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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 14163

Chapter 14163 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Maupoume, R.; Verain, A., 1958:
Reaction of bull spermatozoa to ultrasonics

Winstead, N.N., 1959:
Reaction of cabbage varieties and clubroot-resistant lines to root-knot nematodes

Gilbert, Y.; Hornet, P.; Goueffon, Y., 1960:
Reaction of cattle and rabbits to inoculation of distemper virus and their immunity to normal or lapinized rinderpest virus

Schaaf, J.; Beerwerth, W., 1956:
Reaction of cattle to bovine tuberculin, avian tuberculin and johnin during the course of skin tuberculosis

Bianca, W., 1959:
Reaction of cattle to cold and heat.

Thomason, Ivan, J., 1962:
Reaction of cereals and Sudan grass to Meloidogyne spp. and the relation of soil temperature to M. javanica populations

Angus, T.A., 1956:
Reaction of certain lepidopterous and hymenopterous larvae to Bacillus sotto toxin

Casida, J.E.; Sandeeson, D.M., 1963:
Reaction of certain phosphorothionate insecticides with alcohols and potentation by breakdown products

Forbus, W.D.; Fukunaga, N.; Va.S.Hoote, A.; Cress, H., 1960 :
Reaction of chorioallantoic membrane of chick embryo to Nocardia intracellularis inoculation

Salibe, A.A., 1962:
Reaction of citrus types to exocortis

Thomason, I.J.; Mckinney, H.E., 1960:
Reaction of cowpeas, Vigna sinensis, to root-knot nematodes, Meloidogyne spp

Collier, D., E.Al., 1958:
Reaction of crops to subsoil conditions : trials with grain maize

Winstead, N.N.; Sasser, J.K., 1956:
Reaction of cucumber varieties to five root-knot nematodes (Meloidogym spp.)

Hohrjakova, V.S.; Guseva, N.A., 1963:
Reaction of different apple cttltivars to treatment with emulsions of transformer oil mixed with methyl, ethyl thiophosphate.

Alvarado, R.; Ampuero, E.; Doak, K.D., 1961:
Reaction of different clones and hybrids to cushion gall of cacao. Span

Sharma, H.C.; Dhillon, M.K., 2005:
Reaction of different sorghum genotypes to infestation by the sugarcane aphid, Melanaphis sacchari Zehntner

Pascale, A.J.; Remussi, C.; Marzo, L., 1963:
Reaction of different varieties of soya bean to the bioclimatical factors of Buenos Aires

Brodie, B.B.; Cooper, W.E., 1960:
Reaction of differential cotton varieties to isolates of Xanthomonas malvacearum in North Carolina

Hemwall, J.B., 1958 :
Reaction of ferric ethylene-diamine tetraacetate with soil clay minerals

Knjazev, A.I., 1961:
Reaction of fine-woolled lambs of different constitutional types to higher plane of feeding in the suckling period

Finkner, R.E.; Swink, J.F., 1959:
Reaction of galactinol selected beet varieties in breeding for nematode resistance

Vershilova, P.A.; Grekova, N.A., 1959:
Reaction of guinea pigs infected with Brucella melitensis to the inoculation of live brucella vaccine.

Gee, M.; Reeve, R.M.; Mccready, R.M., 1959:
Reaction of hydroxylamine with pectnic acids. Chemical studies and histochemical estimation of the degree of esterification of pectic substances in fruit

Jenkins, M.T.; Robert, A.L.; Findley, W.R., 1957:
Reaction of inbred lines of corn to Helminthosporium turcicum Pass. in different seasons

Skiles, R.L.; Cardona, A.; C.; Barros, N.; O., 1958:
Reaction of maize lines to Fusarium and Diplodia stalk rots

Kosobokov, G.I., 1961:
Reaction of maize plants around Moscow to different light regimes.

Kosobokov, G.I., 1961:
Reaction of maize plants in the Moscow environment to different light regimes.

Kudzin, Yu. K., 1960:
Reaction of maize, sugar beet and potatoes to the change in the nutrient regime of soil during the prolonged use of fertilizers.

Work, E., 1957:
Reaction of ninhydrin in acid solution with straight-chain amino acids containing two amino groups and its application to the estimation of alpha epsilon -diaminopimelic acid

Toler, R.W.; Hebert, T.T., 1963:
Reaction of oat varieties, Avena species, and other plants to artificial inoculation with the soil-borne oat mosaic virus

Luke, H.H.; E.A., 1957:
Reaction of oats to powdery mildew

Umali, D.L.; Bernardo, F.A.; Ocfemia, G.O., 1956:
Reaction of pacol-abaca F1 hybrids to abaca mosaic and bunchy-top

Pohorille, M., 1960:
Reaction of peasant farmholdings to price fluctuation

Wada, Koji, 1959:
Reaction of phosphate with allophane and halloysite

Hillis, W.E.; Urbach, G., 1959:
Reaction of polyphenol with formaldehyde

Meiden, H.A.Van Der., 1957:
Reaction of poplar cuttings to phosphate (a preliminary experiment).

Weil, L.; Seibles, T.S., 1961:
Reaction of reduced disulfide bonds in a-lactalbumin and beta -lactoglobulin with acrylonitrile

Johnson, Howard, W., 1959:
Reaction of rescuegrass varieties and strains to the head smut fungus

Chamberlain, D.W., 1962:
Reaction of resistant and susceptible soybeans to Xanthomonas phaseoli var. sojensis

Morey, Darrell, D., 1959:
Reaction of rye varieties to leaf rust

Gluhih, K.A., 1956:
Reaction of rye varieties to mutual interpollination.

Nielson, M.W., 1958:
Reaction of seedling alfalfa to the spotted alfalfa aphid in southern Arizona

Bolkhovitinov, D.Z., 1959:
Reaction of sheep to superinfection with Dictyocaulusfilaria.

