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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 14149

Chapter 14149 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kreyger, J.; Schnitger, E.J., 1956:
Practical investigations on the artificial drying of agricultural products in the barn in 1955. 1st series. Drying tests with an installation in the North-east Polder, working by indirect heating and re-circulation of air

Bavendamm, W.; Willeitner, H.; Kruzner, M., 1963:
Practical investigations on the formation of drying checks in impregnated building timber. 1. The effect of preservative treatment on check formation.

Bavendamm, W.; Steinhagen, H.P., 1961:
Practical investigations on the impregnation of Douglas Fir wood by mechanical means

Haelterman, Edward O., 1956:
Practical isolation equipment for baby pigs

Skorodumova, A.M., 1963:
Practical manual of technical microbiology of milk and dairy products.

Skovronskii, V.A., 1963:
Practical manual of veterinary pharmacology and prescribing.

Bourrier, J.; Bovard, P.; Grauby, A., 1960:
Practical measurement of the soil's capacity for retaining radioactive isotopes.

Mendez Villa, M., 1961:
Practical measures to combat avocado seed borers.

Nielsen, O., 1958:
Practical method for controlling cabbage maggots with E605

Sangiorgi, A., 1958:
Practical method for paper electrophoresis of the seroproteins of cow's milk

Deilles, E.; Chevrier, L., 1959:
Practical method of staining hippocampus sections for the detection of Negri bodies

Baudin Sanchez, F.; Canas Diebel, F., 1963:
Practical methods for determining thinning intensity, their application to Pinus pinaster and P. pinea in the province of Valladolid.

Beychok, S.; Katchman, A.; Baron, H.; Kleiner, I.S., 1956:
Practical methods for preparing diets low in sodium and high in protein

Babnley, G.R., 1962:
Practical methods for the control of Simulium damnosum (Theobald) and Simulium neavci (Roubaud) the vectors of onchocerciasls in Uganda

Patrick, T.E.; Kellgren, H.C.; Johnston, J.E.; Branton, C., 1958:
Practical methods of keeping bulls cool during the summer months

Weniger, J.H.; Falta, W.; Stade, W.; Trauer, W.E., 1957:
Practical methods of measuring lustre and colour for an objective rating scale in fur breeding

Sharma, V.K.; Goswami, R.N.; Godara, B.R.; Manoj Kumar, 2007:
Practical methods to check the inconsistence in the sugar recovery and cane production with special reference to Rajasthan conditions

Pagot, J., E.Al., 1956:
Practical note on silage making in the tropics

Alphen D.Veer, E.J.Van, 1961:
Practical notes on thinning of Acacia nilotica stands

Plock, H., 1962:
Practical observations and experience in apricot culture

Stolze, K.V., 1958:
Practical observations on some Sugar Beet diseases

Carreras, A.D.Las, 1963:
Practical observations on the use of pelleted formicides.

Frank, E., 1958:
Practical plant protection in grass seed production

Muller, H., 1961:
Practical pointers from investigations carried out by the Institute for Small Animal Breeding

Edlin, H.L., 1961:
Practical points in shelterbelt planning

Mikhailov, N.A., 1956:
Practical possibilities of detecting latent brucellosis in sheep.

Peacock, F.C., 1961:
Practical problems and recent trends in nematode control

V.D.Want, J.P.H., 1960:
Practical problems in the study of virus diseases

Jahnke, K.; Jung, G.F.; Burger, A., 1963:
Practical problems of advising on nutrition in homes for old people.

Breirem, K., E.Al., 1956:
Practical problems of silage feeding

Kohler, H., 1959:
Practical problems of treating and working Beech wood.

Volger., 1961:
Practical problems of weed control in meadows and pastures

Leenheer, L.De., 1959:
Practical problems of, and field experiments on, the improvement of soil structure and its determination in the field.

Piatkowski, B.; Steger, H.; Puschel, F., 1963:
Practical procedure for estimating digestibility of meadow grass for dairy cows with the aid of chromogen.

Hadland, G.; Johnsen, O., 1959:
Practical procedure for protein analysis in milk by the amido black method.

Romero, J., 1959:
Practical procedures for the diagnosis of genital candidiasis

Macalpine, R.I., 1956:
Practical pruning in relation to kind of tea and environment

Sakai, K.-I., 1959:
Practical purity and the method of maintenance of established varieties of rice

Anonymous, 1962:
Practical recommendations for weed control in cereals.

Erdelyi, G., 1963:
Practical requirements for introducing continuous production in hardwood sawmills.

Knight, S.M.; Self, M.; Turner, J.A.; Parker, S.R., 2007:
Practical responses to changes in wheat disease control over the last decade

Langlet, O., 1963:
Practical results and current problems in provenance research in Sweden

Devuyst, A.; Vanbelle, M.; Arnould, R.; Moreels, A.; Vervack, W., 1960:
Practical results in silage making with a new preservative called extra-silo .

Martelli, G.M., 1961:
Practical results in the control of tobacco blue mould.

D.Vuyst, A., E.Al., 1960:
Practical results obtained from ensiling with a new preservative called extra-silo

Korting, A., 1963:
Practical results of Hylotrupes bajulus control.

Belizin, A.P., 1963:
Practical results of a new method of breeding early maize varieties for the table.

Horvath, E., 1959:
Practical results of breeding hybrid tomatoes in Kecskemet

Hansson, A., 1962:
Practical results of cattle twin research.

Anonymous, 1956 :
Practical results of chemical weed control

Banica, G.P., 1958:
Practical results of functional massage of the cow's udder

Horvath, E., 1959:
Practical results of heterosis breeding of tomato at Kecskemet

Hidding, A.P.; Wind, G.P., 1963:
Practical results of the improvement of clay cover soils

Korting, A.; Methmann, E., 1963:
Practical results of treatment of Hylotrupes bajulus

Hestermann, W., 1959:
Practical results with vitamin B12 in gastritis and hyperemesis

Scaramuzzi, G., 1960:
Practical rules for an efficacious calendar of treatments for control of vine downy mildew and powdery mildew in Sicily

Berkowitz, D.; Spitzer, J.J.; Likoff, W., 1962:
Practical significance of serum triglycerides and radioactive fat tolerance. Their relation to current therapy for hypercholesterolemia

Anonymous, 1956:
Practical slab debarker

Bourdo, E.A., Jr.; Johnson, J.A., 1959:
Practical small woodland management

Tchiderer, K., 1956:
Practical studies of feeding technique with pigs

Shigeta, T., 1961:
Practical studies on the control of fruit-piercing moths.

Tomta, E.; Ukawa, I.; Ogaki, C., 1960:
Practical studies on the control of melanose of Unshiu orange. Method of control and combination of some chemical sprays.

Rameau, J.T.L.B.; Vermeulen, F.H.B., 1962:
Practical studies on the danger of the occurrence of magnesium deficiency in cattle

Yasunobu, Y., 1962:
Practical studies on the economy of labour for bagging the fruits of Japanese pear, green varieties. (No. 1.) The possibility of single bagging of fruits.

Breviglieri, N., 1962:
Practical suggestions for planting olive trees.

Lechi, Francesco., 1963:
Practical suggestions for the use of matrices in farms' provisional balance sheets

Pagot, J.; Derbal, Z.; Lahore, J., 1956:
Practical techniques of production of silage in tropical areas

Whitney, L.F., 1957:
Practical test of the efficacy of piperazine citrate in pigeons

Bauer, F., 1957:
Practical tests in slicing Quercus borealis for veneer.

Sy, M., 1962:
Practical tests on the control of M. pharaonis with diazinon

Ross, C.V.; Shelton, G.C., 1961:
Practical tests with anthelmintics for grazing lambs

Nieuwhof, M.; Jonge Poerink, H., 1962:
Practical tests with white Cabbage (1958-1960)

Dreosti, J.M., 1963:
Practical therapeutic dietetics. 1. Adaptations of the normal diet

Dreosti, J.M., 1963:
Practical therapeutic dietetics. 2. Modification of calories

Dreosti, J.M., 1963:
Practical therapeutic dietetics. 3. Diabetes

Dreosti, J.M., 1963:
Practical therapeutic dietetics. 4. Modification of fibre

Dreosti, J.M., 1963:
Practical therapeutic dietetics. 5. Modification of sodium

Banga, O.; D.B.uyen, J.W.; Van Bennekom, J.L., 1957:
Practical trials of early beetroots, 1955-1956

Nieuwhof, M.; Kraai, A., 1958:
Practical trials of pointed-headed cabbage

Kronenberg, H.G.; Wassenaar, L.M., 1960:
Practical trials with strawberries in 1957-59

Del Monte, R., 1962:
Practical use of rations with different protein contents for feeding cattle reared for meat production.

Bonomi, A.; Cabassi, E., 1960:
Practical use of some by-products of the pig industry in pig rearing

Wolf, C., 1959:
Practical use of the ABR test for milk delivered in cans.

