On the growth of some species of Poplars, Populus sp., in Alexandria

Badran, O.A.

Alexandria Journal of Agricultural Research, Alexandria 11(2): 177-96


Accession: 014129760

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Describes 3 year's trials near Alexandria of 9 cultivars from Europe and native Populus alba ('Hour abiad' or 'Baladi'), planted as cuttings spaced 50 X 100 cm. on a clay with marine shales and ground water at 1.2-1.5 m. depth, without fertilizer, but occasionally watered. Survival was 85-100%. Mean first-year growth exceeded 1.5 m. in Populus nigra var. italica, P. X 'Gelrica', P. X 'Berolinensis' female, P. X 'Regenerata' and 'P. canadensis Monch'; P.