Section 15
Chapter 14,129

On the anti-fungal and anti-insect properties of naphthenic acids and metal naphthenates as agents in wood preservatives

Scholles, W.

Holz a. Roh- u. Werkst 15(3): 128-137


Accession: 014128475

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The results of experiments at the DESOWAG Chemical Company, Rheinberg, Germany, demonstrated the inefficiency of copper, zinc, lead, cadmium, and mercury naphthenates, especially the two first-named, and of two naphthenic acids, as wood preservatives against Coniophora cerebella, Poria vapour aria, Lentinus squamosus, Lenzites abietina, Merulius lacrymans, and Chaetomium globosum, using the toximetric test-tube and wood-block methods of assay.

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