Hogset, I., 1963:
Practical use of the Illini Variable Temperature (I. V. T. ) diluent for bull semen

Rohmeder, E., 1961:
Practical uses for the findings of forest genetics.

Jarrett, W.F.H.; E.A., 1959:
Practical vaccination against helminth diseases

Pireaux, E.; Hote-Baudart, E., 1959:
Practical value of the A.N.P. test, the diacetyl test and the catalase test for the evaluation of butter quality.

Cabral Goncalves, P.; Lopes Sales, R., 1963:
Practical value of the skin test for fasciola in cattle.

Spasojevic, S., 1957:
Practical value of tillering in maize

Kalmykov, B.D., 1960:
Practical verification of a biological method of pregnancy diagnosis. (Preliminary results.)

Benavides Gomez, M., 1956:
Practical weed control in bean crops in the Valle del Cauca

Ries, S.K., 1961:
Practical weed control in the nursery

Bianchi, A.T.J., 1956:
Practical wood identification. Introduction to the identification of hardwoods, especially tropical species, using a hand lens. (Afd. trop. Prod. No. 44)

Pause, J., 1962:
Practical work methods for harvesting glasshouse cucumbers.

L.M.ngShi; Tan Ying; Peng ShiKui; Zhou Lin; M.Y.Xiu, 2006:
Practicality evaluation on fusion and feature transform of ASTER remotely sensed imagery

Watanabe, M., 1962:
Practice and planning on a large dairy farm

Fessel, F., 1956:
Practice of wood drying in the H.F. electric condenser field in different countries.

Wittwer, S.H., 1960:
Practices for increasing the yields of greenhouse tomatoes

Cruger, G., 1961:
Practices in vegetable seed treatment

Bortfeld, C.F.; Knight, D.A.; Chizek, G.J., 1959:
Practices, feed and labor requirements for cowherds in Eastern Kansas

Quin, A.H.; Haas, H.F.; Freeman, A., 1959:
Practitioner usage of rapid plate antigens for the field diagnosis of leptospirosis

Anonymous, 1959:
Prairie ground cherry - Physalis viscosa

Dinesman, L.G., 1958:
Prakticeskie itogi issledovanij pozvonocnyh zivotnyh v svjazi s polezascitnym lesorazvedeniem na dzanybekskom stacionare (s 1950 PO 1955 g.)

Jansen, Jr.; J.; Leeuwen, C.J.V.n., 1962:
Praktische resultaten met de therapie van ernstige trichostrongylose bij schapen

Callahan, K.L., 1957:
Pramis host range and pollen transmission of Elm mosaic virus

Schmelzer, K., 1963:
Pramunitatsverhltnisse bei Nematodenubertragbaren Ringfleckenviren

Anonymous, 1961:
Pratia angulata

Davies, William., 1962:

Monteiro, A.R., 1963:
Pratilencose do milho

Tobar Jimenez, A., 1963:
Pratylen choidesguevarain. sp., nuevo nematode rylenchido, relacionado con el cipres (Cupressus sempervirens L.)

Decker, H., 1960:
Pratylenchus penetrans als Ursache von `Mudigkeitserscheinungen' in Baumschulen der DDR

Decker, H., 1960:
Pratylenchus penetrans as the cause of soil sickness in nurseries in East Germany

Bosher, J.E.; Newton, W., 1957:
Pratylenchus penetrans in clonal apple stocks

Raski, D.J., 1956:
Pratylenchus penetrans tested on strawberries grown in black-root-rot soil

Kirkpatrick, J.D.; Mai, W.F., 1958:
Pratylenchus penetrans, serious pest of fruit tree roots

Gotoh, A.; Ohshima, Y., 1963:
Pratylenchus species and their geographical distribution in Japan (Nematoda: Tylenchida).

Pitcher, R.S., 1959:
Pratylenchus spp. and other migratory soil nematodes

Lownsbery, B.F., 1956:
Pratylenchus vulnus, primary cause of the root-lesion disease of walnuts

Ayoub, Sadek M., 1961:
Pratylenchus zeae found on corn, milo, and three suspected new hosts in California

Nugera, D.; Fernando, W.W.H.S., 1963:
Prcnumization of cattle against Babesia bigemina and Anaplasma marginale

Chappell, W.E.; Schmidt, R.E., 1961:
Pre and post emergence crabgrass and Poa annua control studies in turf

Trevett, M.F.; Murphy, H.J.; Gardner, W., 1963:
Pre emergence weed control in potatoes

Burgis, D.S., 1957 :
Pre- and post- emergence weed control in sweet corn

Saad, O.; Dos Santos, P., 1962:
Pre- and post-emergence application of herbicides to control weeds during coffee harvest.

Saad, O.; Dos Santos, P., 1962:
Pre- and post-emergence application of herbicides to control weeds in coffee.

Anonymous, 1959:
Pre- and post-emergence applications of phenolic and growth-substance herbicides in blue peas var. Rondo C.B

Chambers, E.; Holm, L.G., 1960:
Pre- and post-emergence herbicidal treatments for carrots on muck soil

Chambers, E.; Holm, L.G., 1960:
Pre- and post-emergence herbicidal treatments for onions on muck soil

Baird, D.D.; Husted, R.F.; Wilson, C.L., 1956:
Pre- and post-emergence herbicide activity of N-isopropy1-2-chloroacetanilide on Echinochloa crus-galli, Zea mays and Glycine max in the greenhouse

Burt, E.O., 1956:
Pre- and post-emergence herbicides in corn

Burt, E.O., 1956:
Pre- and post-emergence herbicides in peanuts

Guzman, V.L., 1957:
Pre- and post-emergence weed control in cabbage growing on organic soils

Smith, A.H.; Mason, G.W., 1961:
Pre- and post-emergence weed control in carrots

Meade, J.A.; Santelmann, P.W., 1959:
Pre- and post-emergence weed control in field corn

Miller, R.A., 1960:
Pre- and post-emergence weed control in fourteen vegetable crops and sugar beets on mineral soils

Price, C.D., 1959:
Pre- and post-emergence weed control in leaf crops using herbicide combinations

Meade, J.A.; Santeimann, P.W., 1958:
Pre- and post-emergence weed control in soybeans

Todini, L.T.abalza-Marinucci, M.M.lfatti, A.B.rbato, O.S.radaioli, G.C.vallucci, C.D.benedetti, A., 2007:
Pre- and post-feeding plasma gastrin-17 and insulin concentrations and feed intake in female goats during different physiological stages

Kattan, A.A.; Littrell, D.L., 1963:
Pre- and post-harvest factors affecting firmness of canned sweet potatoes

Nylund, R.E.; Nelson, D.C., 1961:
Pre- and post-harvest weed control in asparagus, 1961

Ticknor, R.L.; Havis, J.R.; Bobula, P.F., 1959:
Pre- and post-planting treatments for weed control in nursery lining-out stock

Arsic, M.; Vojvodic, D.; Janjatovic, V., 1957:
Pre- emergence control of broad-leaf weeds in weeds with hormone herbicides

Garese, P.; Foucault, S.E., 1959:
Pre- emergence treatment with 2,4-D in maize.

Joubert, K.E., 2007:
Pre-anaesthetic screening of geriatric dogs

Gopalkrishna, N.; Kerawala, D.N., 1962:
Pre-and post-blossom sprays of gibberellin and its effect on fruit set, bunch compactness and quality of Gulabi (Vitis viniferd) grapes

Ames, R.B.; Skogley, C.R., 1962:
Pre-and post-emergence crabgrass control in lawn turf

Burgis, D.S., 1960:
Pre-and post-emergence herbicides for gladiolus

Burts, E.C.; Kelly, S.G.; Brunson, M., 1961:
Pre-bloom spray essential for good control of pear psylla, WSU researchers discover

Tikader, A.; Dandin, S.B., 2007:
Pre-breeding efforts to utilize two wild Morus species

Blanford, R.H., 1962:
Pre-burn treatment of chamise by crushing

Thio Goan Loo., 1958:
Pre-coagulation of field latex

Anonymous, 1958:
Pre-commercial thinning in Ponderosa Pine

Ol'shevskii, P., 1962:
Pre-concentration of skim-milk in depots.

Dunn, E., 1962:
Pre-conditioning of the cyst contents of potato root eelworm, Heterodera rostochiensis Woll., by temperature and its effect on the subsequent emergence of the larvae in water and root diffusate

Rahman, J.; Singh, M.V.; Sharma, K.L., 1959:
Pre-control survey in the Filaria Control Unit, Barabanki, U.P

Coetzee, W.H.K.; Perold, I.S., 1958:
Pre-cooked and enriched cereal products

Meyer, A., 1960:
Pre-cooked cheese, a regulating factor in the manufacture of processed cheese. Its importance, production and application.

