poland and China

Anonymous, 1958:
New power pruning saw

Taylor, G.G., 1959:
New power take-off Turbo mist for smaller orchards

Serra, J.A.; Vicente, M.J.; Seixas, M.P., 1961:
New practical methods for determining length and diameter of wool fibres

M-, G., 1960:
New practical possibilities for controlling artichoke mildew

Desmoras, J.; Jacquet, P.; Metivier, J., 1963:
New pre-and post-emergence herbicides of the carbamate group. 1. Laboratory and glasshouse study.

Dodel, J.B.; Deloraine, J.; Desaymard, P., 1963:
New pre-and post-emergence herbicides of the carbamate group. 2. Trial plot study.

Fischer, A., 1960:
New pre-emergence herbicides for weed control in beet and vegetables.

Garnaga, G.K., 1960:
New preparations against Sorghum smut

Petrosjan, F.G.; Marutjan, S.N., 1957:
New preparations against spider mites on vine.

Protopopova, G.V., 1958:
New preparations for San Jose scale control.

Rajkov, E., 1957:
New preparations for downy mildew control on vines.

Lipeckaja, A.D., 1963 :
New preparations for downy mildew control.

Polyakov, I.M., 1956:
New preparations for eradication spraying

Tsukervanik, I.P.; Romanova, I.B., 1956:
New preparations for speeding the harvest of cotton crops

Matvievskij, A.S.; Serebrjanaja, S.G., 1960:
New preparations for the control of the codling moth.

Anonymous, 1960:
New preservative for dip-diffusion treatment of green building timber

Lebedev, L.A.; Sazonov, V.M., 1958:
New preservative for prolonged storage of blood from cattle and horses.

Goldfarb, S., 1956:
New preservative for reusable wooden containers and pallets

Anonymous, 1959:
New preservatives

H.P.Sedziak., 1962:
New preservatives and treatment methods

Anonymous, 1956:
New prevention method against white ant attack

Bier, M., 1957:
New principle of preparative electrophoresis

Queiroz D.Amaral, A., 1962 :
New principles and co-ordination for agrarian reform, supply and price structure

Rudorf, W., 1956:
New principles and methods of breeding for yield

Pachl, J., 1963:
New principles for judging the economic usefulness of agricultural investments

Dionigi, A., 1957:
New principles for the genetics of the almond

Seip, M.; Amlie, R., 1957:
New principles in infant feeding

Andreeva, N.K., 1956:
New principles in the systematics of some trichostrongylids (Ostertagiea).

Moriondo, F., 1958:
New probable viroses of ornamental plants

Heuts, M.J., 1956:
New problems in genetics

Imberechts, R., 1956:
New problems in selection

Aschaffenburg, R.; Drewry, J., 1959:
New procedure for the routine determination of the various non-casein proteins of milk

Kramer, D., 1963:
New procedures for the maintenance of inland main drainage channels.

Heady, E.O.; Catron, D.V.; Mckee, D.E.; Ashton, G.C.; Speer, V.C., 1958:
New procedures in estimating feed substitution rates and in determining economic efficiency in pork production. 2. Replacement rates of corn and soybean oilmeal in fortified rations for growing-fattening swine on pasture. (Iowa Agric. Exp. Stat. Res. Bull. No. 462)

Anonymous, 1957:
New processes in Victorian dairy factories

Anonymous, 1962:
New processing tomato

Stannek, G., 1962:
New production methods for growing onions

Bruckner, K., 1960:
New productive varieties of medicinal plants

Anonymous, 1959:
New products and literature

Gaudineau, M.; Sebuja, C., 1963:
New products used for the control of mildew

Anonymous, 1958:
New promise among the hard wheats

Staras, I., 1960:
New promising apple varieties

Cercvadze, T.B., 1961:
New promising apple varieties

Sestakov, I.L., 1961:
New promising cherry varieties for the foothills of the North Caucasus.

Savov, P., 1962:
New promising cotton forms.

Gareev, E.Z., 1962:
New promising forms of hybrid apricot.

Zydko, Je. P., 1963:
New promising hop hybrids.

Bretan, C., 1959:
New promising lines of potato for Transylvania

Iazagi, A.; Burloi, G.; Boteanu, I.; Miclea, C., 1960:
New promising lines of winter wheat

Musijko, A.S.; Kljucko, P.F., 1959:
New promising maize hybrids.

Borisov, G.N., 1958:
New promising varieties in cotton.

Staras, I., 1960:
New promising varieties of black currant

Spolitis, A., 1958:
New promising varieties of fruit trees selected by the people

Talpalaru, E.; Savinova, N.; Lobl, D.; Popa, V., 1959:
New promising varieties of tomato

Aivazean, P.K., 1957:
New promising varieties of vine

Varga, A., 1962:
New prospects for control of night frost damage to pears.

Prentice, A.N., 1963:
New prospects for cotton growing in Northern Rhodesia

Van D.Pol, P.H., 1963:
New prospects in carnation growing. Virus-free propagating stock of 25 varieties.

Flgueiredo, M.B.; Coutinho, J.M.; Orlando, A., 1960:
New prospects of biological control of some pests by Bacillus thuringiensis

Anonymous, 1959:
New protein food for Nigeria

Leslie, N., 1958:
New prune picking machine

Tukey, L.D., 1958:
New pruning methods promise saving in labor

Sibbitt, L.D.; Harris, R.H., 1957:
New quality data on Dakota durums

Lucam, F.; Fedida, M., 1958:
New quantitative method for assessing immunity to foot and mouth disease

Anonymous, 1960:
New quarantine regulations

Konev, S.V.; Kozunin, I.I., 1959:
New quick method for the determination of protein in milk.

Bridgmon, G.H.; Wilcoxson, R.D., 1959:
New races from mixtures of urediospores of varieties of Puccinia graminis

Yerkes, W.D.Jr; Teliz Ortiz, M., 1956:
New races of Colletotrichum lindemuthianum in Mexico

Gustavsson, A., 1958:
New races of Oat stem rust and crown rust in Sweden.

Kulmatycka, Irena, 1962:
New races of potato wart

Rosen, H.R., 1958:
New races of rust threaten state's oats

Karavaev, A.M., 1958:
New rafts for the Angara river.

Smith, J.E.Jr., 1956:
New rangeland in Texas with brush control and seeding

Kulebyukin, A.; Lutskova, M., 1958:
New rapidly ripening cheese-the Carpathian.

Hardh, J.E., 1959:
New raspberry varieties

Sharoshkina, N.B., 1962:
New ratios between ammonium chloride & calcium carbonate during fusion of soil for determining total potassium.

Anet, E.F.L.J., 1958:
New reaction of aldoses with primary amines and its significance for non-enzymic browning reactions

Sulc, J.; Suchomel, J.; Mergl, M., 1961:
New reagent for the detection of coliform bacteria.

Freseman Gratama, J.A., 1963:
New reallocation of land urgently necessary

Accetto, M., 2006:
New recognitions on the flora and vegetation of rock faces in the eastern part of the pre-Alpine phytogeographical region of Slovenia

Thurmann Moe, P., 1962:
New recommendations for applying fertilizers on wet peat soils, poor in nutrients, in order to grow trees.

Shedley, D.G., 1961:
New recommendations for fruit fly control

Foschi, S., 1961:
New recommendations for plant protection in fruit culture

Wallis, J.A.N.; Firman, I.D., 1962:
New recommendations for the control of coffee leaf rust by low volume spraying

Masek, J.; Krikava, L.; Osancova, K.; Hejda, S.; Hatle, J., 1962:
New recommended allowances of nutrients for Czechoslovakia

Komkova, M., 1962:
New recommended potato varieties.

Torosjan, P.A., 1962:
New recommended varieties and hybrids in the Armenian (SSR)

Spolitis, A.; Romanovskaja, O., 1960:
New recommended varieties of fruit trees bred by the people.

