Section 15
Chapter 14,141

Phosphorus, magnesium, and pH in bovine blood serum normally, after parturition, and in parturient paresis

Carlstrom, G.

Acta Vet Scand 2(4): 350-356


Accession: 014140270

Determination of phosphorus, magnesium and pH was done on blood serum from normal cows in the non-calving period, from normal cows a few days after calving, and from cows with parturient paresis. (1) The total P content was lowered at normal calving and still lower in parturient paresis. The first-mentioned decrease, which accordingly is to be regarded as a normal phenomenon, was noted for both inorganic and organically bound P, while the additional decrease in parturient paresis involved only the inorganic P. (2) The Mg content was as high at normal calving as it was in parturient paresis and, consequently, a high Mg content is not a phenomenon characteristic of parturient paresis only. (3) The mean value for pH was the same in all the 3 investigated groups. (4) The content of inorganic P in the group of normal calving cows was lower in older cows than in younger ones.

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