Anonymous, 1959:
Pre-cooling cranberries improves market quality

Anonymous, 1962:
Pre-cooling of soft fruit-1961

Vik, J., 1958:
Pre-culture and cloche trials with pickling cucumbers

Anonymous, 1963:
Pre-drying experiments

Indyk, H.W., 1957:
Pre-einergence weed control in soybeans

Bordeleau, R.; Coiteux, F., 1957:
Pre-em, herbicides in maize

Rawson, J.E., 1962:
Pre-em. spraying to control weeds in peanuts

Cozzani, C.; Mantaut, U.; Tolve, N., 1963:
Pre-em. weed control trial with prometryne in a mixed crop of barley and winter peas.

Bell, R.S.; Larssen, E., 1960:
Pre-emer- gent weed control in silage corn, 1958-59

Kramer, M.; Leiderman, L., 1961:
Pre-emer-gence treatments for the chemical control of weeds in potatoes

Anonymous, 1962:
Pre-emer-gence weed-killers

Huffine, W.W.; Callahan, L.M.; Elmore, C.L., 1962:
Pre-emerge herbicide studies for crabgrass control and phytotoxicity determination in U-3 bermudagrass

Veatch, C., 1958:
Pre-emergence and emergence weed control in corn

Greig, J.K.; Al-Tikriti, A.S., 1962:
Pre-emergence and lay-by applications of chemicals to control weeds in sweet potatoes

Mower, R.G.; Cornman, J.F., 1960:
Pre-emergence and post-emergence crab-grass control

Kesler, C.D.; Cole, R.H.; Phillips, C.E., 1962:
Pre-emergence and post-emergence crabgrass control in turfgrass

Burnside, O.C., 1960:
Pre-emergence and post-emergence weed control in grain sorghum

Hughes, R.G., 1960:
Pre-emergence and post-emergence weed control in maize

Burnside, O.C.; Gorz, H.J., 1960:
Pre-emergence and post-emergence weed control in sweetclover

Bell, R.S.; Tiddell, T.F., 1958:
Pre-emergence and post-tillering weed control tests with potatoes

Anonymous, 1959:
Pre-emergence application of OMU + BiPC and of propham to fodder-beet on loamy sand and sandy loam

Leiderman, L.; Pereira, R.J.C.; Sich-Mann, W., 1963:
Pre-emergence application of herbicides in groundnuts in sandy soil.

Menges, R.M., 1960:
Pre-emergence chemical weed control in cabbage

Menges, R.M., 1960:
Pre-emergence chemical weed control in spinach

Rice, E.J.; Skogley, C.R., 1961:
Pre-emergence control of crabgrass in lawn turf

Mruk, C.K.; Defrance, J.A., 1957:
Pre-emergence control of crabgrass in lawn turf with only one application of various chemicals

Ahrens, J.F.; Lukens, R.J.; Olson, A.R., 1962:
Pre-emergence control of crabgrass in turf with fall and spring treatments

Hart, S.W.; D.F.ance, J.A., 1956:
Pre-emergence control of crabgrass with chemicals

Troll, J.; Zak, J.; Waddington, D., 1962:
Pre-emergence control of crabgrass with chemicals

Fulwider, J.R.; Engel, R.E., 1958:
Pre-emergence control of goosegrass in turf areas

Hurtt, W., E.Al., 1957:
Pre-emergence control of weeds in soybeans

Mower, R.G.; Cornman, J.F., 1962:
Pre-emergence crabgrass control

Santelmann, P.W., 1961:
Pre-emergence crabgrass control in Maryland

Santelmann, P.W.; Meade, J.A., 1960:
Pre-emergence crabgrass control in lawns

Engel, R.E.; Ilnicki, R.D.; Cook, R.N., 1961:
Pre-emergence crabgrass control on turfgrass

Gallagher, J.E.; Otten, R.J., 1961:
Pre-emergence crabgrass control trials-1960

Duich, J.H., 1960:
Pre-emergence crabgrass results in Pennsylvania - 1959

Barrons, K.C.; Eastman, J.D., 1958:
Pre-emergence herbicide control with dinitrophenols

Hocombe, S.D.; Green, D.H., 1962:
Pre-emergence herbicide screening trials in irrigated sugar cane, 1961-1962

Huefine, W.W.; Callahan, L.M.; Elmore, C.L., 1962:
Pre-emergence herbicide studies for crabgrass control and phytotoxicity determination in U-3 bermudagrass

Warren, G.F., 1962:
Pre-emergence herbicides and their application

Knake, E.L.; Slife, F.W.; Scott, W.O., 1961:
Pre-emergence herbicides for 1961

Mazzoni, L.E.; Ellena, E.; Laksman, G.M.; Oliva, C.E., 1963:
Pre-emergence herbicides for maize.

Bordeleau, R.; Coiteux, F., 1956:
Pre-emergence herbicides in maize culture

Mazzan, B., 1956:
Pre-emergence herbicides in sesame

Kelly, A.G., 1962:
Pre-emergence herbicides in sugar cane.

Rein, J., 1962:
Pre-emergence herbicides in the culture of pineapples.

Nail, J.R., E.Al., 1959:
Pre-emergence herbicides reduce labour costs

Miller, R.A., 1959:
Pre-emergence on eight vegetable crops with several herbicides

Orsenigo, J.R., 1958:
Pre-emergence performance of several herbicides and vegetable and field crop response on organic soil

Rawson, J.E., 1962:
Pre-emergence spraying to control weeds in peanuts

Kramer, M.; Leiderman, L., 1961:
Pre-emergence treatments for chemical weed control in potatoes.

Van Der Laar, H.J., 1959:
Pre-emergence weed control by chemicals in seed-beds

Gagnon, L.P., 1958:
Pre-emergence weed control experiments in potatoes

Swingle, H.D., 1958:
Pre-emergence weed control in broccoli and cauliflower on mineral soils

Beech, C.R.; Crowdy, S.H.; Douglas, G., 1962:
Pre-emergence weed control in bulbs with bipyri-dylium herbicides

Robertson, J.A., 1960:
Pre-emergence weed control in carrots

Trevett, M.F.; Gardner, W., 1963:
Pre-emergence weed control in carrots

Dinkel, D.H., 1960:
Pre-emergence weed control in carrots grown on a silt loam, 1960

Van Staalduine, D., 1957:
Pre-emergence weed control in chicory

Britt, K., 1959:
Pre-emergence weed control in container grown nursery stock

Meade, J.A.; Hurtt, W.; Santelmann, P.W., 1957:
Pre-emergence weed control in corn

Stroube, E.W.; Ascheman, R.E.; Hastings, R.E., 1961:
Pre-emergence weed control in corn

Raleigh, S.M., 1963:
Pre-emergence weed control in corn

Taylor, I.L., 1963:
Pre-emergence weed control in field grown woody ornamental plants

Nelson, D.C.; Weaver, M.L.; Nylund, R.E., 1960:
Pre-emergence weed control in four vegetable crops on mineral soil, 1960

Nelson. D.C.; Weaver, M.L.; Nylund, R.E., 1960:
Pre-emergence weed control in four vegetable crops on muck soil

Phillips, W.M., 1960:
Pre-emergence weed control in grain sorghum

Degge, D.; Wiese, A.F.; Mganelly, B., 1962:
Pre-emergence weed control in irrigated sorghum

Nelson, D.C.; Weaver, M.L.; Nylund, R.E., 1960:
Pre-emergence weed control in lima beans, 1960

Nelson, D.C.; Weaver, M.L.; Nylund, R.E., 1960:
Pre-emergence weed control in onions grown on muck, 1960

Nelson, D.C.; Weaver, M.L.; Nylund, R.E., 1960 :
Pre-emergence weed control in processing peas, 1960

Hassall, K.A.; Jewell, C.A., 1957:
Pre-emergence weed control in row crops, and the importance of rainfall

Ries, S.K.; Downes, J.D.; Shugars, J.P., 1957:
Pre-emergence weed control in snap beans, cucumbers, carrots and asparagus seedlings

Indyk, H.W., 1957:
Pre-emergence weed control in soybeans

Peters, E.J.; Davis, F.S., 1960:
Pre-emergence weed control in soybeans

Peters, E.J., 1961:
Pre-emergence weed control in soybeans

Hay, J.R., 1961:
Pre-emergence weed control in soybeans with mixtures of two herbicides

Swingle, H.D.; Colditz, P., 1958:
Pre-emergence weed control in spinach

Bell, H.K.; Ries, S.K., 1961:
Pre-emergence weed control in strawberries in Michigan, 1961

Murant, A.F.; Cussans, G.W., 1960:
Pre-emergence weed control in sugar beet: experiments in 1959 and 1960

Meadows, M.W., E.Al., 1961:
Pre-emergence weed control in table beets

Van Staalduine, D., 1957:
Pre-emergence weed control in witloof chicory

Anderson, S.A.; Curtis, L.E.; Zaharchuk, A., 1962:
Pre-emergence weed control test in red beets

Meadows, M.W.; Anderson, S.A.; Curtis, L.E.; Hargan, R.P., 1961:
Pre-emergence weed control tests in table beets

Chiapparini, L., 1958:
Pre-emergence weed control treatments with 3-amino-1,2,4-triazole (ATA) in flower and breeding bulbs.

