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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 14165

Chapter 14165 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Harrington, G.; Watson, K.; Bailey, M.; Land, G.; Borrell, S.; Houston, L.; Kehoe, R.; Bass, P.; Cockroft, E.; Marshall, C.; Mijch, A.; Spelman, D., 2007:
Reduction in hospitalwide incidence of infection or colonization with methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus with use of antimicrobial hand-hygiene gel and statistical process control charts

Beaudeau, Fçois.; Belliard, M.; Joly, A.; Seegers, H., 2007:
Reduction in milk yield associated with Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis (Map) infection in dairy cows

De Wals, P.; Tairou, F.; Van Allen, M.I.; Uh, S-Hong.; Lowry, R.Brian.; Sibbald, B.; Evans, J.A.; Van den Hof, M.C.; Zimmer, P.; Crowley, M.; Fernandez, B.; Lee, N.S.; Niyonsenga, T., 2007:
Reduction in neural-tube defects after folic acid fortification in Canada

Schneider, W.J., 1961:
Reduction in peak discharges associated with reforestation

Nezgovobov, L.A.; Ibragimov, S. I.; Solov'ev, A.K., 1961:
Reduction in pre-germination seed losses in thermophilic plants at low temperatures

Neururer, H., 1960:
Reduction in straw length of rye by spraying with MCPP.

Scott, P.P.; Lloyd, J.Cob, M.A., 1959:
Reduction in the anoestrus period of laboratory cats by increased illumination

Hogreve, F.; Lehmann, C.F., 1961:
Reduction in the incidence of tuberculosis in cattle and pigs in Brunswick and Oldenburg

Dikshit, N.N., 1959:
Reduction in the intensity of chlorosis on mandarin plants (Citrus reticulata Swingle)

March, H.N.; Laigret, J.; Kessel, J.F.; Bambridge, B., 1960:
Reduction in the prevalence of clinical filariasis in Tahiti following adoption of a control program

Bauer, H.; Kein, W., 1956:
Reduction in time and cost effected by rationalization in cheese factories.

Chen, Y.; van Geen, A.; Graziano, J.H.; Pfaff, A.; Madajewicz, M.; Parvez, F.; Hussain, A.Z.M.Iftekhar.; Slavkovich, V.; Islam, T.; Ahsan, H., 2007:
Reduction in urinary arsenic levels in response to arsenic mitigation efforts in Araihazar, Bangladesh

Foslie, M., 1963:
Reduction in value caused by storage damage in summer-stored unbarked wood, assessed from the air-dry swan timber.

Pavelescu, I.M., 1962:
Reduction in volume of round wood of different species.

Leyendecker, Philip, J., 1956:
Reduction in yield of cotton caused by diseases in 1955

Leyendecker, P.J.; E.A., 1957:
Reduction in yield of cotton caused by diseases in 1956

Sund, K.A.; Putala, E.C.; Little, H.N., 1960:
Reduction of 3-amino-1,2,4-triazole phytotoxicity in tomato plants

Knaap-Van Meeuwen, M.S., 1962:
Reduction of Afrormosia to Pericopsis (Papilionaceae)

Spector, H.; Calloway, D.H., 1959:
Reduction of x-radiation mortality by cabbage and broccoli

Briggs, John, D., 1960:
Reduction of adult house-fly emergence by the effects of Bacillus spp. on the development of immature forms

Albrink, M.J.; Fitzgerald, J.R.; Man, E.B., 1958:
Reduction of alimentary lipemia by glucose

Lee, S.-Ryong; Han, J.-Kyoung; Choi, Y.-Ju; Nam, K., 2007:
Reduction of ammonia and hydrogen sulfide emission from swine manure using aqueous foams amended with microorganisms and chemical additives

Engel, R.E.; Aldrigh, R.J., 1960:
Reduction of annual bluegrass, Poa annua, in bentgrass turf by the use of chemicals

Frederiksen, R.A., 1962:
Reduction of aster yellows in flax via systemic insecticides

Baranov, N.N., 1956:
Reduction of butterfat losses in the manufacture of butter.

Arbuthnot, K.D.; Walton, R.R.; Brooks, J.S., 1959:
Reduction of corn yield by first-generation southwestern corn borers

Harvey, John, M., 1959:
Reduction of decay in storage grapes by field applications of captan

Parrot, J.L.; Dambrine, M., 1956:
Reduction of dehydroascorbic acid in vitro by glutathione. Its acceleration in presence of certain extracts of vegetable and animal origin

Stafford, E.M.; Yerington, A.P.; Kido, H., 1961:
Reduction of drosophila in grape bunches with insecticidal dusts

Johnston, F.A.; Clark, S.J., 1959:
Reduction of ferric iron to the ferrous form during digestion in vitro with saliva

Zuckerman, B.M., 1961:
Reduction of frost injury in crantierrles by fungicide treatments

Wang, Y.-Li-; Wang, X.-Dong-; Zhao, B.-; Wang, Y.-Chun, 2007:
Reduction of hyperhydricity in the culture of Lepidium meyenii shoots by the addition of rare earth elements

Kratzsch, Konrad., 1963:
Reduction of labour supply in West German agriculture

Verhoog, J.H., 1963:
Reduction of lactulose at the dropping mercury electrode

Cox, D.H.; Harris, D.L., 1962:
Reduction of liver xanthine oxidase activity and iron storage proteins in rats fed excess zinc

Hur, M-Haeng.; Park, J.; Maddock-Jennings, W.; Kim, D.Oak.; Lee, M.Soo., 2007:
Reduction of mouth malodour and volatile sulphur compounds in intensive care patients using an essential oil mouthwash

Kimball, R.F.; Gaither, N.; Wilson, S.M., 1959:
Reduction of mutation by post irradiation treatment after ultraviolet and various kinds of ionizing radiations

Iyengae, R.L.N.; Pillay, K.P.R., 1960:
Reduction of neps in standard Indian cottons

Vivante, A., 1956:
Reduction of normal and excessive liver iron by the administration of alpha alpha -dipyridyl and other agents in the rat

Aroyeun, S.O.; Adegoke, G.O., 2007:
Reduction of ochratoxin A (OTA) in spiked cocoa powder and beverage using aqueous extracts and essential oils of Aframomum danielli

Orihuel, G.; Meri, J., 1956:
Reduction of orange moulds by treatments with borax, a mixture of borax and boric acid and a mixture of sodium orthophenylphenate and urotropine

Nielsen, S.; Willoughby, N., 2005:
Reduction of pathogenic micro-organisms in sludge reed bed systems

Smith, W.L.; Redit, W.H., 1962:
Reduction of peach decays by hydrocooling with chemical solutions and chemically treated ice

Haccius, B.; Massfeller, D., 1959:
Reduction of petals in Cucumis sativus induced by phenylboric acid

Barnett, A.J.; Carson, V.J., 1963:
Reduction of plasma cholesterol levels in atherosclerosis by diet and drug treatment

Kent, H.A., 1959:
Reduction of polyovular follicles and polynuclear ova by estradiol monobenzoate

Rakitin, J. V.; Gejden, T.M., 1959:
Reduction of pre-harvest drop of apples and pears in the Crimea.