Bolu, H.; Ozdemir, Y.; Ozgen, I., 2007:
New record of Ichneumonidae (Hymenoptera) in almond orchards from Turkey

Ashok Kumar; Shailendra Kumar, 2006:
New record of a polyporale from Himachal Pradesh

Rothwell, T.L.W., 1962:
New recordings of animal diseases

Besch, Everett D., 1962:
New records for nematode parasites from ruminants in Oklahoma

Anonymous, 1960:
New records in the region

Singh, B.; Bakshi, B.K., 1961:
New records of Fomes from India

Morrison, L., 1957:
New records of eelworm infestation of lucerne and of Agropyron scabrum

Minz, G.; Solel, Z., 1959:
New records of field crop diseases in Israel

Eslyn, W.E., 1960:
New records of forest fungi in the Southwest

Dingley, Joan M., 1959:
New records of fungous diseases in New Zealand, 1957-58

Sharpilo, V.P., 1960:
New records of helminths from reptiles in the U.S.S.R.

Gordon, H.M.l.; Sommerville, R.I., 1958:
New records of nematode parasites in Australia

Gibson, T.E., 1957:
New records of nematodes from British cattle

Morgan, D.O.; Soulsby, E.J.L., 1956:
New records of nematodes in British cattle

Anonymous, 1963:
New records of pests and diseases in the region, 1962

Hsi, C.H., 1959:
New records of plant diseases in New Mexico

Ellett, C.Wayne, 1963:
New records of powdery mildews

James, H.G., 1959:
New records of the European mantis, Mantis religiosa L. (Orthoptera: Mantidae), in Ontario

Ward, J.W.; Bradshaw, R.C., 1956:
New records of the occurrence of the hydatid tapeworm, Echinococcus granulosus, in Central and South Mississippi

Pearson, J.C., 1960:
New records of trematodes from the cat

Pearson, J.C., 1960:
New records of trematpdes from the cat

Anonymous, 1958:
New red clover variety

Anonymous, 1960:
New red oat

Lovcikov, I.S., 1963:
New regional varieties of spring wheat.

Moore, D.H., 1963:
New registrations and promising research indicate broader usefulness of thiodan

Hakkareinen, A.E., 1957:
New regulations on the size of loads in lorry transport of timber.

Anonymous, 1960:
New regulations, published by the Food and Drug Administration, became effective on 29.11.60 to prevent the contamination of milk with antibiotics and other drugs administered to dairy cattle

Ashoka, S.; Hegde, Y.R.; Srikant Kulkarni, 2006:
New report of root rot of vanilla caused by Rhizoctonia bataticola

Bhat, N.R., 1957:
New research findings of interest to flue-cured tobacco growers

Cahoon, G., 1961:
New research findings: root growth

Racovit?, A., 1959:
New research on gum-mosis in sugar-beet

Coulet, M.; Merland, A.-Marie, 1960:
New research on haemagglutinins in fungi

Horber, E., 1957:
New research on indirect methods of pest control in agriculture

Airapet'yants, E.S.; Grachev, I.I.; Tulbaev, P.T., 1963:
New research on the physiology of farm animals.

Ajrapet'jan, E.S.; Gracev, I.I.; Tulbaev, P.T., 1963:
New research on the physiology of livestock.

Crafts, A.S., 1959:
New research on the translocation of herbicides

Knusli, E., 1958:
New research on the triazine herbicides.

Bellis, E.D.Cavalcaselle, B., 1962:
New research on the use of phosphoric ethers in the control of newly-born larvae of the large Poplar longhorn beetle

Bushland, R.C., 1959:
New research results with systemic insecticides

Anonymous, 1960:
New research tool will help scientists

Faure, F., 1956:
New researches on the action of ninhydrin on serum proteins. Electrophoretic study

Saulescu, N.; Ionescu, M.; Ivanescu, M.; Ferando, M.; Birsan, M., 1960:
New researches on the productivity, maturation period and quality of double maize hybrids

Popov, I.S., 1962:
New reserves of protein for feeding dairy cows.

Ajvazjan, P.K.; Dokucaeva, E.N., 1959:
New resistant forms of vine in the Ukraine.

Anonymous, 1963:
New resistant varieties

Lacaz, C.D.S.; D.A.meida, I.E.; Cury, L.; Mendes, E.; Salo-Mao, T.A., 1958:
New results from histoplasmin tests in Sao Paulo (Brazil)

Hartmann, W., 2007:
New results from plum breeding in Hohenheim

Kiss, F., 1958:
New results in breeding berry fruits

Mabiconi, F.A.M.; Paiva Castko, U., 1960:
New results in the control of Atta with aldrin dust

Savinova, N.; Rauta, C., 1962:
New results obtained in the soilless culture of vegetables.

Reinhold, J.; Vogel, G., 1961:
New results of covering vegetable crops for short periods with plastic tents

Kaden, R., 1957:
New results of research into the biology of fungi

Hansel, H., 1958:
New results of research on radiation mutation in cereal species

Blom, E., 1960:
New results of research on the morphology of bull spermatozoa

Klotz, K., 1959:
New results of research on the spruce and their consequences with reference to forestry

Lehner, A.; Nowak, W., 1959:
New results of the direct determination of soil bacteria by a combined growth and fluorochromation technique.

Gabor, U.; Csongrady, M.; Rajniss, L., 1961:
New results of weed control experiments with alkylaminotriazines in maize.

Ziller, R.; Fremond, Y., 1961:
New results on fertilizing coconut palm in the Ivory Coast.

Gohler, F.; Albrecht, S., 1961:
New results on the economics of soilless culture of vegetables on a commercial farm

Caravan, V., 1962:
New results on the effect on sunflower of minerai fertilizing at different rates.

Buhl, C.; Sol, R., 1963:
New results on the flight of Hylemya coarctata by means of tests with coloured trap-dishes

Baldanzi, G., 1961:
New results on the problem of burning.

Ziller, R.; Fremond, Y., 1961:
New results with coconut fertilization in the Ivory Coast

Baldanzi, G., 1961:
New results with regard to the problem of burning.

Norden, A., 1963:
New results with systemic mycoses

Brochart, M., 1956:
New results, derived from estimations of calcium and phosphorus in the hair, on anomalies in the phosphorus and calcium nutrition of milking cows

Liu, J.Y.; Ye, Y.H.; Wang Lei; Shi, H.D.; Tan, R.X., 2005:
New resveratrol oligomers from the stem bark of Hopea hainanensis

Serrano, F.B., 1956:
New rice hybrids and their commercial possibilities

Wu, H.-Y., 1958:
New rice varieties for the north-east.

Johnston, T.H., 1957:
New rice varieties give high yields

Milev, V., 1963:
New rice varieties.

Anonymous, 1958:
New rice variety

Anonymous, 1958:
New rindless cheese press and heat sealing wrappers . . . facilitate, packaging of block cheese

Vetsch, H., 1956:
New road-maintenance equipment.

Engle, L.G.; Clark, F.B., 1959:
New rodent repellents fail to work on acorns and walnuts

Lorz, A.P., 1956:
New role for an old Southern crop

Najafi, B., 2006:
New roles of government in improving fruit and vegetable marketing at national and local levels

Nixon, R.W., 1958:
New root development on trunks of date palms buried in soil

Stone, E.C.; Schubert, G.H., 1956:
New roots on Ponderosa Pine seedlings

Anonymous, 1962:
New rural code in Haiti

Pieper, W., 1962:
New rust strain in summer Wheat

Anonymous, 1956:
New rustproof oat

Anonymous, 1958:
New rusts threaten 1958 oat crop

Matolcsy, G.; Hamran, J.; Vegh, A., 1959:
New s-triazine derivatives

Koopman, H.; Uhlenbroek, J.H.; Daams, J., 1957:
New s-triazino herbicides

Wheatley, P.E.; Crowe, T.J., 1962:
New safe insecticides for coffee

Anderson, A.A., 1958:
New sampler for the collection, sizing, and the enumeration of viable airborne particles

Jarcuk, T.A., 1960:
New samples of Bulgarian maize in the VIR world collection.

Meyer, J., 1957:
New sanitary flowmeters bring automation nearer

Anonymous, 1958:
New saw grinder for inserted-tooth saws

Isobe, C., 1960:
New second intermediate hosts of Diphyllobothrium mansoni in Miyazaki Prefecture.

