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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 14186

Chapter 14186 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Masatin, I.M., 1960:
Simple ways of mechanizing regeneration work.

Fedorovici, C., 1956:
Simple, transportable ramps for loading round timber.

Czulak, J., 1962:
Simpler approach to cheddaring

Butler, A.M.; Richie, R.H., 1960:
Simplification and improvement in estimating drug dosage and fluid and dietary allowances for patients of varying sizes

Bergmann, H., 1959:
Simplification and specialization in farm management

Vogel, E.C.; Zieve, L., 1961:
Simplification in the measurement of total fecal fat

Burzynski, J., 1959:
Simplification of Malecot's method of computing coefficients of relationship and inbreeding among diploid individuals

Hylmar, B.; Teply, M., 1962:
Simplification of a new method for checking S.T. milk pasteurization.

Nyerges, F.; Bodo, L.; Dienes, K., 1956:
Simplification of butterfat recording of Hungarian spotted cattle.

Oltmann, W., 1956:
Simplification of crossing technique by emasculation by cutting in self-pollinating cereal species

Sturrock, F.G.; Wallace, D.B., 1960:
Simplification of farming systems

Ridray, G.; Lacordaire, A.I., 2007:
Simplification of integrated biological control on cucumber under cover with Amblyseius swirskii

Hamann, U., 1961:
Simplification of leaf roll virus infections with M. persicae by treating the infection source at low temps

Steinberg, Marvin, P., 1963:
Simplification of method for calculating the weight per gallon of fluid dairy products

Pencev, P., 1963:
Simplification of method for study of gaseous exchange in man.

Szonntag, J., 1958:
Simplification of oxidation-reduction potential measurements in dairy products, particularly in cheese.

Konekamp, A.H.; Alfred Makus, 1961:
Simplification of production or specialization. An example of adaptation of a medium-sized peasant farm growing grain and fodder crops in a highland region

Silverman, G.J.; Wolin, A.J.; Kosikowski, F.V., 1959:
Simplification of standard methods for salt analysis in cheese

Petrillo, R.L., 1956:
Simplification of the cell count for the diagnosis of mastitis milks.

Springer, U., 1958:
Simplification of the sulphacetolysis technique for the determination of humic matter.

Roth, F.J.; Jackson, W.; Delay, P.D., 1959:
Simplified Gutzeit test for arsenic

Freeman, A., 1957:
Simplified Jeptospirosis diagnosis

Lagoni, H.; Peters, K.H., 1959:
Simplified Rose-Gottlieb technique for the determination of free fat in cream and milk during whipping and churning.

Kunze, R.J.; Kirkham, D., 1962:
Simplified accounting for membrane impedance in capillary conductivity determinations

Nair, K.R., 1956:
Simplified analysis of singly linked blocks

Heide, R.Van Der Russchen, J., 1957:
Simplified and improved method for the preservation of soil profiles.

Orsenigo, J.R.; Hussey, J.B., 1961:
Simplified application of acrolein to waterways: an experimental unit

Pritchard, W.M., 1961:
Simplified batch retort permits economic charcoal production

Lapina, A.A., 1962:
Simplified biological method for estimating vitamin D.

Jakovljevic, D.; Beattie, H.E., 1960 :
Simplified bulk growth of Vibrio foetus

Sandev, S.; Chobanov, D., 1963:
Simplified chromatographic estimation of organic acids in silages.

Athanail, G.; Cabaud, P.G., 1958:
Simplified colorimetric method for true blood glucose

Carroll, M., 1961:
Simplified data-handling techniques for particle board and hardboard

Mantel, W., 1962:
Simplified determination of browsing and bark-scaling damage by game.

Bingley, J.B., 1959:
Simplified determination of molybdenum in plant material by 4-methyl-1, 2-dimercaptobenzene, dithiol

Velten, R.J.; Goldin, A.S., 1961:
Simplified determination of stron-tium-90. Preferential extraction of yttrium with tributyl phosphate

Tani, R.; Oyari, P., 1962:
Simplified dithizone method for determining zinc in soils.

Caplinskij, V.V., 1961:
Simplified formula for the serum protein fractions in healthy persons

Cawley, L.P.; Eberhardt, L., 1962:
Simplified gel electrophoresis. 1. Rapid technic applicable to the clinical laboratory

Doty, A.E., 1961:
Simplified laboratory technique for the volumetric measurement of gaseous fumigants

Muller, K.-H., 1959:
Simplified layouts in complex experiments

Yagi, Kunio, 1956:
Simplified lumiflavin method for the microdetermination of flavin compounds in animal tissues

Andreae, B., 1960:
Simplified management. Practical possibilities and their limitations

Pijanowski, E., 1959:
Simplified method for ash determination in cheese in connection with general analysis of cheese.

Aule, O., 1962:
Simplified method for control of coliform organisms in raw milk

Knowles, J.P.; Prankerd, T.A.; Westall, R.G., 1960:
Simplified method for detecting formiminoglutamic acid in urine as a test of folic-acid deficiency

Mikhel'son, Kh. K., 1959:
Simplified method for determining available Cu in soils.

Mclintock, J., 1960:
Simplified method for maintaining Culex pipiens Linnaeus in the laboratory (Diptera: Gulicidae)

Cole, J.W.; Ramsey, C.B.; Epley, R.H., 1962:
Simplified method for predicting pounds of lean in beef carcasses

O'brien, C.; Szabuniewicz, M.; Sorensen, A.M., Jr., 1963:
Simplified method for semen collection from rams and billies

Li, P.N., 1956:
Simplified method for the diagnosis of Babesia ovis in the tick Rhipicephalus bursa.

Lutskova, M., 1957:
Simplified method for the preparation of koumiss from cows' milk.

Haenel, H., 1963:
Simplified method of detecting vitamin B12 with Poteriochromonas stipitata.

Kornienko, V.S.; Chumachenko, I.N., 1957:
Simplified method of determining available phosphate in carbonate soils of Uzbekistan.

Segeta, V., 1963:
Simplified method of determining the cold resistance of maize on emergence

Fried, R.; Hoeflmayr, J.; Buch Fink, E.; Eibl, R., 1963:
Simplified method of estimating esterified fatty acid in serum.

Fischer, C.C.; Whitman, M.A., 1959:
Simplified method of infant feeding: bacteriologic and clinical study

Modiga, M.; Caproiu, S.; Tircomnicu, D.; E.A., 1961:
Simplified methods for measuring resistance of soil to tillage.

Knutsson, Gosta., 1960:
Simplified methods of farm management planning

Cokl, M., 1959:
Simplified methods of measuring increment.