Gagnon, L.P., 1958:
Pre-emergence weed control trials in potatoes

Korolev, L.I.; Staroselskii, Y. Yu., 1957:
Pre-emergence weed control.

Trevett, M.F.; Murphy, H.J., 1956:
Pre-emergence weeding of processing peas

Trevett, M.F., 1956:
Pre-emergence weeding of snap beans with amino triazine, CDEA (diethyl-acetamide), CDEC (diethyldithiocarbamate) and dinitro

Guzman, V.L.; Wolf, E.A., 1956:
Pre-emergence weeding of sweet corn with TCB in organic soils

Anon., 1962:
Pre-emergence weedkillers in the U.S.A

Bell, R.S.; Tisdell, T.F., 1958:
Pre-emergent and post-hilling weed control tests with potatoes

Bell, R.S.; Bannister, E.J., 1956:
Pre-emergent and post-killing herbicide tests on potatoes

Pizey, J.S.; Wain, R.L., 1959:
Pre-emergent herbicidal activity of same substituted amides and related compounds

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Pre-emergent weedicides in forest nurseries-Green Hills State Forest No. 657

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Pre-estimate of Belgian agricultural production in 1965

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Pre-exposure immunoprophylactic protection of laboratory personnel against rabies

Anonymous, 1958:
Pre-fabricated formwork boards save wood.

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Pre-germination of tree seeds in polythene bags

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Pre-glacial residual soil in central Ohio

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Pre-harvest chemical desiccation of rice.

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Pre-harvest desiccation and combine-harvesting of some crops for seed.

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Pre-harvest desiccation and combine-harvesting of some seed crops.

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Pre-harvest desiccation of rice with chemicals

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Pre-harvest desiccation treatment in maize crops.

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Pre-harvest desiccation treatment of oil crops of flax and sunflower.

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Pre-harvest drop, size and quality of Joppa oranges (Citrus sinensis Osbeck) as affected by dipping in aqueous solutions of plant regulators

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Pre-harvest loss of cones in Slash Pine

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Pre-harvest spraying of 2,4-D to improve juice quality of sugarcane

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Pre-harvest windrowing and rolling overcome wind loss in barley

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Pre-harvesting chemical desiccation of rice.

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Pre-illumination as a factor in the dark fixation of carbon dioxide by leaf disks of Kalanchoe blossfeldiana var. Feuer Blute

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Pre-irrigation soil survey of some districts of the Punjab

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Pre-loading screw joint in wood constructions

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Pre-logging with a portable steel spar

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Pre-meiotic somatic-reduction in wheat

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Pre-natal growth in Romney x Southdown cross and Australian Merino sheep. I. Introduction and external patterns in the two breeds

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Pre-natal growth of cattle

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Pre-natal infection of calves with Cysticercus bovis

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Pre-natal infestation with Hypoderma bovis. Transplacental migration of eggs and larvae

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Pre-nurseries for oil palms

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Pre-packaged soft and hard cheese in suitable form is now available in Austria.

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Pre-packaging for fruit and vegetables. Project No. 372. (Documentation in Food and Agr. 1959 series. 10)

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Pre-packaging of apples

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Pre-packaging-a new branch of cheese marketing.

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Pre-packed butter and its promotion in E. Germany.

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Pre-partum infestation of puppies with Ancylostoma caninum

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Pre-plant treatment-a new innovation in peach tree borer control

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Pre-plant weed control in annual flowers

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Pre-plant weed control in marigold plantings

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Pre-planting and pre- and post-emergence weed control with chloroisopropyl phenyl carbamate (CIPC).

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Pre-planting and pre-emergence herbicide treatments in cucurbits grown on furrow-irrigated soils

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Pre-planting application of 2,3-dichloroallyl diisopropylthiolcarbamate (Avadex) for control of wild oats in wheat, barley and flax (seeded infestation)

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Pre-planting herbicide applications for weed control in petunia plantings

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Pre-planting herbicides for controlling Johnsongrass in field crops

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Pre-planting tests of cotton seed treatment with water and certain solutions.

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Pre-planting tillage for weed control in soybeans

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Pre-planting treatments for brushy old fields in southern Illinois

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Pre-pressing plywood assemblies

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Pre-release testing of new varieties and control of sugarcane diseases

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Pre-requisites for large-scale centralized milk production. (Meddelande fran Jordbrukets Utredningsinstitut; 4)

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Pre-requisites for successful fattening of broilers.

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Pre-ripening and its effect on eating quality and cold-storage life of J. H. Hale peaches

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Pre-ripening of cheese milk with a mesophilic Str. faecalis culture in poorly managed Emmental and Gruyere cheese factories.

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Pre-slaughter anaesthesia of cattle with a mixture of nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide.

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Pre-soaking : a method to increase crop yields in groundnut

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Pre-sowiag hardening of tomatoes to drought under large scale conditions.

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Pre-sowing and pre-planting treatment with 2,6-dichlorobenzonitriIe: a preliminary report

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Pre-sowing applications of grass herbicides in Vanmadi fodder-beet

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Pre-sowing gamma irradiation of cotton seeds from a point source of Cs137 and its effect on emergence, growth and yield

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Pre-sowing irradiation with gamma rays increases the immunity of winter Wheat to bunt

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Pre-sowing salicylicate seed treatments improve the germination and early seedling growth in fine rice

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Pre-sowing soaking of maize seeds in solutions of trace elements.

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Pre-sowing soaking of proso seed and covering the tillering nodes with soil.

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Pre-sowing soil cultivation and dates for sowing sunflower.

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Pre-sowing treatment of Sugar Beet seed

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Pre-sowing treatment of carrot seeds with stimulants.

Vlcek, F., 1962:
Pre-sowing treatment of carrot seeds.

Prisyazhnyuk, A.A., 1960:
Pre-sowing treatment of conifer seed with fungicides

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Pre-sowing treatment of cucumber seeds with carbon monoxide.

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Pre-sowing treatment of maize grain with succinic acid.

Yakovleva, N., 1961:
Pre-sowing treatment of potato with formalin in combination with micro-elements

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Pre-sowing treatment of seeds of the Shabo pink.

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Pre-sowing treatment of sorghum grains and its influence on drought resistance of the resulting plants

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Pre-sowing treatment of the seeds of some crops with BHC and its effect on yield.

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Pre-sowing treatment of tomato seeds.

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Pre-sowing treatment of tubers.

Jasa, B., 1963:
Pre-sowing treatment of vegetable seeds

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Pre-sowing treatment trials on Teak

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Pre-sowing treatments with DNOSBP for weed control in koksaghyz

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Pre-sowing vernalization of cereal grain of different degrees of ripeness.

Anonymous, 1960:
Pre-sprouting of potato tubers and early removal of tops. The most important measures in seed-potato production

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Pre-sterilized feeding bottle.

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Pre-storage seed treatment with granosan and mercuran

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Pre-storage semen tests and comparative use of skimmed milk-based extender to preserve semen of Philippine native and Anglo Nubian goats

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Pre-storage treatment of lily bulbs with nematicides

Ray, S.C., 1960:
Pre-stratification method of ghee making

Kulebjakin, A.M., 1963:
Pre-stressed reinforced concrete slabs for lorry roads.

Chiapparini, L., 1958:
Pre-transplanting and pre-and post-emergence weed control with chloro-isopropylphenylcarbamate (CIPC)

Hartmann, P., 2007:
Pre-travel prophylactic measures

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Pre-treating soils, a possible technique for weeding vegetables

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Pre-treatment of Pinus sibirica seeds.

Vincent, G., 1959:
Pre-treatment of seeds of Tilia spp. and Carpinus betulus.

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Pre-treatment of sewage sludge by using irradiation and dewatering aid

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Pre-treatment of tree seed.

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Pre-winter planting of sunflower.

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Preadaptation and multiple evolutionary pathways

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Preassay activation of Thimet

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Prebiotic action of Chinese pine pollen (Pinus massoniana) as a model substance of undigestible crude fibre in the pig

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Prebiotic and probiotic fat free yogurt

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Prebiotic supplementation increases Lactobacilius species stability, immune cell function, and feed conversion efficiency in neonatal calves

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Prebisch-Singer redux

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Precaution prevents hyacinth loosebud

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Precautions against the blackberry mite

Anon., 1958:
Precautions against tuberculosis infection in the diagnostic laboratory

Anon., 1960:
Precautions against wilt diseases

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Precautions necessary to avoid losses through root rots in intensively managed tree plantations in the Po valley.