Camus., 1959:
New section, species and subspecies of Gramineae of Madagascar

Camus, ., 1956:
New sections and species of the genus Panicum

Anonymous, 1962:
New seed corn hybrids produced in W. Virginia

Wolff, I.A.; Jones, Q., E.A., 1963:
New seed oils for industry

Konig, F.; Mott, N., 1959:
New seeding, improvement without plowing up, re-seeding. Results of fertilizer trials on permanent grassland in the valley of Chamb river.

Steineck, O., 1958:
New selection procedures in potato breeding

Anonymous, 1962:
New selections for deep-water areas

Finegold, S.M.; Sweeney, E.E., 1961:
New selective and differential medium for coagulase-positive staphylococci allowing rapid growth and strain differentiation

Mccarty, C.D.; Purnell, D.C.; Garber, M.J., 1958:
New selective herbicide tested

Mccarty, C.D.; Purnell, D.C.; Garber, M.J., 1958:
New selective herbicide tested. CDEC applied in preemergence treatment of seeded lettuce shows promise for selective weed control without crop injury

Lifshitz, N.; Retig, B., 1963:
New selective herbicides in canning peas.

Hinglais, H.; Hinglais, M., 1957:
New sensitive technique for pregnancy diagnosis, forced reaction

Rossi, G.; Corradini, V., 1960:
New series of organic compounds having polyvalent fungicidal activity

Anonymous, 1963:
New series on imported timbers. 9. Bombax (Bombax spp.); 10. Bosse (Guarea cedrata); 11. Bubinga (Guibourtia tessmannii); 12. East African Camphorwood (Ocotea usambarensis); 13. Cedar (Juniperus procera); 14. Ceiba (Ceiba pentandra); 15. Coula (Coula edulis); 16. Crabwo

Anonymous, 1963:
New series on imported timbers. I (Africa).

Belyavin, G., 1959:
New serological techniques in the field of virus research

Schaffer, L.V.M., 1963:
New settlement systems in Mexico

Black, W.R.; Breakiron, P.L., 1961:
New shipping containers for cantaloups. A study of ways to reduce damage and costs

Anonymous, 1956:
New shipping containers for plums. (Supt. Doc. U.S. Printing Office, Washington 25 D.C.)

Anonymous, 1959:
New short wheats show promise in Texas tests

Bengston, G.W.; E.A., 1959:
New short-season method produces good yields for gum farmers

Anonymous, 1957:
New shut-off valve of stainless steel.

Anonymous, 1956:
New side-oats grama soon to be available

Brossier, J.; Plagnat, F., 1960:
New silvicultural measures in Fir stands infested with mistletoe.

Brossier, J.; Plagnat, F., 1960:
New silviculture for mistletoe-infested fir forests.

Anonymous, 1959:
New sisal hybrid

Magirovskij, N.P., 1959:
New skidding tractors.

Senjuskin, A.E., 1956:
New small-fruited tomato varieties for combine harvesting.

Zaumeyer, W.J.; Thomas, H.R., 1958:
New snap and Pinto beans resistant to several diseases

Anon., 1961:
New soil cover cuts cost of steam sterilizing

Anonymous, 1959:
New soil sterilizing unit

Robinson, R.R.; Arbuckle, W.S.; Corbin, E.A., 1956:
New solids test proves accurate

Will, F., Iii, 1961:
New solvent system for separation of fatty acids C10-C18 by countercurrent distribution

Atkins, I.M., 1956:
New source of resistance to rust

Reynard, G.B., 1961:
New Source of the j2 Gene Governing Jointless Pedicel in Tomato

Bowyer, R.C.; Jefferies, P.R., 1962:
New sources and synthesis of torquatone

Popov, I.S., 1962:
New sources of fodder protein in dairy husbandry.

Milner, M., 1963:
New sources of protein for human nutrition.

Anonymous, 1963:
New sources of resistance to cotton wilt isolated in the Cotton Department

Dundas, I.S.; Anugrahwati, D.R.; Verlin, D.C.; Park, R.F.; Bariana, H.S.; Mago, R.; Islam, A.K.M.R., 2007:
New sources of rust resistance from alien species: meliorating linked defects and discovery

Tookey, H.L., E.Al., 1962:
New sources of seed mucilages

Solun, A.S.; Dancig, N.M.; Sokolov, M.V., 1958:
New sources of ultraviolet light for animals

Halsey, L.H.; Lorz, A.P., 1961:
New southernpeas to be released soon

Probst, A.H.; Athou, K.L., 1959:
New soybean Lindarin adapted for Indiana

Smith, P.E., 1960:
New soybean varieties for Ohio

Jones, A.W.; Kerley, C.; Sneed, K.E., 1956:
New species and a new subgenus of Corallobothrium (Cestoda, Proteocephala) from catfishes of the Mississippi Basin

Watson, W.C.R., 1956:
New species and combinations in the genus Rubus L

Tsitsin, N.V.; Lubimova, V.F., 1959 :
New species and forms of cereals derived from hybridization between wheat and couch grass

Cheng, W.-C.; Chang, S.-Y.; Hung,, H. t.; Chu, C.-T., C.-D.; Chao, C.-S., 1963:
New species and revised names of Chinese economic trees.

Debach, P., 1959:
New species and strains of Aphytis (Hymenoptera, Eulo-phidae) parasitic on the California red scale, Aonidiella aurantii (Mask.), in the Orient

Debach, P.; Landi, J., 1962:
New species and strains of wasps parasitic on California red scale

Rukhlyadev, D.P., 1960:
New species and subgenus of Spiculopteragia in reindeer and roe-deer in the Caucasus.

Camus, A., 1960:
New species and subspecies of Gramineae of Madagascar

Camus, A., 1960:
New species and varieties of the genus

Steyermark, J.A., 1963:
New species from the Venezuelan Guayana

Mcclure, F.A., 1956:
New species in the Bamboo genus Phyllostachys and some nomenclatural notes

Omel'cuk, T.J., 1962:
New species in the genus Allium L. in the flora of the Ukraine

Kleinschmidt, E.P., 1960:
New species of Agromyzidae from Queensland

Graham, M.W.K.D.V., 1961:
New species of Aprostocetus Westwood (Hym., Eulophidae) from Britain and Sweden

Krapovickas, A.; Rigoni, V.A., 1957:
New species of Arachis related to the problem of the origin of groundnuts

Krapovickas, A.; Rigoni, V.A., 1957:
New species of Arachis related to the problem of the origin of the groundnut

Arabadzhiev, D., 1963:
New species of Auchenorrhyncha-pests of fruit trees in Bulgaria.

Soares, E.D.G.; D.C.rvalho, C.J.B., 2007:
New species of Brachygasterina Macquart (Diptera: Muscidae) from high altitudes of Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela

Henderson, A.; Henderson, F., 2007:
New species of Calamus (Palmae) from Lao and Myanmar

Heiser, C.B.; Smith, P.G., 1958:
New species of Capsicum from South America

Massey, C.L., 1962:
New species of Diplogasteridae (Nematoda) associated with bark beetles in the United States

Geraert, E., 1962:
New species of Dorylaiminae from Congo

Delucchi, V., 1957:
New species of Enaysma.

Welch, H.E., 1962 :
New species of Gastromermis, Isomermis, and Mesotnermts (Nema-toda: Mermithidae) from black fly larvae

Gorbunov, M.G., 1956:
New species of Jugions from Tertiary deposits in western Siberia.

Ablasov, N.A.; Iksanov, K.I., 1959:
New species of Petasiger Dietz, 1909, from Phalacrocorax carbo L.

Steyermark, J.A., 1963:
New species of Rubiaceae from Parque Nacional 'Henri Pittier'

Brucher, E.H., 1962:
New species of Solanum (Sect. Tuberarium) from the semiarid zone of N.W. Argentina

Yakubtsiner, M.M., 1959:
New species of Wheat

Vasil'ev, V.I., 1963:
New species of birch from Central Asia.

Maksimova, A.P., 1963:
New species of cestodes from Cygnus olor in the Kazakh SSR.

