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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 14182

Chapter 14182 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Charles, Arthur, E., 1961:
Selection and breeding of the coconut palm

Jeske, W., 1960:
Selection and care of bulls used for artificial insemination

Nordskog, A.W.; Festing, M., 1962:
Selection and correlated responses in the fowl

Kuppers-Sonnenberg, G.A., 1958:
Selection and cross breeding in Jerusalem artichoke since the second world war

Basualdo, M.; Rodríguez, E.M.; Bedascarrasbure, E.; D.J.ng, D., 2007:
Selection and estimation of the heritability of sunflower (Helianthus annuus) pollen collection behavior in Apis mellifera colonies

Ortman, E.E.; Sorensen, E.L.; Painter, R.H.; Harvey, T.L.; Hackerott, H.L., 1960:
Selection and evaluation of pea aphid-resistant alfalfa plants

Gibson, P.B.; Beinhart, G.; Halpin, J.E.; Hollowell, E.A., 1963:
Selection and evaluation of white clover clones. I. Basis for selection and a comparison of two methods of propagation for advanced evaluations

Halpin, J.E.; Gibson, P.B.; Beinhart, G.; Hollowell, E.A., 1963:
Selection and evaluation of white clover clones. II. The role of midsummer diseases

Beinhart, G.; Gibson, P.B.; Halpin, J.E.; Hollowell, E.A., 1963:
Selection and evaluation of white clover clones. III. Clonal differences in branching in relation to leaf area production and persistence

Mendes, L.O.T., 1959:
Selection and improvement of derris. I. A study of a population of 235 derris plants

Mendes, L.O.T., 1959:
Selection and improvement of derris. I. Study of a population of 235 plants of D. urucu (Killip & Smith)

Mendes, L.O.T., 1959:
Selection and improvement of derris. II. Study of a population of 153 plants of D. nicou Benth

Nieuwhof, M., 1961:
Selection and inbreeding depression in Brassica crops

Moat, A.G.; Peters, N.; Srb, A.M., 1959:
Selection and isolation of auxotrophic yeast mutants with the aid of antibiotics

Ljubimov, L.T., 1960:
Selection and matching for butterfat type in dairy cattle breeding

Djjackov, I.N., 1958:
Selection and matching in Karakul breeding

Zirnov, I.E.; Efremov, M.S.; Burleva, A.D.; Korytcina, O., 1963:
Selection and matching in crossbreeding with pigs.

Forestier, J., 1961:
Selection and mineral nutrition of robusta coffee.)

Ivanov, N.D., 1958:
Selection and mutual relations between organisms

Bowers, F.A.I.; Nakasone, H.Y., 1960:
Selection and naming of a new guava variety

Cooper, J.P., 1960:
Selection and population structure in Lolium, IV. Correlated response to selection

Cooper, J.P., 1959:
Selection and population structure in Lolium. I. The initial populations

Cooper, J.P., 1959:
Selection and population structure in Lolium. II. Genetic control of date of ear emergence

Cooper, J.P., 1961:
Selection and population structure in Lolium. V. Continued response and associated changes in fertility and vigour

Cooper, J.P., 1959:
Selection and population structure in Loliutn. III. Selection for date of ear emergence

Mancini, E., 1956:
Selection and preservation of sugar-beet varieties resistant to flowering

Torres, J.P.; Dionido, P.B.; Zamora, A., 1962:
Selection and propagation of rambutan in Oriental Mindoro, Philippines

Schwanitz, F., 1959:
Selection and race formation in cultivated plants. (Genetics and twentieth century Darwinism.)

Kriebel, H.B., 1960:
Selection and testing for sugar yield in Acer saccharum L

Vincent, G., 1958:
Selection and transference of varieties of forest trees.

Suarez, D.Castro, F., 1960:
Selection and treatment of coffee seed

Anonymous, 1962:
Selection and treatment of vegetable seed

Ilinca, P., 1961:
Selection and use in wine-making of yeasts selected from vineyards in the Rumanian People's Republic

Bekedam, M., 1963:
Selection and use of A. I. bulls.

Dorman, K.W., 1961:
Selection as a method of tree breeding

D.Haan, H., 1960:
Selection at a young stage

Lime, D.Faria, A., 1962:
Selection at the molecular level

Boceta Duran, V., 1956:
Selection by associations. Organisation of cattle improvement and of a national scheme for control of dairy production by associations of selective breeders

Sirinskij, M.A., 1962:
Selection by the measurement of curls and adequate feeding of pregnant ewes are important factors in breed improvement in Karakul husbandry

Solov'ev, A.A., 1962:
Selection by the roots, a new trend in breeding wheat for drought resistance.