Van Marle, G.S.; Luimes, B.J., 1958:
Reduction of production costs by labour-saving

Czako, J., 1962:
Reduction of production costs in calf rearing by diminishing the butterfat dosages

Schnerch, J., 1959:
Reduction of residual milk when machine milking.

Iotov, I.; Enchev, S., 1963:
Reduction of saprophytic and pathogenic microflora of the udder by cleaning and sterilization.

Silva, M.R. da; Aleixo, G.A. de S.; Sa, F.B. de; Coelho, M.C. de O.C., 2006:
Reduction of secondary cleft palate in a cat

Hovin, Arne, W., 1958:
Reduction of self-pollination by high night temperature in naturally self-fertilized Poa annua L

Parsons, W.B.; Flinn, J.H., 1959:
Reduction of serum cholesterol levels and beta-lipoprotein cholesterol levels by nicotinic acid

Gilbert, V.E.; Braude, A.I., 1962:
Reduction of serum complement in rabbits after injection of endotoxin

Roen, P.B., 1956:
Reduction of serum lipids by dietary management; report on 50 cases

Oliver, M.F.; Boyd, G.S., 1961:
Reduction of serum-cholesterol by dextro-thyroxine in men with coronary heart-disease

Jansson, S.L.; Torstensson, G., 1957:
Reduction of sodium chlorate and its effect on decomposing farmyard manure and straw.

Mankau, R.; Minteer, R.J., 1962:
Reduction of soil populations of the citrus nematode by the addition of organic materials

Feder, W.A.; Hutchins, P.C.; Eichhorn, J.L., 1961:
Reduction of soil-borne nematode populations by selected carbohydrates

Fedolova, T.K., 1956:
Reduction of storage losses in fruit.

Fromageot, P.; Perez-Milan, H., 1959:
Reduction of sulphate to sulphite by the tobacco leaf

Hopen, H.J.; Dezeeuw, D.J., 1962:
Reduction of susceptibility to cucumber scab by cucumber mosaic virus

Fangauf, R.; Vogt, H.; Penner, W., 1960:
Reduction of the animal protein portion of chick feeds by addition of alpha -aminobutyric acid

Gebauer, H., 1956:
Reduction of the body temperature of chicks as a result of deficiency of vitamin E and other essential substances

Tamsma, A.F.; Tarassuk, N.P., 1956:
Reduction of the fat separation in evaporated milk

Bentvelzen, P.A.J., 1962:
Reduction of the genus Heynea Roxb. ex Sims to Trichilia P. Br. (Meliaceae)

Smatov, A.V.; Hudolej, K.D., 1961:
Reduction of the nicotine content in the mahorka raw material during factory fermentation.

Westra, P.; Postma, G., 1962:
Reduction of the number of working hours in dairy farming.

Saharov, M.D., 1956:
Reduction of the pressing period for glued articles in press with heat supplied from outside.

Bald, J.G.; Chandler, P.A., 1957:
Reduction of the root rot complex on Croft lilies by fungicidal treatment and propagation from bulb scales

Biswell, H.H.; Schultz, A.M., 1956:
Reduction of wildlife hazard: correct timing of prescribed burning of dead vegetation in timber reduces danger of uncontrolled fires in those areas

Busse, M., 1960:
Reduction test for the estimation of the quality of milk. I. The mechanism of methylene blue reduction.

Busse, M., 1960:
Reduction test for the estimation of the quality of milk. II. Specific reducing power of different bacteria.

Jentzsch, K.-D., 1959:
Reduction tests for the differentiation of Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae and E. monocytogenes

Srinivasachar, D.; Patau, K., 1958:
Reductional groupings in cold-treated onion roots

Way, R.D.; Gilmer, R.M., 1963:
Reductions in fruit sets on cherry trees pollinated with pollen from trees with sour cherry yellows

Vivoli, F., 1956:
Reductions in the bacterial count of milk with a pasteurizer adapted to work at various temperatures with or without a holding period.

Korting, A., 1960:
Reductions in weight caused by Hylotrupes bajulus attack as a criterion for

Sakakibara, A.; Oda, K., 1960:
Reductive carbonization of lignin. I. Identification of the decomposed products by paper chromatography.

Geus, J.G.De., 1957:
Reductive conditions in wet rice growing. Their influence on the availability of plant nutrients, fertilizing and respiration of the roots

Hartung, R.; Lenoir, D.; Henkelmann, B.; Schulte Hostede, S.; Schramm, K.W., 2007:
Reductive degradation of polychlorinated phenols by Pd/C-formate: an ecoefficient remediation method for aqueous chlorinated phenols

Anonymous, 1957:
Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens sawmill reports

Anonymous, 1959:
Redwood sticker stain related to water-soluble extractives

Bruns, V.F.; Yeo, R.R.; Boyle, W.D., 1963:
Reed canarygrass control with amitrole, dalapon and MH formulations

Svetashov, A.T., 1958:
Reeds on arable soils of Dagestan and methods of controlling them.

Ginsburg, L., 1962:
Reesume of results of experimental work undertaken by the Deciduous Fruit Board's technical officers

Trent, S.C., 1963:
Reevaluation Of World War Ii Veterans With Filariasis Acquired In The South Pacific

Rezza, E.; Cortesi, M.; Cevini, G., 1962:
Refeeding of the child with gastroenteritis (clinical and statistical findings on diet treatment of 97 cases).

Boyko, R.H.; Boyko, A.R.; Boyko, M.G., 2007:
Referee bias contributes to home advantage in English Premiership football

Schulz, M.E.; Sydow, G., 1961:
Reference book on publications on ancillary dairy materials.

