Section 15
Chapter 14,185

Silages of pumpkin and pumpkin mixtures. Difference of digestibility of silage with pumpkin added and the drainage of fluid from pumpkin silages.

Brune, H.; Zaddach, M.

Ztschr. Tierphysiol. Tierernahrung Futtermittelk 18: 321-340


Accession: 014184630

Silage made from mixtures of stubble clover, oil radish or sunflower with up to a third of fresh matter from pumpkin gave silage judged from acid content to be of very good quality. From digestibility with wethers feeding value was higher with the pumpkin. Silage made from maize and pumpkin was of good quality; digestible crude protein was higher with all mixtures than with maize alone; starch value was slightly higher with mixtures 2: 1 or 1: 1 but lower with 3: 1.

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