Lazenby, A.; Rogers, H.H., 1962:
Selection criteria in grass breeding. I

Miller, D.G., 1962:
Selection efficiencies of nondestructive strength tests

Noda, K.; Tunekawa, T.; Itoh, H.; Katoh, Y., 2007:
Selection experiment on body weight for increasing the proportion of standard egg-size in Japanese quail

Roder, W., 1962:
Selection experiments with Astragalus cicer L.

Shanahan, G.J., 1960:
Selection fop high-order resistance to ' dieldrin ' in Lucilia cuprina Wied

Tahorl, Alexander, S., 1963:
Selection for a fluoroacetate resistant strain of house flies and investigation of its resistance pattern

Jinks, J.L., 1959:
Selection for adaptability to new environments in Aspergillus glaucus

Fraser, A.S.; Kindred, B.M., 1960:
Selection for an invariant character, vibrissa number, in the house mouse. II. Limits to variability

Fraser, A.S.; Kindred, B.M., 1962:
Selection for an invariant character, vibrissa number, in the house mouse. III. Correlated responses

Kindred, B., 1963:
Selection for an Invariant Character, Vibrissa Number, in the House Mouse. IV. Probit Analysis

Wolfe, H.G., 1961:
Selection for Blood-Ph in the House Mouse

Siegel, P.B., 1962:
Selection for body weight at eight weeks of age. 1. Short term response and heritabilities

Siegel, P.B., 1963:
Selection for body weight at eight weeks of age. 2. Correlated responses of feathering, body weights, and reproductive characteristics

Siegel, P.B., 1962:
Selection for breast angle at eight weeks of age. 1. Gene interactions and heritabilities

Siegel, P.B., 1963:
Selection for breast angle at eight weeks of age. 2. Correlated responses of feathering, body weights and reproductive characteristics

Elzenga, G., 1962:
Selection for chemical strains in Digitalis purpurea L

Roderick, T.H., 1960:
Selection for Cholinesterase Activity in the Cerebral Cortex of the Rat

Strinskii, M.A., 1962:
Selection for curl size, and a high plane of nutrition for pregnant ewes-important factors of stud work in Karakul breeding

Jinks, J.L., 1957:
Selection for cytoplasmic differences

Breese, E.L., 1959:
Selection for differing degrees of out-breeding in Nicotiana rustica

Van Steveninck, R.F.M.; Cruickshank, I.A.M., 1956:
Selection for disease resistance in linseed

Kriebel, H.B., 1963:
Selection for drought resistance in Sugar Maple

Morley, F.H.W., 1956:
Selection for economic characters in Australian Merino sheep. 7. Interactions between genotype and plane of nutrition

Kol'cova, E.V., 1957:
Selection for economically valuable characters in hybrid plum seedlings.

Konig, I., 1961:
Selection for economy of fleshing by measuring the cross section of musculus longissimus dorsi

Skaller, F., 1960:
Selection for egg production

Merritt, E.S., 1962:
Selection for egg production in geese

Falconer, D.S.; Robertson, A., 1956:
Selection for environmental variability of body size in mice

Young, S.S.Y.; Turner, H.N.wton; Dolling, C.H.S., 1963:
Selection for fertility in Australian Merino sheep

Hansson, A.; Kindkvist, G., 1962:
Selection for general and specific combining ability with regard to body weight in mice

Legates, J.E.; Farthing, B.R.; Cockerham, C.C., 1958:
Selection for growth and maternal performance in mice

Fejer, S.O., 1962:
Selection for herbage production under four generations of inbreeding in lines of perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.), and its effects on related characters

Bowman, J.C., 1959:
Selection for heterosis

Robertson, A., 1962:
Selection for heterozygotes in small populations

Hetzer, H.O.; Harvey, W.R.; Peters, W.H., 1963:
Selection for high and low fatness in Duroc and Yorkshire swine

Fejer, S.O., 1960:
Selection for high and low productivity in perennial rye-grass (Lolium perenne L.). I. Heritability study of early generations

Plssarev Plsarev, V.E., 1957:
Selection for higher protein content in spring wheat

Cooper, J.P.; Edwards, K.J.R., 1959:
Selection for leaf area in ryegrass

Finker, R.E.; Doxtator, C.W.; Hanzas, P.C.; Helmerick, R.H., 1962:
Selection for low and high aspartic acid and glutamine in sugar beets

Eles, Z.; Tomcsanyi, P., 1960:
Selection for maintaining the purity of tree fruit varieties

Jonas, H.J., 1961:
Selection for milk yield and butterfat content in herd-book cows in South Hanover-Braunschweig.

