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Solubility characteristics of nitric phosphate fertilizers in calcareous soils, and comparative effectiveness in greenhouse pot cultures

Fuller, W.H.; Riley, W.F.; Seamands, D.

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 5(12): 935-941


ISSN/ISBN: 0021-8561
Accession: 014188118

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The availability to plants of phosphorus of some nitric phosphates from France, ammonium phosphate-sulfate, and ammoniated superphosphate added to calcareous soil was compared with the amount of phosphorus released by an equilibrium-extraction technique. The amount of phosphorus obtained by this technique, involving repeated extraction of soil fertilizer mixtures with water at a moisture level of a saturated paste, gave results that correlated directly with that of plant growth and phosphorus uptake by plants. No practical difference in the effectiveness of the phosphorus of nitric phosphates was produced by the phosphonitric and sulfonitric process, ammonium phosphate-sulfate, and ammoniated superphosphate, as measured by growth response and phosphate uptake by two crops. Carbonitric phosphate was significantly less effective than all other sources.

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