Mcgavin, M.D., 1961 :
Simplified photography of gross pathological specimens

Weaver, H.A., 1956:
Simplified procedure for sampling soil moisture

Diehl, O., 1962:
Simplified procedure of testing breeding lines of potato for resistance to wart

Inselberg, Edgar, 1959:
Simplified procedures for radioassay and autoradiography of plant materials

Clem, M.A.; Mosier, C.C.; Sprague, G.F., 1956:
Simplified punched card procedures for predicting double cross performance

Connerty, H.V.; Briggs, A.R.; Eaton, E.H., 1958:
Simplified rapid method for the fixation of paper electrophoretograms

Carr, J.J.; Drekter, I.J., 1956:
Simplified rapid technic for the extraction and determination of serum cholesterol without saponification

Eyles, D.E.; Cowlishaw, S.J., 1959:
Simplified rations for poultry at pasture

Maruniewicz, W.; Glowacki, F., 1959:
Simplified recording of productivity helps in achieving better quality bacon

Grosman, P.R., 1962:
Simplified selection of hens

Robson, D.S.; Baker, J.A., 1958:
Simplified standards for live virus vaccines

Negroni, D.B., Marta, B., 1962:
Simplified technique for the identification of yeast-like fungi in the clinical laboratory

Richards, D.B., 1958:
Simplified tension tests for wood

Osmon, K.L.; Zinn, W.J.; Wharton, G.K., 1957:
Simplified test of fat absorption; comparison of serum turbidity, chylomicronemia, and total lipid values after fat test meal

Elghamry, W.; Elashkar, M., 1962:
Simplified textural classification diagrams

Schorer., 1960:
Simplified volume determination.

Aksennikova, A., 1963:
Simplifying the calculation of milk production and the butterfat percentage.

Simon, M., 1956:
Simplifying the spring work in sugar-beet cultivation. Present prospects

Strehlke, B.; Peine, J., 1957:
Simplifying the transport of cordwood by bundling.

Leite, G., 1958:
Simposio sobre esquistossomose. Organizado pelo Hospital Naval do Salvador

Glickstein, A.; Babb, E.M.; French, C.E.; Green, J.H., 1963:
Simulate your way to sound decisions

Ortega, A., 1960 :
Simulated forms of Frohlich's syndrome

Peters, L.V., 1962:
Simulated grazing studies with Sudangrass

Afanasiev, M.M.; Lyda, S.D.; Mills, I.K., 1960:
Simulated hail injury to sugar beets

Pepper, D.A.; Eliasson, P.E.; McMurtrie, R.E.; Corbeels, M.; Agren, G.I.; Stromgren, M.; Linder, S., 2007:
Simulated mechanisms of soil N feedback on the forest CO2 response

Grierson, W.; Hayward, F.W.; Oberbacher, M.F., 1960:
Simulated packing, shipping, and marketing experiments with Valencia Oranges

Vazquez, R.; Taylor, S.A., 1958:
Simulated root distribution and water removal rates from moist soil

Borren, W.B.euten, W., 2006:
Simulating Holocene carbon accumulation in a western Siberian watershed mire using a three-dimensional dynamic modeling approach

Woodall, C.W.; Fiedler, C.E., 2005:
Simulating silvicultural treatments using FIA data

Shanahan, T.M.; Overpeck, J.T.; Sharp, W.E.; Scholz, C.A.; Arko, J.A., 2007:
Simulating the response of a closed-basin lake to recent climate changes in tropical West Africa (Lake Bosumtwi, Ghana)

Vimoke, B.S.; Taylor, G.S., 1962:
Simulating water flow in soil with an electrical resistance network

Holmberg, H.; Ahtila, P., 2006:
Simulation model for the model-based control of a biofuel dryer at an industrial combined heat and power plant

Welsch, D.L.; Cosby, B.Jack.; Hornberger, G.M., 2006:
Simulation of future stream alkalinity under changing deposition and climate scenarios

Fraser, A.S., 1962:
Simulation of genetic systems

Fraser, A.S., 1958:
Simulation of genetic systems by automatic digital computers

Fraser, A.S., 1957:
Simulation of genetic systems by automatic digital computers. I. Introduction

Fraser, A.S., 1957:
Simulation of genetic systems by automatic digital computers. II. Effects of linkage on rates of advance under selection

Barker, J.S.F., 1958:
Simulation of genetic systems by automatic digital computers. III. Selection between alleles at an auto- somal locus

Barker, J.S.F., 1958:
Simulation of genetic systems by automatic digital computers. IV. Selection between alleles at a sex-linked locus

Fraser, A.S., 1960:
Simulation of genetic systems by automatic digital computers. VI. Epistasis

Fraser, A.S., 1960:
Simulation of genetic systems by automatic digital computers. VII. Effects of reproductive rate, and intensity of selection, on genetic structure

Fraser, A.S.; Hansche, P.E., 1963:
Simulation of genetic systems. Major and minor loci

Mukhopadhyaya, P.N.; Jha, M.; Muraleedharan, P.; Gupta, R.R.; Rathod, R.N.; Mehta, H.H.; Khoda, V.K., 2006:
Simulation of normal, carrier and affected controls for large-scale genotyping of cattle for factor XI deficiency

Rubinshtein, K.G.; Gromov, S.S.; Ignatov, R.Y., 2007:
Simulation of snow cover characteristics with atmospheric general circulation models

Mello, A.A. de; Balbinot, R.; Sanquetta, C.R., 2004:
Simulation of the carbon content in povoamentos of Pinus taeda L. In the South of the State of the Parana, under different regimes of handling

Wang, C-Fang.; Hsu, M-Hsi.; Liu, W-Cheng.; Hwang, J-Shiou.; Wu, J-Tzong.; Kuo, A.Y., 2007:
Simulation of water quality and plankton dynamics in the Danshuei River estuary, Taiwan

Sun ZhiHui; Gao De; Zheng Dayu; Wang FengLin, 2007:
Simulation research on decoupling theory for vibration isolation system of refrigeration system engine and dynamic optimized design of frame structure

Smerdon, B.; Mendoza, C.; Devito, K., 2007:
Simulations of fully coupled lake-groundwater exchange in a subhumid climate with an integrated hydrologic model

Araujo Abreu, M.M.M.De., 1961:
Simulideos angolanos (Diptera: Simuliidae). Estudo realizado na regiao do posto administrative de Neves Ferreira (Cuemba) sobre a ecoJogia e biologia do Simulium damnosum. Descricao duma nova especie e duma nova variedade de Simulium

Hidalgo Escalante, E., 1959:
Simulidos del Estado de Morelos (Dipt. Simuliidae)

D.Leon, J.R., 1957:
Simuliid vectors of onchocerciasis in Guatemala

Lewis, D.J., 1963:
Simuliidae (Diptera) from the human onchocerciasis area of Venezuela

Lewis, D.J.; de Aldecoa, R.I., 1962:
Simuliidae and their relation to human onchocerciasis in northern Venezuela

Lewis, D.J., 1957:
Simuliidae and their relation to onchocerciasis in the Sudan

Dem'yanchenko, G.F., 1959:
Simulitdae as ectoparasites of farm animals.

Duke, B.O., 1962:
Simulium aureosimile Pomeroy, a possible vector of Onchocerca volvulus

Lewis, D.J., 1959:
Simulium flies-pest of man and beast

Gillies, M.T., 1958:
Simulium in Southern Arabia

Barnley, G.E.; Prentice, M.A., 1958:
Simulium neavei in Uganda

Duke, B.O.L., 1962:
Simuliwn aureosimile Pomeroy, a possible vector of Onehocerca volvulus

Kozlovskaya, L.S.; Zhdannikova, E.N., 1961:
Simultaneous activity of earthworms and of the microflora in forest soils.

Katz, J.H.; Dimase, J.; Donaldson, R.M., Jr., 1963:
Simultaneous administration of gastric juice-bound and free radioactive cyanocobalamin: rapid procedure for differentiating between intrinsic factor deficiency and other causes of vitamin B12 malabsorption. J

Mizukami, Y.; Sawai, Y.; Yamaguchi, Y., 2007:
Simultaneous analysis of catechins, gallic acid, strictinin, and purine alkaloids in green tea by using catechol as an internal standard

Brun, W.A., 1960:
Simultaneous and continuous recordings of photosynthesis and transpiration from the upper and lower surfaces of intact banana leaves

Persson, Y., 1962:
Simultaneous antibiotic treatment and artificial insemination in cows returning to insemination.

