Pasture type in relation to live-weight gain, carcass composition, iodine nutrition and some rumen characteristics of sheep. 3. Effects of treatment with iodine

Flux, D.S.; Butler, G.W.; Glenday, A.C.

J. Agric. Sci 61: 197-200


Accession: 014136700

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Weight of thyroid of ewes was not significantly affected by the type of pasture; it was significantly less in ewes given iodinated poppy seed oil by injection than in ewes not given the oil on the same pasture. The I did not affect liveweight of ewes or lambing performance. Thyroids were significantly heavier in lambs of ewes grazing white clover than in those of ewes on perennial ryegrass but difference in the I content of the thyroids, as percentage dry weight, was not significant.