Bolkhovitinov, D.Z., 1959:
Reaction of sheep to superinfections with Dictyocaulus.

Kaufmann, M.J.; Drolsom, P.N.; Nielsen, E.L., 1961:
Reaction of smooth bromegrass to seedling pathogens

Thomason, I.J.; Mckinney, H.E., 1959:
Reaction of some Cucurbitaceae to root-knot nematodes (Meloidogyne spp.)

Muthomi, J.W.; Ndung'u, J.K.; Chemining'wa, G.N.; Wagacha, J.M., 2007:
Reaction of some Kenyan wheat cultivars to head blight after inoculation with Fusarium graminearum

Matta, A.; Garibaldi, A., 1963:
Reaction of some Tomato cultivars to Verticillium wilt in the greenhouse

Ikramov, Ju., 1960:
Reaction of some forms of Gossypium herbaceum L. and G. arboreum L. to different photoperiods

Chang, S.C.; Sun, M.H.; Chen, N.C., 1962:
Reaction of some grasses, kaoliang, and common millets to Sclerospora sacchari in Taiwan

Birecka, H.; Wlodkowski, M., 1960:
Reaction of some leguminous plants to the phosphorus supply in early stages of vegetation

Goffart, H., 1963:
Reaction of some new Netherlands potato lines to potato nematode

Sikka, S.M.; Maini, N.S., 1960:
Reaction of some new Punjab wheats to the varying conditions of season, sowing date and manuring

Adlakha, K.L.; Munjal, E.L., 1963:
Reaction of some varieties of Sorghum vulgare to Sphacelotheca sorghi (Link) Clint

Isikawa, M.; Miyahara, T., 1958:
Reaction of soya bean varieties to the soya bean nematode (Heterodera glycines).

Costin, A.B.; Wimbush, D.J., 1963:
Reaction of species to adverse conditions in the Snowy Mountains

Moseman, J.G.; Reid, D.A., 1958:
Reaction of spring and winter barleys to cultures of four races and culture P35 of Ustilago nuda

Uhlig, S.K., 1963:
Reaction of spruce to treatment at different times of year with 2,4-D (Spritzhormit).

Hutton, K.E., 1957:
Reaction of stone fruit trees to fungicides

Mellor, F.C.; Stace Smith, R., 1963:
Reaction of strawberry to a ringspot virus from raspberry

Schafer, J.F.; Caldwell, R.M.; Compton, L.E.; Patterson, F.L., 1956:
Reaction of superior leaf-rust resistance of wheat by means of combined resistance

Martin, W.J., 1958:
Reaction of sweet potato varieties and seedlings to soil rot

Struble, F.B.n; Morrison, L.S., 1963:
Reaction of sweetpotato to scurf

Salata, A.T., 1957:
Reaction of the body to ascarid excretory products.

Tumanova, E.I., 1961:
Reaction of the cardiovascular system and respiratory organs of horses to physical stress as related to different feeding

Kiermeier, F.; Steger, H., 1961:
Reaction of the copper content of milk to supplements of copper salts

Hill, J.R., 1961:
Reaction of the new-born animal to environmental temperature

Bornmann, G.; Loeser, A.; Mikulicz, K.; Ritter, K., 1956:
Reaction of the organism to the effect of several plasticisers

Podilchak, M.D.; Kalynyuk, P.P., 1959:
Reaction of the ovaries to long-term administration of oestrogens

Surynek, J.; Mach, P., 1963:
Reaction of the red blood picture of chickens subjected to two exposures of 600 r of X-rays after being given oxytetracycline, vitamin B12 and folic acid.

Davila Guzman, E., 1962:
Reaction of the tubers of potato varieties with foliage resistant to late blight

Chang, M.C., 1956:
Reaction of the uterus on spermatozoa in the rabbit

Placidi, L.; Chevrier, L., 1957:
Reaction of theNorthAfrican hedgehog to the inoculation of rabies virus, including the Flury strain

Salmela, A.B.; Rempel, W.E.; Gates, C.E., 1963:
Reaction of three kinds of single-cross pigs to three levels of feed intake. 2. Carcass characteristics

Grabar, J., 1959:
Reaction of tissues and organs of mice to vaccines prepared from pathogenic and non-pathogenic salmonella

Logachev, E.D.; Bruskin, B.R.; Kesten, L.A., 1961:
Reaction of tissues of Gammarus lacustris to parasitization by Polymorphus magnus acanthellae.

Uzunovski, M., 1959:
Reaction of tobacco variety Prilep to the occurrence of bassara disease under the conditions of an extremely dry year

Gunar, I.I.; Kaspsik, M.; Krastina, E.E., 1960:
Reaction of tomato plants to the interruption of the dark and light periods at different times of the day.

Lapwood, D.H.; Mckee, R.K., 1961:
Reaction of tubers of R-gene potato clones to inoculation with specialized races of Phytophthora infestans

Freeman, T.E.; Horn, G.C., 1963:
Reaction of turf grasses to attack by Pythium aphanidermatum (Edson) Fitzpatrick

Nelson, P.E.; Dickey, R.S., 1963:
Reaction of twenty-one commercial carnation varieties to Pseudomonas caryophylli

Elling, L.J.; Frosheiser, F.I., 1960:
Reaction of twenty-two alfalfa varieties to bacterial wilt

Umali, D.L.; Ick, F.R.; Orillo, F.T., 1956:
Reaction of varieties of Abaca and its relatives to vascular disease

Winstead, N.N.; Riggs, R.D., 1959:
Reaction of watermelon varieties to root-knot nematodes

Miller, J.D.; Stewart, D.M., 1961:
Reaction of wheat seedlings to new isolates of wheat stem rust

Sosa, O.N.; Fumigalli, A.; Lebeau, F.J., 1956:
Reaction of wheat varieties to rusts under different environmental conditions in Guatemala

Israel, P.; Rao, Y.S.; Prakasa Rao, P.S., 1963:
Reaction of wild rices and tetraploid strains of cultivated rices to incidence of gallfly