Jonas, H.J., 1961:
Selection for milk yield and fat content in South Hanover-Brunswick herdbook herds.

Cooper, J.P., 1961:
Selection for nutritive value

Cooper, J.P., 1960:
Selection for production characters in ryegrass

Chung, C.S., 1957:
Selection for quantitative characters in rats : Pt. I: Comparisons of the predicted with actual gains from selection of parents of inbred progeny. Pt. II: Interaction of effectiveness of selection with different feeding regimens

Roderick, T.H., 1963:
Selection for radiation resistance in mice

Platonova, R.N.; Sacharov Saharov, V.V., 1963:
Selection for radioresistance and resistance to chemical mutagenes in diploid and tetraploid forms of buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum)

Jaap, R.George, 1963:
Selection for rapid growth rate in chickens

Cockrem, F., 1959:
Selection for relationships opposite to those predicted by the genetic correlation between two traits in the house mouse (Mas musculus)

Peacock, H.A.; Wilsie, C.P., 1957:
Selection for resistance to seed pod shattering in birdsfoot trefoil (Lotus corniculatus L.)

Bain, D.C., 1962:
Selection for root-knot resistance in red clover

Doxtator, C.W.; R.H.Helmerick, 1962:
Selection for seed size in monogerm varieties

Knowles, R.P., 1963:
Selection for seed yield and quality in crested wheatgrass, bromegrass, and intermediate wheatgrass

Drolsom, P.N.; Nielsen, E.L., 1963:
Selection for seedling disease tolerance in smooth bromegrass

Robertson, A Lan., 1961:
Selection for several characters

Korkman, Nils, 1961:
Selection for size in mice in different nutritional environments

Glasgow, J.P., 1961:
Selection for size in tsetse flies

Taylor, N.L.; Henson, L., 1956:
Selection for southern anthracnose resistance in red clover varieties

Snyder, F.W., 1963:
Selection for speed of germination in sugar beet

Richharia, A.K., J.; Govinda-Swami, S., 1963:
Selection for spikelet fertility in induced tetraploid rices

Stern, C., 1958:
Selection for sub-threshold differences and the origin of pseudoexogenous adaptations

Pobisch, A., 1957:
Selection for teat number and shape in herds included in the pig herd-books as an aid to improvement in rearability

Shaklee, William, E.And, C.W.Knox, 1956:
Selection for thyroid weight in New Hampshire chickens

Britten, E.J.; Palafox, A.L.; Matsumoto, H., 1959:
Selection for toxicity in single plants of Indigofera endecaphylla by biological assay

Young, S.S.Y.; Weiler, H., 1961:
Selection for two correlated traits by independent culling levels

Peacock, H.A.; Wilsie, C.P., 1960:
Selection for vegetative vigor and seed setting in birdsfoot trefoil (Lotus corniculatus L.)

Weber, Charles, R., 1957:
Selection for yield in bulk hybrid soybean populations with different plant spacings

Heger, A., 1957:
Selection forest and natural forest.

Vestjordet, E., 1960:
Selection forest in the limelight again.

Saukel, F.P., 1959:
Selection forests in the Bayerische Wald.

Kostler, J.N., 1958:
Selection forests in the Bregenzer Wald

Ranchez, P.F., 1960:
Selection in F2 hybrids of Harom x Samsoun Turkish tobacco

Lerner, I.M.; Dempster, E.R., 1957:
Selection in animal improvement

Encev, Ja., 1956:
Selection in breeding field crops.

Barrett, E.R., 1960:
Selection in bunch and single planted sugarcane seedling nurseries at Louisiana State University

Vaquero, D.B.M., 1959:
Selection in dairy cattle.

Harvald, B.; Hauge, M., 1963:
Selection in diabetes in modern society

Moraes, V.H.F., 1963:
Selection in native hevea forests

Moraes, V.H.D.F., 1963:
Selection in native rubber trees

Emery, D.A.; Dunn, G.M., 1956:
Selection in smooth Bromegrass for resistance to Pyrenophora bromi (Died.) Drechsl

Litvinenko, F.P., 1958:
Selection in the breeding of perennial forage plants.