Tisseau, M.-A., 1959:
Precautions to adopt in handling fresh pineapples for export

Davis, J.G., 1958:
Precautions to be observed by creameries returning skim milk and whey to farms

Anonymous, 1959:
Precautions to be observed in the hot water treatment of seed

B.Fassi, 1962:
Precautions to be taken to avoid losses caused by rots in intensive tree cultures in the Po Valley

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Preceding crops for spring wheat in the steppe regions of Siberia.

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Prechromatographic purification of insecticides from insect tissue extracts

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Precipitating antibodies in human sera from different age groups and in colostrum as determined by streptococcal antigens with diffusion-in-gel methods

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Precipitation and streamflow in the Black Hills

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Precipitation and streamflow of a Colorado Front Range watershed

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Precipitation in agar and titration of pancreatic amylase in the diagnosis of swine fever.

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Precipitation interception in Australian tropical rainforests: II. Altitudinal gradients of cloud interception, stemflow, throughfall and interception

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Precipitation measurements in the field.

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Precipitation of Sporotrichum antiserum in an agar medium

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Precipitation of beta -lipoproteins and of chylomicrons by polyvinyl pyrrolidone

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Precipitation of proteins

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Precipitation of silica from soil solutions during freezing.

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Precipitation of the specific polysaccharide of Cryptococcus neoformans A by types n and XIV of antipneumococcal sera

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Precipitation reaction in opisthorchiasis.

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Precipitation reactions in agar in North American blastomycosis

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Precipitation removal of fluoride from semiconductor wastewater

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Precipitation test for brucella antigen in water, soil, hay and other objects.

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Precipitation test for the diagnosis of infectious laryngotracheitis in fowls

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Precipitation-temperature effect on cane yields

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Precipitin reaction in moniliasis

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Precipitin studies for the identity of antigens in different species of Sporotrichum

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Precipitins In Sera Of Swine Infected With Stephanurus Dentatus

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Precise standardization of reagents for complement fixation

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Precision analysis of main deviations in the rolamite type mechanisms

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Precision and accuracy of the NDF rumen degradability of hays measured by the Daisy fermenter

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Precision and accuracy studies with Kajaani fiber length analyzers

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Precision blood volume procedure using RIHSA

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Precision drilling swedes

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Precision farming - applications, experiences and perspectives

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Precision farming systems and possibilities of their development in Lithuanian farms

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Precision in irrigation

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Precision in the classification of cirrhosis of the liver

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Precision of analytical techniques and sampling in soil biology.

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Precision of estimates of the median lethal dose of insect pathogens

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Precision seeding the turnip crop

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Precooing celery

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Precooling fruits and vegetables for marketing

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Precursor B-1 B cell lymphoma in a newborn calf

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Precursors in the biosynthesis of rubber and of carotenoids

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Precursors of chocolate aroma

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Precursors Of Methyl Ketones In Butter

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Predaceous Fungi: A Possible Method Of Biological Control Of Parasitic Nematodes

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Predacious fungi and the eelworm plague

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Predators of soil nematodes

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Predbezine sdeleni o helmintech zazivadel jatecnych kachen

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Predbezna zprava o nalezoch cudzopasnikov ryb v slovenskych vodach

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Predbezna zprava o studiu epizootologie Heterakis gallinarum (Schrank, 1788) a Ascaridia gatti (Schrank, 1788) u kury domacej

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Predbezne sdeleni o helmintech zazivadel jatecnych hus

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Prediabetes And Pregnancy

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Prediabetes Detection

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Predicted and actual responses during long-term selection for chemical composition in maize

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Predicted and observed effects of chronic gamma radiation on a near-climax forest ecosystem

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Predicting August potato prices at planting time

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Predicting incipient motion, including the effect of turbulent pressure fluctuations in the bed

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Predicting interfacial diffusion coefficients for fluxes across the sediment-water interface

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Predicting moisture content of fuel-moisture-indicator sticks in the Pacific Northwest

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Predicting moisture in the surface foot of soil

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Predicting need for irrigation by measuring loss of water from atmometers

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Predicting synthetic varietal performance in alfalfa from clonal cross data

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Predicting the effect of water and salinity stresses on yield and water consumption of wheat

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Predicting the fate of fire-damaged Pines

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Predicting the hydraulic and life-cycle cost performance of rainwater harvesting systems using a computer based modelling tool

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Predicting the performance of synthetic varieties of alfalfa from single cross data

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Predicting the sensory crispness of coated turkey breast by its acoustic signature

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Predicting the size of European corn borer infestations (Ostrinia nubilalis Hbn.)

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Predicting the solute composition of the saturation extract from soil undergoing salinization

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Predicting The Whole Body Composition Of Living Hogs From Specific Gravity Determinations

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Predicting total carcass lean in mature beef from weights of certain entire muscles

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Predicting wildland fire policy support

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Predicting wood value in Queensland Caribbean pine plantations using a decision support system

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Predicting yields of Loblolly Pine plantations in southern Illinois from soil characteristics

Gilmore, A.R., 1963:
Predicting yields of Shortleaf Pine plantations in southern Illinois from soil and site characteristics

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Prediction and consumer buying intentions

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Prediction and experiment about the effect of the clearance on performance of screw centrifugal pump

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Prediction and validation of the potential global distribution of a problematic alien invasive species - the American bullfrog

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Prediction canopy leaf nitrogen content of winter wheat based on reflectance spectra in different directions

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Prediction formulae for general combining ability selection methods utilizing one or two random-mating populations

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Prediction of PAH biodegradation in field contaminated soils using a cyclodextrin extraction technique

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Prediction of Potato late blight incidence from samples of blighted seed tubers

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Prediction of T. viridana outbreaks in the Moscow region.

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Prediction of acorn crops

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Prediction of barley malting quality. A comparison of a micro-malting method and barley analysis

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Prediction of changes in the compositions of the dissolved and exchangeable cations in soils upon irrigation with high-sodium waters

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Prediction of chemical composition in sunflower whole plant and silage (Helianthus annus L.) by near infrared reflectance spectroscopy

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Prediction of chemical oxygen demand (COD) based on wavelet decomposition and neural networks

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Prediction of dairy performance of cows by induced lactation. III. The analysis of the results of induced lactation.

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Prediction of dairy performance of cows by the induced lactation. II.

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Prediction of damage by forest pests and diseases.

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Prediction of double cross performance from three way cross data involving local and imported inbred lines of maize

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Prediction of double cross performance in maize from single cross data involving 30 Egyptian and American inbred lines

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Prediction of evaporation rate in a solar dryer for sewage sludge

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Prediction of fat-free body mass from bioelectrical impedance among 9- to 11-year-old Swedish children

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Prediction of fertilizer consumption in two regions of the United States

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Prediction of fire spread following nuclear explosion

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Prediction of harvest date for black currants

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Prediction of lactation yield of a cow from her partial yield

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Prediction of molar extinction coefficients of proteins and peptides using UV absorption of the constituent amino acids at 214 nm to enable quantitative reverse phase high-performance liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry analysis

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Prediction of nitrogen deficiency in dryland soils of the Central Orange Free State

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Prediction of plywood bond durability

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Prediction of powdery mildew outbreaks on cucurbits on the basis of seasonal factors and host age

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Prediction of progeny performance in rice (Oryza sativa L.) involving TGMS and salt-tolerant lines as parents

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Prediction of quality in protein concentrates by laboratory procedures involving determination of soluble nitrogen

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Prediction of radio-element infiltration to the boundary of the plowed layer in agricultural soils.

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Prediction of seed yields in Abies sibirica.

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Prediction of seed yields in Pinus sibirica.

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Prediction Of Serum Cholesterol Changes Produced By Dietary Fat

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Prediction of serum-cholesterol responses of man to changes in fats in the diet

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Prediction of soil moisture from soil and weather records

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Prediction of soil moisture under oats for the spring period

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Prediction of soluble solids content and post-storage internal quality of Bulida apricots using near infrared spectroscopy

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Prediction of spatial variation in global fallout of 137Cs using precipitation

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Prediction of stability in pharmaceutical preparations. 2. Vitamin stability in liquid multivitamin preparations

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Prediction of stability in pharmaceutical preparations. 3. Comparison of vitamin stabilities in different multivitamin preparations

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Prediction of streamflow for single-watershed calibration

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Prediction of the Osier pest, Cryptorrhynchus lapathi, and investigations on the resistance of its larvae to cold.

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Prediction of the accumulation in soils and crops of radioactive elements of long life supplied indefinitely at a limited rate.

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Prediction of the concentration of solutes in soil solutions for soil systems containing gypsum and exchangeable Ca and Mg

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Prediction of the diameter structure of commercial species in a subtropical forest through transition matrix

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Prediction of the limits of accumulation in soils and crops of radioactive elements of long life applied at a constant rate.

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Prediction of the nutritive value index of forages fed chopped or ground using an in vitro rumen fermentation method

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Prediction of the occurrence of lameness in dairy cows using a fuzzy-logic based expert system - Part I

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Prediction of the performance of F2 from F1.