Kaarik, A., 1963:
Reference collection of pure cultures of wood-destroying and other fungi

Nicol, B.M.; Phillips, P.G., 1961:
Reference groundnut flour (GNF) and reference dried skimmed milk (DSM) as supplements to the diets of Nigerian men and children. (Nat. Acad. Sci.-Nat. Res. Counc., Washington, D.C. No. 843)

Milman, N.; Bergholt, T.; Byg, K-Erik.; Eriksen, L.; Hvas, A-Mette., 2007:
Reference intervals for haematological variables during normal pregnancy and postpartum in 434 healthy Danish women

Sehra, K.B., 1960:
Reference standard in metabolic studies

Chalo, R.N.; Salihu, H.M.; Nabukera, S.; Zirabamuzaale, C., 2005:
Referral of high-risk pregnant mothers by trained traditional birth attendants in Buikwe County, Mukono District, Uganda

Ziemba, J.V., 1960:
Refines process and CIP control

Tschiderer, K., 1959:
Refining soya bean meal: essential for its full value

Cohen, M.; Mylavarapu, R., S.; Bogrekci, I.; Lee, W.S.; Clark, M., W., 2007:
Reflectance spectroscopy for routine agronomic soil analyses

Holley, W.D.; Goldsberry, K.L., 1958:
Reflected light boosts winter plants

Narayanamurti, D.; Sanjiva, U., 1958:
Reflection and transmission of infrared rays by Indian timbers

Nakamura, G.; Takachio, H., 1960:
Reflection of light and surface roughness on sanded surface of wood

Roeder, G., 1962:
Reflections about the bacteriological and hygienic examination of ice-cream.

Ortlepp, H., 1957:
Reflections and proposals concerning the arrangements of plots in field-trial layouts

Blanc, F.; Nosny, Y., 1956:
Reflections on a sporadic case of scurvy

Gutschick, V., 1963:
Reflections on and experience of pruning.

Shookhoff, H.B., 1962:
Reflections on diagnostic parasitology

Bour, H.; Battesti, J.P.; Schaison, G., 1963:
Reflections on disturbances of phosphorus and calcium metabolism in cirrhosis. A .8 case with dominant osteomalacia and exploration of 8 other patients with cirrhosis.

Bolhuis, G.G., 1962:
Reflections on food supply and food production in the tropics

Watson, P.J.; Gregor, J.W., 1956:
Reflections on hill-land improvement

Snellman, G.O., 1960:
Reflections on past and present concepts in timber grading.

Adams, Warren, E., 1963:
Reflections on recent land reform experience in Iraq

Urban, M., 1961:
Reflections on technical progress in agriculture

Ehkirch, P.-Y., 1963:
Reflections on the Mansholt plan. World grain agreements

Keilung, J., 1959:
Reflections on the bacteriology of tropical soils.

Lupori, Nello., 1960:
Reflections on the cost of production of grapes in some areas of Italy, France and Spain

Bavngaard, A., 1960:
Reflections on the economics of forestry.

Drews, M., 1962:
Reflections on the establishment of a common market for milk and milk products within the European Economic Community

Piza, S.D.T., Jun., 1962:
Reflections on the genetic code

Davies, J.Ll., 1960:
Reflections on the marketing of our farm produce

Hackbarth, J., 1959:
Reflections on the mosaic disease of yellow lupins

Toxopeus, H.J., 1956:
Reflections on the origin of new physiologic races in Phytophthora infestans and the breeding for resistance in Potatoes

Franklin, S.H., 1962:
Reflections on the peasantry

Petzsch, H., 1957:
Reflections on the phylo-geny of the Capridae in general and of the domestic goat in particular

Turkovic, Z., 1961:
Reflections on the relationship between the vine root-stock and its scion

Brouwer, W., 1956:
Reflections on the relationships between plant breeding, protection, nutrition and cultivation

Jenny, Hans, 1961:
Reflections on the soil acidity merry-go-round

Vangdal, E.; Meland, M.; Hjeltnes, S.H., 2007:
Reflective mulch (Extenday) in fruit orchards - preliminary results

Vangdal, E.; Meland, M.; Hjeltnes, S.H., 2007:
Reflective mulch (ExtendayTM) in plum orchards (Prunus domestica L.) - preliminary results

Grachev, I I.; Shi Chun-Yuan, 1963:
Reflectory relations between the mammary gland and the liver.

Comline, R.S.; Titchen, D.A., 1957:
Reflex contractions of the reticulum and rumen and parotid salivary secretion

Genes, S.G.; Lesnoj, N.G., 1956:
Reflex effect of food on stomach emptying in dogs

Markova, G.F., 1962:
Reflex effect of food on the cardiovascular system in patients after total gastrectomy

Grachev, I.I.; Gostev, A.V., 1962:
Reflex effects from the mammary gland on lymph flow in the goat.

Val'dman, V.A., 1959:
Reflex effects on the digestive apparatus from the mammary gland in goats

Val'dman, V.A., 1959:
Reflex influences from the mammary gland acting on the digestive system of goats.

Baryshnikov, I.A., 1959:
Reflex regulation of lactation

Dawes, G.S.; Mott, J.C., 1959:
Reflex respiratory activity in the new-born rabbit

Titchen, D.A., 1958:
Reflex stimulation and inhibition of reticulum contractions in the ruminant stomach

Vladimirova, A.D., 1958 :
Reflex temperature changes in the mammary gland during milk ejection.

Vladimirova, A.D., 1956:
Reflex temperature changes of goat's udder caused by the application of the milking stimulus.

Lindqvist, K., 1956:
Reflexed and erect involucre in Lactuca

Muller, G.; Schmidt, H., 1960:
Reflexions on a reclassification of agricultural active capital

Hinojosa Ortiz, Manuel., 1961:
Reflexions on agricultural policy

Madec, Jean, 1959:
Reflexions on rural housing

Vellibux, M.; Kit, J.; L.B.eton Oliveau, G., 1957:
Reflexions sur Ponchocercose oculaire africaine

Touratier, L.; Comyn, P.M., 1959:
Reflexions sur l'utilisation de l'hydrazide de l'acide cyanacetique dans le traitemcnt des bronchites vermineuses

Gaehlinger, H.; Accart, R., 1957:
Reflexions sur le parasitisme intestinal

Janssens, P.G.; Bogaert, L.V.n Tverdy, G.; Wanson, M., 1958:
Reflexions sur le sort des microfilaires de Loa loa dans l'organisme humain parasite. Manifestations viscerales provoquees par leur infiltration dans les tissus

Moment, G.B., 1962:
Reflexive Selection: A Possible Answer to an Old Puzzle

Anonymous, 1962:
Reforestation and afforestation practices in arid and semi-arid zones

Rodrigues, J.F.; Ponte, M.B.D., 1960:
Reforestation and rehabilitation of the soils of Cork Oak stands.

Burkhardt, E.C., 1962:
Reforestation break-through. Giant plow produces first commercial Cottonwood plantation from seed

Rodriguez Caballero, R.; Mendoza Medina, R., 1962:
Reforestation by direct sowings in the Unidad Industrial Michoacana.

Gluckij, I.P., 1959:
Reforestation in areas infected with Fomes annosus.

Scheifele, 1962:
Reforestation in areas of the Upper Rhine affected by a lowering of the ground-water table.

Wobst, W., 1958:
Reforestation in the Harz range

San Buenaventura, P., 1958:
Reforestation of 'cogonales' in the Philippines

San Buenaventura, P., 1958:
Reforestation of Imperata waste lands in the Philippines

Budowski, G., 1960:
Reforestation of areas not suitable for Cacao.