Mcbride, J.J., 1959:
Reaction of zineb with copper compounds, oil deposits when applied with zineb, and deposits of zineb when applied with a variety of materials

Coyne, D.P.; Schuster, M.L.; A.Y.siri, S., 1963:
Reaction studies of bean species and varieties to common blight and bacterial wilt

Patten, A.M.; Jourdes, Mël.; Brown, E.E.; Laborie, M-Pierre.; Davin, L.B.; Lewis, N.G., 2007:
Reaction tissue formation and stem tensile modulus properties in wild-type and p-coumarate-3-hydroxylase downregulated lines of alfalfa, Medicago sativa (Fabaceae)

Paterson, A.B., 1958:
Reaction to avian and bovine tuberculins in cattle free from tuberculosis

Kress, F.; Mathois, H.; Stockl, W., 1960:
Reaction to diluted tuberculin in cattle

Mudra, A., 1963:
Reaction to stripe rust of 223 Wheat varieties in Iran.

Poole, J.B., 1956:
Reaction to temperature by infective larvae of Nematodbnu filicollu, Trichostrongyudae (Nematoda)

Poole, J.B., 1956:
Reaction to temperature by infective larvae of Nematodirus jilicollis , Trichostrongylidae (Nematoda)

Hohlweg, W.; Knappe, G.; Laschet, U., 1958:
Reaction to the effect of X-rays of skin areas of the rat modified by vitamin A, cortisone or testosterone

Cowan, A.B., 1957:
Reactions against the megaloschizonts of Leucocytozoon simondi Mathis and Leger in ducks

Perkins, A.T.; Dragsforf, R.D.an; Bhangoo, M.R.S., 1957:
Reactions between phosphates and kaolinite decomposition products

Kloft, W., 1960:
Reactions between plant-sucking insects and the tissues sucked.

Glenchur, H.; Briand, Y.M.; Renoux, G., 1962:
Reactions of Bracella abortus and of Br. melitensis immune sera prepared in rabbits

Mcgrew, J.R., 1958:
Reactions of Fragaria vesca seedlings to a single Strawberry virus isolate

Holl, C.; Chloupek, R., 1961:
Reactions of Hfbinecky cows to improved environmental conditions.

Cruz, B.P.B.; Boock, O.J.; Rossetti, V., 1961:
Reactions of I.A.C. Potato clones to infection by physiologic races of P. infestans in the field

Rossetti, V. cruz, B.P.B.; Boook, O.J.; Rossetti, V., 1960:
Reactions of I.A.C. Potato clones to infection by physiologic races of P. infestans in the greenhouse

Hocking, B.; Lindsay, I.S., 1958:
Reactions of Insects to the olfactory Stimuli from the Components of an insecticidal Spray

Zaleski, A., 1957:
Reactions of Lucerne strains to Verticillium wilt

Newsome, J.; Robinson, D.L.H., 1956:
Reactions of Schistosoma mansom eggs and schistosomulae to immune serum

W.E.Sackston, M.A.Jabbar Miah, P.G.Goossen, A.L.Devaux., 1963:
Reactions of Sunflower varieties and hybrids from U.S.S.R. to rust, downy mildew, and Verticillium wilt in inoculation tests with seedlings, and their significance

Hackerott, H.L.; Sorensen, E.L.; Harvey, T.L.; Ortman, E.E.; Painter, R.H., 1963 :
Reactions of alfalfa varieties to pea aphids in the field and greenhouse

Mortland, M.M., 1958:
Reactions of ammonia in soils

Fang Jin; Song LiMing; Cai HouCai; Zhang Yu; Y.P.ng, 2007:
Reactions of cage-cultured large yellow croaker (Pseudosciaena crocea) to colors and illumination intensities

Roberts, F.H.S., 1957:
Reactions of calves to infestation with the stomach worm, Haemonchus placei (Place 1893) Ransom 1911

Schneider, P.A.; Riggenbach, C., 1963:
Reactions of cattle to bovine tuberculin and avian tuberculosis.

Bianca, W., 1959:
Reactions of cattle to cold and warmth

Miller, J.D.; Lamber, J.W., 1956:
Reactions of certain spring barley lines to race 59A of stem rust

Bauriedel, W.R.; Picken, J.C.; Underkofler, L.A., 1956:
Reactions of cyanocobalamin and aquocobalamin with proteins

Moreno, E.C.; Lindsay, W.L.; Osborn, G., 1960:
Reactions of dicalcium phosphate dihydrate in soils

Cutright, C.R., 1958:
Reactions of different Populations of Panonychus ulmi (Koch) to various Phosphorus-based Acaricides

Alvarado, R.; Ampuero, P. , E.; Doak, K.D., 1961:
Reactions of different cacao clones and hybrid progenies to cushion gall

Doughty, J.B., 1963:
Reactions of ethyleneimine with alkali lignins

Scarascia, G.T., 1963:
Reactions of higher plants to chronic gamma irradiation

Ulrich, B., 1963:
Reactions of inorganic phosphates in relation to the lime potential.

Donso-Torres, J., 1959:
Reactions of metaphosphates in soils

Alais, C.; Ribadeau-Dumas, B.; Saint-Lebe, L., 1961:
Reactions of milk proteins with amido black. Application to the rapid estimation of nitrogenous constituents in milk.

Fuller, W.H., 1963:
Reactions of nitrogenous fertilizers in calcareous soils

P.H.Hsu Rennie, D.A., 1962:
Reactions of phosphate in aluminium systems. I. Adsorption of phosphate by X-ray amorphous aluminium hydroxide. II, Precipitation of phosphate by exchangeable aluminium on a cation exchange resin

Malm, N.R.; Beckett, J.B., 1962:
Reactions of plants in the tribe Maydeae to Puccinia sorghi Schw

Beres, T.; Kiraly, I., 1957:
Reactions of reduction and Chromatographie determination of fulvic acids.

