On the production of phytoalexin by the host plant as a result of interaction between the Rice plant and the blast fungus (Piricularia oryzae Cav.) .

Uehara, K.

Ann. phytopath. Soc. Japan 23(3): 127-130


Accession: 014131080

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At Hiroshima agric. Coll., Saijo, drops of conidial suspension of P. oryzae, placed on detached pieces of rice leaf at points pricked by a glass capillary and held for 24 hr. at 25-30 degrees C. in a moist chamber, were then collected and centrifuged for 20 min. at 3, 000 r.p.m. The resultant supernatant strongly inhibited germination of other conidia of P. oryzae, because of a phytoalexin produced by interaction between the rice plant and the fungus. The resistant rice vars.