Skjervold, H.; Odegard, A.K., 1959:
Selection index for combined pheno-type test-family-and ancestor-selection in pigs

Lush, J.L., 1961:
Selection indexes for dairy cattle

Lehmann, R.P.; Gaines, J.A.; Carter, R.C.; Bovard, K.P.; Kincaid, C.M., 1961:
Selection indexes for weanling traits in beef calves

Tabler, K.A.; Touchberry, R.W., 1959:
Selection indices for milk and fat yield of Holstein-Friesian dairy cattle

Fukuhara, S., 1961:
Selection indices for radish.

Georgieva, R., 1958:
Selection indices in the early stages of development of potato hybrids.

Mooney, J.W.C., 1961:
Selection management in the tropical moist semi-deciduous forests of Ghana

Malm, N.R.; Hittle, C.N., 1963:
Selection methods for improving persistence of red clover

Pogossian, S.A., 1963:
Selection methods for vines in the U.S.S.R

Poly, J., 1959:
Selection methods in French cattle and sheep breeding.

Latter, B.D.H., 1963:
Selection methods in pasture plant breeding

Minkema, D., 1962:
Selection methods in pig breeding

Minkema, D., 1963:
Selection methods in pigs.

Orillo, F.T.; Valdez, R.B., 1961:
Selection of Coffea species and varieties resistant to coffee rust in the Philippines

Orillo, F.T.; Valdez, R.B., 1962:
Selection of Coffee species and varieties resistant to rust

Henrard, G., 1961:
Selection of Cyclamen persicum Mill. based on the form of the young corm.

Endemann, W.; Egerer, A., 1963:
Selection of F1 tobacco hybrids for blue mould resistance

Viksne, A., 1959:
Selection of Gooseberries

Cao WeiPing; Wang JinYao; Feng ShuLiang; Wang RongYan; D.L.Xin; Song Jian; Chen HongYin, 2007:
Selection of HFW-05 strain by UV mutagenesis of Beauveria bassiana and its virulence to Bemisia tabaci nymph

Langby, C.W.; Dun, R.B., 1959:
Selection of Merino sheep for fleece weight

Dunlop, A.A.; Young, S.S.Y., 1960:
Selection of Merino sheep: an analysis of the relative economic weights applicable to some wool traits

Taneja, G.C.; Bhatnager, D.S., 1958:
Selection of Murrah buffaloes for milk yield on the basis of udder conformation

Bonilla, J.A.; Rava, C.A., 1963:
Selection of Pinus pinaster seed on the basis of morphological characteristics of cones and seeds.

Ozolin, G.P., 1962:
Selection of Poplar for resistance to cytosporiosis and the Convex Shield Bug

Moneo, H.A.U.; Upitis, E., 1956:
Selection of Populations of the Granary Weevil Sitophilus granarius L. more resistant to Methyl Bromide Fumigation

Maisenhelder, L.C., 1961:
Selection of Populus clones for Southern bottomlands

Thomas, M.; Sarger, J., 1963:
Selection of Prunus mahaleb root-stocks for cherries

Zhdanov, L.A., 1958:
Selection of Sunflower for resistance to broom rape and rust

Collado Montes, M.; Rafols, W.D., 1957:
Selection of T. kok-saghyz (Rodin)

Oppenoorth, F.J.; Dresden, D., 1958:
Selection of a BHC-reslstant Strain of Drosophila melanogatter Mg

Lobanov, Yu. V., 1960:
Selection of a basis for calculation in determining the capacity of chutes for moving timber through hydro-electric dams (with loose floating).

Wittmann, G., 1959:
Selection of a heat-resistant variant of foot and mouth disease virus

Saraswat, D.S.; Clark, W.; Reinbold, G.W., 1963:
Selection of a medium for the isolation and enumeration of enterococci in dairy products

Chapman, P.J.; Lienk, S.E.; Avens, A.W.; White, R.W., 1962:
Selection of a plant spray oil combining full pesticidal efficiency with minimum plant injury hazards

Parkin, E.A.; Lloyd, C.J., 1960:
Selection of a pyrethrum-resistant strain of the grain weevil, Calandra granaria L

Cadotte, M.; Deschenes, L.; Samson, R., 2007:
Selection of a remediation scenario for a diesel-contaminated site using LCA

Duport, M.; Sandulesco, M.; Sandesco, I.; Cristesco, A., 1962:
Selection of a resistant strain of A. labranchiae atroparvus by exposure of the larvae to DDT

Nelson, P.V.ctor; Boodley, J.W., 1963:
Selection of a sampling area for tissue analysis of carnation

Kirkpatrick, M.E.; Lamb, J.C.; Dawson, E.H.; Eison, J.N., 1957:
Selection of a taste panel for evaluating the quality of processed milk

Ballinger, W.E.; Mason, D.D., 1960:
Selection of a tissue for use in strawberry nutritional studies

Rusakov, L.F.; Zvyagintseva, M.E.I., 1959:
Selection of agricultural crops for immunity-a further means of raising yield

Dotzenko, A.D.; Haus, T.E., 1960:
Selection of alfalfa lines for their ability to germinate under high osmotic pressure

Fedeev, A.D., 1957:
Selection of associates for Oak in shelterbelts.

