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Nutrition of grazing cattle. 1. Estimation of protein in pasture selected by grazing cattle. 2. Estimation of phosphorus and calcium in pasture selected by grazing cattle. 3. Estimation of protein, phosphorus and calcium in mixed diets. 4. Selectivity exhibited by grazing cattle. 5. A survey of the nutrition of dairy cattle in southeastern Queensland

Moir, K.W.

Qd J. agric. Sci 17(4): 361-418


Accession: 014122223

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The results of a nutritional survey, including 68 dairy farms in S.E. Queensland during 1956-57, are given in part 5 of this series. Protein, P, and Ca contents of selectively grazed pasture were related to class of country, overall pasture appearance and the predominant species, and on only 2 farms were they below maintenance requirements.

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