Sailov, D.I., 1962:
New species of cestodes from fish-eating birds in the Kyzyl-Agach State Reserve named after S. M. Kirov.

Makarov, M.G., 1959:
New species of flies harmful to wheat in Bulgarla.

Gvosdev, E.V., 1960:
New species of fluke Pegosomum ixobrychi sp.nov. from Ixobrychus minutus L

Rogodin, M.N., 1956:
New species of fungi from Bashkir A.S.S.R

Gutsevich, S.A., 1962:
New species of fungi of the Crimea of the genus Phyllosticta

Karimov, M.A., 1956:
New species of fungi on Medicago sativa L. in Uzbekistan

Belopolskaya, M.M., 1958:
New species of helminths from Charadriiformes.

Sultanov, M.A., 1961:
New species of helminths of gallinaceous birds in Uzbekistan.

Kuznetsov, V.D., 1959:
New species of lactic acid bacteria.

Lebezhinskaya, Mme L.D., 1959:
New species of melanconial fungi of the Leningrad region on berry-fruit plants

Osmanov, S.O., 1958:
New species of monogenetic trematodes of fish in the Amu Darya.

Peterson, John E., 1959:
New species of myxobacteria from the bark of living trees

Lazarevskaya, S.L., 1961:
New species of nematodes from Pissodes pini L.

Telbnga, N.A., 1961:
New species of parasites (Ichneumonidae, Braconidae) of pests of orchards in Moldavia.

Gospodinov, G., 1963:
New species of parasites of some injurious insects in Bulgaria.

Tkacenko, V.I., 1962:
New species of plants in the collection of the Frunze Botanical Garden.

Timm, R.W., 1960:
New species of soil nematodes from East Pakistan

Sergeeva, Mme K.S., 1960:
New species of the genus C. and their variability

Sergeeva, Mme K.S., 1956:
New species of the genus Chaetomium

Jechova, Vera, 1963:
New species of the genus Nigrospora causing rots of southern fruits. Nigrospora maydis (Garov.) Jeehova and N. vietnamensis Jechova

Heyns, J., 1963:
New species of the super-family Dorylaimoidea (Nemata) from South African soils, with a description of a new genus Kochinema

Sultanov, M.A., 1961:
New species of trematodes from birds in the Uzbek S.S.R.

Roitman, V.A., 1963:
New species of trematodes from fish in the Amur basin.

Parukhin, A.M., 1963:
New species of trematodes from fish of the South China Sea.

Camus, Aimee., 1958 :
New species, sub-species and varieties of Gramineae in Madagascar

Camus, A., 1958:
New species, subspecies and varieties of Mada-gascan Gramineae

Chetwynd, K.J., 1956:
New spike grids cut down steaming costs

Wilson, W.J., 1959:
New spot tests for treated lumber

Popushoi, I.S.; Martsikh, Z., 1963:
New spp. of fungi on fruit trees in Moldavia

Morishita, F.S.; Jefferson, R.N., 1956:
New spray controls rose spider mites

Kemp, W.G., 1960:
New spray deepens rose foliage, kills mildew

Anon., 1960:
New spray for apples and pears

Helle, W., 1962:
New spray materials for roses.

Kriegler, P.J.; Myburgh, A.C., 1958:
New spray programme makes pear bud mite a problem once more

Anon., 1956:
New spray promises less trouble with mites

Anonymous, 1963:
New spray stops Prodenia build-up

West, D.F., 1959:
New sprays control chamise in California

Lyle, E.W., 1959:
New sprays cut threat of black spot on roses

Artemova, A.S.; Jakovlev, A.V., 1958:
New spring varieties of Triticum x Agropyron hybrids.

Senkevlc, A., 1961:
New standard for amortization rates for perennial planting

Anonymous, 1961:
New standard for treated fence posts aims at life expectancy of more than 30 years

Egoeova, G., 1960:
New standard melon varieties.

Anonymous, 1957:
New standard of excellence for Africander cattle

Egorova, G.S., 1959:
New standard varieties of cucurbits.

Boev, N.D.; Negrobova, F.I., 1957:
New standard varieties of oil plants.

Vodolazov, A., 1959:
New standard varieties of sugar beet.

Evdokimov, M.N., 1958:
New standard varieties of vegetable crops.

Komkova, M., 1960:
New standard varieties.

Jarusova, N.S., 1961:
New standards for daily vitamin requirements in man

Haraldsan, Ake., 1960:
New standards for labour requirements in agriculture

Il'in, M.I.; Zvoskova, N.S., 1962:
New standards of hybrids and varieties.

Maxa, V., 1957:
New starter culture for direct inoculation of bulk starter milk.

Ternovskij, M.F.; Zvjagina, E.A.; Evtuh, O.K., 1962:
New starting material for the breeding of tobacco for immunity to diseases.

Lakusic, R., 1961:
New stations of Pinus heldreichii in the mountains of Montenegro.

Wright, G.M., 1963:
New strain of Onward oat with crown rust resistance

Anonymous, 1960:
New strain of groundnut

Schieblich, J., 1956:
New strains of forage plants. 1. Crimson clover, birdsfoot trefoil and Poa palustris

Schieblich, J., 1956:
New strains of forage plants. III. Canary grass and Bromus secalinus

Schieblich, J., 1957:
New strains of forage plants. IV. Ph. tanacetifolia

Lutkov, A.N., 1959:
New strains of peppermint (Mentha piperita) and the prospects of extending its cultivation to new regions. (Plant introduction and construction of green belts.)

Paelinck, H.; Szczepaniak, S., 2005:
New strategies for the preservation of cooked ham

Komives, T.; Beres, I.; Reisinger, P.; Lehoczky, E.; Berke, J.; Tamas, J.; Paldy, A.; Csornai, G.; Nador, G.; Kardevan P.; Mikulas, J.; Golya, G.; Molnar, J., 2006:
New strategy of the integrated protection against common ragweed (Ambrosia artemisiifolia L.)

Anonymous, 1957:
New strawberries

Raphael, T.D., 1959:
New strawberries

Anonymous, 1956:
New strawberries show promise

Kobel, F.; Schutz, F., 1960:
New strawberry and raspberry varieties from the Federal Research Station at Wadenswil

Kobel, F.; Schutz, F., 1960:
New strawberry and raspberry varieties of the Federal Experiment Station, Wadenswil

Anonymous, 1963:
New strawberry cultivar-'Templar'

Holbeche, J.A., 1961:
New strawberry for coastal districts

Anonymous, 1960:
New strawberry varieties

Slate, G.L.; Watson, J., 1963:
New strawberry varieties

Kuznecov, P.V., 1963:
New strawberry varieties for the foothills of the northern Caucasus.

Lazareva, A., 1957:
New strawberry varieties in the Krasnodar territory.

Botar, A., 1961:
New strawberry varieties introduced at the Cluj Horticultural and Viticultural Experimental Station

Sorge, P., 1961:
New strawberry varieties released to the trade in 1960

Tataukova, A.S., 1960:
New strawberry varieties selected at the Central Asiatic Branch of the Institute of Plant Industry.

Ekemin, G.V., 1962:
New strawberry varieties.

Anon., 1960:
New strawberry variety

Reid, R.D., 1956:
New strawberry variety Redgauntlet

Anonymous, 1956:
New strawberry western for Washington

Williston, E.M., 1960:
New stress values for the coast white woods

Staby, J.H., 1958:
New strides in corn borer resistance

Ernst, Eugen., 1962:
New structural changes in Hessian agrarian and settlement geography

Akhmedov, K.S.; Zainutdinov, S.; Pogorel'skii, K.V.; E.A., 1962:
New structure-forming substances.

Berindei, M., 1963:
New studies designed to improve the distribution of early potato varieties

Laube, W., 1960:
New studies of the effect of plant skeletal substances on digestibility of green fodders

Roseler, M., 1956:
New studies of the nutrient content of some little-used feeds: Phacelia, Melilotus albus, Kochia, Elodea canadensis

Abraham, J.; Jacquot, R., 1957:
New studies of the nutritional effects of aureomycin in the white rat; disparity between weight gain and protein formation

Jaffe, W.G., 1961:
New studies of the nutritive value of fish flour and its supplementary effect on wheat flour and bread

Terroine, T., 1957 :
New studies of the vicarious role of ascorbic acid in riboflavin deficiency

Heimann, M., 1962:
New studies on prevention and control of ' die-off ' in Erica

Jacquiot, C., 1963:
New studies on the anatomy of tree cambial tissue cultivated in vitro; comparison with some pathological structures.