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Prediction of the sensitivity of plants to chronic gamma irradiation

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Prediction of timber kiln drying rates by neural networks

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Prediction of total adiposity from skinfolds and the curvilinear relationship between external and internal adiposity

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Prediction of water yields from agricultural watersheds

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Prediction of yield in old-field Sweetgum

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Prediction of yield of retail cuts for native and crossbred Chinese Yellow cattle

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Prediction scales and infection on surgical sites in 15 625 surgeries, 2001-2003

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Predictions of radiosensitivities of plant species

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Predictive mapping of forest attributes on the Fishlake National Forest

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Predictive population equations based on key factors. (Population dynamics of agricultural and forest insect pests.)

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Predictive value of lipoprotein and cholesterol determinations in diabetic patients who developed cardiovascular complications

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Predictive value of spaced F1 and early-generation bulked progenies of diallel crosses among ten varieties of soybeans

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Predictors of Human Food Consumption

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Predilection sites of sarcosporidia in buffaloes.

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Predisposing factors in mastitis and composition of mastitis milk

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Predisposing factors towards mastitis and investigations of the composition of mastitic milk.

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Predisposition to hernia in pigs

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Predisposition to powdery mildew

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Predisposition to tuberculosis in the progeny of some dairy bulls

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Predlog organizacije i plana rada na suzbijanju Korova

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Prednisolone and vitamin D

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Prednisolone in the treatment of bovine ketosis

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Prednisolone in the treatment of eczema in the dog

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Prednisolone in the treatment of mastitis in sows

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Predominance of fructose accumulation in cold-stored immature potato tubers

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Predominance of human-type bacilli in tuberculous pics in Ruanda

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Predominance of the fungus Cylindracarpon radicicola Wr. on the surface of plant roots.

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Predominant influence of the maternal organism upon the formation of heritable characters of hybrids in plants.

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Predominant microflora of vacuum-packed frankfurters

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Predominant species of microorganisms in rice field soils

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Predrying of Scots Pine

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Preemergence control of crabgrass

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Preemergence crabgrass control needs further research

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Preemergence crabgrass control trials-1961

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Preemergence herbicides on castorbeans

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Preemergence incorporated herbicide treatments for weed control in corn

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Preemergence use of selective herbicides in maize, in the region of Botucatu.

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Preemergence weed control in big bluestem

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Preemergence weed control with soil fumigants

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Preemption and concession, land policy studies

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Prefabricated tracks of perforated, reinforced concrete slabs on the spurs of lorry extraction roads.

Saharov, V.V., 1962:

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Prefeeding of high fat diet and resistance of rats to intense cold

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Preferable directions of sustainable development in Sekowa Commune (Beskid Niski Mts)

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Preference and N balance studies with piglets using various amino acid mixtures in feed

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Preference and use of pesticides on citrus during a 10-year period

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Preference of aphids for excised leaves to whole plants

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Preference of calves for a concentrate feed with and without artificial flavors

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Preference of phorophyte by the lichens in the eastern Chaco forest

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Preference tests and the sense of taste in the feral pigeon (Columba livia var Gmelin)

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Preference thresholds for taste discrimination in goats

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Preferential attack by Dendroctonus terebrans on Pinus elliottii

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Preferential fertilization and penetrance connected with gene I for resistance to Fusarium wilt in the tomato

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Preferential indoor Resting habits of A. culicifacies vuiles near Delhi

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Preferential knockdown action of cetyl bromoacetate for certain laboratory-reared resistant strains of houseflies

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Preferential pairing in structural heterozygotes of Zea mays

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Preferential pairing in tetraploid tomato species hybrids

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Preferential pairing in trisomie, tri-ploid and tetraploid inversion heterozygotes of Zea mays

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Preferential segregation in Saccharomyces

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Preferential Segregation of Structurally Modified Chromosomes in Maize

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Preferred feeding and egg laying sites of the boll weevil and the effect of weevil damage on the cotton plant

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Prefloral bud shedding in some common peach cultivars in Sardinia

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Preformance and blunting of chain-saw blades.

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Preformed shrinkable closures for containers

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Pregermination treatment and seed preparation for sowing Dodonaea viscosa (L.) Jacq

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Pregermination varieties with respect to their evaluation

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Pregnancy and Addisonian pernicious anaemia

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Pregnancy and carbohydrate metabolism

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Pregnancy and vitamin B6deficiency

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Pregnancy craving and pica

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Pregnancy diagnosis by physiological properties of the blood

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Pregnancy diagnosis in cattle

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Pregnancy diagnosis in cattle

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Pregnancy diagnosis in cows and heifers by clinical and laboratory methods.

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Pregnancy diagnosis in cows by electroluminescence of cervico-vaginal mucus.

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Pregnancy diagnosis in mares

Gavriljak, G.T., 1958:
Pregnancy diagnosis in sows by reflexes

Hobvath, G., 1963:
Pregnancy diagnosis in sows by the cervical-mucus reaction and arborisation

Keel-Diffey, S.J., 1963:
Pregnancy diagnosis in swine

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Pregnancy diagnosis with urine in the mare at the 90th and 100th day of pregnancy. IX

Cuboni, E., 1958:
Pregnancy diagnosis with urine in the mare during the last weeks of pregnancy. X

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Pregnancy disease in ewes: observations relating to treatment and the metabolic pathways involved

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Pregnancy disease of cows

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Pregnancy duration in Friesian heifers in Egypt

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Pregnancy duration in Gacko cattle

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Pregnancy duration in Red Danish cattle.

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Pregnancy following insemination during the first estrus in the guinea pig

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Pregnancy In A Mare Resulting From Frozen Epididymal Spermatozoa

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Pregnancy in the little brown bat

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Pregnancy induced in genetically sterile mice

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Pregnancy investigations on Hafling mares.

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Pregnancy on choline-free diet

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Pregnancy prolongation and retardation of implantation in the rat by reserpine administration.

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Pregnancy rates of frozen embryos recovered during winter and summer in Sistani cows

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Pregnancy toxaemia in ewes

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Pregnancy toxicoses and problems of nutrition

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Pregnancy-block in female mice placed in boxes soiled by males

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Preharvest and harvest drop of apples

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Preharvest application of exogenous abscisic acid (ABA) or an ABA analogue does not affect endogenous ABA concentration of onion bulbs

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Preharvest growth regulator sprays on apples. II. Drop and maturity for 1954 and 1955

Anonymous, 1956:
Preharvest killing of vines

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Preharvest orchard air temperatures and storage scald of Stayman apples

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Preharvest removal of cotton-plant leaves

Date, W.B., 1960:
Preharvest treatment with growth regulators on ascorbic acid content of mangoes

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Prehistoric barley

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Prehistoric bean remains from caves in the Ocampo region of Tamaulipas, Mexico

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Prehistoric husbandry in Sleswick-Holstein

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Prehivernal differentiation of the cones in P. sylvestris.

Busa, V., 1961:
Prehlad helmintofauny husi domacej (Anser anser dom. L.) na Slovensku (CSSR)

Busa, V., 1962:
Prehlad helmintofauny kacice domacej (Anas platyrhynchos domestica (L.)) na Slovensku (CSSR)

Thurmann Moe, P., 1959 :
Preiliminary recommendations for applying fertilizers on wet peat soils, poor in nutrients, in order to grow trees.

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Preincubation immersion of eggs in erythromycin to control chronic respiratory disease

Poustini, K.; Mabood, F.; Smith, D.L., 2007:
Preincubation of Rhizobium leguminosarum bv. phaseoli with jasmonate and genistein signal molecules increases bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) nodulation, nitrogen fixation and biomass production

Yang Jian; Zhang HengMu; Chen JianPing; Dai LiangYing, 2007:
Prekaryotic expression antiserum preparation and some properties of p8 protein of Rice black-streaked dwarf Fijivirus

Borg, U., 1956:
Preliminara forsok med piperazinadipat som medel mot spolmask och hakmask hos hundar

Eliasson, S., 1959:
Preliminara resultat av Statens Jordbruksforsoks forsok med hybridmajs till gronfoder. Preliminary results from experiments with hybrid maize for green fodder carried out at the National Agronomy Experiment Station

Lagerquist, R., 1956:
Preliminara resultat av stamprovning med lusern. Trials with different strains of lucerne. Preliminary results

Tiner, J.D., 1961:
Preliminaries to an increased reliance on automation in biological laboratory research

Mclintock, J.; Depner, K.R., 1957:
Preliminary Attempts to establish a Laboratory Colony of the Horn Fly, Siphona irritans (L.) (Diptera: Muscidae)

Anon., 1962:
Preliminary Dutch results of CO2 treatment for the glasshouse rose Parel van Aalsmeer

Yeo, D.; Foster, E., 1958:
Preliminary Note On a Method for the direct Estimation of Populations of Pseudotheraptus wayi Brown on Coconut Palms

Barrera, A., 1956:
Preliminary Note on Fleas of Cynomys from the enzootic Plague Zone of southeastern Coahuila, Mexico

Van Den Berghe, L.; Lambrecht, F.L., 1958:
Preliminary Note on the Biology of Glossina vanhoofi Henrard

Kettle, D.S., 1957:
Preliminary Observations on Weather Conditions and the Activity of Biting Flies

Hussey, N.W.; Wyatt, I.J., 1958:
Preliminary Observations on the Cecid Problem

Lee, La-Ge, 1957:
Preliminary Observations on the Effect of DDT indoor Treatment on Anonpheles hyrcanus var. sinensis and Anopheles jeyporiensis var. candidiensis.