Lubin, M., 1959:
Selection of auxotrophic bacterial mutants by tritium-labeled thymidine

Bauman, N.; Davis, B.D., 1957:
Selection of auxotrophic bacterial mutants through diaminopimelic acid or thymine deprival

Csongrady, Z.; Kiss, E., 1956:
Selection of bacteria suitable for making butter cultures.

Csongrady, Z.; Kiss, E., 1956:
Selection of bacteria suitable for making butter cultures. A quick method for selecting flavour producing microbes.

Adelberg, E.A., 1958:
Selection of bacterial mutants which excrete antagonists of antimetabolites

Inouye, T., 1961:
Selection of barley varieties resistant to stripe mosaic.

Guevara, C.; J.; Patino, G.; Casas, E., 1960:
Selection of bean varieties resistant to seed weevil

Garn, S.M., 1957:
Selection of body sites for fat measurement

Anonymous, 1962:
Selection of bulls and evaluation of breeding value.

Anonymous, 1957 :
Selection of bulls for artificial breeding

Probine, M.C.; Mccabe, W.J.; Shannon, P., 1958:
Selection of bulls for artificial breeding on basis of semen storage characteristics

Kataeva, E.I.; E.A., 1960:
Selection of cable systems for mountain skidding.

Sen, S.C., 1960:
Selection of cane fields in succession of ripening

Willcox, O.W., 1958:
Selection of cane varieties by nitrogen content

Banga, O.; D.B.uyn, J.W., 1956:
Selection of carrots for carotene content. III. Planting distances and ripening equilibrium of the roots

Banga, O.; Bruyn, J.W.D.; Bennekom, J.L.V.n; Keulen, H.A.V.n, 1958:
Selection of carrots for carotene content. IV. Reduction in the gas exchange of the soil

Banga, O.; D.B.uyn, J.W.; Van Bennekom, J.L.; Van Keulen, H.A., 1963:
Selection of carrots for carotene content. V. The effect of the soil moisture content

Wilkinson, P.R., 1962:
Selection of cattle for tick resistance, and the effect of herds of different susceptibility on Boophilus populations

Enescu, V.; Birlanescu, E.; Costea, A., 1963:
Selection of certain elite populations of Robinia pseudacacia and possibilities of their multiplication by vegetative means

Russell, W.A., 1957:
Selection of chlorosis resistant apple seedlings

Thorsrud, J., 1958:
Selection of clones in the strawberry variety Abundance

Oger, Y., 1960:
Selection of cows for the suitability of their udders for mechanical milking. Uniformity of the quarters

Zhukovskiip. M., 1960:
Selection of cultivated plant varieties for disease resistance

Khan, A.H.; Qureshi, S.A., 1962:
Selection of cytologically stable and otherwise useful recombinants at hexaploid or octoploid level from Triticum-Agropyron hybrids

Bonde, R.; Simpson, G.; Akeley, R.; Merriam, D., 1957:
Selection of desirable seedlings for the leaf roll resistance breeding program

Platonova, R.N.; Saharov, V.V., 1962:
Selection of diploid and autotetraploid forms of buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum Moench.) for radioresistance.

Komissarov, D.A., 1962:
Selection of favour able conditions for rooting cuttings.

Engelmann, C., 1957:
Selection of feedbygeese

Sanchez-Monge, E.; Ramirez, D., 1956:
Selection of fertility in rye

Shelton, Maurice, 1959:
Selection of fine-wool rams based on record of performance data

Maris, B., 1962:
Selection of first-year seedlings for maturity period

Kiritani, K., 1959:
Selection of fitter type nuclei in heterocaryons of Aspergillus oryzae

Wohlert, W.; Senff, G., 1960:
Selection of fodder-beets on the basis of protein content by means of the blue number method

Menzel, E.W., 1960:
Selection of Food by Size in the Chimpanzee, and Comparison with Human Judgments

Sokolova, A.N., 1958:
Selection of fowls for high production and adaptability to low temperature

Sokolova, A.N., 1960:
Selection of fowls on the basis of adaptation to low environmental temperature

Tefertiller, K.R.; Baker, C.B., 1962:
Selection of freshening dates that will maximize dairy profits. An application of linear programming using DHIA data from Northern Illinois

Kasza, D.S., 1957:
Selection of grape varieties

Zavoronkov, P.A., 1958:
Selection of hardy pear varieties in the southern Urals.