Ubrizsy, G., 1957:
New studies on the associations of macroscopic fungi in the soil of different forests

Merker, E., 1963:
New studies on the causes of injurious effects of forest fertilization on insects.

Schrade, W.; Bohle, E.; Biegler, R., 1960:
New studies on the fatty acids in blood

Fraenkel, G.; Leclercq, J., 1956:
New studies on the nutritive requirements of the larva of Tenebrio molitor, L. (Insecta, Coleoptera)

Kuckuck, H., 1959:
New studies on the origin of hexaploid cultivated wheats

Quercioli, E., 1957:
New studies on the relation between molecular structure and the action of coumarin derivatives on the plant cell

Aschkenasy, A.; Aschkenasy-Lelu, P., 1957:
New studies on the role of the adrenals in gestation on a diet poor in proteins

Verger, P.; Lachaud., 1959:
New study of the therapeutic action of vitamin K1 on low blood prothrombin in the premature infant

Blache, R.; Destombes, P.; Nazimoff, O., 1961:
New subcutaneous mycoses in the S. Cameroons

Anonymous, 1963:
New sugar beet strain in Hungary

Gutstein, Y.; Karmeli, C. r.; Karmeli, C.K.rdud, B., 1963:
New sugar-beet varieties for autumn sowing in different regions of Israel.

Anonymous, 1960:
New sugar-cane varieties

Anon., 1960:
New sugarcane for Georgia

Li, H.W.; Chu, T.L., 1956:
New sugarcane varieties released in Taiwan, F135, F136, H32-8560 and H37-1933

Anonymous, 1958:
New sugarcane variety for Florida soils

Bohus, G., 1963:
New suggestions for preparing fleshy fungi for the herbarium

Breviglieri, N., 1962:
New summer-ripening apple varieties

Encheva, J.; Christov, M.; Shindrova, P.; Drumeva, M.; Encheva, V., 2006:
New sunflower restorer lines developed by direct organogenesis method from interspecific cross Helianthus annuus L. (cv. Albena) x Helianthus salicifolius L. - disease resistance, combining ability

Sanin, I., 1957:
New sunflower varieties.

Mehra, H.R., 1961:
New superfamily Orchipedioidea (suborder; Echinostomata Szidat, 1939; Order Echinostomida La Rue, 1957.)

Anonymous, 1962:
New sweet cherry

Kravcenko, E.P., 1960:
New sweet cherry varieties for southern Poles'e in the Ukraine.

Singh, S.; Dhawan, N.L.; Sprague, E.W.; Paliwal, R.L.; Vaidya, S.M., 1963:
New sweet maize hybrids for the northern plains

Poole, C.F., 1959:
New sweet potato and lettuce varieties developed by H.A.E.S

Anonymous, 1963:
New sweetcorn lines released to breeders

Beroza, M.; Alexander, B.H.; Steiner, L.F.; Mitchell, W.C.; Miyashita, D.H., 1960:
New Synthetic Lures for the Male Melon Fly

Anonymous, 1956:
New syrup sorgo

Cajkin, P., 1962:
New system of agricultural management

Anonymous, 1962:
New system of continuous sterilisation by steam injection

Favilli, R.; Benvenuti, A., 1963:
New system of mulching with petroleum derivatives.

Raychaudhuri S.P., 1961:
New systems of classification and nomenclature of soils

Nicollier, J., 1963:
New systems of growing vines in 1962 after six years' trials ln Valais

Pervuhin, F.S., 1960:
New tannin plants.

Anonymous, 1960:
New tasks for agriculture in the Mongolian People's Republic

Kauter, A., 1960:
New tasks in fodder crop production

Kuss, H., 1962:
New tasks of economic extension

Keay, R.W.J., 1956:
New taxa and combinations for the 'Flora of West Tropical Africa'. I. (Linaceae, Euphorbiaceae, Icacinaceae, Santalaceae, Rutaceae, Meliaceae). II. (Sapindaceae, Anacardiaceae)

Yu, T.T.; Kuan, K.C., 1963:
New taxa of Chinese Rosaceae

Hepper, F.N., 1956:
New taxa of Papilionaceae from West Tropical Africa

Spoelstra, P.A.; Veerman, J.A., 1960:
New technical developments in bulb storage

Sedlak, J.; M.S.elina., 1961:
New technical methods of potato harvesting and their economic importance

Loiselle, R., 1962:
New technique aids barley breeders

Pantaleon, J.; Rosset, R., 1962:
New technique for bacteriological examination of meat.

Busson, F.; Guth, P., 1956:
New technique for chromatographic analysis of free amino acids in the blood serum

Potterat, M., 1956:
New technique for chromatography on paper

Medina, D.M.; Conagin, C.H.T.M., 1963:
New technique for counting chromosomes in groundnut (A. hypogaeaL.)

Merzari, A.H.; Ghelfi, R.A.; Brenzoni, E.O., 1962:
New technique for determining labile phosphorus in soils (L values) using Asotobacter naturally present in the soil.

All, M.K.; Chaudhuri, S.D., 1962:
New technique for growing tops of jute plants for seed

Marcenac, L.N.; Jondet, A.; Leroy, G., 1959:
New technique for obtaining pancreatic juice

Sharp, R.H.; Stevens, R.E., 1962:
New technique for spraying standing trees infested with bark beetles

O'connell, D.C.; Wiggin, N.J.; Pike, G.F., 1960:
New Technique for the Collection and Isolation of Airborne Microorganisms

Chevalier, R.; Fournaud, J.; Mocquot, G., 1956:
New technique for the detection of inhibitory or stimulatory streptococci in milk.

Koubek, K.; Hauptman, J., 1960:
New technique in managing dairy cows: comparative trials with cows loose in open barns and in conventional stalls. III

Koubek, K.; Hauptman, J., 1959:
New technique in managingdairy cows: comparative trials with cowsloose in open barns and in conventional stalls.II

Prekopp, I., 1959:
New technique of Brinza manufacture.

Djourno, A., 1963:
New technique of electrical general anaesthesia in animals.

Galley, A.H.; Lerman, L.H., 1959:
New technique with hydroxydione; experiences with presuren

Mirmikov, L., 1958:
New techniques for bundle assembly in winter.

Hubsteiner, J., 1963:
New techniques for calculating milk payments

Minderman, G., 1956:
New techniques for counting and isolating free living nema-todes from small soil samples and from oak forest litter

Reid, W.H.E., 1962:
New techniques for increasing consumption of milk and dairy products through supermarkets and food stores

Markwardt, E.D., 1963:
New techniques for machine harvest

Miller, Paul R., 1960:
New techniques for plant disease surveys and for appraisal of losses

Harris, R.H.; Sibbitt, L.D., 1957:
New techniques for preliminary screening wheat hybrids for quality

Meyer, R.J.; Corley, E.L.; Heizer, E.E., 1961:
New techniques for recording DHIA data under field conditions

Goodhue, Lyle D., 1960:
New techniques for screening cockroach repellents

Anonymous, 1963:
New techniques for studying hybrid traits

Stoenescu, C., 1962:
New techniques for the control of Hylobius abietis.

Emery, G.A., 1956:
New techniques for the control of pests on hops

Anderson, J., 1958:
New techniques help boat builders

Alston, R.E.; Turner, B.L., 1962:
New Techniques In Analysis Of Complex Natural Hybridization

Sties, B., 1958:
New techniques in dairies in Kostelec on/Orlice.

Schaltenbrand, W., 1958:
New techniques in forest road construction. Tar and bituminous binders.

Riollano, A., 1960:
New techniques in growing papaws

Belik, V.F.; Podmogaeva, M.I., 1960:
New techniques in interspecific hybridization of pumpkin.