Younis, M.A.; Stickler, F.C.; Sorensen, E.L., 1963:
Reactions of seven alfalfa varieties under simulated moisture stresses in the seedling stage

Petralia, L., 1958:
Reactions of soft and hard wheats to artificial infections by smut (Tilletia spp.) in the pedoclimatic environments of Sicily. A preliminary note

Smith, Oliver, F., 1958:
Reactions of some alfalfa varieties to the stem nematode

Lunt, O.R.; Hemaidan, N.; Wallace, A., 1956:
Reactions of some polyamine polyacetate iron chelates in various soils

Gentile, A.G.; Kimble, K.A.; Hanna, G.C., 1962:
Reactions of sweet-potato breeding lines to Meloidogyne spp. when inoculated by an improved method

Wyler, R.; Van Tongeren, H.A.E., 1957:
Reactions of the chorio-allantoic membrane of the developing chick embryo to inoculation with various sterile solutions, dispersion media, suspensions and some antibiotics

Izard, C., 1963:
Reactions of the variety Bel 61-10 to eighteen viruses and related strains

Hanf, M., 1958:
Reactions of the vegetative organs of cereals to treatment with growth substances

Winstead, N.N.; E.A., 1957:
Reactions of watermelon plant introductions and varieties to downy mildew in North Carolina

Coffman, F.A.; E.A., 1962:
Reactions of winter oats to soil-borne mosaic

Dickmast, S.R.; Crockett, A.L., 1956:
Reactions of xanthydrol. 4. Determination of tryptophan in blood plasma and in proteins

Bodya, K., 1960:
Reactions to Takata's test of serum from cows with metabolic disorders.

Cheremisin, G.G., 1962:
Reactions to diagnostic tests of lambs from ewes inoculated with Strain 19 brucella vaccine.

Popa, M.; Tibrea, S.; Manoiu, I.; Pascu, L.; Alboiu, M.; Alexandra, N.; Avram, S.; Dan, F.; Dobrovie, N., 1962:
Reactions to inoculation of crystal violet vaccines against swine fever.

Menon, M.K.; Willmot, M., 1960:
Reactions to intramuscular iron therapy in anaemia in pregnancy

Hansson, E., 1961:
Reactivatiion of alkaline phosphatase in milk.

Sermonti, G.; Morpurgo, G., 1958:
Reactivation by manganous chloride of conidia of Penicillium chrysogenum inactivated by 2,2'-dichloro-N-methyldiethylamine

Lippincott, J.A.; Commoner, B., 1956:
Reactivation of tobacco mosaic virus infectivity in mixtures of virus protein and nucleic acid

Usseglio-Tomasset, L., 1961:
Reactivation of alkaline phosphatase in cream.

Gheorghiu, I.; Oncioiu, P.; Tomescu, V.; Carabulea, V., 1956:
Reactivation of infectious anaemia in horses used for serum production.

Wright, R.C.; Tramer, J., 1956:
Reactivation of milk phosphatase following heat treatment. IV. The influence of certain metallic ions

Paschke, B., 1958:
Reactivation of phosphatase.

Tavares, F.; Santos, C.L.; Sellstedt, A., 2007:
Reactive oxygen species in legume and actinorhizal nitrogen-fixing symbioses: the microsymbiont's responses to an unfriendly reception

Zhao, J.; Fujita, K.; Sakai, K., 2007:
Reactive oxygen species, nitric oxide, and their interactions play different roles in Cupressus lusitanica cell death and phytoalexin biosynthesis

Tramel, T.E.; A.D.S.ale, J., 1959:
Reactive programming of supply and demand relations - applications to fresh vegetables

Jerabek, J., 1962:
Reactivity of certain body regions in cattle to intradermal application of brucella F allergen.

Letaief, S.; Elbokl, T.A.; Detellier, C., 2006:
Reactivity of ionic liquids with kaolinite: melt intersalation of ethyl pyridinium chloride in an urea-kaolinite pre-intercalate

Manjunatha, B.N.; Govind, S.; Lakshminarayan, M.T., 2007:
Readership of Kannada farm magazines

Kamoshita, Y.; Iwasa, Y.; Okada, H., 1956:
Readily soluble (hydrolysable) iron in soils.

Anonymous, 1959:
Reading of the welcoming address sent by Hofrat Dr. h.c. Erich Tschermak-Seysenegg

Vajda, S., 1958:
Readings in linear programming

Salerno, Angelo., 1960:
Readjustment in agriculture and animal husbandry in the mainland Southern Italy

Anonymous, 1963:
Ready reference on agriculture

Frankenberger, R., 1960:
Reafforestation of agriculturally utilized land as an indicator for changes in the socio-geograpbical structure of Oberfranken

Grant, D.R., 1963:
Reagent stability in Rosen's ninhydrin method of analysis for amino acids

LaRocco, M.T., 2006:
Reagents, stains, and media: mycology

Sharp, S.E., 2006:
Reagents, stains, and media: parasitology

Goffart, H., 1959:
Reaktionserscheinungen von Boden und Pflanzen nach Anwendung von Shell D-D

Robelen, M., 1962:
Real evapotranspiration of different vegetal covers well provided with water, & potential evapotranspiration. Experimental determination.

