Section 15
Chapter 14,184

Sexual versus asexual reproduction in Glomerella

Wheeler, H.E.

Mycologia 48(3): 349-353


ISSN/ISBN: 0027-5514
DOI: 10.2307/3755352
Accession: 014183682

Isolates of Glomerella cingulata ob-tained directly from nature fall in 1 of 3 cultures types: those that produce fertile perithecia only, those that produce conidia only, and those that produce both fertile perithecia and conidia in the same culture. From an isolate of 1st type, which produced only fertile perithecia on commonly used organic media, a mutant of the 2d type was obtained, which on the same media, produced only conidia. Tests with culture filtrates showed that the perithecial culture produced a substance which inhibited conidial production and that filtrates from the conidial culture retarded perithecial formation and stimulated conidial production. Tests of a wide variety of media revealed that on nutrient agar the perithecial culture produced a few conidia as well as a few fertile perithecia. Since this medium was relatively unfavorable for conidial production by the conidial culture, conidial production by the perithecial culture on nutrient agar was thought to result from failure of this culture to produce sufficient quantities of the conidia-inhibiting substance to completely suppress conidial formation.

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