Nasatir, M.; Bryan, A.M.; Rake, A., 1961:
Simultaneous appearance of free arginine and deoxyribosidic compounds during mitosis

Gericke, S.; Barmann, C., 1958:
Simultaneous application of lime and phosphate fertilizer to forest.

Gericke, S.; Barmann, C., 1958:
Simultaneous application of lime and phosphate in the forest.

Palmer, C.A., 1963:
Simultaneous Bilateral Ocular Haemorrhages In Scurvy

Jiang, J.; Zhang, R.; Li, R.; Gu, J-Dong.; Li, S., 2006:
Simultaneous biodegradation of methyl parathion and carbofuran by a genetically engineered microorganism constructed by mini-Tn5 transposon

Holmes, J.W.H., 1963:
Simultaneous cases of photosensitisation

Flipse, L.P.; Van Belle, O.C., 1962:
Simultaneous control of scab and chlorosis

Siddiqi, Z.A.; Rajani, V.G.; Singh, O.P., 1959:
Simultaneous control of sugarcane termite and shoot borers through soil application of gamma BHC liquid and its boosting effect on crop yield

Maclennan, K.J.R.; Aitchison, P.J., 1963:
Simultaneous control of three species of Glossina by the selective apDlication of insecticide

Thomas, W.I.; Eldredge, J.C., 1960:
Simultaneous conversion of inbred lines of popcorn to cytoplasmic male sterility and pollen restoration

Vago, C., 1958:
Simultaneous cryptogamic virulence towards a plant and an insect

Pedersen, J.; Lund, J.; Ohlsen, A.S.; Kristensen, H.P. o., 1959:
Simultaneous deficiency of iron and vitamin B12. Dimorphic anaemia

Poutsiaka, J.W.; Keysser, C.H.; Thomas, B.G.; Linegar, C.R., 1962:
Simultaneous determination in dogs of liver and kidney functions with bromosulfalein and phenolsulfonephthalein

Asha Kumari Lal; Tan GuanHuat; Chai MeeKin, 2006:
Simultaneous determination of Diazinon, Malathion and Quinalphos pesticide formulations by gas chromatography with an electron capture detector

Kuksis, A.; Vishwakarma, P., 1963:
Simultaneous Determination Of Krebs Cycle Acids By Gas-Liquid Chromatography

Nowosielski, O.; Sklodowski, P., 1963:
Simultaneous determination of available nutrients in soil by means of Aspergillus niger. Magnesium and zinc.

Springer, U.; Klee, J., 1958:
Simultaneous determination of carbon and nitrogen by means of the Springer-Klee rapid method.

Moors, S.; Blaszkewicz, M.; Bolt, H.M.; Degen, G.H., 2007:
Simultaneous determination of daidzein, equol, genistein and bisphenol A in human urine by a fast and simple method using SPE and GC-MS

Ouyang, X-Kun.; Jin, M-Cong.; He, C-Hong., 2007:
Simultaneous determination of four sesquiterpene alkaloids in Tripterygium wilfordii Hook. F. extracts by high-performance liquid chromatography

Zhou, J.; Shen, J.; Xue, X.; Zhao, J.; Li, Y.; Zhang, J.; Zhang, S., 2007:
Simultaneous determination of nitroimidazole residues in honey samples by high-performance liquid chromatography with ultraviolet detection

Szekeres, L.; Polgar, E.B., 1960:
Simultaneous determination of phosphate and sulphate ions in the presence of metal contaminants

Wolff, G.L.; Bakay, B., 1963:
Simultaneous distillation of water and extraction of fat from mouse carcasses and tissues

Martin, B., 1959:
Simultaneous drilling of mixed seed of cereal and lucerne

Alifax, R.; Bejambes, M., 1958:
Simultaneous estimation of iron and copper in milk and milk products

Huang, K.C.; Bondurant, J.H., 1956:
Simultaneous estimation of plasma volume, red cell volume and thiocyanate space in unanesthetized normal and splenectomized rats

Ahmad, Nazir, H.J.Krotki., 1963:
Simultaneous estimation of population growth; the Pakistan experiments

Scheeer, K.E.; Kautz, G., 1956:
Simultaneous estimation of rate of incorporation of 45Ca and 32P into the bones of young rats with healing rickets

Francke, C.; Robert, W.N., 1957:
Simultaneous estimation of the life of erythrocytes and half-life of metal-binding globulin

Perkitny, T., 1956:
Simultaneous gluing and impregnation of railway sleepers by the 'Imperkol' method.

Dillon, F.; C. ].; Real, F.; Dillon, D.; F. ]., 1963:
Simultaneous grafting and rooting of citrus under mist

Silich, V.A.; Shevtsova, Z.V., 1962:
Simultaneous immunization against brucellosis and Q fever.

Antonenko, V.I., 1962:
Simultaneous immunization against swine fever and swine erysipelas.

Paraf, A.; Asso, J.; Fougereau, M.; Verge, J.; Dhennin, L.D.ennin, L., 1962:
Simultaneous immunization of cattle against foot and mouth disease with Types A and C live, avirulent viruses.

Burdov, A.N., 1962:
Simultaneous immunization of farm animals against anaerobic and aerobic infections: combined vaccine against anthrax, malignant oedema and blackleg.

Hartwigk, H.; Untermann, F., 1962:
Simultaneous immunization of fowls against Newcastle disease and fowl pox

Pridham, T.J., 1961:
Simultaneous Immunization of Mink Against Virus Enteritis, Distemper and Botulism

Sheyanov, M.A., 1961:
Simultaneous immunization of pigs against erysipelas and swine fever.

Pogonyailo, G.F.; E.A., 1961:
Simultaneous immunization of pigs against swine fever and pasteurellosis.

Lysenko, I.P.; Tsymbal, A.M., 1961:
Simultaneous immunization of pigs againstswine fever, foot and mouth disease, Aujeszky's disease and swine erysipelas.

Ivanov, M.M., 1959:
Simultaneous immunization of sheep against brucellosis and paratyphoid.

Rossi, L., 1963:
Simultaneous immunization using a bivalent vaccine against swine erysipelas and swine fever.

Hajsig, M., 1957:
Simultaneous infection by T. verrucosum var. album and T. violaceum in Cattle

Hajsig, M., 1957:
Simultaneous infection in cattle with Trichophyton verrucosum var. album and T. violaceum.

Koppel, Z.; Polony, R., 1958:
Simultaneous infection with ornithosis and salmonellosis as cause of heavy losses on duck and goose farms.