Pikalo, Alfred., 1961:
Real-estate and inheritance law in agriculture and forestry in Western Europe - a study in comparative law

de Monbrison, Fédérique.; Mihoubi, I.; Picot, Séphane., 2007:
Real-time PCR assay for the identification of cutaneous Leishmania parasite species in Constantine region of Algeria

Geets, J.; de Cooman, Mël.; Wittebolle, L.; Heylen, K.; Vanparys, B.; De Vos, P.; Verstraete, W.; Boon, N., 2007:
Real-time PCR assay for the simultaneous quantification of nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria in activated sludge

De Martinis, E.Cristina.Pereira.; Duvall, R.E.; Hitchins, A.D., 2007:
Real-time PCR detection of 16S rRNA genes speeds most-probable-number enumeration of foodborne Listeria monocytogenes

Goebes, M.D.; Hildemann, L.M.; Kujundzic, E.; Hernandez, M., 2007:
Real-time PCR for detection of the Aspergillus genus

Kosinova, E.; Psikal, I.; Robesova, B.; Kovarcik, K., 2007:
Real-time PCR for quantitation of bovine viral diarrhea virus RNA using SYBR Green I fluorimetry

Willi, B.; Boretti, F.S.; Meli, M.L.; Bernasconi, M.V.; Casati, S.; Hegglin, D.; Puorger, M.; Neimark, H.; Cattori, V.; Wengi, N.; Reusch, C.E.; Lutz, H.; Hofmann-Lehmann, R., 2007:
Real-time PCR investigation of potential vectors, reservoirs, and shedding patterns of feline hemotropic mycoplasmas

Burlakoti, R.R.; Estrada, R.; Rivera, V.V.; Boddeda, A.; Secor, G.A.; Adhikari, T.B., 2008:
Real-time PCR Quantification and Mycotoxin Production of Fusarium graminearum in Wheat Inoculated with Isolates Collected from Potato, Sugar Beet, and Wheat

Vautrin, S.; Zhang, D., 2007:
Real-time polymerase chain reaction assay for endogenous reference gene for specific detection and quantification of common wheat-derived DNA (Triticum aestivum L.)

Polci, A.; Cammà, C.; Serini, S.; D.G.alleonardo, L.; Monaco, F.; Savini, G., 2007:
Real-time polymerase chain reaction to detect bluetongue virus in blood samples

Chen, S.-Tsung; Yu, P.-Shan, 2007:
Real-time probabilistic forecasting of flood stages

Antal, Márta.; Farkas, T.; Germán, Péter.; Belák, Sándor.; Kiss, Ián., 2007:
Real-time reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction detection of Newcastle disease virus using light upon extension fluorogenic primers

Pforr, C., 2007:
Realignment of regional tourism: the case of Western Australia

Herlemann, Hans, H., 1961:
Realisation of minimum cost combination in farming

Rossi-Doria, Manlio, 1961:
Realities and outlook of Italian agriculture

Hiraki, Y., 2007:
Reality and problems of plant protection under patent law and seed and seedlings law in Japan

Wang NiHong; LuRui ; F.X.eJie, 2006:
Realization of assessment system for forest fire loss

Anonymous, 2007:
Realizing the environmental benefits of forest. Selected papers from the XXII IURO World Congress, Brisbane, Australia, 2005

Schnieders, H.H., 1962:
Realta, new potato variety from the Centraal Bureau with excellent disease resistance properties

Manso Ribeiro, J.; Rosa Azevedo, J., 1961:
Reappearance of African swine fever in Portugal in 1960

Aldighieri, J.; Aldighieri, R.; Fondarai, J.; Sautet, J., 1963:
Reappearance of susceptibility in a strain of A. aegypti previously resistant to chlorinated insecticides

Knowles, N.J.; Wilsden, G.; Reid, S.M.; Ferris, N.P.; King, D.P.; Paton, D.J.; Fevereiro, M.; Brocchi, E., 2007:
Reappearance of swine vesicular disease virus in Portugal

Fay, A.C., 1960:
Reappraisal of the quality control of milk supplies from farm bulk tanks

Nikiforoff, C.C., 1959:
Reappraisal of the soil

Orlob, Gert, B., 1963:
Reappraisal of transmission of tobacco mosaic virus by insects

Orlob, G.B., 1963:
Reappraisal or transmission of Tobacco mosaic vims by insects

Knorr, L.C., 1957:
Reappraising Citrus rootstocks, with particular reference to their susceptibility to virus diseases. I. Trifoliate Orange (Poncirus trifoliata (L.) Raf.)

Soldatova, E.I., 1961:
Rearing Ala Tau heifers on different regimes

Roller, H.; Piepho, H., 1963:
Rearing Antheraea pernyi Guer. throughout the year.

Wheatley, P.E., 1961:
Rearing Pseudotheraptus wayi Brown (Corei-dae) a pest of coconuts in East Africa and evaluation of its susceptibility to various insecticides

Kovnerev, I.P., 1958:
Rearing Romanov lambs at low temperatures

Newton, R.C., 1959:
Rearing Sitona hispidula larvae for various research uses

Soldatenkov, P.; Filatovic, V.; Komovatov, V.; Bojeenko, P., 1959:
Rearing Tagil cows for high milk and butterfat production on rations with increased fat and protein content

Soldatenkov, P.; Fllatovich, V.; Komovatov, V.; Boichenko, P., 1959:
Rearing Tagil cows on rations containing high levels of fat and protein.

Murphy, Dean, A., 1960:
Rearing and breeding white-tailed fawns in captivity

Hafez, M.; Attia, M.A., 1958:
Rearing and culturing Musca sorbens Wied. in the Laboratory

Anonymous, 1957:
Rearing and diseases of rearing. Annual meeting of the German Society for Animal Breeding, Bad Cannstatt, October 1957

Danilevskii, P.; Maseljuk, V., 1961:
Rearing and fattening entire bulls

Gorres, F., 1957:
Rearing and fatteningin batteries

Altenkirch, W., 1958:
Rearing and feed utilisation of kids up to a year old with different amounts of whole and skimmed milk

Hergott, J., 1963:
Rearing and feeding experimental animals, particularly rabbits.

Wiesner, E., 1962:
Rearing and feeding motherless suckling rabbits

Fay, R.W.; Kilpatrick, J.W.; Baker, J.T., 1963:
Rearing and isotopic labeling of Fannia canicularis

Santner ., 1959:
Rearing and management of Pinzgau cattle.

