On the effect of filtered ultraviolet light on wood. 1. Photometric and chromatographic investigations on wood flours. 2. Change of colour type and magnitude on wood surfaces.

Sandermann, W.; Schlumbom, F.

Holz Roh- u. Werkstoff. 20: 7; 8, 245-52; 285-91


Accession: 014129339

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(1) From the absorption spectra of (a) untreated wood flours of 11 different species, and (b) the same flours extracted with an ethanol/C6H6/CHCl3 mixture, both exposed and not exposed to ultraviolet (u.v.) radiation, it was found that extract-free wood flours react uniformly in light, but that the extractives behave very differently. Maple, a bright species, behaved like an extract-free wood.