Jackson, George, J., 1959:
Simultaneous infections with Plasmodium berghei and Trypanosoma lewisi in the rat

Embrey, M.P., 1961:
Simultaneous intramuscular injection of oxytocin and ergometrine: a tocographic study

Adesman, J.; Goldberg, M.; Castleman, L.; Friedman, I.S., 1960:
Simultaneous measurement of body sodium and potassium using Na22 and K42

Brown, W.L.; Young, M.K.; Seraile, L.G., 1957:
Simultaneous measurement of glucose and fructose

Franks, J.J.; Zizza, F., 1958:
Simultaneous measurement of plasma volume in man with T-1824 and an improved I131-albumin method

Verel, D., 1958:
Simultaneous measurement of plasma volume with dextran and Evans Blue: evidence for increased vascular permeability in oedema and infection

Lamprecht, H., 1962:
Simultaneous mutation of several genes in Pisum after treatment with ethyleneimine

Zielinska, M.; Wojnowska-Baryla, I., 2007:
Simultaneous nitrification and denitrification in immobilised biomass

Meyer, J.; Maldague, M., 1957:
Simultaneous observations on the microflora and microfauna of certain soils in the Belgian Congo.

orskov, I.; orskov. F.; Sojka, W.J.; Leach, J.M., 1961:
Simultaneous occurrence of E. coli B and L antigens in strains from diseased swine. Influence of cultivation temperature. Two new E. coli K antigens: K 87 and K 88

Altevogt, R., 1957:
Simultaneous occurrence of the different types of tubercle bacilli and the differential typing of mixturesof types

Pilaski, W.; Walden, O., 1957:
Simultaneous plowing-in of farmyard manure and commercial fertilizers to potato?

Kiourtsakis, C.; Nangniot, P.; Martens, P.H., 1958:
Simultaneous polarographic estimation of ascorbic acid and tin in fruit juices

Polyakov, A.A.; Ivanova, V.I.; Shakhalin, A.A., 1959:
Simultaneous preservation and disinfection of sheepskins with brucella

Dem'yanchenko, G.F.; E.A., 1960:
Simultaneous protection of cattle against Ixodid ticks and noxious Diptera.

Bambang Veriansyah; Kim JaeDuck; Lee YounWoo, 2007:
Simultaneous recovery of chromium and destruction of organics from LCD manufacturing process wastewater by supercritical water oxidation

Ghadimi, H.; Clarke, J.T.; Shwachman, H., 1961:
Simultaneous screening for mellituria and aminoaciduria

Yarwood, C.E., 1956:
Simultaneous self-stimulation and self-inhibition of uredospore germination

Matzinger, D.F.; Cockerham, C.C.ark, 1963:
Simultaneous selfing and partial diallel test crossing. I. Estimation of genetic and environmental parameters

Hecke, F., 1956:
Simultaneous serum-vaccine immunization against swine fever

Zore, V.A.; Tihonova, Z.I., 1963:
Simultaneous spectrometric estimation of Sn, Cu and Pb in fresh fish and some tinned foods.

Amador Hernandez, J.; Velazquez Manzanares, M.; Gutierrez Ortiz, M. del R.; Hernandez Carlos, B.; Peral Torres, M.; Lopez de Alba, P.L., 2005:
Simultaneous spectrophotometric determination of atrazine and dicamba in water by partial least squares regression

Papa, L.J.; Mark, H.B., Jr.; Reilley, C.N., 1962:
Simultaneous spectrophotometric determination of fructose and glucose mixtures by differential reaction rates. Application to blood serum analysis

Paolucci, G.; Scorza, P., 1960:
Simultaneous study of iron, unsaturated transferrin and free protoporphyrin IX in red cells in delayed anaemia of the premature

Conrad, J.P.; Vanoni, I.E., 1956:
Simultaneous symbiotic and non-symbiotic nitrogen-fixation

Varley, A.P.; G.S.T.lley., 1962:
Simultaneous target planning for farms and the area

Hubbeling, N., 1961:
Simultaneous testing of the resistance of Beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) for five diseases

D.Vries, D.A., 1958:
Simultaneous transfer of heat and moisture in porous media

Nagaich, B.B., 1960:
Simultaneous transmission of wound-tumour and Potato yellow dwarf viruses by Agallia constricta Van Duzee

Nagy, G.; Benedek, L., 1960:
Simultaneous tuberculin and brucellin testing.

Davis, M.V.; Mitchel, B.F.; Adam, M., 1960:
Simultaneous tuberculosis and coccidioidomycosis in an asymptomatic patient. Case report

Bityukov, P.A.; Orekhov, P.V., 1963:
Simultaneous use of chlorofos (trichlorpbon) against blood-sucking diptera and warble flies of cattle.

Bamberg, K.K., 1959:
Simultaneous use of trace elements and seed mordants.

Brinkman, D.; Burch, G.R.; Sanders, E.F.; Newberne, J.W., 1959:
Simultaneous vaccination against hog cholera and swine erysipelas

Doyle, T.M., 1956:
Simultaneousr inoculation of swine fever serum and crystal violet vaccine

Graf, A., 1956:
Sind wir im Begrifie, den Kartoffelnematoden (Heterodera rostochiensis) in die Schweiz einzuschleppen ?

Ghare, M.M.; Thakre, J.S., 1959:
Sindkheda 1-1 an improved variety of udid

Pearson, E.; Borgono, J.M.; Salcedo, M., 1960:
Sindrome meningeo en triquinosis

Meeroff, M.; Celestino, R., 1962:
Sindromes clinicos parasitologicos

Fossati, C., 1959:
Sindromes hipereosinofilicos. (Sindrome-de Locffler y eosinofilia tropical.)

Delfino, F., 1957:
Sindromi dei vitelli attribuite a strong Uoidiasi

Gracia, G.S.L., 2006:

Erickson, L.C., 1958:
Single and combined effects of herbicides and fertilisers on the control of spurry and the yield of oats

Ahrens, J.F.; Lukens, R.J.; Olson, A.R., 1963:
Single and repeated applications of pre-emergence crabgrass killers on turf

Suwa, T., 1960:
Single cell culture of Xanthomonas oryzae (Uyeda et Ishiyama) Dowson, the causal organism of bacterial leaf blight of Rice plant.

Morris, J.A.; Skaller, F., 1958:
Single crossing between White Leghorn and Australorp

Hsieh, S.C.; Liu, Y.K.; Liu, J., 1960:
Single dose hetrazan treatment of filariasis

Friedman, L.; Derbes, V.J.; Tromovitch, T.A., 1960:
Single dose therapy of tinea capitis

Gobel, G., 1961:
Single feed mixtures for rearing and fattening chickens

Redei, G.P., 1962:
Single locus heterosis

NELP.W.B.; McAFEE.J.G.; WAGNER.H.N., 1963:
Single measurement of plasma radioactive vitamin B12 as a test for pernicious anemia

Von Samson-Himmelstjerna, G.; Blackhall, W.J.; McCarthy, J.S.; Skuce, P.J., 2007 :
Single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) markers for benzimidazole resistance in veterinary nematodes

Simões, M.; Bahia, D.; Zerlotini, A.; Torres, K.; Artiguenave, Fçois.; Neshich, G.; Kuser, P.; Oliveira, G., 2007:
Single nucleotide polymorphisms identification in expressed genes of Schistosoma mansoni

Bartley, B.G., 1956:
Single plant selection in cacao improvement

Beddows, A.R., 1958:
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Single vs. split potassium applications for Coastal Bermudagrass

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Single-dose treatment of oxyuriasis with pyrvinium embonate

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Single-factor analysis in population dynamics

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Single-laboratory validation for the determination of terpene lactones in Ginkgo biloba dietary supplement crude materials and finished products by high-performance liquid chromatography with evaporative light-scattering detection

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Single-runner sledge semi-trailer for transporting tree-length logs.

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Single-service packages in the Swiss dairy industry.