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Rearing black flies in the laboratory (Diptera: Simuliidae)

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Rearing broilers in cages and on deep litter with dry feeding

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Rearing bull calves for beef on restricted whole milk diet.

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Rearing bullocks 1960-62.

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Rearing bulls for fattening on reduced milk diets.

Berke, P.; Bedo, S., 1963:
Rearing bulls for fattening with restricted amounts of both whole and skimmed milk.

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Rearing calves by group suckling.

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Rearing calves by suckling in groups

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Rearing calves during winter in open stalls with communal boxes

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Rearing calves for beef on reduced whole milk.

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Rearing calves for fattening by the method of nurse cows.

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Rearing calves for meat 1960-61.

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Rearing calves for veal

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Rearing calves in collective boxes.

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Rearing calves in dairy herds

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Rearing calves in open stalls in winter

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Rearing calves on a reduced allowance of whole milk

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Rearing calves on a reduced quantity of whole milk

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Rearing calves on different amounts of whole milk

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Rearing calves on dried skim-milk and buttermilk.

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Rearing calves on dried standardised skimmed milk.

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Rearing calves on limited whole milk and dried skim-milk in South Germany.

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Rearing calves on limited whole milk, an aid to solving the task of socialist agriculture.

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Rearing calves on limited whole milk.

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Rearing calves on pasture

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Rearing calves on rations with a high proportion of maize feedingstuffs and lucerne

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Rearing calves on rations with increased silage content.

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Rearing calves on rations with reduced whole milk.

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Rearing calves on restricted amounts of whole milk

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Rearing calves on restricted milk diet.

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Rearing calves on restricted whole milk diet with the addition of Citosan or herring oil emulsion.

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Rearing calves on skimmed milk enriched with vitamins, antibiotics and trace elements

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Rearing calves on small amounts of whole milk with vitamins A and E

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Rearing calves separated from their dams as a prophylactic against dictyocauliasis.

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Rearing calves using different levels of whole milk.

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Rearing calves with graded amounts of whole milk

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Rearing calves with graded amounts of whole milk. 2

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Rearing calves with graded amounts of whole milk. 3

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Rearing calves with limited whole milk.

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Rearing calves with limited whole milk. 2nd report.

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Rearing calves with limited whole milk. 3rd report.

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Rearing calves with nurse cows.

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Rearing calves with reduced amounts of milk and butterfat.

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Rearing calves with reduced amounts of whole milk. 1.

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Rearing calves with reduced amounts of whole milk. 2.

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Rearing calves with skim-milk and supplements of vitamin, antibiotics and trace elements.

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Rearing calves with the dried preparation of rumen flora Rumex

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Rearing chickens of domestic (Russian) breeds on deep litter with dry feeds

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Rearing chickens on deep litter

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Rearing chickens with Hungarian riboflavin preparations

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Rearing chicks for meat in Krasnoyarsk Territory

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Rearing crossbred chicks for meat

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Rearing dairy calves in a butterfat producing district. Experiences at Wollongbar Experiment Farm

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Rearing fowls for egg production. Notes on a book written in 1612 by Prudent le Choyselat

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Rearing fox cubs

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Rearing healthy pigs from sows with infectious atrophic rhinitis.

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Rearing heifer calves of the Chiana breed in the open, in the light of results of a preliminary trial

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Rearing heifer calves on rations consisting of high amounts of concentrates and farm produced fodder and reduced amounts of milk.

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Rearing heifer calves on restricted milk diet.

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Rearing heifers in open stalls during the cold months

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Rearing heifers on reduced amounts of whole and skimmed milk.

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Rearing heifers with local bulky fodders and concentrates with limited milk

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Rearing heifers with use of urea

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Rearing lambs for meat in arid regions.

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Rearing lambs on a ration with silage.

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Rearing lambs on a synthetic diet

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Rearing method for the sporophagous thrips Bactrothrips brevitubus (Thysanoptera: Phlaeothripidae: Idolothripinae)

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Rearing of Douglas-fir beetle broods in waxed slabs

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Rearing of Ixodes petauristae Warburton, 1963, in laboratory

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Rearing of Sopravis-sana sheep.

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Rearing of calves and fattening of young bulls at Agricultural Cooperatives

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Rearing of calves on BETE I. and BETE II. calf starters.

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Rearing of calves on restricted amounts of whole milk and fattening of young bulls

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Rearing of calves on restricted whole milk diet with reference to management and the duration of the period of milk feeding.

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Rearing of female dairy calves.

Anonymous, 1959:
Rearing of high quality veal calves.

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Rearing of lemmings at Fort Churchill, Manitoba

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Rearing of pullets under intensive management and its effect on the performance of hens in the subsequent laying period

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Rearing of the bollworm on artificial diet

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Rearing of three spotted alfalfa aphid Hymenopterous parasites for mass release

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Rearing of young turkeys on pasture.

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Rearing orphan piglets with artificial sow's milk, with an experiment on fattening to slaughter weight

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Rearing pail-fed calves on skim-milk

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Rearing photoperiod and abrupt versus gradual photostimulation for egg-type pullets

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Rearing piglets on dry mixtures

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Rearing piglets with Ferkmil

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Rearing piglets without colostrum. I. Composition of rations and development of intestinal microflora.

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Rearing pigs on deep litter. Observations at Wollongbar Experiment Farm

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Rearing plants of Platanus.

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Rearing premature infants on Nektar-Mil: report of 2 years' experience

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Rearing premature infants on a new early feed adapted to requirements (preliminary report)

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Rearing premature infants on colostrum. Development of immuno-globulins in newborn and premature infants

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Rearing pullets on oats

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Rearing pullets under six hours of constant light: the effect on growth, sexual maturity, egg weight and percentage of double-yolked eggs at the beginning of lay.

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Rearing replacement pullets in Uganda

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Rearing silkworms (Bombyx mori, L.) in petri dishes

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Rearing some phytophagous insects on artificial media

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Rearing steers 1960-62.