Crescini, F., 1957:
Selection of hemp grown in Italy

Chang, S.-Y.; Hsieh, S. t.-N.; Hsieh, S.H.u, W.-S., 1963 :
Selection of high yielding strains of Streptomyces fradiae, the source of neomycin

Glazyrin, V.A., 1961:
Selection of high-yielding and frost-resistant clones of the Unshu mandarin.

Atkins, M.D.; Mcmullen, L.H., 1958:
Selection of host material by the Douglas-Fir beetle

Kasickina, M.I., 1959:
Selection of hybrid strawberry seedlings at an early stage of development.

Kalnozols, A.E., 1963:
Selection of initial material and hybrids of potato resistant to potato nematode.

Guevara, C.; J.; Patino, G.; Casas, E., 1960:
Selection of kidney bean varieties resistant to the bean weevil

Van Eijnatten, C.L.M., 1962:
Selection of kola trees from kola farms at Agege

Lukovnikova, L., 1960:
Selection of lactic streptococci for the preparation of cultures.

Nawara, W., 1962:
Selection of lambs of mountain sheep for breeding purposes.

Orel, V.; Musil, F.; Znojilova, V., 1956:
Selection of laying hens according to quality of eggs and its effect on egg yield ; also on the correlation between the several properties of eggs

Falconer, D.S., 1960:
Selection of mice for growth on high and low planes of nutrition

Hasche, Max Ruetger, 1962:
Selection of nematodes resistant to anthelmintics

Pinotti, L.; Campagnoli, A.; Maggioni, L.; Paltanin, C.; Cheli, F.; Dell' Orto, V.; Savoini, G., 2007:
Selection of new markers for animal by-products characterization by classical microscopy

Pichel, R.; J., 1956:
Selection of oil palms in the Belgian Congo

Carrante, V., 1959:
Selection of oil-plant seeds

Savcenko, N.A., 1961:
Selection of onions by the free intervarietal crossing method.

Pigatti, A.; Mello, E.J.E.; Pigatti, P., 1962:
Selection of organic insecticides in the laboratory for control of a pest of Eucalyptus Thyrinteina arnobia (Gramer 1758).

Bhatia, D.E.; Singh, P., 1962:
Selection of oviposition sites by the desert locust (Schistocerca gregaria Forsk.) in relation to vegetation density

Williams, W., 1959:
Selection of parents and family size in the breeding of top fruits

Birecki, M.; Roszak, W., 1957:
Selection of perennial grass-legume mixtures for crop rotations. Part I.

Gurgel Filho, O.A.; Pasztor, Y.P.D.C., 1962:
Selection of phenotypes in P. elliottii Eng. cultures

Csire, L., 1958:
Selection of piglings by growth rate and the value of selection in improving food utilisation and carcass quality

Voitko, D.I., 1958:
Selection of pigs on development and production

Brown, C.L.; Goddard, R.E.; Klein, J., 1961:
Selection of pine seedlings in nursery beds for certain crown characteristics

Srivastava, R.P., 1963:
Selection of planting material for banana

Girgidov, D.J.; Dolgolikov, V.I., 1962:
Selection of plus trees of Picea abies and their vegetative propagation.

Broekhuizen, J.T.M., 1957:
Selection of poplars of the section Aigeiros

Kameraz, A.Ya., 1959:
Selection of potato for resistance to the Colorado beetle.

Zubeldia Lizarduy, A., 1960:
Selection of potato seedlings for earliness

Kato, N.; Nasu, K., 1961:
Selection of potato varieties for diverse uses in the future.

Swiezynski, K., 1958:
Selection of potatoes for useful characters

Swiezynski, K., 1959:
Selection of potatoes for useful characters. II. Variation of the plant

Swiezynsei, K., 1960:
Selection of potatoes for useful characters. III. Selection for productivity and earliness of tuber formation

Snyder, J.C.; French, C.E., 1957:
Selection of product line for a fluid milk plant by activity analysis

Seo Sung; Kim WonHo; Kim JongGuen; Choi GiJun; K.J.ngMin; Lim SiGyu, 2007:
Selection of promising forage crops and variety for forage production in paddy field. 3. Yeongnam region (Milyang)

Bogoljubskii, S.I., 1963:
Selection of pullets by external characters.