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Single-service plastic containers for packaging pasteurized milk in small plants.

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Single-spore inoculation and increase applicable to the rust fungi

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Single-stage fermentation of dairy effluent.

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Single-stage sequencing batch process for producing class A biosolids from AD effluent at terminal island treatment plant

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Single-stage vacuum cooling of whole sweetened condensed milk.

Anonymous, 1957:

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Sinja Jubilejna, a new plum variety.

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Sink projects, emission trade and forestry

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Sinking funds on collective farms

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Sinomenine promotes differentiation but impedes maturation and co-stimulatory molecule expression of human monocyte-derived dendritic cells

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Sir George Stapledon-an appreciation

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Siratro, a new perennial tropical pasture legume

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Sire and dam effects on hemagglutination titers in avian eggs following inoculation with Newcastle disease virus

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Sire evaluation by progeny testing

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Sire evaluation from five-month daughter records

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Sire progeny testing

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Sire testing in Ontario. Beef bulls rated on the performance of progeny

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Sireptosporangium bovinum sp. nov. from Cattle hoofs

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Sires in A. I. carry great responsibility

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Sirex - a threat to the timber industry?

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Sirex woodwasps and exports to Australia.

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Siri breed of cattle

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Sisal breeding

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Sisal in Madagascar

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Sistan doubles the crop of gladioli

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Sistema escretore canalicolare acquifero in protoscolici di Echinococcus granulosus al microscopic a contrasto di fase

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Sister and daughter groups as a measure of selection for the poultry flock register

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Sister chromatid exchanges in tritium labeled chromosomes

Taylor, J.H., 1958 :
Sister Chromatid Exchanges in Tritium-Labeled Chromosomes

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Site and soil characteristics of Bamboo forests

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Site catena on sandy soils.

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Site classification.

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Site conditions in areas best suited to Spruce in Slovakia.

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Site conditions in the Bohmerwald and Beskid ranges with special reference to sites best suited to Spruce.

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Site conditions of local

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Site conditions on the Windberg near Freital

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Site evaluation studies in red pine plantations in Michigan

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Site factors affecting the growth of Quercus pedunculiflora in recent plantations.

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Site factors and the use of fertilizers with L. leptolepis in the Netherlands.

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Site fertility related to soil nitrogen, exchangeable cation balance

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Site index curves of Pyrenean-oak (Quercus pyrenaica Willd.) stands

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Site index determination and methods of procedure.

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Site index of two Pines on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee

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Site influences and natural enemies as factors of natural control of larval populations of Melolontha in a forest area (Lorsch, Hesse).

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Site investigations in the afforestation area of Kiskunhalas.

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Site mapping at the

Anonymous, 1957:
Site mapping in Nordrhein-Westfalen.

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Site of action of tolbutamide in the dog

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Site of development of the lungworm Muellerius capillaris in experimentally infected lambs

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Site of disease resistance induced by plant-growth regulators in tomato

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Site of egg white protein formation

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Site of fatty acid absorption

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Site of localization and effects of swine nasal virus in experimental pigs

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Site of Origin and Extent of Activity of Amylases in Maize Germination

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Site of origin of plasma triglyceride

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Site of spruce budworm egg masses on their preferred hosts in the Lake States

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Site of synthesis of alkaloids in some plants

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Site of synthesis of protein-bound iodine in the thyroid

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Site of zygote formation in Escherichia coli

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Site preparation aids pine seeding in Ouachitas

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Site preparation and container type. Effects on growth of round-leaved Japanese holly

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Site preparation benefits Pine seeding and planting in Texas

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Site preparation by manual and mechanical means on degraded lands in Malaya

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Site preparation for reforestation, using a D-7 crawler tractor with angle dozer

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Site preparation with the SFI double cultivator.

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Site quality & tree root morphology in Northern Rhodesia

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Site quality and actual yield.

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Site quality and nutrition uptake in Sal (Shorea robusta) forests of U.P. and Bihar

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Site quality and tree root morphology in Northern Rhodesia

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Site quality for Douglas-Fir and Ponderosa Pine in Northwestern California as related to climate, topography, and soil

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Site quality of Yellow Poplar in relation to soil factors in the coastal plain of New Jersey

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Site requirements of Poplar varieties.

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Site studies and site mapping in the Augsburg district.

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Site studies on forest vegetation in the sand region of the Kisalfold.

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Site surveying and mapping in bavarian Swabia.

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Site types of fen moor as a basis for reclamation plans & projects.

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Site, aetiology and inheritance of spastic paresis in cattle. I

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Site, etiology and inheritance of spastic paresis in cattle. 2. Supplies of Mn in healthy animals and those with spastic paresis.

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Site, forest community and yield.

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Site- and species-specific differences in endophyte occurrence in two herbaceous plants

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Site-adapted forest management.

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Site-adapted yield determination within the framework of management surveys.

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Sites of absorption of vitamin B12

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Sites of origin and removal of blood ammonia formed during glycine infusion: effect of L-arginine

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Sites of oviposition by Hypoderma bovis on cattle

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Sites of protein and ribonucleic acid synthesis in the cell

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Sites of protein synthesis as shown by radioautography after administration of S35-labelled methionine

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Sites, humus types, and ecological grouping.

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Siting silos

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Sitka Spruce at Bachelors Lodge

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Sitka seedling diseases

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Sitka-seedling diseases

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Sitophilus granarius (Curculionidae): outdoor occurrence in vicinity of a grain store

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Sitosterol in soft and hard wheats

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Sitosterol treatment of patients with high blood cholesterol

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Situacao arual da filariose no Para

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Situacion taxonomica de las especies del genero MeMisia S. J. Johnston, 1913 (Trematoda, Digenea)

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Situation and development of agriculture in Nepal

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Situation and development of fruit, vine, and vegetable cultivation in the RGW (Council for mutual economic assistance) member countries

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Situation and development of potato production and utilization in Europe in the light of agricultural economic theory

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Situation and prospects of (Italian) wine exports

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Situation and prospects of apricot growing in Italy

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Situation and prospects of coffee production in the state of Sao Paulo

Anonymous, 1961:
Situation and prospects of the production of coffee in the State of Sao Paulo

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Situation and prospects of wool production

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Situation and tendencies in agriculture in spring, 1960 from a survey amongst farmers

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Situation of agricultural artificial insemination cooperatives.

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Situation of casual producers: agricultural branch

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Situation report

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Situation report. Northern Nigeria

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Situation sanitaire au Maroc a l'egard des principales maladies parasitaires du bctaiL

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Siu-dies of animal parasites. II

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Siven americky (Salvelinus fontinalis Mitchill, 1815) v pramenech Cerneho potoka

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Six Combination Sprays in the Control of Insect Pests and Diseases of Cacao

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Six Darby tomato varieties released

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Six and 18-month changes in mild to moderate Alzheimer's patients treated with acetylcholinesterase inhibitors: what can we learn for clinical outcomes of therapeutic trials?

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Six breed crosses tested for lamb production

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Six decades of fire towers.

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Six larval trematodes from the snail, Littorina scutulata Gould of San Juan Island, U.S.A., and Vancouver, B.C

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Six new Borers on Orange. II. False Tip Borers

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Six new Histeridae, predators of wood borers, from the Belgian Congo.

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Six new Salmonella serotypes isolated at Fort-Lamy (Chad), including two from goat.