Trajkov, L., 1962:
Reforestation of bare ground at 'Zad malata korija', Krusovo.

Verduzco, G., J., 1962:
Reforestation of degraded forest lands.

Roosen, J.W., 1959:
Reforestation of devastated Spruce forests.

Haile, B.; E.A., 1961:
Reforestation of exploitation areas

Schirmer, R., 1963:
Reforestation of marginal land.

Groulez, J., 1956:
Reforestation of poor savanna land in the Brazzaville belt.

Monjauze, A., 1960:
Reforestation on deep-ploughed ground and on ridges.

Sesmaisons, D.De, 1960:
Reforestation policy in a Mediterranean climate.

Albuquerque, G.M.Prado De, 1963:
Reforestation with Eucalypts-pests and diseases.

Triantaphyllidis, G., 1959:
Reforestation with Pinus nigra in Peloponnesus.

Gkourasas, I., 1962:
Reforestation with Thasos Pine

Anonymous, 1963:
Reform of agrarian statutes

Steinlin, H., 1963:
Reform of forestry studies.

Ramadoro, Aldo., 1961:
Reform of the latifundia to be followed by land reform affecting peasant property

Johnstone, W.W.; Mclaren, D.S., 1963:
Refraction Anomalies In Tanganyikan Children

Jamotte, P.; Piraux, E., 1958:
Refractive index and consistency of Belgian butters.

Schnappauf, H., 1958:
Refractometric determination of haemoglobin in rat erythrocytes with the phase contrast microscope

Antila, V., 1961:
Refractometric estimation of the iodine value of butterfat.

Higby, W.K.; Ricke, A.A., 1963:
Refractometric measurement of soluble solids in orange juice

Gasanova, L.S.; Kocharyan, G.A., 1958:
Refractometric method for the determination of fat in butter and margarine.

Prostakishin, G.P.; Shkodich, P.E., 1963:
Refractometric method for the estimation of S.N.F. in milk.

Krishnaswami, A.K.; Pattanayak, S.; Raghavan, N.G.S., 1958:
Refractoriness of garden lizards of Delhi to experimental infection of Conispiculum guindiensis

Berlin, R.; Berlin, H.; Brante, G.; Sjoberg, S.G., 1958:
Refractoriness to intrinsic factor-B12 preparations abolished by massive doses of intrinsic factor; preliminary report

Solvell, L.; Hallberg, L.; Brise, H., 1959:
Refractory iron-deficiency anaemia. Iron absorption in idiopathic sprue

Huguley, C.M.; Bain, J.A.; Rivers, S.L.; Scoggins, R.B., 1959:
Refractory megaloblastic anemia associated with excretion of orotic acid

Dacie, J.V.; Smith, M.D.; White, J.C.; Mollin, D.L., 1959:
Refractory normoblastic anaemia: a clinical and haematological study of seven cases

Tasker, P.W., 1958:
Refractory nutritional megaloblastic anaemia

Jager, Helmut., 1961:
Refragmentation after land consolidation

Salinas, A.; Górgolas, M.; Fernández-Guerrero, M., 2007:
Refrain from telling bad news: patients with leishmaniasis can have false-positive HIV test results

Brown, J.M.M., 1957:
Refresher courses in physiology. II. The physiology of the liver in health and disease with reference to clinical patterns of hepatic dysfunction

Kapur, N.S.; Rao, K.S.; Srivastava, H.C., 1962:
Refrigerated gas storage of mangoes

Aigner, M., 1960:
Refrigerated milk cooling with a small heat pump.

Srivastava, H.C.; Moorthy, N.V.N.; Kapur, N.S., 1962 :
Refrigerated storage behaviour of pre-cooled tomatoes (Lycopersicon esculentum (Mill) Var. Marglobe)

Merino, A.C., 1957:
Refrigerated storage of fruits

Srivastava, H.C.; Singh, K.K.; Mathur, P.B., 1962:
Refrigerated storage of mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana)

Wycoff, H., 1960:
Refrigerated storage of nursery stock

Srivastava, H.C.; D'souza, S., 1962:
Refrigerated storage of plums

D.H.as, P.G.; Wennemuth, G., 1962:
Refrigerated storage of woody plants from nurseries. III. Botrytis- and Fusarium infection of woody plants in refrigerated storage

Holland, R.F., 1963:
Refrigerating bag-in-box milk

Gottlieb, G., 1963:
Refrigerating eggs prior to incubation as a way of reducing error in calculating developmental age in imprinting experiments

Anonymous, 1957:
Refrigeration and fruit

Anonymous, 1962:
Refrigeration and fruit storage.

Smith, W.H., 1958:
Refrigeration and marketing of watercress

Schupp, W., 1958:
Refrigeration in dairies.

Mitten, H.L.; Jr.; Buehler, L., 1957:
Refrigeration of farm bulk milk cooling tanks

Gammage, J.L.; Maisenhelder, L.C., 1960:
Refrigeration prolongs viability of Cottonwood

Olenev, Yu., 1958:
Refrigeration requirements for cooling and freezing butter.

Anonymous, 1959:
Refrigeration, a factor of quality. Refrigeration in the retail dairy.

Sahm, U., 1961:
Refuse compost and its evaluation.

Wilton, Donald, P., 1961:
Refuse containers as a source of flies in Honolulu and nearby communities

Bosticco, A.; Toscano, G.P., 1963:
Refuse from pruning grape vines for feeding cattle; practical study.

Steigerwald, E., 1956:
Refuse-sewage compost as soil amendment and fertilizer.

D.Campos, E.C., 1959:
Regarding a case of Lutz's mycosis with genital localization and its treatment with sulphamethoxypiridazine

Rabinovic, I.M., 1960:
Regarding the introduction of Rauwolfia serpentina.

Anju Bajpai; Ramesh Chandra; Manish Misra; Tiwari, R.K., 2007:
Regenerating Psidium spp. for screening wilt resistant rootstock under in vitro conditions

Gilliland, H.B.; Wantman, M.J., 1958:
Regenerating high forest on Singapore Island

Day, R.J.; Duffy, P.J.B., 1963:
Regeneration after logging in the Crowsnest Forest

Hirshfield, H.I.; Tulchin, N.; Fong, B.A., 1960:
Regeneration and cell division in two protozoan species

Ayres, J.F.; Kelman, W.M.; Lane, L.A.; McCorkell, B.E., 2007:
Regeneration characteristics of birdsfoot trefoil (Lotus corniculatus L.) in low latitude environments in eastern Australia

Ostwald, H., 1958:
Regeneration costs and forest expectation value.

Jaksina, A.M., 1962:
Regeneration from seed in the plantations of the Urda leskhoz in W. Kazakhstan.

