Section 15
Chapter 14,131

On the intracellular polyphenoloxidases of brown rot fungi. 2nd Part. Studies on the increased activity and investigation of the substrate specificity of Coniophora cerebella (Pers.) Duby. 3rd Part. Comparative studies with Merulius lacrymans (Wulf.) Schum. ex Fries, Merulius Silvester Falck and Coniophora cerebella (Pers.) Duby.

Rosch, R.

Arch. Mikrobiol 43(4): 392-401


Accession: 014130063

Further studies at Bot. Inst., Karlsruhe, Germany, indicated that the intracellular polyphenoloxidase of G. cerebella is of a laccase type. No clear physiological differences between M. lacrymans and M.

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