Das, G.M., 1958:
Preliminary Observations on the Leaf-rollers and Leaf-tiers of Tea, with special Reference to the Flush-worm, Cydia (Enarmonia) leucostoma Meyer in north-east India

Ghosh, S.M.; Bandyopadhyay, A.K., 1958:
Preliminary Observations on the Role of dried Human Blood as an Adjunct to the larval Food in artificial Breeding of Anopheles stephensi

Shands, W.A.T.ompson, C.G.; Simpson, G.W.; Wave, H.E., 1958:
Preliminary Studies of entomogenous Fungi for the Control of Potato-infesting Aphids in Maine

Banerjee, S.N.; Basu, A.N., 1956:
Preliminary Studies on the Epidemiology of the Potato Aphids in West Bengal (Homoptera: Aphididae)

Harvey, A.E., 1956:
Preliminary tests with diazinon against culicine larvae in septic and waste water tanks

Steinrauf, L.K., 1959:
Preliminary X-ray data for some new crystalline forms of beta -lactoglobulin and hen egg-white lysozyme

Puttarudriah, M.; Basavanna, G.P.C., 1958:
Preliminary acaricidal tests against the areca mite Raoielld indica (Hirst)

Han, S.T.; Wang, Y.K., 1958:
Preliminary account of an attempt to fix sands by

Moessner, K.E., 1962:
Preliminary aerial volume tables for Pinyon-Juniper stands

Molski, B.; Zelawski, W., 1958:
Preliminary anatomical investigations into the process of latewood differentiation in annual rings of Larch seedlings as influenced by day-length.

Raubitschek, F., 1957:
Preliminary and short report. In vitro invasion of hair by Dermatophytes

Lynch, J.E.; Nelson, B., 1959:
Preliminary anthelmintic studies: Nematospiroides dubius in mice

Johnson, P.A., 2005:
Preliminary assessment and rating of stream channel stability near bridges

Hoy, J.M., 1960:
Preliminary assessment of toxaphene, Strobane and Thiodan for control of clover case-bearers (Coleophora spp.) (Coleophoridae, Lepidoptera)

Milford, G.F.; Pfeiffer, R.K., 1962:
Preliminary assessments of triazines for weed control in potatoes from pot experiments

Vukmirovic, C.; Stojadnovic, D., 1956:
Preliminary assortment tables for Silver Fir and Spruce.

Sibilia, C.; Tarsia, N., 1962:
Preliminary biochemical studies on orange juice from trees affected by exocortis

Prinsloo, J.G.; Joubert, C.P.; D.L.nge, D.J.; D.P.essis, J.P.; Hojby, T., 1962:
Preliminary biochemical studies on the conversion of tryptophan to nicotinic acid in South African Bantu pellagrins with special reference to the role of pyridoxine and riboflavin

E.Sherif, A.R.A., 1961:
Preliminary biological studies on the potato tuber worm in U.A.R. Gnorimoschema operculella (Zeller) (Lepidoptera; Tineidae)

Olson, N.O.; Shelton, D.C.; Munro, D.A.; Bletner, R., 1956:
Preliminary blood studies in chickens with a synovitis caused by the infectious synovitis agent, pleuropneumonia-like organisms and a combination of the two agents

Dudeck, A.E.; Duich, J.M., 1962:
Preliminary breeding studies on colonial benigrass

Laursen, S.B.; Boye, C., 1958:
Preliminary calculations of costs of high-frequency heating and simultaneous bending of small, solid wood blanks.

Maniecki, F., 1962:
Preliminary calculations of the labour and driving power demand in agriculture

Hughes, D.H., 1963:
Preliminary characterization of the lipid constituents of the cultivated mushroom Agaricus campestris

Randazzo, C.L.;, S.; Todaro, A.; Restuccia, C.; Lanza, C.M.; Spagna, G.; Caggia, C., 2007:
Preliminary characterization of wild lactic acid bacteria and their abilities to produce flavour compounds in ripened model cheese system

Silva, L.Almeida Prista, L.Nogueira Alves, A.Correia, 1963:
Preliminary chemical analyses of the root of Sarcocephalus esculentus.

Mittal, T.C.; Mehra, P.N., 1960:
Preliminary chemical investigations on some Indian substitutes of male fern

Silva, L.A.; Prista, L.N.; Alves, A.C., 1963:
Preliminary chemical studies on the roots of Sarcocephalus esculentus

Silker, T.H., 1960:
Preliminary chemical weed control tests in a Southern Pine nursery

Grobman, A., 1958:
Preliminary classification of Peruvian maizes

Loo Man, Jan, 1963:
Preliminary classification of grasslands in Saskatchewan

Lambert, N.H.; Parkhill, E., 1959:
Preliminary clinical report on the treatment of tumours in cats and dogs with vitamin E

Pratella, G.C., 1959:
Preliminary cold storage trials on Max Red Bartlett pears

Spehar, V., 1961:
Preliminary communication about the resistance of Italian Wheat sorts to stem rust (Puccinia graminis tritici) in the territories of Western Yugoslavia

Gondola, I., 1959:
Preliminary communication on a botanical study of birdsfoot trefoil

Sybesma, I., 1961:
Preliminary communication on investigations with Pietrain pigs in Denmark

Marquez, V.M.; Baumrucker, J., 1957:
Preliminary communication on the ascorbic acid content of the leaves of some tropical plants with fruits rich in vitamin C

Bigalke, R.D., 1962:
Preliminary communication on the cultivation of Besnoitia besnoiti (Morotel, 1912) in tissue culture and embryonated eggs

U.H.L.; Hao, S.C., 1956:
Preliminary communication on trials comparing grafts of the Fenchow mandarin on different rootstocks.

Van Der Boon, J.; Rauw, G.J.G., 1963:
Preliminary communication. Urea sprays and spring frost injury on black currants.

Dziezyc, J.; Sobieszczanski, J., 1957:
Preliminary comparative investigations on the contents of some nutrients and on the microflora of soils of different levels of management.

Amici, Adriana, 1959:
Preliminary comparative tests on the symptomatology of virus-diseased plants maintained after infection under artificial and natural light

Miller, P.W., 1956:
Preliminary comparison of Agrimycin 100 and cooper compounds for the control of

Pope, T.E.; Mcfadden, S.E.; Jr., 1961:
Preliminary comparison of wrapping materials in grafting pecans

Wallace, A.; Ashcroft, R.T., 1956:
Preliminary comparisons of the effects of urea and other nitrogen sources on the mineral composition of rough lemon and bean plants

Outon, R.C., 1962:
Preliminary contribution to knowledge of the bright tobaccos cultivated in the north-west of Argentina

Roder, W., 1961:
Preliminary cultivation and transplanting of maize. 1. The effect of varietal characteristics and planting date on cob formation and plant yields of green and dry matter

Roder, W., 1962:
Preliminary cultivation and transplanting of maize. 2. The effect of varietal characteristics and planting date on the acceleration of development and ripening.

Alza D., A., 1959:
Preliminary data for the study of the migration of D. peruvianus on the central coast

Barnes, B.V., 1958:
Preliminary data from a six-year-old stand of Aspen hybrids.

Gabriel, W.; Roztropowicz, S., 1959:
Preliminary data from a study of the occurrence of virus S on Potato in Poland

Nefedov, V.N.; Burkovskii, V.E., 1962:
Preliminary data from a zoologico-parasitological study of foci of tick-borne encephalitis in the Altai territory.

Legkodimova, K.V.; Grigor'yan, I.P., 1957:
Preliminary data on Q fever in the Primorskii region.

Saric Sabados Sabados-Saric, Ana Corte, A., 1960:
Preliminary data on a form of infectious degeneration of the Vine in Istria with unusual symptoms

Saric Sabados, A.; Corte, A., 1960:
Preliminary data on a form of infectious degeneration of vines in Istria with unusually complex symptom expression

Veiga, A.D.Arruda, 1959:
Preliminary data on basal area of C. lusitanica.

Kuliev, A.M.; Karaev, L., 1963:
Preliminary data on development of new high-yielding and early cotton varieties.

Stenesku Stanescu], Z.; Koicev Coicev], V.; Saru, N.; Raianu, M., 1963:
Preliminary data on heterosis in sugar beet.