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Six potato trials

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Six principles of rural development

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Six ways of transmitting the ceratostomella disease of cacao

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Six weeks to garden sales for plants

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Six year summary report of corn variety test for ensilage under irrigated conditions at Kamloops, B.C

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Six year's observations on the physiological specialization of mildew (E. graminis DC.) on wheat and barley in Germany

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Six years experience with Metham-Na as a soil fumigant in the Netherlands

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Six years of antirabic vaccination indogs in Poland.

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Six years of fertilizer experiments carried out at the municipal tobacco plantations at Citta di Castelio in Umbria

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Six years of testing streptomycin-oxytetracycline for control of fire blight on Bartlett pear

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Six years' experience with metham-Na as a soil fumigant in the Netherlands

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Six years' lysimeter experiment on Satsuma orange (Unshiu Mikan). Part I. Loss of fertilizers applied to Satsuma orange

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Six years' observations on the physiological specialization of the true mildew (Erysiphe graminis DC.) of Wheat and Barley in Germany

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Six years' studies on nitrogen utilization by sugar cane plant using 15N as a tracer

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Six-Azauracil Treatment of Experimental Avian Lymphomatosis

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Six-year monitoring of non-target arthropods in Bt maize (Cry 1Ab) in the European corn borer (Ostrinia nubilalis) infestation area Oderbruch (Germany)

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Six-year results from a Maryland planting of Loblolly Pines from different seed sources

Little, S.; Tepper, H.B., 1959:
Six-year results from a Maryland planting of loblolly pines from different seed sources

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Sixteen-year survival following extensive resection of small and large intestine for thrombosis of the superior mesenteric artery

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Sixteenth Annual Meeting of the Central Surgical Association, Montreal, February 1959

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Sixteenth Report of the Committee for Colonial Agricultural, Animal Health and Forestry Research

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Sixteenth annual report, 1955-56.

Anonymous, 1960:
Sixth Annual Meeting of the Orthopaedic Research Society, Chicago, Ill., January 1960

Anonymous, 1956:
Sixth Annual Report, 1955

Anonymous, 1958:
Sixth Annual Symposium on Chemistry, Biochemistry and Metabolism of Lipids. Institute for Metabolic Research, Oakland, Calif., February 1958

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Sixth Conference of the Inter-American Technical Cacao Committee, 1956

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Sixth Report of the Rosewarne Experimental Horticulture Station and Ellbridge Sub-Station, 1960

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Sixth and seventh annual reports relating to the control of seed pathology from 1st April, 1953, to 31st May, 1954, and 1st June, 1954, to 31st May, 1955

Anonymous, 1958:
Sixth annual ice cream field survey of industry trends

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Sixtieth Annual (Winter) Meeting, December 27-30, 1963. Abstracts

Anonymous, 1963:
Sixtieth annual meeting of the American Association of Pathologists and Bacteriologists, Cincinnati, Ohio, April 1963

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Sixty cows a man

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Sixty years' existence of the Bavarian agricultural plant breeding Station, Weihenstephan. A review of the development of its work over the last 10 yr

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Sixty-eighth Annual Report of the Tennessee Agricultural Experiment Station, 1955

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Sixty-fifth Annual Report of the Agricultural Experiment Station, University of Minnesota, July 1,1957 to June 30,1958

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Sixty-five years of continuous wheat on reddish prairie soil in Central Oklahoma

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Sixty-second Annual Dairy Conference and Proceedings held in Wellington, June 26 & 27, 1956

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Size analysis of sand by a sedimentation technique

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Size and composition of rural families

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Size and fate of disintegrated small farms. Reasons for and effects of changes in the agrarian structure

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Size and form in the mushroom sporophore (Psalliota hortensis). I. Development of normal sporophores

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Size and form in the mushroom sporophore (Psalliota hortensis). II. Sporophore abnormalities

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Size and function of the bovine thyroid in some goitre regions of Croatia.

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Size and periodical schedule of work on individual peasant farms

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Size and quality of oranges as affected by oil and parathion sprays

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Size and returns of farms

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Size and shape of the terminal vegetative bud useful in classification of mango varieties

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Size and taxonomic constraints determine the seed preferences of Carabidae (Coleoptera)

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Size and uniformity of buckwheat grains.

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Size and yield of 12-year-old Valencia orange trees on various rootstocks in presence or absence of exocortis and xyloporosis viruses

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Size control program of the Saskatchewan Timber Board

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Size controlling apple rootstocks. (Their status in Virginia.)

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Size exclusion chromatography investigations of mechanical degradation of cellulose separated from Scotch pinewood (Pinus silvestris L.)

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Size memory of casein colloid particles

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Size of Elberta and J. H. Hale peaches during the thinning period as related to size at harvest

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Size of butterfat globules and vitamin A concentration in and suitability for processing of the milk of Jersey and Black Pied cows and their crosses.

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Size of farm holding and the 'Year-round worker'

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Size of farms in Baden-Wurttemberg

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Size of follicle and epithelium of the thyroid gland in pigs of certain breeds and production types

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Size of litters and fertility of Pulawy sows coming from these litters

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Size of microspheres passing through pulmonary circuit in the dog

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Size of necrotic lesions in stalks of Zea mays in relation to yield

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Size of sample for estimating ginning outturn of commercially ginned cotton

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Size of sweat glands in Shorthorn strains and Zebu X Shorthorn crossbred cattle

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Size of units for the appraisal of the conditions and results in forest management.

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Size, firmness, and time of ripening of fruit of seedlings of Fragaria virginiana Duch. crossed with cultivated strawberry varieties

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Size, shape, and number of plots for field experiments with tea

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Sizes of state farms and their branches on virgin soils in Kazakhstan

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Sizes of timber

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Sizing of the forest sector in Minas Gerais

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Sizing seed maize by machine

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Skeletal Abnormalities in the F(1) Generation of Mice Exposed to Ionizing Radiations

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Skeletal age and body development of children with severe anaemia

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Skeletal anomalies in swine

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Skeletal calcium retention in osteoporosis and in osteomalacia

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Skeletal changes associated with increased vitamin A ingestion

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Skeletal changes due to age in cattle

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Skeletal changes in endemic fluorosis

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Skeletal Clearance Of Ca47 And Sr85 And Skeletal Blood Flow In Dogs

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Skeletal deformity in children in the Arctic.

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Skeletal development of suckling kittens with and without supplementary calcium phosphate

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Skeletal fluorosis and its neurological complications

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Skeletal lesions following the ingestion of fluoridated water

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Skeletal lesions produced by chronic treatment with somatotrophic hormone (STH) and aminoacetonitrile (AAN)

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Skeletal lesions produced by semicarbazide and experimental analysis of the action of lathyrogenic compounds

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Skeletal maturation of the hand and wrist in West African children

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Skeletal maturation; an appraisal of concept and method

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Skeletal metabolism in estrogen-treated rats studied by means of Ca45

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Skeletal muscle glycogenosis: an investigation of two dissimilar cases

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Skeletal sclerosis due to chronic fluoride intoxication. Cases from an endemic area of fluorosis in the region of the Persian Gulf

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Skeleton weed

Tideman, A.F., 1961:
Skeleton weed - bane or blessing?

Greidanus, G., 1958:
Sketch of Netherland's agricultural policy

Bonnemann, A., 1957:
Skidding by assortment.

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Skidding by horses.