Macdonald, R.A.; Schmid, R.; Mallory, G.K., 1960:
Regeneration in fatty liver and cirrhosis: autoradiographic study using tritiated thymidine

Carkina, A.P., 1958:
Regeneration in over-mature Oak forests of the reserved belt along the Volga in the Chuvash ASSR.

Galaev, V.M., 1963:
Regeneration in the Piceeta hylocomiosa with dwarf shrubs, in the Mezen area of the Archangel region.

Sutherland, A.M., 1956:
Regeneration in the fatty liver of the rat after partial hepatectomy

Hebb, Edwin, A., 1957:
Regeneration in the sandhills

Brobakken, P., 1957:
Regeneration investigations on part of Van Severen 7 Co.'s seed-tree felling areas.

Stoeckeler, J.H.; Macon, J.W., 1956:
Regeneration of Aspen cutover areas in Northern Wisconsin

Khan, S.A., 1961:
Regeneration of Avicennia officinalis in the coastal forests of West Pakistan

Badea, M., 1963:
Regeneration of Beech woods in the Dolhasca and Patrauti forest circles.

Polozova, T.G., 1962:
Regeneration of Betula nana by seed in the forest-tundra of the Bol'sezemel'skaja tundra.

Reyna Jaimes, E., 1962:
Regeneration of Cedrela mexicana by direct sowing - advantages over planting.

Vardjan, M.; Nitsch, J.P., 1961:
Regeneration of Cichorium endivia, L.: endogenous auxins and kinins

Harris, A.C., 1956:
Regeneration of Jarrah (Eucalyptus marginata)

Anonymous, 1957:
Regeneration of Khaya grandifoliola in forest outliers

Krysztofik, E., 1958:
Regeneration of Larch and practical measures for treating injured plants.

Li, W.H.; Hsu, C.P., 1961:
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Regeneration of Scots Pine

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Regeneration of coniferous mountain forests in Cyprus

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Regeneration of coppice with growth-regulator herbicides.

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Regeneration of dry fuel forests of Madras State

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Regeneration of liver

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Regeneration of long bones (tibia) of rats in conditions of reduced metabolic rate

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Regeneration of marginal lands in the New South Wales wheat belt

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Regeneration of olive trees

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Regeneration of sclerotia of S. sclerotiorum.

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Regeneration of skeleton weed from root fragments

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Regeneration of some tree and shrub species on burns near Korf bay, Korjakskij region

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Regeneration of the Larix forests of the Great Hingan Mts.

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Regeneration of the axes and periodicity of flowering of strawberries fruiting once a year

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Regeneration of the dry fuel forests of the Madras State

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Regeneration of the liver and fasting in albino rats.

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Regeneration of the liver, after complete starvation

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Regeneration of the vegetation of Portuguese Guinea.

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Regeneration of tracheal epithelium under the influence of vitamin A and its significance in influenzal pneumonia

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Regeneration of tropical evergreen rain forests

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Regeneration of villages

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Regeneration of vine roots.

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Regeneration of young forest trees damaged by deer.

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Regeneration on concentrated clear fellings in Spruce stands in the Yaroslavl region.

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Regeneration on concentrated fellings in Spruce forests.

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Regeneration power of hail-damaged tobacco.

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Regeneration surveys by line sampling methods. An example from Stora Kopparbergs Bergslags AB.

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Regeneration surveys in Mount Cole forest

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Regenerative phenomena of plant embryos after treatment with antimitotic substances.

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Regenerative processes in pig liver after partial hepatectomy.

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Regenerative seedlings dynamics of natural Sabina vulgaris community in Mu Us sandland

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Regime alimentaire et sensibilite des larves d'Aedes aegypti au D.D.T. Influence du taux des lipides de l'organisme

Anonymous, 1959:
Regina peach

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Regional Centre for Forest Training and Research, Lourizan (Pontevedra). Research section. Seed.

Anonymous, 1963:
Regional Fruit Research Station, Anantharajupet

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Regional adaptation trials of Nan-ta 2419 (Chi-tou-hung) wheat.

Anonymous, 1958:
Regional adaptation trials of the improved wheat varieties Chien-chiao, Ao-te-sa 3 and 2711.

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Regional agreements for agricultural markets

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Regional agricultural policy

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Regional and technical plans in Italian agriculture

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Regional blood flow by fractional distribution of indicators

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Regional brain and sex differences in the plasma progesterone concentration of sheep

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Regional community-based planning: the challenge of participatory environmental governance

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Regional contrast in South American soil formation, in relation to soil classification & soil fertility

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Regional control of foot andmouth disease in the Americas

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Regional cotton tests. Results of 1957.

Hristides, B.S., 1960:
Regional cotton tests. Results of 1958.

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Regional development and agricultural modernization

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Regional development of the agricultural population of Hungary, 1880-1960

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Regional differences in factor shares in American agriculture: 1925-1957

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Regional differences in per capita farm and nonfarm income

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Regional differentials in agricultural productivity in Gujarat state

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Regional differentiation in technical training of farm operators

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Regional differentiation of man in agriculture with special reference to technology and education

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Regional disparities of agricultural income in India

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Regional distribution and specialization of agricultural production in Bulgaria

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Regional distribution of animal husbandry in Hungary

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Regional distribution of genes for rust resistance.

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Regional distribution of glycogen in the rat cestode, Hymenolepis diminuta

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Regional divergence in India during the era of liberalization: a sectoral decomposition

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Regional economic factors bearing on the future of the lumber and woodpulp industries in the South

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Regional economics tools applied to sport: new perspectives

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Regional economies and the Fourth Plan-Auvergne

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Regional endemic asthma due to sensitization to Ustilago

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Regional enteritis in the pig.

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Regional enteritis. Crohn's disease.

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Regional epidemiology of Dictyocaulus infestation in sheep.

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Regional factors affecting farmland values in Illinois

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Regional forest plant communities and site communities on the Frankische Platte.

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Regional frame-planning in the improvement of agrarian structure

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Regional growth impacts on agricultural land development: a spatial model for three states

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Regional integration, population health needs, and human resources for health systems and services: an approach to the concept of health care gap

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Regional jack pine seed source study

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Regional modelling of future African climate north of 15 degrees S including greenhouse warming and land degradation

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Regional models of the consumption of foodstuffs by the rural population

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Regional planning and social change on the edge of a city

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Regional planning in the Czechoslovak planning system

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Regional planning is necessary

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Regional population monitoring of the marbled murrelet: field and analytical methods

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Regional problems and transportation costs in the grain economy of the European Economic Community

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Regional problems of intensive agricultural production

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Regional programme of forestry research 1958/59

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Regional roentgen manifestations of histoplasmosis

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Regional seed treatment tests for the control of seed-borne and soil-borne common smut of winter wheat in the Pacific Northwest for the year 1956

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Regional site research

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Regional standardization of local provenance types of lucerne from evidence provided by the zonal stations of the Rumanian Institute for Agronomic Research in comparative trials

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Regional standardization of tobacco varieties in the Rumanian People's Republic

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Regional strategies for sustainable rice-based production systems in Asia and the Pacific: challenges and opportunities

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Regional study of breeding conditions and important characteristics of Hrbinecky cattle. II. The original border area.