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Rearing stem nematode inoculum on tissue culture. Preliminary report

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Rearing sucking piglets to 30 and 60 days, of age

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Rearing sucking pigs

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Rearing the Army Cutworm, Chorizagrotis auxiliaris (Grote) (Lepidoptera : Noctu-idae), in the Laboratory

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Rearing the horn fly, Haematobia irritans

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Rearing the house cricket, Acheta domesticus, on commercial feed

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Rearing trial with artificial sow's milk Top from the AG Esberg Milchindustrie, Denmark; preliminary study

Tschiderer, K., 1956:
Rearing trials with sows' milk substitute Top of the A G Esbjerg Milk Industry, Denmark. (preliminary trials).

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Rearing trials with young mink.

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Rearing turkey poults for meat on deep litter with dry feeding

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Rearing turkeys in Uganda

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Rearing turkeys on different rations

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Rearing turkeys on pasture

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Rearing veal calves with a so-called reconstituted dried milk.

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Rearing veal calves with high levels of skim-milk and various supplements.

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Rearing young pigs with semi-synthetic milk and dry mixtures

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Rearing, housing and machine milking of buffaloes in the province of Salerno.

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Rearingentire bulls for beef

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Rearrangement of glyceride fatty acids during digestion and absorption

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Reasonable use of work - a great reserve for strengthening the economy and organisation of agricultural co-operatives

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Reasons for delaying the feeding of premature infants

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Reasons for determining and calculating interest claims

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Reasons for discontinuing the annual winter cultivation of tea plantations.

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Reasons for disposal of dairy cows from New York herds

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Reasons for non-consumption of food in the army

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Reasons for the change in the intensity of forest fires during the day.

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Reasons for the contradictory results of electrophoretic studies of serum protein fractions in myocardial infarction.

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Reasons for the decrease of soil boron availability to plants due to liming.

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Reasons for the formation of compacted horizons underneath the plowed layer in rice-rotation fields in the Kzylordinskoi district.

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Reasons for the occurrence of cracks in bandsaw blades.

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Reasons for the poor immunity resulting from inoculation of foot and mouth disease vaccines in pigs - Versuche zur Ergründung des mangelhaften Immunisierungsvermögens von Maul-und-Klauen-Seuche-Vakzinen bei Schweinen

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Reasons for the rapid decay of wood in sleepers impregnated with shale oil

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Reasons for the seepage of jam down the walls of the jar containing fruit yoghurt.

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Reasons for the windthrow of P. sosnovskyi stands in the Bakuriani leskhoz, Georgian SSR.

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Reassessing the role of fertilisers in maintaining food, nutrition and environmental security

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Reassessment of effect of fatty meals on blood coagulability

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Rebuilding Scotland's forests

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Rebuilding the Polish dairy industry

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Recalcitrant COD degradation by an integrated system of ozonation and membrane bioreactor

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Receni developments in breeding for quality in potatoes,

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Recent British develpments in the prepackaging of cheese and the manufact-ure of rindles the cheese

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Recent Canadian dairy price policies

Trant, G.I., 1963:
Recent Canadian dairy price problems

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Recent Outbreaks of the Brown Locust, Locustana pardalina (Walk.), with special Reference to the Influence of Rainfall

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Recent Progress in the Control of the Argentine Ant (I. humilis), with particular Eeference to the Use of synthetic organic Products

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Recent advances in the chemotherapy of plants

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Recent advances in the control of (cotton) diseases

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Recent advances in the control of the ectoparasites of sheep

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Recent advances in the determination of phosphate in fertilizers

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Recent advances in the irrigation of pastures in New Zealand

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Recent advances in the knowledge of Vine viroses.

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Recent advances in the knowledge of some bacterial pathogens of insects

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Recent advances in the study of chromosome structure

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Recent advances in the study of ectotrophic mycorrhiza

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Recent advances in the study of exoeortis (scaly butt) in Australia

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Recent advances in the study of the kinetochore

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Recent advances in the treatment of skin diseases with special reference to griseofulvin

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Recent advances in the vegetative propagation of mango

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Recent advances in tuberculosis of fowls.

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Recent advances of Glossina morsitans submorsitans in Northern Nigeria

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Recent aids to dairy hygiene in bottle and churn washing

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Recent approaches in rice breeding and genetics

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Recent case law regarding free movement of foods established by the ECJ

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Recent cases of acroteriasis congenita in the Lowland breed

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Recent cases of acroteriasis congenita in the Swedish Friesian breed.

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Recent cattle grab life-history studies at Kamloops, British Columbia, and Lethbridge, Alberta

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Recent changes in British farm support policy

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Recent changes in the competitive position of feed grains

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Recent changes in the dairy situation in Western Germany

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Recent changes in the milk costs investigation and their effects

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Recent colour types in mink.

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Recent contributions to economic history: The United States, the twentieth century

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Recent contributions to economic history: the United States, 1861-1900

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Recent dairy research in the United Kingdom

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Recent data obtained at the Montpellier vine research station on the types of resistance of the vine to its main parasites

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Recent data on ensiling the by-products of industrial beet.

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Recent data on fundamental problems of fertilizing.

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Recent data on insect control by aerial spraying.

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Recent data on the epidemiology, diagnosis, and treatment of histoplasmosis

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Recent data on the physiological nature of the resistance of plants to frost.

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Recent data on the physiology of the oil palm.

