Section 15
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Researches on the technical improvement of Rice culture on ill-drained fields. (1) Chemical characteristics of akagare paddy soils and classification of them with reference to the occurrence of the so-called 'akagare'. (2) Influence of the reductive condition of paddy soil on the occurrence of the 'akagare' disease. (3) Influence of the supply of hydrogen sulphide, butyric acid, and ferrous compounds by solution culture upon the plant growth

Yamaguchi, H.; Shiratori, K.; Koizumi, A.

Proc. Crop Sci. Soc, Japan 26(1): 3-7


Accession: 014170694

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From a comparative study at the Chiba Agricultural Experiment Station of soil samples from 31 rice fields affected by 'akagare' disease and 17 normal fields it was found that factors contributing to the disorder were potassium deficiency, abundant humus in badly-drained soil, deficiency of ferric compounds and oxygen in surface soil, excess of ammonium nitrogen, and the presence of butyric acid, ferrous compounds, or hydrogen sulfide.

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