Hohenlohe Waldenburg, F.K.Zu, 1963:
Skidding cordwood on slopes, using a sectional chute.

Strehlke, B., 1958:
Skidding devices for cordwood and saw-timber using a horse-team and tractor.

Skobej, V.V., 1960:
Skidding lay-out with a slacking skyline.

Bossel, H., 1956:
Skidding logs and cordwood by direct labour.

Koch, 1962:
Skidding of stem wood with farm tractors. Experience with a simple modification.

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Skidding of thinnings by the Belarus tractor.

Croisoeuil, Y.D.Lepitre, C., 1960:
Skidding on rubber tyres.

Forsberg, G., 1960:
Skidding over bare ground-a new vehicle.

Turk, Z., 1959:
Skidding pans for timber extraction.

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Skidding small wood with the aid of a winch driven by power take-off from a motor saw.

Anonymous, 1958:
Skidding timber by cableways.

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Skidding timber in the mountains of

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Skidding timber on steep slopes by winch.

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Skidding time studies in the B.C. Southern Interior

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Skidding trees with crowns.

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Skidding with the Isachsen tractor-mounted winch.

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Skidding with the front-mounted winch of the Ferguson Fe-35 tractor, or with horses.

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Skilful processing broadens food uses for modern whey solids

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Skills and the hospitality sector in a transition economy: the case of front office employment in Kyrgyzstan

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Skim makes the grade-at 3.33 conversion rate

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Skim milk and cream as semen diluents

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Skim milk as cause of tuberculosis in cattle and pigs

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Skim milk powder and casein: some characteristics and trends

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Skim milk powder as a semen diluent

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Skim milk powder: recent developments

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Skim milk, grain and pasture for feeding pigs

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Skim-milk and dried skim-milk as supplement to cereals in the fattening of pigs.

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Skim-milk does, not acqsiire properties causing liver necrosis daring technical drying.

Gagnon, R., 1957:
Skim-milk on the farm.

Lang, K.; Pabst, W.; Griem, W., 1958:
Skimmed milk acquires no properties producing liver necrosis during commercial drying

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Skimmed milk acquires the property of producing liver necrosis during technical drying. Also a contribution to the knowledge of alimentary liver necrosis in the rat

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Skimmed milk and dried skimmed milk in different forms for fattening pigs with cereals

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Skimmed milk and kwashiorkor

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Skimmed milk for young cattle

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Skimmed milk in feeding early weaned piglets

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Skimmed milk vs. skimmed milk powder as feeds for bacon pigs

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Skin and feather favus in fowls.

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Skin and hair follicle development in goats

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Skin and hair of Black Pied cattle with two types of exterior

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Skin and skin-fold thickness in relation to the depth of subcutaneous fat in beef cattle

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Skin budding-a new method of propagating roses in winter and early spring

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Skin changes in hypocalcaemia

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Skin coating of fruit and vegetables

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Skin compatibility of different CBA sublines separated from each other in the course of a varying number of generations

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Skin cracking in the calyx region of Ingrid Marie apples

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Skin cracking in the grape variety Opsimo Souflion.

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Skin disease in a developing tropical country

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Skin disease in the Cuna Indians: dermatology and geography of the San Blas coast of Panama

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Skin diseases in South Africa

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Skin diseases in pigs

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Skin diseases in veterinarians.

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Skin drying in batch driers

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Skin folds and wool production in fine-wooled sheep

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Skin follicle types, ratios, and population densities in Rajasthan sheep breeds

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Skin gangrene of the bovine udder

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Skin grafting between sub-lines of inbred strains of mice

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Skin grafting in horses A report of three cases

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Skin grafting in the horse

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Skin homografts in dogs deficient in pyridoxine

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Skin homografts in the golden hamster

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Skin infection associated with listeria in man.

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Skin lesion tuberculosis in indigenous cattle in Uganda

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Skin lesions and tuberculosis in cattle

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Skin lesions in South African domestic animals with special reference to the incidence and prognosis of various skin tumours

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Skin lesions of demodectic mange in the goat

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Skin manifestations of hypovitaminosis A

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Skin measurements in evaluating beef cattle

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Skin necrosis as frost damage in potato tubers

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Skin penetration, tissue deposition and excretion of DDT: experiments on a cow with radioactively labelled DDT.

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Skin penetration, tissue deposition and excretion of labelled polychlorpinene.

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Skin Pigmentation in Buffalo Calves

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Skin russeting of three apple varieties caused by fungicidal sprays

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Skin sensitisation of guinea-pigs with atypical acid-fast bacilli

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Skin sensitivity to Madurella mycetomi in guineapigs

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Skin sensitivity to brucella strains and their antibiotic-resistant variants in rabbits

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Skin sensitivity to tuberculins in cattle vaccinated against Johne's disease

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Skin separation in soft dates

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Skin spot on potato varieties and species.

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Skin steroids in pantothenic acid-deficient rats

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Skin structure in animals of various constitutional types.

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Skin structure of F1 and F2 Transylvanian Merino X Turcana crossbreds in relation to wool characters

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Skin structure of Transylvanian Merinos in different environments

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Skin temperature after eating: evidence bearing upon a thermostatic control of food intake

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Skin temperature on the thorax and loins in clinically healthy cattle and in regions of referred pain in the foreign body syndrome

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Skin test and precipitation of blood serum with a non-agglutinogenic fraction from Br. abortus, in infected guinea-pigs. IV

Burki, F., 1957:
Skin test and precipitation of blood serum with non-agglutinogenic fraction of Brucella abortus in guinea pigs infected with the live organism

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Skin testing for filariasis with an homologous antigen

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Skin tests with paracoccidioidin, coccidioidin, and histoplasmin

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Skin thickness and wool density and fineness of Mutton Merinos

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Skin transplantation in horses and cattle.

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Skin tumours in dog and cat.

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Skin tumours of cats

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Skin-budding offers new possibilities for citrus propagation

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Skin-fold thickness in relation to body weight and arterial blood pressure

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Skin-fold thickness in the aged. Measurements in a sample of the London population

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Skin: General pathological considerations

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Skinfold measurements versus degree of overweight in the assessment of obesity

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Skinfold neutral fat in obese rats

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Skojarzone leezenie inwazji Taenia saginata

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Skordestroskningen och strasadens kvalitet. Combine harvesting and quality of the cereal

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Skratenie doby preliehavosti semien ceresne vtacej (Cerasus avium Moench.) a jarabiny vtacey (Sorbus aucuparia L.)

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Skrjabillanus Schigin et Schigina 1958, novy rod cizopasnych hlistic Camallanata Chitwood 1936 pro faunu CSR

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Skrjabingylus chitwoodorum (Nematoda: Metastrongylidae) in skunks in Illinois

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Skrjabinocaulus sofievi n.g., n.sp., a new nematode from the lungs of Capreolus capreolus.

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Skrjabinoparaksis arsenjevi n.sp. and its position in the Hymenolepididae.