Grigsby, B.H.; Hamilton, R.H., 1958:
New techniques in the application of herbicides for the control of aquatic weeds

Guerault, A.M., 1960:
New techniques in the dairy industry.

Shutov, T., 1962:
New techniques in the pavilion devoted to the dairy industry.

Smith, D., 1958:
New techniques make peaches a proposition

Johnson, G.A., 1959:
New techniques, developments in ripsaws and moulders

Maramorosch, K., 1958:
New techniques, submerged plant and insect cell culture, and their application to leafhopper-borne viruses

Eie, T.; Larsen, H.; Sorheim, O.; Pettersen, M.K.; Hansen, A.A.; Wold, J.P.; Naterstad, K.; Mielnik, M., 2007 :
New technologies for extending shelf life

Lebedik, A.I., 1962:
New technology for sugar-beet cultivation.

Frig, V.; Toskov, V., 1960:
New technology of hop drying on a conveyor drier

Zheleznyak, E.A., 1963:
New technology of seed treatment.

Shishlakov, N., 1963:
New technology on the dairy farm.

Lamy, L., 1963:
New test for chemothera-peutic activity on cestodes.

Mendez-Bauer, C.; Cabot, H.M.; Caldeyro-Barcia, R., 1960:
New Test for the Biological Assay of Oxytocin

Cessac, M., 1961:
New tests of the chemical treatments against the onion fly (Hylemyia, antiqua Meig.) and the cabbage fly (Chortophila brassicae Bouche).

Cividini, R., 1961:
New tests of wood for flooring.

Anon., 1956:
New tests on bud inhibition

Rosell, J.M.; Daga, C.; Fernandez, J., 1959:
New tests on the bacteriostatic effect of hydrogen peroxide added to raw milk and its bactericidal effect in connection with the pasteurization and sterilization of milk

Ruffinelli, A.; Orlando, A.; Biggi, E., 1961:
New tests with substances attractive to the fruit-flies C. capitata and A. mombinpraeoptans

Anonymous, 1956:
New tetraploid grape

Kvasnickii, A.V.; Konjuhova, L.A., 1960:
New theories and practices in the artificial insemination of pigs

Nordengren, S., 1957:
New theories of phosphate reactions in the soil and their possible impact on methods of fertilizer manufacture

Van Overbeek, J., 1961:
New theory on the primary mode of auxin action

Zimmerman, E.H., 1961:
New therapeutic agent for tinea versicolor, 9-acridinium-acridinium 4-hexylresorcinolate

Grin, E.I., 1959:
New therapy of the ringworm of the scalp by a per os administration of griseofulvin and the mechanism of its effectiveness

Anonymous, 1958:
New thermal and acoustic panel

Whitnall, A.B.M., 1960:
New thinking on chemical control of red scale

Edgerton, L.J., 1956:
New thinning sprays for peaches

Hadfield, W., 1962:
New thoughts on shade

Anonymous, 1958:
New timothy strain released by Kentucky

Foster, R.E., 1962:
New tip burn resistant lettuce variety: Arizona Sunbright

Anonymous, 1961:
New tobacco available

Sloan, W.J.S., 1960:
New tobacco curing barn

Anonymous, 1963:
New tobacco line developed at Clemson

Moore, E.L.; Powell, N.T.; Gwynn, R., 1960:
New tobacco variety

Moore, E.L.; Droesom, P.N., 1956:
New tobacco variety, Dixie Bright 244, released to growers

Thomson, J.R., 1963:
New tolerances in seed testing

Schaffer, H.G., 1963:
New tomato and cucumber varieties

Anonymous, 1960:
New tomato for mid-West

Ohova, E.P., 1960:
New tomato forms obtained by grafting.

Anon., 1962:
New tomato fumigation aids Hawaii

Anonymous, 1963:
New tomato varieties

Salokangas, K., 1961:
New tomato varieties for cultivation under glass

Kolev, M.; Veselinov, E., 1963:
New tomato varieties for growing without stakes.

Byhanova, K., 1962:
New tomato varieties for the greenhouse.

Pimahov, F.S., 1956:
New tomato varieties in Uzbekistan.

Ananjan, A.A., 1957:
New tomato varieties obtained by means of vegetative and vegetative-sexual hybridization.

Glavinitch, R., 1961:
New tomato varieties obtained by vegatarive hybridization

Strekalova, A.I., 1959:
New tomato varieties.

Griffiths, A.E., 1960:
New tomato variety developed at URI

Strydom, E., 1959:
New tomato variety for High- and Middleveld

Naslund, G.E.; Hallberg, B.O., 1959:
New tool for measuring adhesion of coatings to wood

Hippoliti, G., 1963:
New tool for stump grubbing in Poplar stands.

Weiss, O., 1960:
New tools for tending young stands.

Millet, R.S., 1962:
New tools highlight wood drying

Hebert, T.T., 1956:
New treatment for Barley loose smut

Palumbo, H.J., 1963:
New treatment keeps pots clean

Landi, A., 1963:
New treatment of tetanus.

Schipfer., 1960:
New treatment to disinfect seedbed soil

Oganesyan, P.A., 1959:
New treatments for animals.

Sarasola, A.A.; D.S.rasola, M.A.R., 1959:
New treatments for peach leaf curl in Argentina

Makarenko, V.K., 1960:
New trematodes from birds.

Akhmerov, A.A., 1960:
New trematodes from fish in the Amur river.

Oshmarin, P.G.; Mamaev, Y.L., 1963:
New trematodes from fish in the Gulf of Tonkin.

Morozov, F.N., 1960:
New trematodes from fish-eating birds of Kamchatka.

Chun-Syun, F.; Genis, D.E., 1963:
New trematodes of Chiroptera.

Leonov, V.A., 1958:
New trematodes of ciconid birds.

Wilson, K.; Zigas, V.; Gajdusek, D.C., 1959:
New tremor syndromes occurring sporadically in natives of the Wabag-Laiagam-Kundep region of the Western Highlands of Australian New Guinea

Kelbert, D.G.A., 1962:
New trend in tomato culture in the Gulf Coast area

Miller, P.M., 1963:
New trends and lessons learned in 1963

Anonymous, 1962:
New trends in Emmental cheese manufacture.

Hunek, Tadeusz, 1963:
New trends in agricultural policy in Poland

Alten, F., 1956:
New trends in humus economy.

Barbacki, S., 1956:
New trends in knowledge on heredity

Almy, A.S., 1960:
New trends in leaf processing point way for industry expansion

Mervart, J., 1963:
New trends in measuring labour productivity in forestry in Czechoslovakia.

Ryle, G., 1961:
New trends in silviculture of conifers consequent upon manufacturing developments

Jacoboni, N., 1960:
New trends in specialized olive growing

Ruebenbauer, Z., 1956:
New trends in sugar-beet breeding

Soukup, J.; Matous, J., 1961:
New trends in the development of garden composts

Zanardi, D., 1962:
New trends in the pruning of the vine variety Croattina in the Pavia area of the Po valley

Chiapparini, L., 1959:
New trends in weed control and herbicides

Bacsa, P., 1962:
New trends in winter wheat breeding and their promising results

Kaeczewski, B., 1960:
New trends of technical progress in plant protection

D.Gournay, X., 1963:
New trials for control of blackgrass (Alopecurus myosuroides Huds.) in crops of winter wheat

Michel, E., 1959:
New trials for the control of wireworms. A study of preventive treatment by watering the seed-beds.

Lounsky, J., 1961:
New trials on the control of the chicory miners

Hitier, H.; Michel, E.; Bown, G., 1962:
New trials with fungicides against P. tabacina. Tests 1962. I. Treatments applied on covered seedbeds.

Hitier, H.; Michel, E.; Mounat, A., 1963:
New trials with fungicides against P. tabacina. Tests 1962. II. Treatments applied on open seedbeds.

Hitier, H.; Michel, E.; Mounat, A., 1963:
New trials with fungicides against P. tabacina. Tests 1962. III. Treatments applied in the field.