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Regional study of breeding conditions and some important characteristics of Hrbinecky cattle. 1. The area of their origin (Hrbinecko).

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Regional study of environment and of characters of Red Spotted cattle of the Hrbinecke breed. (Study for the suggested regionalisation of cattle. ) I. The original central province (Hrbinecko)

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Regional study of environment and of characters of Red Spotted cattle of the Hrbinecke breed. II. The boundary area

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Regional tests of sunflowers for oil in the north-east and the results of yield trials.

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Regional trade agreements and trade in agri-food products: evidence for the European Union from gravity modeling using disaggregated data

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Regional trial of table-used varieties of sweet potatoes.

Wang, H., 1959:
Regional trials of culinary sweet potatoes.

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Regional variation and adequacy of Indian diets: statistical evaluation of diet surveys

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Regional variation in the ash content of limb bones of the pig

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Regional variation in the seasonal programming of livestock farms in New Zealand

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Regional variations and adequacy of Indian diets: statistical evaluation of diet surveys. 2

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Regional variations in labour inputs per acre

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Regional variations in road transport costs: milk collection from farms in England and Wales

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Regional variations in, and climatic influences on, some yields of sugar-beet in Belgium

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Regional varietal testing of sugar beet.

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Regional, varietal, and type influences on the degree Brix and alcohol relationship of grape musts and wines

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Regionalizalion of sugar-beet varieties in Poland on the basis of trials

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Regionalization of maximum daily rainfall data over Tokat Province, Turkey

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Regionalizing breeding work.

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Regions of Colombia suitable for cacao

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Regions of agricultural production in the Rumanian People's Republic

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Regions of production and geographical division of labour in agriculture

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Regions, resources, and economic growth

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Register of Merit for dairy cows

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Register of baking quality in the Netherlands wheat harvest, 1957

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Register of forest pesticides

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Register of fungus cultures-stock, May 1963

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Register of new fruit and nut varieties. List 12

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Register of new fruit and nut varieties. List 13

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Register of new fruit and nut varieties. List 14

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Register of new fruit and nut varieties. List 18

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Register of new or little known plant diseases in Mendoza State.

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Register of new varieties, list 18

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Register of plant pesticides 1958.

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Registering new products for pigs - (why are there so few?)

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Registering of temperature changes during pasteurization.

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Registering pilot plants.

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Registration in connection with the artificial insemination of cattle in the Netherlands. 1. Complete registration of births

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Registration in connection with the artificial insemination of cattle in the Netherlands. II. A system of registering breeding and veterinary data in connection with A. I. of cattle

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Registration of AB-110 Oats

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Registration of Barley varieties, XIV

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Registration of Cherokee alfalfa

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Registration of Mission veldtgrass

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Registration of Oat varieties, XXI

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Registration of Oat varieties, XXII

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Registration of Oat varieties, XXIII

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Registration of Oneida Oats

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Registration of Ottawa wheat

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Registration of Pennlate orchardgrass

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Registration of Radar 1 and Radar 2 Oats

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Registration of Rice varieties

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Registration of Soybean varieties, VI

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Registration of Tobacco varieties

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Registration of crop varieties

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Registration of improved Flax varieties. VIII

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Registration of improved Wheat vars. XXHI

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Registration of improved cotton varieties

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Registration of improved wheat varieties, 24

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Registration of improved wheat varieties, XXI

Heyne, E.G., 1960:
Registration of improved wheat varieties, XXIV

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Registration of oat varieties, 22

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Registration of potato varieties in the Catalogue of Species and Varieties of Cultivated Plants

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Registration of pulse and respiration in farm animals

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Registration of regeneration in

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Registration of soybean varieties, VII

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Registration of the baking-quality level of the Netherlands wheat harvest in 1962

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Registration of the leaf wetness period and its importance for plant protection

Meppelink, E., 1963:
Registration of the level of baking quality of the Netherlands wheat harvest in 1963

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Registration of the wetting period of Apple foliage

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Registration of tobacco varieties

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Registration of varieties and strains of Alfalfa

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Registration of varieties and strains of Alfalfa, IV

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Registration of varieties and strains of alfalfa, V

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Registration of varieties and strains of grasses

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Registration of varieties of Flax

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Registration of varieties of other grasses

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Regrassing flood-damaged pastures

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Regression-based approach to low flow prediction in the Maryland Piedmont region under joint climate and land use change

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Regrouping unfamiliar animals in the weeks prior to slaughter has few effects on physiology and meat quality in Bos taurus feedlot steers

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Regrowth and swamp vegetation in the western forest areas of Ghana

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Regrowth of cotton plants cut back at the end of the season

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Regular appearance in C. pallescens of an infective sectorial variation not transmissible by the thallospores

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Regular features of fungus epizootics in insects and details of their appearance in Eurygaster integriceps.

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Regular patterns in the geographical distribution of polyploid plant species.

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Regular peanut consumption improves plasma lipid levels in healthy Ghanaians

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Regular presence of lipoproteins in the urine of healthy subjects

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Regularities in the changes in soils along the transect Voevodovo-Chiren, Vrachan region.

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Regularities in the development and growth of flax as affected by environment.

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Regularities in the numbers of cytoplasmic hereditary units, especially of the plastids

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Regularities in the variation of annual-ring width of woody species in Latvia.

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Regularities of ontogenesis and the physiology of flowering in higher plants.

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Regularity of growth in livestock. 1. The effect of diet with reference to the rhythmical utilisation of organic matter during the growth of pigs

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Regularity of growth in livestock. 2. Stage of development and formation of protein, calcium and phosphate structures in Czechoslovak Improved White pigs

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Regularity of metabolism of strontium in the skeleton and the mechanism of the fixing of strontium in bone

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Regulate ingredient flow for profitable dry milk processing . . . vibrators are production boon

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Regulaters of plant growth.

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Regulating flowering and fruiting in apples by means of chemicals.

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Regulating growth and flowering of azaleas with photoperiod and chemical growth retardants

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Regulating health care in low- and middle-income countries: Broadening the policy response in resource constrained environments

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Regulating the hypocotyl growth in lettuce seedlings by means of visible radiation

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Regulating the maturation of certain vegetables with molybdenum and iodine.

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Regulating the maturation of several vegetables by molybdenum and iodine.

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Regulating the moisture and nutrient regime of boggy soils.

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Regulating the moisture content of derno-podzolic soil by means of drainage.