Ter Horst, K., 1962:
Selection of pulses in Surinam. 4. V. sinensis

Ter Horst, K., 1961:
Selection of pulses in Surinam. 5. Ph. radiatus

Ter Horst, K., 1961:
Selection of pulses in Surinam. V. Phaseolus radiatus

Ter Horst, K., 1961:
Selection of pulses in Suriname. 3. The soybean

Bohac, J., 1961:
Selection of red pepper for early onset of the reproductive phases, by means of certain characters of the seed and transplanting material

Lewis, H.E.; Masterton, J.P.; Ferres, H.M., 1958:
Selection of representative sites for measuring changes in human subcutaneous tissue thickness

Baldacci, E.; Corbetta, G., 1957:
Selection of rice lines and varieties resistant to cryptogamic diseases

Schiel, E.; D.O.ivero, E.G.; Yepes, M., 1960:
Selection of root nodule bacteria

Hoogland, R.R., 1961:
Selection of rye by means of leaf counting

Hoogland, R.F., 1962:
Selection of rye by means of leaf counting. 2. Further data

Aziz, M.A.; Bhatti, H.M.; Majid, A., 1962:
Selection of salt tolerant varieties of wheat

Shubin, E.M.; Krasheninin, P.F., 1960:
Selection of salts for processed cheese manufacture.

Maric, B., 1962:
Selection of seed stands of conifers in Serbia.

Livencov, S.M., 1960:
Selection of selfed lines of maize for combining ability.

Cojocaru, C.; Focsa, C., 1961:
Selection of some yeast strains specifically for the production of compressed yeasts from molasses

Menard, L.N.; Vencovsky, R.; Campos, G.H., 1961:
Selection of soyabean (Glycine max (L.) Merril) varieties. 1. Analyses of nutritive value.

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Selection of walnuts

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Selection system as a modern biological rationalisation method

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Selective cultivation of swine erysipelas bacilli.

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Selective fertilisation

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Selective fertilization in apples.

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Selective fertilization in hybridization of geographically widely-separated forms of lucerne.

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Selective Fertilization in Lima Beans

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Selective fertilization in sesame and its utilization in hybridization.

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Selective fertilization of new apple varieties and the selection of pollinators.

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Selective fungicides may be the answer

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Selective Gametocide Opens Way to Hybrid Cotton

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Selective grazing by sheep as shown by a comparison of the chemical composition of range and pasture forage obtained by hand clipping and that collected by esophageal-fistulated sheep

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Selective grazing by sheep of two forage species at different stages of growth

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Selective herbicides and growth regulators

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Selective herbicides for forage legumes

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Selective insecticides for vegetable leaf-miner control and parasite survival

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Selective media for some Pasteurella species

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Selective medium as a guide to the identification of some phytopathogenic bacteria, especially Pseudomonas savastanoi

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Selective Medium For The Detection Of Lactobacillaceae In Foods

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Selective medium for the isolation of V. fetus and other vibrios from contaminated material, with special reference to the inhibition of proteus.

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Selective medium for the isolation of brucella from contaminated samples

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Selective medium for the isolation of coliform bacteria.

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Selective memory biases for words reflecting sex-specific body image concerns

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Selective pre-bloom controls of some orchard insect pests

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Selective sites for the absorption of triolein-14C and oleic acid-14C in the small intestine.

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Selective uterine or pancreatic lesions by calciphylactic system

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Selective utilization of butyric acid by some aerobic soil micro-organisms.

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Selective versus clear cutting in Radiata Pine Stands

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Selective weed control in rice

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Selective weed control with Amiben

Anonymous, 1960:
Selective weedkiller

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Selective wild oat control

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Selective, chemical epilation in the treatment of tinea capitis as contrasted with the diffuse x-ray epilation

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Selectivity and efficiency of the acido-soluble extraction in sequential extraction procedure

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Selectivity and mode of action of N-(3-chloro-4-methylphenyl)-2-methylpentanamide

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Selectivity and mode of action of N-chloro-4-methyl-phenyl)-2-methylpentanamide

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Selectivity of different glyphosate-derived herbicides to soybean RR

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Selektivni herbicidi kao sredstva za unistavanje Korova

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Selerotinia libertiana on tomatoes.