Anonymous, 1958:
New triazine derivatives and herbicidal compositions containing them

Myrvik, Q.N., 1956:
New tuberculostaticprotein isolated from bovine spleen

Anonymous, 1959:
New turf Bermudas for Southwest region

Thompson, W.R.; Gill, W.J.; Ward, C.Y., 1963:
New turfgrasses for winter lawns

Anonymous, 1958:
New twin gang line sawmill

Stinson, R.F., 1958:
New twists in African violets

Silver, J., 1958:
New two-compartment disposable plastic syringe

Edwards, F.E., 1957:
New type fender aids in cotton flaming

Shea, K.R.; Wotton, M.J., 1961:
New type of 1955 freeze damage on Western Hemlock

Anonymous, 1962:
New type of butter churn in German dairy factory.

Dimov, N.; Voinov, D., 1957:
New type of cows' milk cheese.

Tronickova, E., 1962:
New type of functional male sterility in tomato

Milenkovic, M., 1959:
New type of solvent for partition chromatography of serum amino acids of ruminants

Sweden, Skogen., 1960:
New type of weeder.

Hanrahan, F.P.; Walter, H.E.; Sadler, A.M., 1959:
New type pasteurizing, deodorizing, and concentrating equipment for use in cheese manufacture

Estrangin, L., 1962 :
New types of agricultural property

Delone, N.L.; Popovic, P.R.; Antipov, V.V.; Vysockij, V.G., 1963:
New types of chromosome aberrations induced in Tradescantia paludosa microspores by certain factors active during cosmic flight in satellite space ships.

Sulc, J., 1959:
New types of cultured milk.

Anonymous, 1958:
New types of hybrid maize for growing as a second crop

D.Martino, V., 1957:
New types of hybrid maize for use as second crop

Gorbacevskij, V.A., 1960:
New types of lorry-and-trailer units for timber transport.

Reggiani, F., 1958:
New types of salad vegetables

Balla, F., 1960:
New types of tinned foods rich in vitamin C

Anonymous, 1956:
New undervine weeder a boon for vineyards

Miliotis, J., 1963:
New unit for the storage of milk before collection.

Anonymous, 1963:
New university varieties continue to prove themselves

Anon., 1961 :
New use cleared for Dowpon-grass control in peas

Anonymous, 1960:
New use for Argemone

Anonymous, 1958:
New uses accepted for Mylone soil fumigant. Mesquite con- trolled by 2,4,5-T in Arizona AND Two 2,4-D treatments kill 95% of cattails

Anon., 1961:
New uses cleared for Dowpon-grass control in Florida citrus

Anonymous, 1958:
New uses for electricity in the dairy

Matney, T.S.; Achenbach, N.E., 1962:
New uses for membrane filters. Bacterial mating procedure

Matney, T.S.; Goldschmidt, E.P., 1962:
New uses for membrane filters. Isolation of auxotrophic mutants

Lee, J.W.; Beeby, R., 1959:
New uses for milk powders

Shulman, J.; Wilner, B.L., 1960:
New uses for wood flour in rigid polyurethane foams

Lembeight, H.W., 1959:
New uses of chloropicrin as a soil fungicide

Holland, R.F.; Cox, H.F.; Jr., 1956:
New uses of polyethylene in the dairy industry

Botu, I.; Preda, S.; Botu, M.; Achim, G., 2007:
New valuable clonal selections for plum in Romania

Kirioenko, L.I., 1958:
New valuable forms of carrot and other vegetables with flavoured roots in the collection of the Institute of Plant Industry.

Sokolov, P.I., 1960:
New variant of Str. lactis.

Umnikov, S.D., 1963:
New variant of the square-pocket method of planting potatoes.

Anonymous, 1959:
New varieties

Anonymous, 1960:
New varieties

Anonymous, 1961:
New varieties

Brooks, R.M.; Olmo, H.P., 1962:
New varieties

Godec, B., 2007:
New varieties (1): Pinova

Holzer, V., 1960:
New varieties - further aid to agricultural practice

Cope, F.W.; Bartley, B.G.D., 1961:
New varieties and breeding policies at I.C.T.A

Roy, P.O., 1963:
New varieties and cold resistant rootstocks for Quebec, Canada

Draghici, L.; Draghici, D.; Greceanu, E., 1963:
New varieties and lines of winter barley

Hojby, H.R., 1959:
New varieties being improved even further

Vickery, L.S., 1961:
New varieties called Delhi 61, Yellow Gold

Sherwood, R.T.; Wells, J.C.; Sasser, J.N., 1959:
New varieties fighting nematodes

Middleton, G.K.; Hebert, T.T.; Davis, W.H., 1959:
New varieties for North Carolina

Anonymous, 1957:
New varieties for Northern Plains

Anonymous, 1958:
New varieties for the trade

Anonymous, 1959:
New varieties in 1958.

Dolgov, S.I., 1960:
New varieties in the Altaj state farm.

Stover, L.H., 1961:
New varieties may make Florida a grape producer

Mihov, A., 1957:
New varieties of Cucurbita moschata Duch.

Cerevatenko, A.S., 1958:
New varieties of Inzirnyj peaches.

Villax, E.J., 1963:
New varieties of Napier grass (P. purpureum Sch. et Th.) in Morocco

Vengrenovskii, S.I.; Sokolenko, N.F., 1956:
New varieties of Sudan grass.

Soro, T., 1958:
New varieties of avocado from Puerto Rico

Constantinescu, G.; Negreanu, E., 1960:
New varieties of black Coarna: selected black Coarna, aromatic black Coarna and muscat black Coarna

Glebova, E.I.; Scukina, V.F., 1959:
New varieties of black currant near Leningrad.

Marukawa, S., 1957:
New varieties of cabbage suitable for growing under snow and considerations on their cultivation.

Stehle, H., 1956:
New varieties of cane under observation for condition of health at Guadeloupe

Feldner, H., 1956:
New varieties of cauliflower developed locally

Aleksandrova, L.N., 1956:
New varieties of cereals

Nagibin, J. D.; Haidarov, E., 1961:
New varieties of cotton

Borisov, G.N., 1963:
New varieties of cotton.

Hahn, P., 1961:
New varieties of crop plants for cultivation

Nazarov, S.A., 1956:
New varieties of cucurbits.

Egorova, G., 1963:
New varieties of cucurbits.

Egorova, G., 1961:
New varieties of culinary root crops.

Anonymous, 1960:
New varieties of cultivated plants for cultivation

Mosolova, A.V., 1956:
New varieties of currant from the Institute of Plant Industry.

Anonymous, 1958:
New varieties of economic crops

Racinski, T., 1962:
New varieties of field bean.

Hutornoj, Ju. P., 1962:
New varieties of fine-fibred cotton.

Kondakova, O.A., 1962:
New varieties of flax in Siberia.

Schieblich, J., 1956:
New varieties of forage crops. II. Annual ryegrass

Ven'jaminov, A.N., 1961:
New varieties of fruit crops in the central zone of the European part of the USSR and the Ukraine

Enikeev, H., 1956:
New varieties of fruit trees and soft fruits for the central Nonchernozem provinces.

Duka, S.H., 1959:
New varieties of fruit trees and soft fruits from the Ukrainian SSR and prospects for their utilization in the Moldavian SSR.

Brooks, Reid M., 1963:
New varieties of fruits and nuts

Salokangas, K., 1961:
New varieties of glasshouse tomato

Mosolova, A.V., 1956:
New varieties of gooseberry bred by the Institute of Plant Industry.

Potapov, S.P., 1961:
New varieties of gooseberry.

Pruckova, M., 1960:
New varieties of grain crops.

Kuzjmin, A.Ja., 1956:
New varieties of grape for the central belt of the Soviet Union.

Korobkina, Z.V., 1963:
New varieties of grapes for preservation by freezing.

Niec, H., 1960:
New varieties of greenhouse cucumber

Gelmund, H.; Leshem, Y., 1962:
New varieties of groundnut.

Generalov, G.; Petrova, Z., 1960:
New varieties of gruel crops.

Maliani, C., 1963:
New varieties of hard wheat produced by interspecific crossing

Mitov, L., 1962:
New varieties of hard wheat.

Sadowski, W.; Sidor, S., 1962:
New varieties of heavy tobacco in the light of trials in the Lublin district in the years 1959-61.