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Regulation and accumulation of secondary metabolites in plant-fungus symbiotic system

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Regulation and execution of molecular disassembly and catabolism during senescence

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Regulation of annual periodicity in the migration and reproduction of birds

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Regulation of arachidonic acid metabolism by a pancreatic factor

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Regulation of aryl hydrocarbon receptor activity in porcine cumulus-oocyte complexes in physiological and toxicological conditions: the role of follicular fluid

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Regulation of bacterial metabolism

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Regulation of biosynthetic pathways

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Regulation of blood glucose concentration: response of liver to glucose administration

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Regulation of body temperature of sheep in a hot environment

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Regulation of cholesterol metabolism

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Regulation of cholesterol synthesis in the liver: the influence of dietary fats

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Regulation of chromosome replication in Bacillus subtilis

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Regulation of enzymic activity of the pancreas in sheep.

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Regulation of fertilization and its effect in breeding mustard (S. alba)

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Regulation of flavin synthesis by Escherichia coli

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Regulation of food intake in the absence of taste, smell and other oropharyngeal sensations

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Regulation of food intake in the goldfish

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Regulation of food intake in the goldfish by interaction between ghrelin and orexin

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Regulation of functional dairy products

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Regulation of gene action in maize

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Regulation of heat production in cold-adapted rats

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Regulation of hepatic lipogenesis: the influence of dietary fats

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Regulation of human plasma fluoride concentration

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Regulation of liver cholesterol synthesis by lymph cholesterol

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Regulation of lutein biosynthesis and prolamellar body formation in Arabidopsis

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Regulation of metabolism by hormonal reactions and their significance in pathogenesis in domestic animals

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Regulation of milk secretion and milk discharge.

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Regulation of moisture content of butter in the Czechoslovak continuous buttermaking machine.

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Regulation of phosphorylating and non-phosphorylating oxidation by hexokinase

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Regulation of plasma NEFA in pregnancy and the puerperium. Preliminary observations

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Regulation of population densities (studies on Bupalus piniarius).

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Regulation of production and marketing of milk and dairy products in Western Europe

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Regulation of refractory period in the photoperiodic responses of the white-throated sparrow

Gac, A., 1959:
Regulation of relative humidity in fruit storage chambers

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Regulation of reproductive rate by intrauterine mortality in the deer mouse

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Regulation of ruminal ammonia concentration and influence of sudden changes in this concentration on antidiuretic hormone content of serum.

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Regulation of salt and water metabolism in early infancy. 3. Oedema in the premature

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Regulation of secretory and motor activity of the mammary gland.

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Regulation of self-incompatibility by acetylcholine and cAMP in Lilium longiflorum

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Regulation of starch biosynthesis in higher land plants: new avenues for modifying starch

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Regulation of the ammonia concentration in the rumen and effect on the anti-diuretic hormone content of serum after sudden changes of intraruminal ammonia.

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Regulation of water content in the rumen of the goat. 2. Influence of net flow of fluid into the rumen.

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Regulation of yield in Fir and Spruce forests of Himachal Pradesh

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Regulation of yield in Punjab hill forests

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Regulation of yield in irregular forests

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Regulations by the Bosschap

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Regulations concerning the quality of farm milk.

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Regulations for milk recording Sim-mental cattle (Switzerland).

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Regulations for the official testing of applicators for use with plant protection products.

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Regulations of the Colony arid Protectorate of Kenya for meat inspection

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Rehabilitation of exproprietary forests of Madhya Pradesh

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Rehabilitation of field tunnel erosion using techniques developed for construction with dispersive soils

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Rehabilitation of low-value stands on southern chernozems in European Russia.

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Rehabilitation of the organic matter of a soil by means of grass leys

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Rein, a new mutation of N. tabacum)

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Reindeer management and research

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Reinfection in histoplasmosis

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Reinforced concrete covering for protecting banks.

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Reinforced concrete slabs for main roads.

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Reinforced milk for the treatment of malnutrition. 1. Preparation and qualitative trials

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Reinforced milk for the treatment of malnutrition. 2. Trials in the Medical Research Council Unit, Kampala

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Reinforced plastic for insulated truck bodies and tanks

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Reinforced plastics as protective coatings for wood

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Reinforced resin-bonded chip mouldings.

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Reinforced wood laminated beams

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Reinforced-concrete surface on roads for timber transport.

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Reinforcing the pear spray program for control of insect aacl mite pests

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Reingestion in geomyid rodents

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Reingestion in the mountain beaver

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Reinventing the gastronomic identity of Croatian tourist destinations

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Reizphysiologische Untersuchungen an der Cercarie von Postho-diplostomum cuticola (v. Nordmann 1832) Dubois 1936, dem Erreger des Diplostomatiden-Melanoms der Fische

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Rejuvenate citrus trees by pruning

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Rejuvenating fruit trees, without pruning by fertilizing

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Rejuvenation of coconut palms

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Rejuvenation of hill pastures in Great Britain

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Rejuvenation of old mango groves by hedging or top-working to new varieties

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Rejuvenation of the underwood in steppe stands.

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Rejuvenation pruning of bearing fruit trees.

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Rela-tion between calving time and yearly milk yield of cows.

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Relation between

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Relation between basic constituents of milk with different butterfat contents

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Relation between blood sugar and the numerical ratio of alpha and beta cells of the islets of Langerhans

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Relation between changes in structure of the liver during fattening and adrenal activity in the domestic goose

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Relation between chloride accumulation and soil permeability in the Mirrool irrigation area, New South Wales

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Relation between chlorophyll mutations and dose rates of gamma-radiation in rice

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Relation between Chromatid-Type and Chromosome-Type Breakage-Fusion-Bridge Cycles in Maize Endosperm

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Relation between content of nutrients and digestibility of maize and maize milling offal

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Relation between coronary infarction and diabetes mellitus, with special reference to latent diabetes.

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Relation between crown length and seed production in Norway spruce trees (Picea abies Karst.)

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Relation between crude-fibre content of food and the milk production

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Relation between dose rate and the radiobiological effect in plants

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Relation between ecological origins of certain gramineous plants and their modes of vernalization and light phases.

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Relation between economic status and nutrition of the rural population in the Sandzak

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Relation between effect of gonadotropins and deposition of vitamin C in endocrine glands

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Relation between exchange adsorption and accumulation of calcium and rubidium by excised barley roots

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Relation between extracellular fluid volume and bodyweight during growth

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Relation between eye muscle area and the principal measurements of meat yield from the carcass

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Relation between faecal N and dietary lignin

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Relation between farm input and farm income

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Relation between farm size and farm results in mechanized family farms of a certain area in the Spanish arid zone

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Relation between fat and protein contents of cows' milk.

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Relation between fats in the diet, lipids in the body and lipids in milk of sows.

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Relation between fertility and fatness of Baltic herring (Clupeaharengus membras L.)