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Recent data on the question of variety and spacing in maize for silage

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Recent data on trichinosis

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Recent decline in precipitation and tree growth in the eastern Mediterranean

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Recent designations for breeds and breed crosses

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Recent development and prospects of animal husbandry (in France)

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Recent development in drosophila research

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Recent development in payment for labour on collective farms

Gorakh Singh, 2007:
Recent development in production of guava

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Recent development trends in grain production and marketing in Baden-Wittenberg

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Recent developments and prospects for livestock production

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Recent developments at the University of New Hampshire open ocean aquaculture site

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Recent developments concerning 'producers groups' and 'farm economic boards'

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Recent developments in Belgian agriculture

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Recent developments in Egyptian Domiati cheese research: an overview

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Recent developments in Phragmites control

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Recent developments in Soybean disease work

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Recent developments in agricultural credit in Tunisia

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Recent developments in animal ringworm and their public health implications

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Recent developments in artificial insemination

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Recent developments in automatic cleaning of storage tanks

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Recent developments in bloat research

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Recent developments in breeding for the control of potato blight

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Recent developments in celery production

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Recent developments in routine ecotoxicity testing and plant growth testing methods for soil, biowastes and effluent testing

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Recent developments in the application of atomic power to agriculture.

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Recent developments in the field of plant protection agents

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Recent developments in the insecticidal control of the apple maggot

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Recent developments in the pollination technique of deciduous fruit trees

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Recent developments in the use of growth stimulants in farm animals

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Recent developments in the use of growth-regulating chemicals in agriculture

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Recent developments in the world agricultural commodity situation

Anonymous, 1960:
Recent developments in the world agricultural commodity situation.

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Recent developments in timber extraction by Skyline Cranes

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Recent Developments On The Nature Of The Anaerobic Actinomycetes

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Recent experience in scaring starlings with tape recordings

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Recent experience in the artificial insemination of livestock

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Recent experience in the building of

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Recent experiences concerning control of cockchafers, M. melolontha L

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Recent experiences concerning control of the cockchafer Melolontha melolontha L.

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Recent experiences in agricultural chemistry with the use of radio-isotopes.

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Recent experiences in growing wheats of high yield capacity

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Recent experiences in keeping starlings out of vineyards daring ripening

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Recent experiences of up-to-date large-scale operation in agriculture

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Recent experiments in chemical weed control

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Recent experiments in statistical sampling in the Indian Statistical Institute

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Recent experiments on coffee grafting in Puerto Rico

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Recent experiments with wet dusting

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Recent fertilizer drilling experiments with cereals

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Recent findings on fermentation potentials of milk.

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Recent hybridizations with American magnolias

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Recent improvements in a chemical method of controlling starlings in Tunisian olive groves in 1959

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Recent information on the genesis and classification of some soils.

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Recent introductions revive Gleditsia

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Recent investigations in artificial insemination and reproduction in cattle

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Recent investigations in autumn plowing.

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Recent investigations of the microbiological effects of deep manuring of sandy soils.

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Recent investigations on avian leucosis and fowl paralysis

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Recent investigations on the phloem necrosis of boron-deficient olive.

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Recent investigations on the adaptation of species and types of cultivated plants

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Recent investigations on the feed movement of the log in frame saws with continuous feed.

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Recent investigations on the host-parasite relationship in plant pathology

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Recent investigations on the importance of the so-called probing punctures by aphids

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Recent investigations on the rape stem weevil (C. napi)

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Recent investigations on the relationship between some characteristics of soil structure and the action of soil-cultivating implements.

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Recent investigations on the uptake of nutrients by various cultivated plants.

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Recent investigations on the use of sodium arsenite as an algacide and its effects on fish production in ponds

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Recent investigations on the variation in yield of dam groups in daughter-dam comparison.

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Recent isolations of Microsporum distortum in New Zealand

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Recent landslide phenomena in the Rungwe volcanic area, Tanganyika

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Recent maize hybrids

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Recent methods for determining optimum conditions in farm management

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Recent observations on diseases of Cotton in the Sudan Gezira

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Recent problems of grassland utilization and improvement on the Jura plateaux (France)

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Recent progress of sugarcane breeding in Taiwan

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Recent research on vitamins

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Recent studies of different aspects of the problem of milk production

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Recent studies of rural sociology in Italy

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Recent studies on

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Recent studies on Larch.

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Recent studies on the rhizo-sphere phenomenon

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Recent studies on the significance and exactness of nitrogen balances in metabolism trials on living animals. 1. Studies on the control of analytical procedures, especially nitrogen analyses

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Recent studies on the significance and exactness of nitrogen balances in metabolism trials on living animals. 2. Comparison of the N retention calculated from the balance with the actual N increment in the body in growth studies with rats

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Recent studies on the significance and exactness of nitrogen balances in metabolism trials on living animals. 3. Comparison of the N retention calculated from the balance with the N increment in young growing chickens (cockerels) and pigs

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Recent studies on the structure of the Tobacco mosaic virus and its biological importance

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Recent studies on the tobacco with a low nicotine content

Onishi, I., 1958:
Recent studies on the tobacco with low nicotine content

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Recent studies on the virus of infectious bronchitis

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Recent studies on various aspects of the problems of milk production.

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Recent studies with captan

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Recent study on the ecology of Anopheles apod in Iraq. Part (I). The geographical distribution of the breeding places and the morphology of Anopheles apod pupa in Iraq

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Recent tax changes affecting farmers

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Recent technical advances in the cultivation of the tung oil tree, Aleurites montana, in Nyasaland

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Recent technologies of keeping the horses

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Recent thoughts on land consolidation -Kenya

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Recent trends in coconut technology

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Recent trends in farm real estate values and rents

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Recent trends in palynology

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Recent trends in the yield of rice and wheat in India

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Recent trends in tomato breeding

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Recent trends in varietal improvement in Nicotiana tabacum and N. rustica

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Recent trials of chemical treatments against the onion fly and the cabbage fly

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Recent trials on the introduction of cotton in rice fallows in Madras State

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Recent varietal standardization of crop plants in the USSR.

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Recent variety trials of fodder and root crops

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Recent variety trials of herbage crops

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Recent variety trials of sugar beet

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Recent views on the structure of casein

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Recent volume tables.

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Recent weed control research in small seeded legumes

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Recent wheat acreage changes in Australian states and likely future movements