Section 15
Chapter 14,171

Research on technical improvement of rice culture on badly drained fields. V. Physiological characteristics of rice varieties as related to yield. 5. Varietal differences in H2S-oxidation activity of rice roots.

Yamaguchi, H.; Shiratori, K.; Hatano, R.

Proc. Crop Sci. Soc. Japan, 26: 193


Accession: 014170255

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H2S-oxidation activity, investigated in connexion with differences in resistance to Akiochi disease, varied with H2S concentration and pH of cultures. Oxidative substances in the root ceils appear to have some part in the process. Late varieties showed higher root-H2S oxidation than early ones where seedlings were grown under high temperatures. There was a positive correlation between Eh6 of the rice-root cell sap and H2S oxidation of the roots.

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