Derlogea, V.; Gurau, L.; Nichitin, A.; Siminel, L.; Hagea, N.; Mogos, E., 1958:
Preliminary data on inbreeding of Bazna pigs

Blanchet, R.; Crouzet, C.; Studer, R.E.A., 1963:
Preliminary data on phosphorus dynamics in calcareous soils of the Champagne berrichonne.

Nurmiste, B., 1960:
Preliminary data on the antigenic properties of Potato leaf rolling mosaic virus

Teodoreanu, N.; Popescu, C.; Diomu, V.; Georgescu, V.; Boian, S., 1958:
Preliminary data on the blood picture and sexual glands of hybrids of Muscovy and local or Pekin ducks

Ludin, A.; Samish, Z., 1962:
Preliminary data on the composition of citrus fruits in Israel.

Gonzalez B., J.E., 1959:
Preliminary data on the distribution and control of the insect pests of beans in Peru

Lecuona, M.D.O., 1959:
Preliminary data on the distribution of onchocercosis Portuguese Guinea

Moreno Molina, A.M., 1962:
Preliminary data on the effect of some fungicides in controlling berry scorch in unshaded coffee plantations.

Anon., 1962:
Preliminary data on the effect of the size of the planting hole on the growth and yield of coffee plants.

Wittmer, G., 1961:
Preliminary data on the inhibition of induction and growth of c tumours in A. cepa L

Sipos, G.; Birneanu, E., 1961:
Preliminary data on the performance of some winter-barley varieties at the Lovrin Agricultural Experiment Station (Banat region)

Almeida E Sousa, O.De, 1956:
Preliminary data on the physical and mechanical properties of wood from Portuguese-grown P. taxifolia.

Berbigier, A., 1961:
Preliminary data on the use of pure lines in rye breeding

Tereshtchenko, P., 1962:
Preliminary data on the variety Laredo 52/604

Mel'nikova, V.A., 1960:
Preliminary data on top-and soft-fruit variety trials.

Benvenuti, A.; Massantini, F., 1963:
Preliminary data on tuber formation in Solanum tuberosum

Scaramuzzi, G., 1960:
Preliminary data on wood fibre dimensions of some Italian grown Eucalypts

Linzon, S.N., 1963:
Preliminary decay studies on unaltered samples acquired from wet and dry heartwood areas of living White Pines

Sieffermann, G., 1959:
Preliminary determinations of clay minerals in soils of the Cameroons.

Quelennec, G., 1962:
Preliminary enquiries on S. damnosum and onchocercosis in Dahomey

Smith, J.H.G.; Walters, J.; Ker, J.W., 1961:
Preliminary estimates of growth and yield of Western Red Cedar

Stern, K., 1962:
Preliminary estimates of the genetic structure of two sympatric populations of birches as determined by random effects and natural selection

Pociej, K., 1961:
Preliminary estimation of human labour and driving power in agriculture by a method of basic gradation

Ruebenbauer, T.; Blskupski, A., 1963:
Preliminary estimation of the milling and baking value of tetraploid rye

Mccrory, S.A., 1958:
Preliminary evaluation and description of domestic and introduced fruit plants

Baranova, T.I., 1960:
Preliminary evaluation for cold resistance of a collection of early and midseason maize inbred lines.

Houlker, W.M., 1961:
Preliminary evaluation of 2,6-DBN

Anonymous, 1963:
Preliminary evaluation of Ayrshire and Swedish Red-and-White cattle imported into Czechoslovakia.

Sosa, A.J.; Cordo, H.A.; Sacco, J., 2007:
Preliminary evaluation of Megamelus scutellaris Berg (Hemiptera: Delphacidae), a candidate for biological control of waterhyacinth

Webb, R.E.; Hougas, R.W., 1959:
Preliminary evaluation of Solanum species and species hybrids for resistance to disease

Leland, Jr.; S.E., 1963:
Preliminary evaluation of Trichostrongylus axei in the Mongolian gerbil as a screening system for anthelmintics of domestic animals

Blumberg, N.; Fischbach, M.W.; Zisserman, L., 1956:
Preliminary evaluation of a non-dietary regimen for reducing cholesterol levels in the aged

Drummond, R.O., 1960:
Preliminary evaluation of animal systemic insecticides

Kramer, H.H.; Ullstrup, A.J., 1959:
Preliminary evaluation of exotic maize germ plasm

Vachal, J., 1958:
Preliminary evaluation of fine-wooled rams by their progeny

Bry, R.E.; Mcdonald, L.; Davis, D.F., 1960:
Preliminary evaluation of lindane and heptachlor crystals for protection of crated furniture against insect damage

Das, N.G.; Goswami, D.; Rabha, B., 2007:
Preliminary evaluation of mosquito larvicidal efficacy of plant extracts

Howlett, F.S., 1957:
Preliminary evaluation of new and uncommon pear varieties including comparison with standard sorts

Bite, A.; Lepsis, J., 2007:
Preliminary evaluation of new apple clonal rootstocks in Latvia

Nyujto, F.; Brunner, T., 1963:
Preliminary evaluation of physiological studies conducted on apricot rootstocks in the nursery stage

Bingham, S.W.; Mcwhorter, C.G., 1959:
Preliminary evaluation of several materials as pre-planting herbicides for cotton, corn and soybeans

Schlesinger, A.H.; Mowry, D.T., 1959:
Preliminary evaluation of some quaternary ammonium salts as phytotoxic agents

Oleksiak, W.; Pieniazek, S.A.; Sobczykiewicz, D., 1961:
Preliminary evaluation of strawberry varieties of American and English origin in central Poland

Grabe, D.F., 1959:
Preliminary evaluation of tetrazolium derivatives for testing seed viability

Skalska, E., 1956:
Preliminary evaluation of the Ruzyne palmette

Biskupski, A., 1963:
Preliminary evaluation of the grains of five spring wheat varieties on the basis of some quality characters

Adrasola, E.G., 1959:
Preliminary evaluation of the programme for fluoridation of drinking water in Curico-San Fernando, Chile, 1956

Leng, E.R., 1956:
Preliminary evaluation of the use of the dwarfing gene brachytic-2 for production of feasible commercial corn hybrids

Biskup, J., 1963:
Preliminary evaluation of the variety Hicks Resistant-resistant to false mildew blue mould of tobacco.

Amling, H.J.; Turner, J.L.; Taylor, T.D., 1963:
Preliminary evaluation of two dipyridyl quaternary salts for post-emergent weed control in apple, peach, and pecan plantings

Stankiewicz, B.; Haabura, S., 2007:
Preliminary evaluation of union funds in agricultural sector in Lubuskie Province in 2004-2006

Komarov, M.I., 1962:
Preliminary evaluation of vine varieties for the Geledzik district of the Krasnodar territory.

Peters, D.C.; Zuber, M.S.; Fergason, V., 1960:
Preliminary evidence of resistance of high-amylose corn to the Angoumois grain moth

Cmoluch, Z., 1958:
Preliminary examination of the morphology and biology of Baris coerulescens Scop. (Coleoptera, Curoulionidae)

Ewing, C.L.; Siegmund, H.B.; Thiell, W.W., 1960:
Preliminary experience with the Andersen aerosol sampler with special reference to its use in an ice cream plant

Bachthaler, G., 1963:
Preliminary experiences in trials with the herbicide HS 119 Pyramin in sugar beet 1962.

Desai, S.C., 1959:
Preliminary experiences with griseofulvin for ringworm

Kraack, E., 1957:
Preliminary experiment in the use of residues from the manufacture of starch for feeding dairy cattle

Herrero, J.; Brossi, A.; Faust, M.; Frey, J.R., 1960:
Preliminary experimental and clinical results with a new synthetic emetine-like compound

Chang, Y.L., 1956:
Preliminary experimental report on the exotic species Eucommia ulmoides Oliv.

Lin, Y.-A., 1957:
Preliminary experimental results in breeding sweet potatoes by sexual hybridization.

Lu, J.-H.; Hsieh, C.-F., 1957:
Preliminary experimental results on varieties of rice planted late as a second crop and on the effect of age of the seedlings.

Yang, H.-F.; Sha, K.-F., 1959:
Preliminary experimental studies on rice lodging.

Kuthy, S.; Gsanak, J.; Meszaros, L.; Varsanyi, J., 1961:
Preliminary experiments for the development of a spray fertilizer technique on some agricultural plants

Brewer, R.; Haldane, A.D., 1957:
Preliminary experiments in the development of clay orientation in soils

Sutton, P.J., 1960:
Preliminary experiments in the use of loamless composts for the propagation of antirrhinums and tomatoes

Roguski, K.; Niegolewski, Z.; Gramatowski, W., 1959:
Preliminary experiments on a collection of S. tuberosum subsp. andigenum and some crosses on their susceptibility to the potato nematode

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