Section 15
Chapter 14,169

Report on experiments with silage-maize and fodder-beet grown as the main and the second crop.

Steikhardt, H.G.

Z. landw. Vers. u. UntersuchWes 8(1-2): 44-60


Accession: 014168648

In numerous trials throughout E. Germany, the yields of WIR 25 and Schindelmeiser silage maize and Altenburger Tonne and Rote Walze fodder beet when grown (sowing or planting date, late May-early June) after a winter catch crop of fodder rye were approx. 30% lower than when they were grown as main crops (sowing about late Apr.). The root/leaf ratios for fodder-beet as main and second crop were 1/0.35 and 1/0.43, respectively.

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