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Relation between fineness of husk and protein content of brewing barley

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Relation between fluoride-soluble phosphorus and oxalate-soluble phosphorus of soils

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Relation between food fat and blood lipids in infants

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Relation between formation of pyridine nucleotides, phosphoglucomutase and glycogen breakdown in the rat treated with nicotinamide

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Relation between function of the adrenal cortex and fattening performance in young bulls

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Relation between gametic sterility and angustifolia (ag) mutants in coffee

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Relation between genetic constitution of offspring and weight of its litter-mates

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Relation between gestation period and birth weight of calves

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Relation between goitre endemicity and iodine content of drinking water in some areas of Piedmont and of Sardinia. 1

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Relation between growth and unit rate of photosynthesis

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Relation between human and animal mycoses

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Relation between infection with Onchocerca volvulus and eye lesions

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Relation between intensive and extensive enlarged reproduction on co-operative farms

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Relation between irrigation engineering and bilharziasis

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Relation between isotopically exchangeable calcium and absorption by plants

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Relation between lactic acid and direct microscopic counts for bacteria in nonfat dry milk

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Relation between litter weight at birth, 21 and 42 days of age.

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Relation between litter weight at various ages in Danish Landrace pigs

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Relation between losses of dry matter and total butyricacidof ensiledbrewer's grains

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Relation between magnesium and cholesterol

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Relation between means and components of genotypic variance in biparental progenies of a variety of maize

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Relation between metabolic rate and bodyweight in fresh-water gastropod molluscs

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Relation between metabolism of cholesterol, lipids and glucose

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Relation between milk production of cows and their birth weight and growth

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Relation between moisture content of fine fuels and relative humidity

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Relation between molecular morphology of macromolecules of deoxy-ribonucleic acid and their radio-sensitivity. (Problem of the radiosensitive and radioresistant forms of DNA)

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Relation between molybdenum content and xanthine dehydrogenase activity of cow's milk

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Relation between mortality from cardiovascular disease and treated water supplies: variations in states and 163 largest municipalities of the United States

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Relation between nature of the lipids in the diet and metabolism of cholesterol in the adult rat

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Relation between nutrition and obesity in children

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Relation between oxytocin and milk ejection.

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Relation between pH of the rooting medium; and photoperiod in the rooting of Hatfield yew

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Relation between pantothenic acid and cold stress

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Relation between permeability of the plasma membrane and resistance to parasite

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Relation between phosphorus absorption by plants and the content of mobile phosphates in soil as determined by different methods.

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Relation between physical and chemical properties of wood and adhesion

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Relation between pigling weight and subsequent development

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Relation between plane of feeding of pregnant ewes and skin structure and type of fleece in Karakul lambs

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Relation between ploidy and radiation effects

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Relation between polyphenols contained in plants and phytopathogenic fungi. (1) Polyphenols contained in Rice plants.

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Relation between polyphenols contained in plants and phytopathogenic fungi. II. On some polyphenols from the Paulownia-tree and their additive effect on the growth of the pathogenic fungus Gloeosporium kawakamii. III. Decomposition of C14-labelled polyphenols from leave

Wakimoto, S.; Ikari, H.; Yoshii, H., 1959:
Relation between polyphenols contained in plants and phytopathogenic fungi. III. Decomposition of C14 labelled poly-phenol from leaves of the Paulownia tree by G. kawakamii Miyabe.

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Relation between polyphenols contained in plants and phytopathogenic fungi. V. On the decomposition and utilization of some flavonoids by Piricularia oryzae and Cochliobolus miyabeanus

Anonymous, 1963:
Relation between population density and growth

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Relation between productiveness of the FI hybrid maize seed and sowing systems and methods of detasselling.

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Relation between productivity and feed utilisation in fattening pigs

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Relation between protein and fat in the milk of different species of animals.

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Relation between protein efficiency and net protein utilization

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Relation between protein, calcium and phosphorus in abnormal milk. Part 1. On the constituents of milk and blood. Part 2. Protein distribution and calcium and phosphorus combination with casein.

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Relation between quality of longissimus dorsi and gelatin content of, tinned ham

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Relation between quantity of milk consumed by lambs and their growth.

Matsumura, S.; Mabuchi, T., 1962:
Relation between radiation effects and dose rates of gamma-rays in rice and einkorn wheat

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Relation between reaction to race 15B of stem rust and reducing sugars and sucrose in wheat

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Relation between rice blast (Piricularia oryzae) and sesame leaf spot (Ophiobolus miyabeanus) and potassium

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Relation between secretion of hydrochloric acid and glycoproteids in the gastric juice

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Relation between sedimentation rate and body fat content.

Schwarz, K.; Stesney, J.A.; Foltz, C.M., 1959:
Relation between selenium traces in L-cystine and protection against dietary liver necrosis

Mccartney, Morley, G., 1956:
Relation between semen quality and fertilizing ability of White Holland turkeys

Bern, H.A., 1963:
Relation between sensitivity to lactogenic hormones and tumorigenesis in hyperplastic mammary nodules in C3H/Crgl mice

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Relation between serum cholesterol and the use of some fats and oils of different degrees of hardening in patients who had suffered a coronary thrombosis.

Paque, C.; Dubois, P., 1962:
Relation between severe infantile malnutrition (kwashiorkor) and dryness during the dry months with high evaporation

Foster, R.W., 1959:
Relation between site indices of Eastern White Pine

Mme, D.Y.; J.P.vlovicha., 1963:
Relation between soil microflora and the bacterium Pseudomonas lachrymans causing bacteriosis of Cucumber

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Relation between soil properties and growth of Todo-Fir (Abies mayriana M. et K.).

Filippov, L.A., 1961:
Relation between soil-moisture content and root pressure of cotton.

Alesin, S.N., 1959:
Relation between soluble protein and fat in cow's milk

Anonymous, 1956:
Relation between standing b.a./acre and b.a. increment/acre for Slash Pine in Queensland

Sortnsen, B., 1963:
Relation between tbe incidence of mastitis, as judged by tissue reaction and changes in secretion, mad the milking-machine vacuum and type of regulator.

Ladouceur, G., 1956:
Relation between the C, H, O, and N content of the organic matter and site quality in the forest types of Franquelin and Shelter Bay, Saquenay County

Cabezas, J.A.; Vazquez, P.Rto, J.; Vazquez, P.Rnas, R.; Pena, J., 1962 :
Relation between the n-acetylneuraminic acid contents of blood serum in mothers and their new-born babies

Rebenfeld, L.; Virgin, W.P., 1957:
Relation between the X-ray angle of cottons and their fiber mechanical properties

Kasai, Z.; Konishi, S., 1960:
Relation between the abnormal accumulation of phosphorus in their death process and phosphorus nutrition of the magnesium deficient rape plant