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Self and cross incompatibilities in some sweet potato varieties and seedlings

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Self feeding of dairy cows

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Self feeding of fattening pigs

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Self fertility and cross fertility of Siberian currant varieties.

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Self fertility in P. omorica

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Self fertilization and population variability in the higher plants

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Self fertilization and the effect of insecticides on the fertility of Tanguis cotton

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Self heating of wood fibre

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Self incompatibility in the Angiospermae in relation to plant breeding

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Self of ions in soil. II Anions

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Self pollination of maize with an addition of foreign pollen.

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Self pollination, of sugar beet.

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Self-pollination of anemones

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Self-powered rotary cultivators in forestry work.

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Self-propelled wagon for hand weeding in tree nurseries

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Self-protecting orchards.

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Self-pruning in Scots Pine stands on better (I-III) sites.

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Self-switch mist helps propagating

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Self-unloading barges for timber transport.

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Selfed Western White Pine seedlings exhibit slow growth in field

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Selfed lines as initial material for selection.

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Selinum carvifolia (L.) L. in Britain

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Sell hogs?

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Selling even more milk

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Selling milk by machine

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Seltene Helminthcn in deutschcn Farmnerzen

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Semen production in male mink

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Semen quality and fertility in mink

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Semi-arid and arid land forestry.

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Semi-automated updating of polygon boundaries in the Forest Map of Spain

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Semi-automatic apparatus for dispensing smetana.

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Semi-automatic cheese smearing machine.

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Semi-automatic dry scrubber for C.A. apple storages

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Semi-automatic panel-sizing machine for particle boards and fibreboards.

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Semi-automation for diluting ram semen.

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Semi-lethality in hybrid offspring of wheat

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Semi-sterile processing of whipped cream and coffee cream

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Semi-sterility in some two-rowed varieties of Barley for malt and the Barley stripe mosaic virus as its possible cause

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Semi-synthetic high-energy diet for piglets artificially reared from the second day of life.

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Semiautomatic watering of seedlings

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Semichemical pulps from coppice wood to be used in newsprint.

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Semicoarse-wooled fat-rumped sheep in South Kirgizia

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Semiconducting tensiometers for deciding agrochemical problems.

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Semifine-wooled fat-tailed sheep in mountain districts of Kabardino-Balkar

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Semifine-wooled sheep in Karachaevo-Cherkessy

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Semilethal complementary factors in a tomato species hybrid

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Semimicrodetermination of bromides. Application to physiological fluids

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Seminal congestion in a bull

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Seminal vesiculitis in the bull

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Seminar on mycotio infections. North American blastomycosis

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Seminar on parasitic diseases with special reference to thiabendazole

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Seminar on problems of the nutritional advisory service in the country 6th to 8th June 1961.

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Seminar on the Role of Salt in Cardiovascular Hypertension, College of Medicine of University of Florida, January 1961

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Seminar on the question of labour force in Czechoslovak agriculture with particular consideration of rural youth

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Seminicro determination of uric acid in blood

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Semino-vesiculitis in a bull at an artificial insemination centre

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Seminole a high-yielding, good quality, downy and powdery mildew-resistant cantaloupe

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Semiochemicals for biting fly control: their identification and exploitation

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Semisterility in the interspecific hybrid Melilotus polonica x M. alba

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Semiwild rice and wild rice in El Salvador (Central America)

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Sending forest products by rail.

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Seneciosis or grass staggers of. horses in Basutoland

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Senile changes in the oestrous cycle and in ovarian structure in some inbred strains of mice

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Senna today

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Sense and senselessness of guiding images or the characteristics of peasant economy and the dangers of its destruction

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Sense organs in the antennae of Anopheles maculipennis atroparvus (v. Thiel), and their possible function in relation to the attraction of female mosquito to man

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Sensibilite au D.D.T. des adultes provenant du croisement d'une souche d'Aedes aegypti sensible avec une souche d'Aedes aegypti resistante

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Sensibilite aux insecticides chlores des larves de Culex fatigans et d'Anopheles aquasalis en Guyane franc aise

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Sensibilite de certains anopheles au DDT et au HCH en relation avec la saison et la temperature

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Sensibilite de differents lepidopteres a la souohe Anduze de Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner

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Sensibilite des larves de deux souches d'Aedes aegypti aux insecticides chlores

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Sensible utilization of the area when growing forest plantations.

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Sensitive colorimetric method for determination of fructose

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Sensitive methods for the titrimetric microdetermination of biological calcium and magnesium

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