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Chapter 14,141

Phosphorus and calcium in the pasture plants of the Kourou Savannah (French Guiana) . Blood phosphorus and calcium in cattle. Effects of phosphorus deficiency

Hidiroglou, M.; Prevost, R.; Touratier.

Rec. Med. vet 136: 161-187


Accession: 014140114

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The savannah plants have a satisfactory supply of Ca but P is extremely low, between 0.006 and 0.296 per cent. dry matter, according to species and season, with a mean for 145 samples of 0.061. Blood Ca was normal but blood P was above normal, especially in cows. Growth is slow, fertility low, milk production very poor. Young stock have rickets and adults osteomalacia with fractures. Pica is common, especially for bones.

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