Roborgh, R.H.J., 1961:
New varieties of hops tolerant to black root rot (Phytophthora spp.)

Anonymous, 1958:
New varieties of irrigated rice, 1957.

Gubernator, V.S., 1961:
New varieties of malting barley.

Egorova, G., 1961:
New varieties of melons.

Cernjavskaja, Z.S., 1962:
New varieties of millet.

Ljasenko, E., 1961:
New varieties of monogerm sugar beet.

Anonymous, 1961:
New varieties of oilseed crops

Plinka, A., 1958:
New varieties of onion.

Zaktreger, N.I., 1962:
New varieties of oriental persimmon and pomegranate bred at the Turkmenian experimental station.

Sul'ga, M.S., 1963:
New varieties of pea.

Motobilov, B.A.; Zukov, A.S., 1961:
New varieties of peach and apricot.

Barak, D., 1958:
New varieties of peaches.

Hoppner, E., 1958:
New varieties of potato in 1958

Anonymous, 1956:
New varieties of potatoes

Hristov, S.; Popova, D., 1961:
New varieties of red pepper for the production of red ground paprika.

Favero, A., 1958:
New varieties of rice

Anonymous, 1960:
New varieties of rice

Anonymous, 1956:
New varieties of rice, 1956. I.

Nilsson, F., 1959:
New varieties of small fruits

Anonymous, 1956:
New varieties of soya beans, 1956.

Simon, M., 1962:
New varieties of spring cereals (1962). Wheat, barley, oats.

Kul'cickaja, Z.A., 1956:
New varieties of spring wheat from the Ramon' station.

Katinskaja, Ju. K., 1956:
New varieties of strawberry bred at the Institute of Plant Industry.

Il'inskij, A.A., 1957:
New varieties of strawberry.

Il'inskij, A.A., 1962:
New varieties of strawberry.

Anonymous, 1960:
New varieties of strong and hard spring wheat.

Ser, B., 1963:
New varieties of strong wheat.

Grin'ko, T.F., 1957:
New varieties of sugar beet and methods of breeding them.

Nagano, K., 1958:
New varieties of sugar cane and summer planting.

Hazina, E.P., 1961:
New varieties of sweet pepper obtained by the process of vegetative hybridization.

Hazina, E.P., 1956:
New varieties of sweet pepper obtained by vegetative hybridization.

Hazina, E.P., 1961:
New varieties of sweet pepper obtained by vegetative hybridization.

Soltanovskaja, G., 1961:
New varieties of sweet pepper.

Latuszynski, G., 1958:
New varieties of tobacco (N. tabacum L.) with low nicotine content grown at Pulawy in 1949-56

Skiendzielewski, J., 1963:
New varieties of tobacco.

Favero, A., 1962:
New varieties of tomato

Pimahov, F.S., 1957:
New varieties of tomato and their introduction into collective farming in Uzbekistan.

Roujitza, G., 1958:
New varieties of tomato obtained by vegetative hybridization

Brooks, R.M.; Olmo, H.P., 1959:
New varieties of tree fruits, berries, grapes

Browicz, K.; Bugala, W., 1957:
New varieties of trees and shrubs obtained by A. Wroblewski.

Anonymous, 1956:
New varieties of upland rice, 1956.

Anonymous, 1958:
New varieties of upland rice, 1957.

Ivanoy, I.M., 1958:
New varieties of vegetable crops along the western flank of the Urals.

Sazanov, M.M., 1959:
New varieties of vegetable plants from the Birjucij Kut vegetable breeding research station.

Webster, A.B., 1963:
New varieties of vegetables

Hahn, P.; Mildner, E., 1962:
New varieties of vegetables and drug plants, appearing in the 1962 variety list of the East German Democratic Republic.

Melis, L.O., 1962:
New varieties of vegetables for Mendoza, Argentine Republic

Krevcenko, L.E., 1957:
New varieties of water melon and pumpkin.

Anonymous, 1959:
New varieties of wheat

Popescu, S., 1960:
New varieties of wheat

Taran, L.D., 1963:
New varieties of wheat

Anonymous, 1963:
New varieties of wheat and barley

Anonymous, 1961:
New varieties of wheat and oats

Avanzi, E.; Benvenuti, A., 1958:
New varieties of wheat and oats being tested in the light of the present situation of cereal growing in Italy

Remeslo, V.N., 1963:
New varieties of winter wheat

Torge, D.; Oproiu, E.; Munteanu, O., 1959:
New varieties of winter wheat and winter barley for agriculture in the Rumanian People's Republic

Didus', V.I., 1963:
New varieties of winter wheat bred at Har'kov.

Lewis, R.D., 1959:
New varieties open new horizons for US rice

Remeslo, V.N., 1963:
New varieties produced by directed change in the nature of the plant.

Anonymous, 1956:
New varieties rapidly grown and propagated

Anonymous, 1959:
New varieties registered in the French catalogue in 1958

Li, H.W.; Chu, T.L.; Mok, B.C.; Mo, P.-C., 1957:
New varieties released in Taiwan. F137, F138, F139, and F140

Komkova, M., 1963:
New varieties.

Anonymous, 1963:
New variety of L. albus for grain, produced through combination and mutation breeding.

Anonymous, 1962:
New variety of barley

Anonymous, 1958:
New variety of clover offered

Nanda, J.S.; Mallik, S.N.; Chalam, G.V., 1962:
New variety of groundnut for Hirakud irrigated area

Pimenova, L.V., 1963:
New variety of soft spring wheat.

Coleman, O.H.; E.A., 1956:
New variety of sorgo developed, named Wiley

Navolotskii, A.V., 1958:
New variety of summer Wheat'Leningradskaya'

Big Afforestation Programme I.Ussr., 1959:
New variety of tree will flourish in deserts

Schwarz, R., 1959:
New vectors for a variant of the Turnip and Swede mosaic virus and for the Cucumber mosaic virus

Heinze, K., 1959:
New vectors of Pea enation mosaic virus and some other viruses

Hahn, P.; Mildner, E., 1962:
New vegetable and medicinal plant varieties placed on the Varietal List of the German Democratic Republic during 1962

Anonymous, 1958:
New vegetable strains

Zorn, C., 1959:
New vegetable varieties

Anonymous, 1957:
New vegetable varieties List IV

Hahn, P.; Mildner, E., 1961:
New vegetable varieties admitted to the varietal list of the German Democratic Republic in 1961

Anonymous, 1958:
New vegetable varieties for 1959

Hahn, P.; Mildner, E., 1958:
New vegetable varieties for cultivation in 1959

Hahn, P.; Mildner, E., 1958:
New vegetable varieties for growing in 1959

Salokangas, K., 1958:
New vegetable varieties in the light of outdoor experimental cultivation

Hahn, P.; Mildner, E., 1956:
New vegetable varieties that have been entered in the 1956 variety list and approved for cultivation

Hahn, P., 1956:
New vegetable varieties which were admitted to the variety list in 1955 and approved for cultivation

Hahn, P.; Mildner, E., 1959:
New vegetable varieties which were admitted to the variety list of the German Democratic Republic in 1959

Anonymous, 1956:
New vegetable varieties. List III

Anonymous, 1958:
New vegetable varieties. List V

Anonymous, 1960:
New vegetable varieties. List VI

Anonymous, 1961:
New vegetable varieties. List VII

Olive Badosa, A., 1956:
New version of the pathogenesis of nutritional dystrophy of infants. Dystrophy as a disorder of adaptation

Wilson, J.D., 1959:
New versus older fungicides for the control of late blight

Gemmill, A.V., 1960:
New vertical-plate freezer steps up performance

Wienhues, F., 1957:
New viewpoints on breeding methods in cereals

Biernath, D., 1958:
New viewpoints on the treatment of land with dairy effluents.

Binder, W., 1959:
New viewpoints on variations of growth in our children

Hornbostel, H., 1959:
New views on tapeworm problems

Fruhstorfer, A., 1959:
New views on the advantages of spreading superphosphate in the cowshed.

Drechsler, O., 1958:
New views on the aetiology of torsion of the large colon in the horse

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