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Skull changes associated with chronic anaemias in Papuan children

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Skull changes in infants with chronic iron-deficiency anemia

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Skull changes in iron deficiency anemia simulating congenital hemolytic anemia

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Skull growth from birth to adulthood in Papuans from the island of Biak (West New Guinea)

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Skumanie zivotaschopnosti nematodnych foriem-vajicok a lariev-v silazovanom krmive. Skumanie zivotaschopnosti neembryonovanych a embryonovanych vajicok Trichocephalus ovis

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Skusenosti s niektory mi antihelmintikami u koni

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Skusenosti s novym flotacnym roztokom pri helmintoovoskopickej diagnostike dikroceliozy oviec. Predbezna zprava

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Skusenosti s pouzitim dehelmintizacnych a dehelmintizacno profylaktickych metod v boji s faciolozou domacich zvierat

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Skusenosti z jarnej odcervovacej akcie hovadzieho dobytka v Presovskom kraji

Bakovic, D., 1959:
Skuta cheese.

Prost, E., 1959:
Skutecznoae badan trychinoskopowych w rzezniach

Hartgerink, N., 1959:
Sky-hook logging

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Sky-line cableways in mountain conditions.

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Skyline cranes in forestry.

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Slabwood bundling and rafting techniques

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Slant blood sedimentation in the diagnosis of cattle diseases.

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Slash Pine gum flow unaffected by seed origin

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Slash Pine seedling

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Slash Pine selected from nursery beds: 8-year performance record

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Slash collector.

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Slash disposal and seedbed preparation by tractor

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Slash fire behaviour correlates with fuel moisture indicator stick readings

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Slatted floor housing for cattle

Parker, W.H., 1962:
Slatted floors for fattening bullocks

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Slattertid och hokvalitet. Relationship between mowing time and hay quality

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Slaty cocoa

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Slaughter experiments with poultry of different weights with special reference to various breeds of domestic fowl and types of poultry

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Slaughter losses and yield of Wiltshire bacon

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Slaughter performance characters and measurements at the cross section between the 5th and 6th ribs in pigs and their relationship with each other.

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Slaughter performance of litter tested pigs in the light of the new evaluation procedure.

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Slaughter policy for the eradication of foot and mouth disease.

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Slaughter results at 40 kg. in pigs of various breeds and crosses.

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Slaughter value of fattened pigs of the Large White and Swedish Landrace breeds in relation to their final weights.

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Slaughter weight, carcase weight and percentage offal and bone in different breeds of sheep. Measurements on wether lambs in the years 1948-55

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Slaughter weight, dressing percentage, percentage waste and bone in different breeds of sheep. Check with ram lambs in 1948-55

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Slaughter yield of poultry

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Slaughter yield of suckled calves of the Romagna breed.

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Slaughter yield of the domestic goat

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Slaughter yield of wethers of the long-wooled type of Polish sheep.

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Slaughterhouses and the 1958 legislation

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Slaughtering establishments and refrigerated slaughterhouses in relation to the meat problem

Stefanescu-Merei, C., 1957:

Kistenfeger, J., 1959:
Sledges for skidding cordwood.

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Sledovanie bielkovin v krvi pri echinokokoze pecene a phuc u krav

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Sledovanie ucinku hydrazidu kyseliny kyanoetovej na Dictyocaulus filaria in vitro a u infestovanych oviec

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Sledovanie uiinnosti dietylkarbamazinu (hetrazanu) u oviec zamorenych dikroceliami

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Sleeve tests with malathion powders against DDT-resistant body lice

Anonymous, 1962:
Slender thistle

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Slender wheatgrass is susceptible to smut caused by Ustilago phrygica from Turkey

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Sliced veneer from Scots Pine.

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Slicewood, a promising new wood product

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Slicing Spruce and Beech into slats. (Effect of various slicing conditions on surface roughness).

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Slicing Spruce and Beech into slats. Effect of various slicing conditions on transverse deflection, checks, end break-off, and slat thickness.

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Slicing of fillets as an aid in detection and removal of codworms from Atlantic cod fillets

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Slicing of slats (effect of speed of cutting and of knife blunting on the quality of the cut.).

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Slide agglutination as a presumptive test in the laboratory diagnosis of Candida albicans

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Slide agglutination tests in the diagnosis of contagious bovine pleuropneumonia

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Slide rule for judging and grading beef carcases

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Slightly salinized soils of micro-hillocks amongst lake solonchaks of Inner Mongolia, Chinese People's Republic.

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Slime flow disease of Birch and other tree species

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Slime from air tanks of cleaning installations of paper factories as a nitrogen fertilizer.

Anonymous, 1957:
Slime prevention in paper mills

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Slime-flux disease on Birch and other woody species.

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Slimes and growths in the circuits

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Slip-proof floor for dairies.

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Slipon tanker-flame-thrower

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Sloes. Prunus spinosa, as a raw material in the fruit industry

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Slope failure characteristics and stabilization methods

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Slope-ratio liver storage bioassay for vitamin A

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Sloping land and the limited scope of its cultivation

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Slow Tests under soil moisture suction

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Slow acid production in hard cheese.

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Slow but sure progress in the control of Botrytis in viticulture

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Slow coagulating milk.

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Slow cooling of semen increases its activity

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Slow cooling prevents cold-induced damage to sperm motility and acrosomal integrity in the black-footed ferret (Mustela nigripes)

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Slow decline of citrus caused by the nematode Tylenchulus semipenetrans

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Slow milks and white spot development in Grana cheese.

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Slow release fertilizers for poinsettia pot plants

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Slow release fertilizers for potted chrysanthemums

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Slow wilt is attacking carnations

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Slow-acting nitrogen fertilizers of synthetic origin.

Anon., 1956:
Slow-speed tractor attachment

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Slowing down of the rate of growth of hair, beard and nails in the Antarctic

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Slowly acting nitrogen compounds, in particular crotonylidene diurea.

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Slowly digestible starch - its structure and health implications: a review

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Slowly soluble minerals and organic matter as a nutrient source for mycorrhizal fungi and for trees.

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Sludge thickening on small sites

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Slugs, serious pests of tobacco seedlings, and the results from control trials using various pesticides.

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Sluicing device or log kicker

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Slurry fertilizers: their formulation & potential uses

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Small agricultural production areas in the service of total farm extension

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Small amounts of insecticides effective in controlling grubs of the Japanese beetle

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Small animal metabolism apparatus

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Small arrowgrass causes cattle losses in the Cariboo

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Small berries on Vine in relation to crypto-deficiency of boron. Preliminary note

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Small bowel bacterial overgrowth. An underrecognized cause of malnutrition in older adults

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Small cabinets for controlled environments

G.K., 1956:
Small cable equipment - aids in mountain forests.

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Small Colony Variant in Candida Albicans

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Small crawler tractor problems and their solutions

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Small cysteine-rich peptides resembling antimicrobial peptides have been under-predicted in plants

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Small doses of vitamin K1 for correction of reduced prothrombin activity

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Small enterprises and structural improvements

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Small farm animals

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Small farm units

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Small farmers' behavior in regard to employment in the growing economy

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Small farms are most efficient

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Small four-wheeled tractors in forestry.

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Small fritted glass bead plates for determination of moisture retention

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Small fruit diseases in Michigan

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Small fruit growing. What the figures for 1959 show about development

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Small fruits on the Kola peninsula.

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Small fruits. The raspberry

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Small grain management experiments in Arkansas

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Small grain management experiments, fall 1956 through spring 1960

Anonymous, 1958:
Small grains

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Small holdings - the most serious problem in our agricultural policy today

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Small instestime transit time and magnesium absorption in the calf

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Small lakes in hilly regions: land improvement schemes of private or state responsibility?

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Small leaf rosette disease of apple in the Ukraine, the Crimea and Povolz'e.

Anonymous, 1958:
Small log mill